Best Goyard Bag Dupes 2024 | All favourite Goyard Reps listed!

by Tim Howard

Goyard is a huge brand when it comes to leather and canvas products like bags, wallets, pouches, and more. They are hugely popular and their designs stand out thanks to the unique geometric pattern on their products. But unfortunately, they are a brand for the super-rich and so normal folk like us can’t experience them easily.

On the other hand, Goyard dupes are affordable yet they come with almost identical designs and comparable quality. Finding a dupe may be hard as you can get duped with low-quality ones. The trick to finding a good dupe is in reading customer reviews and checking the store rating.

If you don’t have the time or energy to search for products, then this article will help you in this regard, it is a compilation of the best Goyard bag dupes you can get on DHgate. Spoiler alert, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the dupes below.  

Best Goyard Bag DupesFeatures TablePrice
Coated Canvas Women’s Tote BagExcellent replica of the amazing Anjou GM Bag Spacious and practical with included clutch purse2 in 1 design and color options make the bag versatile$89.99
Canvas Clutch BagPremium clutch bag with stunning looks Can fit A4 papers (medium)  and larger documents (large)Two size options and 17 color options to choose from$38.37
Genuine Leather Women’s Tote BagExcellent shopping bag made from premium materials An identical replica of the original Comes with a free matching clutch purse$40.6
Coated Canvas Card HolderLeather wallet with outer surface coated in canvas Comes in 16 vibrant color options Affordable yet high quality$19.99
Mini Saigon Classic Design Wooden Handle Leather BagCow hide leather with wooden accents and handle Available in over 10 colors and comes with a branded box and tags$160
Casual Messenger Leather Bag Dupe Made from high quality materials Features an adjustable strap and is available in around 6 unique colors and designs$40.12
Belvedere PM Replica from the Shelala StoreMade from genuine leather and comes with an adjustable strap. The bag is available in over 5 colors and carries all the genuine Goyard markings including logos and tags$55.47
Goyard Boheme Replica Handbag from Vintage_PradaUses genuine leather and has a nylon satin finish. Bag is large enough t hold all your personal effects, but soft and comfortable to wear$79.51

Best Goyard Bag Dupes

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The best dupes are the ones that look and feel like the original product. They should have an identical design. they should be made from premium materials just like the original. The only thing a dupe shouldn’t copy from an original is the pricing, a dupe should cost considerably less, just a fraction of what the original costs.

The below dupes of Goyard found on DHgate tick all the above boxes. They look like their original counterparts, are made from premium high-quality materials, and are affordable for the masses. Read on to know more about them. 

My Experience with Goyard Dupes

I’m obviously a bloke, but I’ve sourced a bunch of Goyard dupes for the missus. I don’t deal with fake replicas and I don’t do wholesale for these items., But every once in a while you are curious and you want to buy one. I had no idea that a brand like Goyard existed.

When I was scrolling through some listings on Dhgate, my wife spotted a Goyard and she was like Dhgate sells Goyard? And my reaction was, what’s a goyard. Long story short, I had to buy some Goyard duepes.

Some popular Goyards are the Boheme Bag, Saint Louis Bag. But you wont get the dupes of this season. The dupe sellers make only the previous season’s dupes, unless, you find the right guy!

Here are some Dhgate goyard dupes that I’ve purchased. Final thoughts? You can get Goyards from Dhgate, they are CLEAN, beautiful and cost effective. Great birthday gift, My wife took out on a holiday as well and was mighty impressed with the quality. For $70, it’s a steal!

Coated Canvas Women’s Tote Bag from Alfang Store

If you are looking for a high-quality tote bag that is a replica of the awesome Anjou GM Bag from Goyard, then look no further. This Coated Canvas Women’s Tote Bag is an excellent bag for shopping. It looks simple yet elegant and feels premium.

Just like the original Anjou GM Bag, this dupe features a 2 in 1 design, which means you can turn it inside out and use it. One side of the dupe features Goyard’s signature geometric pattern while the other is plain just plain. The bag is primarily made from genuine leather but the side with geometric pattern is coated with canvas. 

