Best Aliexpress Backpacks 2023 | Ultralight Hiking Backpacks from Aliexpress

by Tim Howard

Ultralight backpacks on Aliexpress are underrated.

There are super awesome backpack brands on Aliexpress. If you are looking for non-bulk, ultralight backpacks, then Aliexpress has the best collection. 

There are numerous backpacks on Aliexpress, but they are categorized by material such as Polyester, Nylon, Microfiber and PP. Or they are classified by capacity such as 30 liter, 40 liter.

Today we cover the super lightweight backpacks that are strong, but don’t weigh a lot. 

3F UL Gear 26 Litre Litre Backpack400 grams$79
3F UL 35 Litre Frameless Ultralight Backpack800 grams$141
PLAYKING Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack 75 grams $14
20 Litre Ultralight Backpack – Best Ultralight Backpack on Aliexpress80 grams$2
Gonex 35 Litre Ultralight Nylon Backpack300 grams$17
NatureHike 22L Ultralight Sport Backpack$7
10 Litre Ultralight Small Travel Backpack 16 grams$5
Hydration / Safety / Cycling Backpack on Aliexpress 143 grams$5
Ultralight Laptop Backpack on Aliexpress$25
Sports Backpack – Ultralight100 grams$4

Lightweight Hiking Backs from Aliexpress Review

Aliexpress is known for its backpacks and bags and if you aren’t what to buy on Aliexpress, then worry not, we’ve got you covered.

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3F UL Gear 26 Litre / 38 Litre Backpack

3F UL Gear is a top backpack brand on Aliexpress that is known for creating light backpacks. Here’s what makes this backpack pretty awesome.

ultralight backpacks aliexpress
  • The 26 Litre backpack weighs about 400 grams and the 38 Litre backpack weighs about 530 grams. Considering this is a rucksack means for long duration travel, it is pretty light! 
  • It’s made of UHMWPE + Nylon material 
  • The backpack can carry a weight of 11 kilograms with ease 
  • It comes in Blue, Orange and Grey 
  • It has a height of 60 cms and a width of 55 cms 
  • This is a backpack meant for people under the height of 175 cms 
  • The built-in cushion doubles up as a back protection and also as a headrest during camping 

3F UL 35 Litre Frameless Ultralight Backpack

The other 3F UL Backpack is a 35 Litre backpack that costs more. 

lightweight backpack
  • It weighs only 800 grams for a backpack of that size and capacity
  • It comes in two belt sizes depending on how big the person in
  • One can comfortably carry a weight of 35 kilograms 
  • It has a height of 55cms, back length of 45 cms, 
  • It’s available in multiple colours – Black, White, Red and Magic Black 
  • It has an innovative girdle for extra back support and balancing of weight 

PLAYKING Lightweight Nylon Foldable Backpack 

The Playking Nylon foldable backpack is one of the lightest backpacks on Aliexpress. It has certain advantages that other backpacks dont have and that’s fitting in the palm of your hand. 

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nylon backpack aliexpress
  • The Play King has a capacity of 20 litres
  • It has a weight of 75 grams, which makes it one of the lightest backpacks on  Aliexpress
  • It’s made of waterproof polyester which means it’s tough and can be used for a wide range of use cases such as an adventure backpack or an everyday backpack
  • It comes in various colours and print types – 8 different styles
  • Because the polyester is malleable, it can be folded into the smallest bag that can fit in anywhere
  • The unfolded bag has a height of 47cms, 15cms width and 28cms length 
  • It can easily carry a weight of 15 kilograms
  • Similar backpacks like this easily weigh over 200 grams which makes this ultralight
nylon foldable backpack

20 Litre Ultralight Backpack – Best Ultralight Backpack on Aliexpress

With over 5200 orders and 1800+ reviews, this backpack is super popular on Aliexpress. 

cheap backpacks aliexpress
  • It’s made of waterproof Nylon and comes in Blue,Black,Pink,Grey,Green among other colours
  • It weighs 85 grams and it comes with a folding bag which can fit in the palm of your hands
  • It has a height of 41 cms, width of 30 cms and length of 11cms 
  • The folded bag has a 12 cm height and 7cm width 
  • It has a 20 litre capacity
  • The straps are breathable which let airflow, which helps you avoid sweating 
  • It’s also one of the cheapest Aliexpress backpacks costing only $3 

Gonex 35 Litre Ultralight Nylon Backpack

One of the coolest looking backpacks on Aliexpress is the GoneX Ultralight. It has a super unique design and looks very stylish. 

