Best Aliexpress Makeup & Chinese Makeup Stores

by Tim Howard
Best Aliexpress Makeup Stores
top aliexpress makeup stores

Store Name: Focallure

Store Description: The best makeup store on Aliexpress is Focallure. It has the best makeup brushes, best makeup foundations, best eyeliners.

Price range: $10 - $30

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One of women’s (and some men’s) everyday beauty weapon is a good set of makeup. Makeup gives the wearer a boost of confidence to face the world’s harsh reality. It makes them feel pretty and good about themselves. It is also a way to express one’s talent and creativity.

Nowadays, celebrities and even normal citizens thrive in creating different looks and posting it on their social media accounts. In recent years makeup has also found a niche in the world of e-commerce, almost every makeup brand sells their products online. We have organized a list of top makeup store sellers on Aliexpress that offers high quality makeup for your needs.

C Beauty off late has risen up and many top brands like FlowerKnows, Florasis, Judydoll, Kaleidos, Colorkey, Perfect Diary, Zeesea are ruling the roost. There have been so many new brands that have gained their popularity on TikTok. One of the reasons why they’ve become popular is because of the push on social media.

Makeup SellerKnown For
FocallureLiquid eyeliner, Foundation, Lipstick
Me Now CosmeticsMascara, Eye Pencil
Ucanbe Makeup StoreEyeshadow Palette – Various colours, natural look
O.TWO.O StoreLiquid eyeliner, Lipstick, Eyeshadow Palette
iMagic Professional CosmeticsEyeshadow Palette
Sace Lady CosmeticsCosmetic Sponge, Highlighter brush,
Banxeer Makeup StoreLip Gloss, Fake eyebrows, Mascara
BeautyGlazed StoreEye shadow, Makeup brushes
KifoniMascara, Bronzer, Lipstick
Lava BoomEyeshadow, Foundation
Sexy SheepFake Eyelashes
FLDThe most popular makeup brush store online

Is Aliexpress Makeup Safe?

Aliexpress makeup is safe provided you stick to the main brands. If you see $1 makeup sets, run far away. So in a sense, all ALiexpress makeup sellers aren’t safe. Only some of them are.

Best Chinese Skincare Brands 

The Lanbena Store

best chinese makeup brand

The Lanbena store is one of the popular Chinese Skincare brands on Aliexpress. They have more than  200,000+ followers and have a 96.5% positive feedback. They are known for

  • Face Mask
  • Eye Mask
  • Vitamin Serum
  • Hyaluronic Acid Series
  • Blackhead Remover
  • Face Primer
  • Facial Cleanser 

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Pop Feel

popular chinese makeup brands

Pop feel is a fun new cosmetics brand on Aliexpress that has a good following. They have a 96.2% rating and over 50,000+ followers.

Their popular products include 

  • Color changing foundation
  • Makeup base cream 

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Sace Lady 

chinese makeup brand on aliexpress

Sace Lady is a top brand Aliexpress makeup seller. They have more than 160,000 followers and they have a wide product range. Under their skin care products they have

  • Exfoliating Oil
  • Nose Strip 
  • Skin friendly foundation 

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Chinese Makeup Brands List 

Sace Lady 

Best Aliexpress Makeup Sellers 2021


A fashion makeup brand that is committed to turn latest fashion trends into makeup products, Focallure has been in the market for since 2013. This fast growing company sells all types of makeup and is considered to have the best Aliexpress makeup brushes.

Their top selling item which is the Focallure Matte Liquid Lip gloss has been sold for over 23,081 times and has 10,102 online reviews.  To get the most out of their products, they sell different make up sets that is suited for every event and occasion.

aliexpress makeup brands

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Me Now Cosmetics has been serving modern ladies from all parts of the globe with their top quality makeup products. With their 95.1% positive feedback, it is not surprising that they have stayed in the cosmetic industry for almost 10 years.

They currently offer up to 60% discount on over 250 items on their website. They sell different varieties of eye, face and lip make up that is suitable for all personality and skin types.

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aliexpress makeup dupes

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With employees encouraging one another, this makeup store believes that anyone and everyone can be who they want to be, hence the company name. It has been the brand’s concept and corporate vision to support that all women can be confident and beautiful.