This Coated Canvas Tote Bag comes in two sizes, medium and large. You can also choose the bag from 18 different color options, which is impressive. And you get a matching purse with a bag in which you can store small items like cards, lipsticks, coins, and more.

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Overall, the dupe looks close to the original Anjou GM Bag from Goyard, it is made from high-quality materials, and comes in different sizes and colors to choose from, making it one of the best Goyard bags dupes. It is not as affordable as the others on the list but for the quality and design on offer you can’t complain, it is basically two bags in one.

Canvas Clutch Bag from Alfang Store

The best dupes are the ones that are faithful to the design and quality of the original. This Canvas Clutch Bag just does that, it looks and feels just as amazing as the lineup of Senat pouches from Goyard. It has all the qualities to feature in this list of best Goyard Bag Dupes.

The bag is made from canvas and features yellow polyester lining on the inside, both of these materials are of high quality and feel great to touch as well. The dupe features Goyard’s trademark geometric pattern design on the outside, which looks close to the original.

The pouch features a zipper so that all your valuables are safe inside. You can use this bag to organize documents, papers of up to A4 size, and more. You can either clutch it or place it inside a larger bag and carry it around, giving you versatility.

The Canvas Clutch Bag is easily one of the best Goyard bag dupes you can get. It comes in two sizes of medium (30 x 21 cm) or large (40 x 28 cm), both can fit A4 sheets but get the larger one if you need more flexibility. You can also choose the purse from 17 different eye-catchy colors that are sure to turn heads around. 

The bag looks awesome, is spacious, and is of the highest quality, so if you are looking for a similar product, then I would recommend this as it is affordable at $38.37 offering a lot of value for your money. And you get a free dust bag with the purchase which makes the deal sweeter. 

Women’s Tote Shopping Bag from Cherilyn Store

If you are looking for an open tote bag that is a dupe of the Goyard Saint Louis GM Bag, then the Women’s Tote Shopping Bag is the one for you. Like the original and unlike the Coated Canvas Women’s Tote Bag from above, this is not a reversible bag. Yet the bag is still large, looks just as great on one side, and feels premium. 

This bag like most Goyard dupes is made from canvas and features no lining on the inside allowing the seller to charge less and offer a free clutch purse like the original from Goyard. The design of this dupe is identical to the original and customers are full of praise for the same.

The bag is also functional as it is large and the no lining on the inside makes it easy to clean. The bag and the included purse are attached to a strap, you can disconnect them if needed but the strap is useful, as you are less unlikely to lose or drop your purse. 

The dupe comes in two sizes, medium and large. You can also choose from 15 different vibrant colors that all look splendid, but my favorite is the sky blue variant. The bag is priced appropriately at $40.6 but you can get it for cheaper when buying in larger quantities. 

Overall, the Women’s Tote Shopping Bag is an excellent dupe and one that should be on top of your list if you are someone who loves to shop often. It looks stunning, is built well, and is spacious enough to store a lot of stuff. You would love it.

Coated Canvas Card Holder from Alfang Store

If you are a fan of the famous Saint-Sulpice Card Wallet from Goyard, then this Coated Canvas Card Holder would make you extremely happy. This 1:1 replica looks and feels just like the original from Goyard. 

The dupe is made from microfiber leather on the inside and coated with canvas on the outside. The outside features a Goyard’s iconic geometric pattern just like the original.

The wallet weighs in at 50 grams and it is also slim at just 0.5 cm wide, making the dupe both slim and lightweight. The dupe also measures 10.3 cm long and 7.9 cm wide, so it can fit in larger pockets or you can place it in your bag if needed.

The dupe is best suited to hold your bank cars, ID cards, and papers/bills. But remember that the dupe features an open design so if you are not careful, you might lose something.

You can choose the card from 16 different color options, which gives you the flexibility to flaunt different cardholders for different outfits and occasions. 

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The Coated Canvas Card Holder from Alfang Store is one of the best Goyard dupes you can get out there. It is a faithful recreation of the original, that looks awesome and feels premium like the original. It costs $19.99 but you can get it for cheaper when buying in bulk. 

