15 Best Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in UK/China/US

by Tim Howard
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The Nike Jordans are some of the most coveted shoes available across the globe. To have them is a reason to show off. Below you’ll find a list of websites that sell whole authentic Jordan shoes in your country, be it the UK, China or the US.

Best Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites in UK/China/US

Best Wholesale Authentic Jordans Website in the UKBest Wholesale Authentic Jordans Website in ChinaBest Wholesale Authentic Jordans Website in the USA

Best Wholesale Jordan Shoes from China


Best Wholesale Authentic Jordans Shoes Websites

Aliexpress has the reputation for serving customers globally. Seeing that it stems from China, it seemed appropriate to put it as a reliable wholesale Jordan seller. Here you’ll find authentic jordans for a price that is soft on your wallet.

As a massive e-commerce platform, AliExpress has developed multiple ways to ensure customer satisfaction. That includes communication with the seller, a plethora of options, tracking of shipment and assurance of quality. You can even get free shipping on your ALiexpress order of Jordans without a minimum order quantity (MOQ). You can order as many as you like to run your own wholesale business.


If you look hard enough on DHgate, you will find the Jordans you’re exactly looking for. If you’re feeling a bit bold, you can also scour the site for Jordans that look exactly like the original, down to the goodies that come along with it: the keychain, handbook, shoebox etc.

DHGate is a comprehensive platform for all sellers, retail or wholesale, to sell such (almost) authentic products. Hee, you’ll have to up your metaphorical keyword search to find the product. For example, to look for Jordans, you’d actually type, ‘Jumpman” or ‘Swoosh’. There is no MOQ on any orders and you can get in touch with the wholesale seller to find out more about your purchase.


Kickscrew has a massive collection of Air Jordans. Every single piece is authentic and they never seem to have a shortage of any given model in any given size. So if you have feet too large, or feet too small and are looking to buy the sensational Air Jordans that are sure to turn some heads, visit Kickscrew.

In fact, you can even find the rare WIP GS Blue Fury Air Jordans here. So now you know you need at least half hours worth of time here so you can fan-girl all over it.


The best part about triple-a shoes China is that you’re going to find 100% authentic Nike Jordans out here for a price significantly lower than the original. Their website includes a huge collection of Jordans, down from series 1 to 21. You’ll even find the Jordans you’re looking for in an extra large size, one that is hard to find.

As a form of payment, they accept PayPal, Mastercard, VISA and even Western Union, so that they can send you your beloved jordans as quickly as they can through DHL or EMS.


Int Stadium Goods has only one goal. To be a platform that becomes an obsession for all sneakerheads. On the website, you’ll find small tidbits about the origin of the shoes and a description of the shoe. Going a little way like this, an extra mile enhances your shopping experience, and in fact, gives you insight for your wholesale purchase as well. What shoes are best and appeal most to people.

These authentic Jordans are genuinely show-stealing pieces.

In the US


Mallstock is a website where you’ll find jerseys, shoes, other apparel and hats, but in shoes, you’ll find a wide range of Jordans exclusively. It’s quite exciting to see authentic quality Jordans being sold at a price as low as 48 USD.

Here you’ll find jordans in all the ‘common series’ and those from the Future series and plus sizes. Because of the prices, it becomes an attractive site for wholesale buyers. They accept most forms of payments such as Paypal and MasterCard so you should be good on that front.


At Shoe Net, you’ll find shoes by the case. As an exclusive wholesale seller, they offer lower prices on a case that contains 6 pairs. Besides, Shoenet has a policy of minimum order quantity that is at least worth 250 US dollars.

You probably won’t find all the models here, but you’ll find those that are most loved and are popular amongst Jordan-lovers.

Other than that, Shoe net is a generic platform to find other shoes as well. From basics to luxury brands, you’ll find everything by the wholesale case here.


The website and the warehouse are based out of California and they ship across the states and internationally. They have a reputation for fulfilling international orders within 7 days because of their partnership with America Express.

You’d be amused to know that this website’s landing page is sorted by ‘New Arrivals’ and ‘Most Wanted’. Well, in case you’re wondering what your audience will like, in case you’re a seller too, you could always check out Sneaker Head’s most wanted section for inspiration.

You’ll find everything here. From Vans to Yeezys, everything on wholesale at reasonably discounted prices. The website has a multitude of options for women and men alike. More importantly, they also have cute little Jordans in preschool and toddler-sized feet. How cute is that?