Their best-selling Changeable Eye Shadow Palette consists of 18 highly pigmented matte and shimmer shades to transform you lids. This high-quality item is water proof, sweat proof and definitely long lasting

aliexpress beauty brands

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The one stop shop for all of your makeup needs, this store offers a variety of makeup. They sell lipsticks, lip gloss, highlighters and bronzers, foundations, eye palettes and other type of eye makeup. Their products’ elegant packaging and design is testament that they are really committed in providing top quality makeup for everyone.

Their 2-in-1 matte lipstick and liquid lipstick has over 30,000 sales worldwide. It is available in 12 different shades that are rich in color and highly pigmented that easily glides on the lips. It is also long lasting and waterproof which saves you the worry of your makeup fading all throughout the day.

best aliexpress brushes

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With 98.4% positive feedback, this store has been one of the leading make up manufacturers online. Aside from the usual make up sets, they also offer body paint makeup and other professional makeup for prosthetics and other special effects.

Their eyebrow cream gel is one of their current top-selling items. This high-pigment formula is smudge proof and is available in 6 different shades that can cater to all skin types. Its brush applicator and spoolie is small and foldable making it easily fit in your makeup kit. Aside from the eyebrow gel, their tear resistant makeup sponges are a best seller.

best aliexpress foundation

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With their unparalleled commitment to researching, innovating and providing groundbreaking high quality products, SACE Lady Cosmetics has been manufacturing makeup products for over 10 years. Their years of research must was wasted because they seem to have mastered the formula for a good base makeup.

The store’s current best selling product includes different types of face foundation, concealers and makeup primers. Their top selling full coverage liquid concealer gives a smooth, flawless looking finish that truly helps to cover dark circles and dark spots. This lightweight concelaer is available in six shades that are suitable for all skin type even for the sensitive type of skin.

cheap makeup replica

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This make up store sells one of the best long lasting, non fading lip glosses that have a velvety-matte finish. It has 8 natural bright colors that make lips look glass like and lustrous without making your lips feel dry and dehydrated.

Banxeer Makeup is dedicated in encouraging young women to be brave, beautiful and confident. Other products available in their store are different face makeup, eye makeup, make up tools and other skincare products such as serums and creams.

is chinese makeup safe?

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The search for a good quality eye shadow is over. This store has vast number of eye shadow palettes that caters to both professional and beginner makeup artists.

Their best selling 9 pan eye shadow palette has both matte and shimmer shades that go well with different type of skin tone and will surely help brightening up the eyes.

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best skincare products on aliexpress

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 This store that is operating since 2015 offers different varieties of makeup products.  They have promising lipstick and blushes that has sold over 1,000 pieces online. Their long lasting waterproof mascara is their current best seller.

It claims to have innovative ingredients that helps nourish, and enhance the volume condition of the eyelashes. The unique brush applicator is designed to separate lashes and keep them clump free.  Kifoni store is definitely one of the beauty stores to watch out for.

top beauty brands in china

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This up and coming beauty store that started in 2018 has gained a 95.8% positive feedback over the last six months.

As part of their marketing strategy, they are currently offering at least 30% discount on different beauty makeup products such as eye shadow palettes, eyebrow enhancing tattoo, foundations and bronzers. One of the best foundation on Aliexpress can be found in this store.

top makeup store seller aliexpress

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#11 Sexy Sheep

Sexy sheep is the biggest fake eyelashes seller on Aliexpress. As eyelashes are very much a part of the makeup process, we’ve included it in this list. You get eyelashes of all types and designs. Eyelashes by far are one of the most popular makeup items on Aliexpress

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#12 FLD

makeup brush store aliexpress

The FLD store in just over two years has become a massive top brand with over 94,000 followers. They have local warehouses in the US, UK other parts of Europe.

Their popularity is due to the incredible range of makeup brushes they have. Not only on Aliexpress, but their makeup brushes are popular elsewhere as well.

Their makeup brushes come in different series called the Crystal series, Marble series and Wood series. They sell in kits which are super cheap. You can easily get 10 to 13 pieces for $5 to $6 etc.

They have a 97.3% positive feedback and one of the best makeup brush stores on Aliexpress from China.

Check it out here

Best Aliexpress Makeup Brushes 

Check out the product here – $16

Check out the product here – $4

Check out the product here – $1.98


With over a decade’s worth of experience on AliExpress, Anmor is a leading supplier of makeup brushes to apply foundation, eye shadow and all other types of makeup. They have a following of over 646k and a positive feedback rating of 99.4%.  They have also scored well, 4.8 stars and above, in individual criteria like items being as described, communication and shipping speed. 