Mini Saigon Classic Design Wooden Handle Leather Bag from Luckbags Store

Say goodbye to dragging your heavy bag all around town! With the Mini Saigon Classic Design Wooden Handle Leather Bag from Luckbags Store, you’ll be able to travel light and stylish. Made with genuine leather, this bag is designed with a sleek wooden handle for a natural look and the overall finish is identical to the original, making this a good buy.

The large main compartment can hold all of your essentials, and the concealed interior pocket ensures that your personal effects are safe and secure. Plus, the additional strap allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder for an extra comfortable experience.

The bag is available at a reasonable price of $150 and is available in over 10 different colors. The Saigon mini is a popular Goyard bag and there are a number of sellers out there with this bag in stock. However, the best quality and finish has to be the ones sold by the Luckbags store on DHgate. You can get these bags for as low as $130, if you do happen to buy over 8 pieces.

Goyard Casual Messenger Bag Dupe from Zoemer Store

The Goyard replica messenger bag is a great choice for urbanites who want to keep their essentials close by but still look stylish. It is compact and practical, with a secure zip closure that keeps belongings safe. It can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest, and its adjustable strap makes it perfect for any outfit.

What’s more, this mini messenger bag dupe is made from PU leather and features the authentic Goyard design. You can get your hands on this cute bag for under $40 on DHgate and the best part is that it can be worn by both men and women.

The seller has a bunch of color variants available to buy and it’s great to use if you wish to carry your personal belongings like a phone, cash or id cards with you wherever you go.

Belvedere PM Replica from the Shelala Store

Best Goyard Bag Dupes

The Belvedere is one of the most popular cross-body bags from Goyard that can be worn with pretty much anything. The bag features a wraparound of the iconic Goyard design is made from genuine leather so texture wise it’s an exact replica.

Everything from the compact size of the bag to the inner zipped pocked and stitch work, are all aligned perfectly and simply by looking at the bag you will not be able to tell if it’s real or a dupe. If you’re looking for something travel friendly but large enough to hold all your basic essentials, then this bag will surely suit your requirements.

Best Goyard Bag Dupes

This Belvedere replica is lightweight and the strap is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Considering an original costs $1,900+, this 1:1 exact copy didn’t set me back over $55 and the best part is that Shelala (the store with a 98% rating where I bought the bag from) provided a replica box along with the bag so that I could have a genuine unboxing experience.

Goyard Boheme Replica Handbag from Vintage_Prada

Best Goyard Bag Dupes

This copy of the Goyard Boheme is functional and looks identical to the original. Not only is the bag made from genuine leather, but the inner lining is made from Nylon satin and the exterior of the bag dons Goyards signature design.

Considered to be a shoulder bag that’s made for all seasons, the Boheme is a great choice if you’re into chic bags that are lightweight and large enough to carry all your personal belongings. The strap is not adjustable, but it’s soft and comfortable to wear.

Best Goyard Bag Dupes

The Vintage_Prada store on DHgate has a bunch of Boheme reps of different colors for sale that don’t cost more than $80. The high quality materials and low price of this handbag has made it quite popular among the younger crowd and its definitely something you should consider checking out for your trip into town.

Vintage Prada is a leading DHgate seller for high quality handbag reps and they’ve been able to maintain a decent 98.3% positive rating. You can not only find copies of the Boheme handbag here, but even copies of the Mini Saigon, Belvedere and the coated canvas tote.

How to Choose a Goyard Bag Dupe

Here is a guide from StockX on how to choose a goyard bag.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best Goyard bag dupe will depend on what you need and want in a bag. However, some things to consider when looking for a Goyard bag dupe would include the following:

There are many Goyard dupes on sale that are made from bad and low quality materials, so it’s important that you check the material of the bag before buying one. Since even the dupes cost over $20, it is a good idea to pick one that has been made using high quality materials like leather, PU leather, cotton and polyester.