  • It comes in Black, Spruce Yellow and Grey colours
  • It has a 30 litre, 40 litre capacity 
  • The backpack is made of a 210D Nylon material that is waterproof and lightweight
  • It has 2 way zippers for easy access
  • For a big capacity bag, it weighs only 300 grams, which is super lightweight
  • A folding bag is provided that makes it easy to fold and carry
  • It has a top zipper pocket for essentials such as phones and cards 
  • It is 25 inches in height, 12 inches in width and 7.8inches in length 

NatureHike 22L Ultralight Sport Backpack – Best Price to Value

If you are looking for a traditional backpack that is pretty lightweight, then the NatureHike should be your pick. 

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ultralight hiking backpack aliexpress
  • It has a 22 litre capacity
  • It’s made of Nylon 
  • It comes with a folding pack for easy storability 
  • It is larger than many of the other backpacks out there, which means it can store more
  • A front pocket for storing essentials
  • It comes in Green, Blue, Purple, Black and more
  • One of the best in terms of price and value 

10 Litre Ultralight Small Travel Backpack 

If you are looking for a small capacity backpack that is ultralight and portable, then the backpack from TopOutdoors store can help.

small travel backpack aliexpress
  • It has a 10 Litre capacity 
  • It’s made up of waterproof Nylon 
  • It weighs a superlight 16 grams
  • It has a height of 38 cms, 27cms width and 10 cms in length 
  • Perfect for cycling, camping, everyday activities
  • It’s available in Sky Blue, Black, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue 

Hydration / Safety / Cycling Backpack on Aliexpress 

The smallest backpack on Aliexpress is perfect for the adventurous types. It has a small capacity but it’s perfectly suited to carry only the essentials.

ultralight cycling backpack
  • It has a 5 litre capacity and has a unique design that lets you place water bottles in the front straps that balances the  weight. 
  • It’s perfect for Hiking, biking, walking and other adventurous activities. You could also choose to wear it as an everyday backpack if you don’t have too many items to carry
  • It’s available in 10 different colours
  • It’s got the neon reflectors that reflects light that’s a safety requirements during night time
  • It weighs 143 grams, which is the weight of two iPhone 6’
  • It comes with straps that can be fastened and that reduces the swinging 

Ultralight Laptop Backpack on Aliexpress

If you are looking for an ultralight laptop backpack from Aliexpress, then Hunter is probably a good fit. 

  • It’s made of water-resistant Nylon material
  • It has padded straps for extra comfort 
  • A height of 40cms, width of 28cms and length of 12 cms
  • It can easily fit a 14-inch laptop
  • It has numerous compartments for keeping a mix of items 

Sports Backpack – Ultralight

One of the better looking backpacks on Aliexpress is the Sports Backpack with interesting prints. This doubles up as a cycling bag, hiking backpack or a kids backpack. Here are its features

sports backpack aliexpress
  • It has a 10 Litre capacity
  • 39 cms in height, 11cms in lengths and 22 cms in width
  • It comes in 10+ interesting colour and pattern options
  • It has multiple compartments
  • It weighs about 100 grams, which is super light for a backpack

Buyers Guide: How to Choose an Ultralight Backpack on AliExpress

The market is filled with a variety of ultralight backpacks and if you truly want to get your money’s worth, there are a couple of things to remember. Not all bags are the same and not all of them have been made of the same material, some can carry more than others and few come with added pockets. 

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Here’s how you can determine which is the best ultralight backpack on AliExpress

  • Material – Backpacks are meant to be durable as they’re going to hold either your laptop, phone accessories, camping gear or even textbooks. So, the most important point to consider is the material of the backpack. You’re supposed to choose a backpack that is durable, strong and offers some level of water resistance. Materials such as blends of Dyneema and Polyester would be perfect since they’re lightweight and durable. Another great option would be backpacks made from recycled materials or blends of nylon and polyester.
  • Storage – Another point to consider is the amount of storage the backpack offers and whether it would be the right size for you. Ultralight backpacks on AliExpress offer ample storage options and many of them come with more than 2 pockets on average. There are a few heavy duty ultralight backpacks that offer around 8-10 pockets and these could range from interior pockets to exterior or even a sleeve for your water bottle.
  • Price – The good thing about AliExpress is that the prices of these backpacks are rather affordable as compared to other retail stores so you can get a really high quality ultralight backpack for anywhere around $2 to $200 depending on the material used, build and capacity. So, make your decision wisely and pick the right ultralight backpack for your budget.

Are the Ultralight Backpacks on AliExpress worth it?

Many people mistakenly believe that aliexpress is a place where low-quality products are sold, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, most of the ultralight backpacks that you’ll find on aliexpress are of excellent quality and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

What makes these backpacks so good? First off, they’re made with high-quality materials like durable water repellent (DWR) fabric and waterproof zippers. This ensures that your belongings stay dry even in heavy rain or snowfall.

Additionally, many packs come with padded shoulder straps to ensure comfort when using them for extended periods of time. And lastly, all packs include carrying handles so you can easily take them along wherever you go.

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