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by Tim Howard
fake airpods pro clone
The Best Airpods Clones in the market

Store Name: Airpods_Pro

Store Description: You get the best of all types of Airpod clones.

Price range: $40 - $79

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  • Design
  • Sound
  • Battery Life
  • Price

When Apple released the Apple Airpods Pro, a lot of people were happy. The design changed to make the earbuds fit better and it has the noise cancellation feature as well. But the only thing about the original Airpod Pros is the price. It’s expensive.

This is why a lot of manufacturers made their own versions. Today we review the Fake Airpods Pro Clone in the market. 

A lot of people think there is only a single type of Airpod Pro Clones, but the truth of the matter is there are many different versions of the Fake Airpod Pros made by different manufacturers. Based on my reviews of the Airpod Pros out there, I’ve found the best.

The best fake Airpods Pro in the market is available on DHgate for the price of $49.99. It’s a replica of the latest Apple Airpods Pro. With the new in-ear design, this replica has touch control, hands-free calls, wireless charging and noise-cancellation feature.

If you are wondering if it’s worth buying the fake Airpods Pro replica, here’s what I think.

The Fake Airpod Pros look exactly like the original and even replicate the sound up to 90%. The noise cancellation feature on the fake Airpods are not up to the mark. For the price, the quality of the sound and the finish of the Airpods are exactly like the original Airpods. If budget is a concern, then the fake Airpods Pro are definitely worth it.

Finally, if you can’t be bothered about the pros and love the old school ones, like me, then check out these other earbuds that are SUPER affordable. I’m also a massive fan of the i500 TWS series which has been upgraded to include some cool features.

Check out the latest Fake Airpods Pro Clone on Dhgate

Airpods 3 Clone

Superpods V6

Airpods Max 4 Clone


Best Fake Airpods Pro 2021

The specifications of the fake Airpods Pro are below. The latest Airpods Pro replicas are all Noise Cancelling!

Features Specification
Bluetooth Version  5.0 
Airpods Pro launcher interface Yes
Actual Battery Display Yes
Auto switch on and switch off Yes
Touch control Next song, previous song, pause, play
Voice Control Yes
Wireless Charging Yes
Extra earbud tips Yes
Noise cancellation Yes, because of the design, not because of an internal feature
Exact size of the Airpod Pro Clones Yes
Strong Bass Yes
Auto Detect Feature Yes
GPS Feature Yes
Renaming your Airpods Yes

So there are numerous Airpod Pro Clones in the market. Which one is the best?

The Airpods Pro Clone is cheaper than the original by $190!

I’ve reviewed Airpods from Aliexpress, Airpods from Gearbest and Airpods from DHgate and the winner is the DHgate Airpods Pro Clone.

Aliexpress Airpods Pro Clone vs Dhgate Airpods Pro Clone

The two best sites for Fake Airpod Pros are Aliexpress and DHgate. But which is better? Aliexpress has clamped down on Airpod replicas and DHgate has more. But in terms of quality, both the sites are equal and it’s a matter of your preference.

Check out Aliexpress Airpods Pro Clones

Check out DHgate Airpods Pro Clones


It’s the latest in the market and is the latest Generation. 

Latest Generation Airpods Pro Clones – $19 (Stable Version)

There are two types of Airpods Pro Clones, the Generation 1 and the latest Generation. The Generation 1 just replicates the design and not the other features. But the latest Generation of the Airpods is a true replica. Today we’ll review the master copy Airpod Pros. 

Fake Airpods Pro Clones on Aliexpress & Amazon Review in 2021 | The REAL TRUTH about Clones!

Unboxing the Fake Airpods Pro

fake airpods pro unboxing

Inside the box you’ll find the Airpods with the charging box, an Airpods charging cable. You can use the actual Apple charger to charge your Airpod Pro clones. Most of the time I use my iPad’s charger and they work great. 

You also get a few extra ear tips for the different sizes. 

Latest Generation Airpods Pro Clones – $59 (Stable Version)

Setting-up Airpod Pro Clones on an iPhone 

It’s super easy to set-up. Here are the steps 

#1 — Open your Charging case 

For an iPhone, you’ll get this interface and you can press the ‘Connect’ button. 

#2 — Hold the button on the back

The LED notification in the front turns white when you hold the button and then your phone gets connected with your phone. 

#3 — Intro Tutorial 

There is a basic intro tutorial that is shown. It’s super surprising that even for a Fake Airpod Pro Clone, you get the whole interface. 

Airpods Pro Clone Battery Interface 

The Fake Airpods have an actual battery interface that showcases the true numbers. I tested this out by playing the music for quite some time and saw if it reduced and recharged it back again to see if it reflects the right number and it did! 

For Android users, they can see the battery level in the notification bar on top. 

Airpods Pro Clone Design 

The design of the Airpods Pro Clone is an exact replica of the originals. This means you have the rounded rectangular design with a notification light in the front. 