They have done well to market their products, with high-quality images that bring out the beauty of their products. Available in many beautiful colours and finishes, their brushes serve to apply any form of makeup and are comfortable to use. Depending on the intended usage, they provide options with a single brush or sets of 7, 9, 16, 26 and sometimes even more.  

Check it out on AliExpress here.

HitTime Store

This store sells products for face makeup, eyes makeup and lips makeup in addition to false eyelashes, skincare products and makeup brushes. With positive feedback of 97.8% and 29k followers, they have made a good name for themselves on the online marketplace for the last ten years. 

Besides makeup and hair products, some of their best-selling products include temporary tattoos, but don’t let this throw you off as they also sell several accessories such as nail cuticle remover, face masks, wrinkle treatment stickers and so on. The HitTime store is certainly a one-stop-shop for online buyers, considering they have a product available for every makeup requirement.

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Check it out on AliExpress here.


There are many stores on AliExpress that focus only on one type of product and they fare quite well – Visofree is one such store that specializes in fake eyelashes. They have over 55k followers and a positive feedback rating of 97%. 

The brand claims to use 100% cruelty-free Mink fur for their eyelashes, and cruelty-free fur is usually collected from free-range farms without harming the animals. Their products are also hand-made, so it is unlikely that you will find too many batches with the same finish. However, that only adds to the originality of their product line. 

Check it out on AliExpress here.

iFashion Beauty

This store has a huge catalogue with over 3200 products and a following of 23k with positive feedback of 95%. For those of you who assumed that such a big catalogue means they sell everything related to cosmetic care – you are right! 

Here are a few sub-categories they sell under: 

  • Nail Art & Tools
  • Makeup Sets & Brushes
  • Hair Care & Styling Tools
  • Shaving & Hair Removal
  • Skin Care
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Massage & Relaxation Tools

iFashion Store is another one-stop-shop on AliExpress where you can find anything under the makeup category. 

Check it out here

Best Foundation on Aliexpress

Check it out here – $3.12

Check it out here – $1.19

Check it out here – $3.82

Is it safe to use makeup from China?

Makeup from China is a tricky subject and one needs to be careful. Here are some rules when it comes to buying makeup from China. 

  • Don’t buy non-branded makeup products 

Products that are sold without a brand name don’t have a reputation to uphold. Although Aliexpress has been clamping down on sellers like this. Steer clear from random makeup products, even if they come at a ridiculously discounted price. So always look for brand name makeup on Aliexpress.

  • Don’t buy from non-official makeup stores 

Even if the makeup you are buying is from a legitimate brand, ensure that you are buying from the official store on Aliexpress. If a brand has a presence on Aliexpress, they definitely have their own store. In a lot of cases, these brands are a ‘Top Brand’ on Aliexpress

  • Check out the ingredients list and the reviews

Check the components of what goes in making that particular makeup item. Read through carefully to see if you are allergic to any ingredient and take an informed decision after looking at the reviews. 

  • Understand your allergies 

A lot of people complain about Chinese makeup without understanding their own allergies and their afflictions. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll need to buy a product, test it out, see how it reacts with your skin and then write a review. So check your allergies before you buy Chinese makeup. 

  • Don’t buy shady products 

The Chinese market is filled with a lot of shady products like virility enhancers. These products are artificially added with some questionable raw materials. Steer clear from any product that boasts of changing your complexion or the fundamentals of who you are. You look good the way you are. 

  • Look for testing certificates 

China has clamped down on bad sellers and have started issuing certificates. Make sure to check these certificates before you buy from a particular makeup brand.

Is Focallure a Chinese brand?

Contrary to what they portray in their site, Focallure is a Chinese Makeup brand headquartered in Shenzhen. They are one of the top Chinese makeup brands. They have a range of products such as foundation, lipsticks, eye color palettes and more. 

Top Beauty Brands in China

Aliexpress beauty products are much in demand these days because of the cheap makeup replica that is available in these stores.

With all the beauty products available it might be hard and confusing to decide where to find the perfect foundation, lipstick or eye shadow that best suits you.

These stores listed above offer high quality makeups that are affordable without sacrificing its quality. Save the trip in lining up for long queues at physical pop up stores and order online.

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