Best AliExpress Bags | 9 AliExpress Designer Bags Sellers Reviewed!

by Tim Howard

In this review, we’re uncovering the top nine AliExpress sellers who offer a plethora of designer-inspired bags that are sure to elevate your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

From chic messenger bags to sleek leather slings, each seller brings their unique flair to the table, promising an array of options to suit every taste and occasion.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a classic YSL-inspired clutch or a trendy holographic backpack, buckle up as we explore the best AliExpress bags that are making waves in the fashion world.

Best AliExpress Luxury Bag StoresFeatured Bags
Tiancai handbag StoreMessenger bag replica of Charles and Keith
Kovenly Official StoreSleek leather sling bag with black metal link chain
Beautiful Bag StoreBottega Veneta replica with spacious interior
Toposhine Official StoreShopping bag with handheld or crossbody wear
Aliwood Official StoreButton messenger/bucket bag with versatile accessories
Parcel Bag StoreSpacious bag with classic or stylish color options
LEFTSIDE Official StoreClassic YSL-inspired bag with defined front clasp and buckle
AIREEBAY StoreHandy waist bag with adjustable strap and holographic backpack
FOXER StoreDuo-tone sling/crossbody bag with multiple pockets

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Best AliExpress Luxury Bags

Tiancai handbag Store

This store has been around for years and left no time to waste and rose up to a positivity rating of 98.4%. If you are looking for chic bags that dangle from your shoulder and sway along with your walk elegantly, this is the closest you’ll get to finding quality bags.

Check out the bag

I like this messenger bag in particular. If you’re wondering that it looks similar to something, you’re right. This is a replica of the luxury handbag Charles and Keith. It’s got the right amount of gloss, seamless stitching, high quality PU leather and a sturdy strap. It’s available in a variety of colors. Choose one that suits your style!

Kovenly Official Store

Waist bags, slings and baguette bags seem to steal the show at Kovenly.  In the three years of its presence on AliExpress, they have managed to gain the trust of 24,000 plus people, and have constantly maintained a 95% above positivity rating. 

This sling bag made me revisit my wishlist multiple times. The sleek leather, the black finish metal link chain and the cozy structure screams party-best-friend. At first use, the bag can smell a bit rubbery, but once you leave it open to air it out for a couple of hours, it should be fine. Also, it is available in five colours for you to choose from.

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Everyone needs a waist bag, men and women alike The unisex nature and the versatility of the bag makes it an inevitable addition to your wardrobe. Street style, grunge and aesthetically vagabond are some looks you can pull off with this. Truly one of the best AliExpress bags found here.

Beautiful Bag Store

This is by far the most value-offering store I have come across.  Luxury handbag designs are one thing, but it gives a whole new meaning to pocket friendly here. These bags enable you to be friendly on the pocket in so many ways. Not much to spend and easy on your pocket stitches because these bags will hold it for you.

The Bottega Veneta replica is surprisingly spacious. The stitching is fantastic; the leather is matte and the compartments inside are well-made. You can find these bags in 14 colour options. They look fabulous on a dinner date and as an accessory at work. How much more versatile do you want your handbag to be?

One of the other staple must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe is a comfortable baguette bag. This

sleek animal leather resembling leather is a real show stopper. It is small but definitely big

enough to carry your essentials unless one of them is a curling rod! The best part about this is that they are available in so many pastel colours as well!

Toposhine Official Store

Of course, buying bags isn’t all about matching it with the outfit, not always about looking

Stylish. Sometimes, an underrated thing, in my opinion, it is about being functional. The

Toposhine store has been around on AlIExpress for 9 years with a positivity rating of 97.1% and

over a million followers who love this store!

From their wide selection, I have selected one of their best sellers, the shopping bag that caught

my attention. It can be a handheld bag or you could also hang it across your body. The

countless pockets it has is my favourite thing about the bag. Everything is easily accessible, the

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glossy look is almost interesting and snazzy and the colour contrast is vivid!