Wholesale Cheap Jordans

Doesn’t the name say it all? These Jordans are cheap and available on wholesale demand. The shoes are almost always on half off, so believe me, when you buy from here, you’re striking quite the bargain.

The website has an exceptional selection. Instead of flooding it with the countless Jordans that exist, it has picked the choicest authentic Jordans to be put up for sale on a wholesale basis.

The forms of payments that are accepted here are VISA, MasterCard, all credit cards and Western Union.


The Air Jordans on the website are generally sold at full price if you’re buying retail, but bundle it up and make a wholesale purchase and you’ll see unavoidable deals coming your way. 

These kicks are absolutely authentic. You can filter down your search in multiple ways to save yourself some time. You can filter by size, gender and the price you’re willing to pay for it.

The site accepts AMEX, VISA, Amazon Pay, MasterCard and other credit cards.

In the UK


Febbuy very clearly puts up the actual retail price of the particular Jordans, next to it it will put up the price they’re selling it at, and after that, you’ll see that the slashed price has been discounted again. Who could resist a deal with that?

Call it a marketing strategy or a way to lure wholesalers, either way, they retain a reputation of being an authentic Jordan seller in the UK who ship internationally.

For international shipments, the website has partnered with FedEx, Aramex, DHL, EMS and what not. They do add a disclaimer that the products will be subject to customs and will charge high because of customs duties. So beware!


The website only has a select few Jordan shoes, but they are top-notch and a really great wholesale price. All their products are authentic and have excellent quality. Other than Jordans, the website also deals with the wholesale sale of apparels, accessories and other shoes.

When shipping within the EU and UK the people Sneak a Venue don’t charge any charges or duties. But if the shipment is to go outside of the EU, they charge import duties and certain taxes that you’ll have to bear along with your bill.


What sets Kick Game apart is that they understand how some buyers buy their sneakers. They want certain colours to match their outfits. True sneaker aficionados will get that. As a wholesale buyer, you’d have to keep track of what your customers ask most for and what are those universal shades go well with everything.

If you’re an international buyer outside of the Uk, be sure to recheck your size on these authentic Jordans because they don’t have a size chart in the US or international sizes.

Other than that, to accompany these uber cool kicks, the website also sells authentic Jordan sweatshirts.


Asa wholesaler, you might have faced this issue in the past where you might have had leftover stock that never got sold. Well, as long as the box, the shoe, the packaging and anything else that came with it is in good condition, you can sell them on Klekt. You list them up as deadstock and wait for your shoes to be sold. Each deadstock piece is authenticated by the admins of Klekt. 

And of course, you have a plethora of options to buy here from as well. All-new, in perfectly good authentic condition.


The Krep Kingz website is solely dedicated to the sale of luxury shoes of the most coveted brands on both a retail and wholesale basis.

They encourage all their customers to contact them before they purchase the product for all the entails that are not mentioned in the product description. The website has some of the best quality authentic Jordans I have seen so far on a Non-Nike website.

Mistakes to Avoid while Buying Wholesale Jordans Online

There are many sites that sell Jordans at wholesale prices but only a handful of them sell authentic Jordans made from high-quality materials. As a buyer, you’re bound to make a few mistakes while buying Jordans at wholesale prices and this section of the article will help you avoid making those mistakes.

  • When buying Jordans from any website, make sure you have first-hand knowledge about the pair of shoes in question. Sellers tend to rip off buyers by listing fakes as original products and once the products are delivered, there’s not much you can do.
  • You must avoid purchasing Jordans from any website that does not have a HTTPS secured payment gateway. Chinese sites at times do not have the required security protocols and you may end up becoming a victim of a credit card scam.
  • Ensure you read through genuine reviews and not fake reviews posted by sellers. If not on the stores site, search for reviews about the platform, seller or even the website using a third-party review platform. This is where you can determine whether the seller is genuine or a rip-off.
  • Always make sure the website you’re buying from has a valid returns and replacement policy. This will help you in the long run especially if the seller has sent across a shipment that does not meet your expectations.

Are there any Jordans suppliers in the UK that don’t charge duties?

Sneak a Venue is one of the best Jordans shoe suppliers in the UK that does not charge any kind of duties on their products if you’re a buyer from either the UK or the European Union. However, any order to go out beyond the EU will be subject to import duties and  taxes.

Jordan 11

The Nike Jordans are some of the most coveted shoes available across the globe. To have them is a reason to show off. Below you’ll find a list of websites that sell whole authentic Jordan shoes in your country, be it the UK, China or the US.

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