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The size, shape, and features of the bag also play an important role here and the only way you can call the bag a dupe is if it looks and feels like the original. Goyard bags carry a unique design and print across the body of the bags and at times even the straps. Ensure that the bag you pick is identical to the original.

The price of the bag depends on the above mentioned factors. Some sellers can sell each bag for under $20, but the finishing will be off and will not be worth spending your money on. You can actually get really good high quality Goyard dupes for under $200 and the best of the lot are mentioned above, so take a quick look and choose the ones you like.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag?

DHgate has hundreds of fake Goyards on sale that do not cost more than a few hundred dollars and counterfeiters are doing such a good job of replicating bags from this brand that it’s getting difficult to tell the difference between a fake and real bag.

Luckily for us, original Goyard bags are so well made that no matter how good a fake might look, there will always be signs if you’re not holding an original Goyrad. 

To help you figure out if your Goyard is fake or real, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag

The first thing is that original Goyard handbags cost over $1,500 and there are normally no discounts available on their products. Anything priced under the current value of their bags are considered to be fake or high quality copies.

The next thing is the iconic Goyard monogram. An authentic Goyard has a matte print, but the canvas will have a shiny layer of resin, something that’s not found on the fakes as they will be matte throughout.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbagv

Apart from the appearance, the design on the bags are signature to Goyard as they are hand-stenciled and not printed on. 

So the design on the fakes will have a blurry print whereas the original bags will look sharper and even the Goyard monogram logo will be clear and legible. On a fake bag, the monogram will be blurry and the work Momore Paris will not be clear or crisp.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag

You can also tell if the bag is fake by examining the seams on the side of the bag. A real Goyard will have a continuous flow and the prints on either side will match whereas a fake will not have any continuity and the prints will not match at all.

Next, check the stitching on the bag because a fake will not have a neat finish nor will the thread contrast the bag’s color. 

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag

A real Goyard will have neat stitch work and if you look at the section where the strap and the bag meets, you will see that the four stitches holding the strap in place on a real bag are smaller, neatly done and evenly spaced whereas, a fake Goyard will look untidy and the stitches will be positioned in a haphazard manner.

Another thing to look out for is the heat stamp in the detachable Pochette that most of the Goyard handbags come with. A real Goyard will have a uniform and discreet print under the flap of the Pochette. The print will have the words “Goyard, Paris and Made in France” that look well made and are not pressed deep into the material.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag

A fake Goyard will have the print under the flap, but it will lack the sophistication and premium finish. Moreover, the text will be pressed deep into the material and it will appear at a slight slant.

While looking at the bag, you will also be able to see that the real Goyard has a silver button with the Goyard logo printed on it. A fake will also have the same logo, but it will appear faded or in this case printed at a slant.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Handbag

Finally, the best way to tell if the bag is real or not is to check the serial number printed on the bag. A real Goyard will have an alphanumeric code that consists of 3 alphabets followed by 6 numbers.

Also, on some handbags like the St Louis PM, Goyard recently started printing their serial codes on the leather tag that holds the Pochette to the handbag whereas fakes still have the serial number printed on the inside of the Goyard Pochette.


The above are the best Goyard bag dupes you can find right now. All of them are identical to the originals and are priced reasonably. They also come in tons of color options just like the originals and feel great to touch and use. 

My favorite is the Coated Canvas Women’s Tote Bag which is a reversible bag that can be used in two ways. But all of them are excellent and for their prices, they are no-brainers in my opinion. Choose the one you fancy the most and you’ll love it. 

Are Goyard Dupes Good?

Goyard is known for its quality and the replicas are quite good with similar finishes and stitching styles. Although, some stictching isn’t up to par. For a $40 dupe, it’s great!

Where do I get good Goyard dupes?

Goyard isn’t as popular as the other luxury brands and hence its quit difficult to find them. But the best places to Goyard dupes is Dhgate.

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Best Goyard Bag Dupes

If you don’t have the time or energy to search for products, then this article will help you in this regard, it is a compilation of the best Goyard bag dupes you can get on DHgate. Spoiler alert, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the dupes below.  

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