Best AliExpress Robot Vacuum Cleaner in 2022

by Tim Howard
best aliexpress robot vacuum cleaner

Being self-sufficient is cool. If anything else, it is difficult too. To have a home and to work and cook and clean at the same time is quite the task. Enter robot vacuum cleaners. At least one less thing you have to do. While they can be a bit expensive, they’re super useful. You can find a reasonable range of robot vacuum cleaners at AliExpress that will keep your home spick and span with the help of no man!

Best AliExpress Robot Vacuum Cleaners

ILIFE V50   $108.21

First things first, you can only dry-clean your home with the ILIFE v50. What’s great about it though is that it has an underside with a wide filtration system that enables the suction at the power of 500 pa. The special microfibre nozzle is strategically located to collect all the debris — animal fur, dust, ashes, dirt and food particles — to leave a smooth, clean floor.

You can automate the cleaning schedules on the robot vacuum cleaner. Schedule it to hours you’re not home so it can have the space and you can come to a clean home without worry about coming in its way.

The vacuum cleaner possesses three cleaning modes — spot cleaning, automatic cleaning and corner cleaning.  It functions for 100 minutes at full battery capacity. It is only 8.1 cm in height, so say goodbye to invisible depths underneath the sofa.

ILIFE V55 PRO  US $157.69

I already have another ILIFE model for you. Consider this an upgrade. Works especially well if you live in really dusty areas with wooden floors. This V55 Pro model has got it all — wet and dry cleaning, 5 cleaning modes, 120 minutes of battery life, AI compatibility and 180 ml water containers — under 9.2  cm of height! You might be blown away but the dust isn’t!

The five cleaning modes are automatic, spot, zigzag, corners, and for complex situations. I’m telling you, you could set up a clean lab there. The robot vacuum cleaner has got a gyroscopic navigation system that follows your previously determined bath. It doesn’t deviate and requires no prompting. The accuracy is mind blowing.

It has a high suction power of 1000 pa when used in complex situations. For regular cleaning, you can tone it down to 550 pa. It used a Japanese NIDEC motor that helps the suction of even relatively large particles as big as a grain of wheat.

LIECTROUX C30B   US $199.35

There isn’t enough I could say about the Liectroux C30B robot vacuum cleaner. It is literally jam packed with features. It’s got a bang for every buck you spend on it. 

I was surprised to see that the suction power that the robot vacuum offers is as much as 3000 pa. Even if it was half as much it would thoroughly clean the house. At max capacity, one can only imagine.

The only disheartening thing for me was to find out that it did not feature laser navigation. It does have 2D mapping, which as opposed to ones with laser mapping only have limited accuracy. However, it has several algorithms in place that, along with gyroscopic navigation, enable high-precision cleaning.

I love the fact that the vacuum cleaner has wet, dry and multiple sub-modes. It has a colossal dustbin with 600 ml capacity and a water tank with 350 ml capacity. The soft microfibre sheet attached underneath the surface ensures scratch-free cleaning.

The entire system is wifi enabled, app controlled and voice activated. If you have Alexa or Google home, you should consider this as an option.

ABIR X6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner  US $205.80

If you thought you had seen the best, you have no idea what’s coming. Who would have thought that a circular disc that’s merely 7.6 cm tall could basically mean never having to clean up ever again? 

If you have stuff lying on the floor, this robot vacuum cleaner will casually navigate around it rather than knocking things over in its path. Thanks to the SLAM algorithm, triple visual navigation, map storage and the ability to draw a cleaning section on the app, the vacuum cleaner can conduct intuitive maintenance and an efficient one at that.

With its huge 360ml water tank, it can mop for extra long hours and also about 300 m2 of area. It has got a suction power of 6000 pa, 42 sets of intuitive sensors, 15 cleaning modes and a climbing switch that helps it cause thresholds without a hindrance.

It has a 120 degree wide angle camera that helps with visual guidance across your home. This vacuum cleaner is a steal!

NEATSVOR X600 US $251.58

The most convincing feature of this Neatsvor X600 is the app. The app allows you to build virtual walls in places you don’t want the cleaning to happen. It can be done in real time, or at the time of your first mapping. You can restrict certain areas where you have plants, toys or crafts lying on the floor that you don’t want moved.

This robot vacuum cleaner can climb up to 20 mm in height! With its 4000 pa suction power and SLAM technology as well as the adjustable air duct design, you can switch between 15 cleaning modes and get the kind of customized cleaning even an expensive maid won’t!

Of course, it has an AI mapping system that helps the cleaner cruise through effortlessly, but the brushless motor, quiet cleaning, 350 ml water tank and controlled water pressure will leave your home spotless!

Roborock S5 Max – US $ 356.24

While it is both a wet and dry robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock S5 Max pays special attention to mopping. It is enabled with a lot of mopping features that can be optimally utilized better on hard floors rather than carpeted ones. You don’t want the features to go to waste, do you?

It can mop up at least m2 of space at one go with its 290 ml water tank capacity. Interestingly, it has a 300 gram consistent mom pressure throat its mopping tenure. You’ll get as good a shiny spot at the start of the route as you will at the end. 

Additionally, you can choose the amount of water that will be released depending on the kind of floor you are living on — wood, tiled, marble etc. Of course, you can choose no-mop zones for your carpeted or sensitive areas. Everything is taken care of.

The maximum suction the robot vacuum cleaner offers is about 2000 pa, with 190 minutes of battery life. 

ILIFE V3s Pro – US $ 139.99

This works well for those who have a small home, lack of interest in-app operations, and only want the dust gone. IThe ILIFe V3s pro is limited in features, but its simplicity makes it a great option for people who want no mindless hassles.

The only real feature about this is being able to schedule your cleaning and being able to clean in three modes — whole house, spot cleaning and corners. Despite its low profile, I recommend this because of its cleaning power. Its 3-inch solution opening can clean out all the spilt cheerios and come of real use in the shedding season.

At a budget, a small home, a family with pets: this perfect combination will perfectly be solved with this robot vacuum cleaner from AliExpress.

Xiaomi G1 Essential – US $159.98

Apart from phones, Xiaomi is also known for its stellar air purifying systems. The kind of cleaning systems and algorithms it possesses is replicated in its robot vacuum cleaners as well. The Mijia G1 Essential has a 2200 PA large suction power that can conduct sweeping dust and mopping floors.

The innovation included in this piece of beauty is its interchangeable suction powers. There are four modes. The quiet mode generally clears out dust and hair. At the standard setting, you’ll find bits of paper also being sucked in along with everyday debris. Medium force mode enables slightly large chunks of garbage being cleared out. Finally, we have the powerful mode for bigger objects the size of a steel ball.

It can be connected to the MIHOME app, you can modulate the three layer filtration system, the navigation, battery life and realize absolutely full control on the cleaning.

How to make sure you’re getting the best AliExpress robot vacuum cleaner for your home?

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner for your home is not a random purchase. There are several things you have to consider in relation to your home and ability to spend.


The size of your home matters. Buying a smaller range robot vacuum cleaner for a townhouse or an apartment is cost-effective. You’ll be wasting money by buying one with more capacity that goes unused.

Type of floors

Most robot vacuum cleaners now available on AliExpress can clean both hardwood floors and carpeted ones. If you have wooden or tiled floors it makes more sense to get a robot vacuum cleaner which is hybrid — can mop as well. 

Price considerations

Your budget determines the number of features that would be integrated in your robot vacuum cleaner. The more expensive option you choose, the more likely it is that you’ll get more features. Lower price means less accurate sensors and navigation as well as compatibility with Wi-Fi.

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