The back of the Airpods Pro clones has the power button and the metallic hinge. It has the charging port at the bottom. 

The earbuds themselves have the new iconic design. These buds can be removed and replaced with ease. I remove my earbuds to clean them from time to time. 


The position of the touch sensor has changed. The earbuds design is improved. The black sports are the provision for the mike.

In terms of a fit, they fit way better than the old Airpods and this design is amazing. It does have the Designed by Apple in California on the back.

fake airpods pros latest

Even the location of the  touch sensor is perfect. You don’t have to be banging against your ear, but more towards the front, which is good. 

Airpods Pro Clone Noise Cancelling 

This is a big question, do the Fake Airpods have noise cancellation?

The truth of the matter is, no Airpod Clone maker has the noise cancellation feature in terms of hardware. If they claim they have the noise cancellation features, then they are likely lying. 

But having said that, the sound quality of those clones are pretty awesome and the design makes it automatically noise cancelling.

I tested the sound in super crowded cities amidst traffic and I could hear my music really well and I couldn’t hear the outside noise at all. 

But there are quite a few features you can access in the settings section especially for iPhone users. 

Fake Airpods Pro with Transparency Mode 

So what is the transparency mode? 

Transparency mode basically is the opposite of noise cancellation. It lets in ambient noises while listening to music compared to noise cancellation which cuts out the ambient noise.

Do these Fake Airpod Pros have them? 

They have these features in the settings section and you can choose to turn it off or to turn it off. 

Here are all the features that are available for the iPhone. But these options aren’t available on Android phones.

Fake Airpods Pro Sound Test Check 

So how is the sound quality of the Airpod Pro Clones? 

The sound quality on the Airpods Pro are brilliant. The bass is loud and it has depth and it has a deep treble sound as well. If you are wondering if it’s better than the older Airpods, the answer is yes. It’s much better than the older Airpods and the older AirPods clones and that can be attributed to the design of the Airpods.

  • Bass Sound Test – Pass
  • Treble Sound Test – Pass
  • Podcast Sound Test – Pass
  • Gaming Sound Test – Pass

Airpods Pro Clone vs Original Airpod Pros

So what are the differences between the Original Airpod Pros and the Airpod Pro Clone. 

Features Airpods Pro Clone Original Airpod Pros
Design The Pro Clone is the exact same as the Airpod Pros. Even the tiniest detail is the same.  This is the original
Sound The sound on the Pro Clones are very good except. It’s much better than many TWS earbuds out there. This has the best rich sound with amazing bass. 
Battery Life 4 to 4.5 hours and with the charging case about 20 hours Around 5 hours and with the charging case 24 hours
Wireless Charging Yes Yes
Warranty No, if brought from the right seller, you will get a refund Yes, Apple Warranty only for a year
Price $19 $250
Fit Perfect fit Perfect fit
Noise Cancellation Yes, only on Apple devices Yes

When you compare the Airpod pro clones to the original Airpod pros, except a few things where the original is a tad better, I wouldn’t say there’s a major difference. You pay a lot for the Apple brand with the original. 

$15 Airpods Pro Clone | The First True Airpods Pro Replica [Latest Version in the Link Below]

Airpods Made in China – Are they worth it? 

The Airpods made in China are also called replicas, clones or copies or super copies or master copies. They basically mimic the style, design, and features of Apple. So why do replicas exist? 

They exist because they give the same look and feel at 1/3rd or 1/4th the cost. Most companies make replicas of smartphones but because of copyright issues, they name it something else. 

In the case of Apple Airpods Clones, there are various model names for the clones and here they are. 

Airpod Pro Clones Alternate Names

i9000 Max TWS
Airpods Pro i500 
TWS i100000 Pro V3
Master Copy Airpods Pro

Airpods Pro Clone on Amazon – Can you buy them?

If you are looking for true replicas, then you won’t be able to buy them on Amazon. On Amazon you will get alternatives to the Apple Airpod Pros, but you won’t be able to buy the exact clones or exact Apple Airpod Replicas.

How can you tell if the AirPods are fake?

There are a number of ways you can determine whether the AirPods you have are fake or original. Original AirPods would have a serial code on the inside of the charging case lid and if they are located on the box then they’re most probably fake. Also, fake AirPods do not normally have all the sensors which are present in the original pair. You would also be able to determine if the device is fake by checking the serial number of the AirPods with the help of Apple’s dedicated authenticator.

Do fake AirPods have noise cancelling capabilities?

Normally the answer would be a blatant no because manufacturers need to cut down on overall costs in order for their product to be affordable. But there are some brands such as the AirPods Pro super clone that come equipped with noise cancelling capabilities even though their products are cheaper than the original. However, you would only be able to receive true noise cancelling functions with  the original pair and not copies or replicas.

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