Aliwood Official Store

If you’re looking for wallets, shoulder bags with long straps and the most innovative functional

designs in bags, you have to check out the Aliwood AliExpress bag store. I happened to come across some of the most satisfying designs. If geometrical designs that help you stand out is your thing, make sure to check out these bags that will definitely prove to be a conversation starter.

This store has been open for 4 years now and is booming in success with a positivity rating of 97% that was gained from satisfying about 27,000 followers. In addition to all of this, they also have a collection of backpacks, cosmetic bags and a dedicated section for genuine leather bags.

I think this button messenger/bucket bag has an impressive design. It surely caught my attention. The dainty little tassel on the zip along the top is a fun fringe to play with. You can buy accessories with the bag that allows you to move it from a hand held handbag to a shoulder bag. This AliExpress bag also comes in a range of colors, but personally, I think the one in black is absolutely stunning.

Parcel Bag Store

I can’t believe I waited so far into this article to talk about one of the best AliExpress bag stores. They have paved their way into the coveted ‘top brands’ of AliExpress. I see no reason they shouldn’t be. Take a look at their variety.

This store has everything, down from functional handbags and bucket bags to vintage styles, summer picks and box pleated bags. They have maintained a 96% above positivity rating and their most-loved bag has had over 4,400 sales. Let’s see it, shall we?

First of all, this bag is much bigger than it seems. Yes, it could carry a pair of thin flats if your heels tire you out. The colour selection revolves around classic to stylish. If one thing does err me, it has to be the little handle that is stitched up to the edges of the bag, instead of being attached by a buckle. But even that is negligible, considering the flap in the front covers it all up. 

Another bag that I think deserves a mention is the Hexagona straw bag. On a brunch or a daytime date, or even a lazy evening on a beach, this bag is perfect. The pockets are small, but it will elevate your outfit multifold. The golden chain-link strap adds a touch of class without being gaudy.

LEFTSIDE Official Store

Care to check out another top brand? The Leftside store has been around for 8 years and has gained the trust of a better part of two hundred thousand people on AliExpress. It has some of the most elegant and purposeful bags I have seen. Not to mention their impressive 97.8% positivity rating.

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It is possible that you will come across multiple luxury designer replica handbags in this store. 

Check out this bag that resembles a classic YSL. It won’t have the logo, but what’s wrong with giving someone the illusion. The front clasp with buckle adds a defined look. Despite the colour of the back, all the buckles will remain black.


If you are looking for dressy handbags, you’d better check other listings out. This is for people

taking road trips, treks or anything that requires you to go places and be fully equipped. A

a handbag won’t cut it, but a handy waist back and strappy backpack will. The Aireebay Store has just that stuff. Most of the products here are unisex, so men if you’re reading this in additon to looking for gifts for your partners, maybe treat yourself too.

This waist bag has an adjustable strap and deep pockets. Charging cables and earphones will never get lost. Additionally, ‘can’t find the sunscreen’ can never be an excuse for tanning anymore!

This is one of the coolest AliExpress finds. When a handbag is not enough, you have to have a backpack. But why skimp on style. This holographic backpack is large, cute, and functional. You’ve got plenty of space and it will make anyone looking at it think of a unicorn.


I suppose I saved the best for the last. Once again I have a top brand for you with almost 500,000 followers and a positivity rating of 98.8%. One would think that in their 6 years, they haven’t disappointed anyone. 

They can be a bit on the pricey side, considering the AliExpress standard for prices, but they deliver on those. Most of the bags in their collection are made of genuine leather or cow leather. Unfortunate news for vegans, because this could be a bit of a turnoff for you. If you do prefer premium quality bags though, Foxer is a great store. Stay foxy with these AliExpress bags!

This duo tone sling/crossbody bag has multiple pockets and it looks crazy good and the minimalistic design is a stunner. Use it to add a pop of colour to your otherwise boring outfit or simply to elevate it.

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