Best Xiaomi Earphones & Xiaomi Earbuds 2021

by Tim Howard
best xiaomi earphones

There are new earphones coming out every day and the technology used gets better with each one. From the numerous well-known brands, Xiaomi is the new contender with an excellent line of wired earphones as well as truly wireless earbuds. From active noise cancelation to dynamic bass-boosted earphones, Xiaomi has outdone themselves with their latest range of earphones.

So here we’ve curated a list of the best Xiaomi Earphones that will best suit you and your lifestyle. 

Xiaomi EarphonesPriceLink
#1 Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD$37.22View on Amazon
#2 Amazfit PowerBuds True Wireless Earbuds$99.00View on Amazon
#3 Xiaomi Redmi Airdots$22.00View on Amazon
#4 Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE$23.59 – 27.99View on Aliexpress
#5 Haylou GT2$21.00View on Aliexpress
#6 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2$11.99View on Aliexpress
#7 Mi ANC Earphones$43.90View on Aliexpress

Best Xiaomi Earphones 2021

#1 Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

xiaomi bluetooth earphone

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD is on top of our list for its flashy and slick look, the body is encased with a titanium finish that provides protection. It is an in-ear, earphone that provides excellent noise cancellation and deep powerful bass. It is possible to answer calls and control volume levels with the three-button interface that also houses a high-quality mic.

Key Features

This amazing earphone stands out for its excellent HD sound and in-ear noise cancellation as it uses its hybrid triple driver technology that balances audio and provides excellent dynamics. 


  • Vocalism Principle: Hybrid technology
  • Control Button: Yes
  • Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
  • Communication: Wired
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Style: In-Ear
  • Sensitivity: 98dBdB
  • Number Of Drivers: 2
  • Connectors: 3.5mm
  • With Microphone: Yes

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#2 Mi Sports Bluetooth

xiaomi bluetooth earphone

The old-school Mi Sports Bluetooth youth edition is a new age earphone experience from Xiaomi. It’s got the earhook design and super snug buds that stay in your ear when you work out.

Waterproof, Sweatproof and is built to withstand constant movements. The earphones are made from memory foam rubber, which make them light and easy to use. Comes with a button to control the music and the calls.

Key Features

Ear hook design for perfect stability


  • IPX4 rated
  • Touch buttons for control
  • Earbuds of different sizes for the perfect fit
  • Rubber foam body

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#3 Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots does look a lot like the Apple AirPods, the only difference is you won’t have to wait till Christmas to buy it. These earphones come with an affordable price tag with optimal sound quality. It has multi-functional physical buttons to support voice control and to activate the phone’s voice assistant. The battery life lasts a good 4 hours before it requires a charge. If you’re a fan of the AirPods and not the price these Airdots come pretty close. 

What I love about these earbuds is that they’re barely noticeable when you wear them. The design is minimal, sleek, and they’re lightweight. It has a silicone tip so the fit is amazing as well. Also, the sound quality is pretty great and loud. The Redmi AirDots features a multi-function button on the outer panel through which you can control most functions. For functions you can’t control through the multi-function button, you have a voice assistant!

Key Features

The Airdots have 7. 2mm dynamic unit speakers and DSP intelligent environment noise reduction, for crystal clear sound with no interruptions. 


  • Bluetooth 5. 0 chip
  • 4.1g Ultra-Light
  • Dustproof and IPX4 waterproof
  • Double-eared split design
  • Multi-function button
  • 4 hours battery life 12 hours Endurance
  • 40mAh headphones
  • 7. 2mm Dynamic unit
  • DSP intelligent environment noise reduction

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#4 Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE stands out for its affordable price and excellent battery back up of 20 hours with the case. It has environmental noise reduction that actively reduces unwanted noise around you for a crystal clear conversation. It is designed to sit comfortably in your ears for long durations. If you are looking out for affordable earphones with good battery life the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Se is a perfect choice. 

The price is not the only thing that’s good about the Mi Air 2 SE. Our AirPods alternative here also has pretty great sound quality. The only drawback I can probably think of is that the pop-up animation is only limited to certain smartphones but if you have a Redmi you shouldn’t worry about that. Also, another thing about these earbuds I really like is that you can customize the controls using the app. Which is great if you always have trouble remembering the controls!

Key Features

The active environmental noise reduction is one of the best features of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE. It removes the unwanted noise around and provides the listener with a crystal clear conversation.


  • Dual microphone for noise reduction
  • Millet piston design
  • Vocalism Principle: Dynamic
  • Communication: True Wireless
  • Style: Ear Hook
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth
  • Number Of Drivers: 2
  • Impedance Range: up to 32 Ω
  • Earcups Type: Semi-open
  • Headphone Pads Material: Other
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Resistance: 32Ω
  • With Microphone: Yes

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#5 Haylou GT2

Haylou GT2 is a great option for you if you travel a lot. It has a simple, no-frills, design with a black body. It sits well in your ear – thanks to the silicon tip, it gives a better fit. Also, these earbuds have button control (emphasizing on no-frills design). Now, this can be a good or a bad thing – if you’re used to touch control, this might not be your favorite option but if you often experience accidental touches then that problem is solved for you with these earbuds. You can use the multi-function button for all functions, except for volume. 

What really makes this one of the best Xiaomi earphones is its portable case and its weight. These Xiaomi earphones are lightweight with each earbud weighing about 3.7g. Another thing I absolutely love about these earbuds is that its cable is attached to the case – which makes it less likely for you to forget it. Also, the attached cable is pretty small and can be pushed inside so it doesn’t ruin the overall look of the case neither does it come in the way. The Haylou GT2 has an open-case design that looks super cool. Also, it has an  IPX5 rating which means that if a little water gets inside, it won’t damage the earbuds. 

Key Features

The Haylou GT2 has a decent battery life with about 3.5 to 4 hours of music playback time. It also charges pretty quickly. 


  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 15 hours of power with case
  • 3.4-5 hours music playback time
  • 38- mAh charging case
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Each earbud weighs 3.7g
  • 7.2mm dynamic unit
  • Multi-function button 
  • Noise cancellation technology 

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#6 Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2

The Redmi AirDots 2 also has a multi-function key. You can control various tasks like taking calls, activating voice assistants, and controlling media with one key. The earbuds are lightweight with each earbud weighing around 41.g. The charging case itself is also pretty compact. It’s a pretty affordable option and of decent quality. 

It has an inbuilt noise cancellation technology which makes it perfect taking calls as well when you’re on the go. With a 3000 mAh battery, the earbuds take about 1,5 hours to charge while the case takes about 2 hours to fully charge. What I really love about these earbuds is that it comes with three different sizes of ear tips so you can choose which one fits you best!

Key Features:

The Redmi AirDots 2 features 7.2mm drivers and intelligent DSP digital noise reduction technology. These earbuds are very easy on your pocket. 


  • Bluetooth v5.0 
  • One-key control for multiple tasks
  • DSP digital noise reduction technology
  • Each earbud weighs 4.1 grams
  • 7.2mm drivers
  • Charging case battery life: 12 hours
  • Earbuds Battery life: 4 hours

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#7 Mi ANC Earphones

Mi ANC earphones

These are the Xiaomi standard earphones and are damn cheap. So cheap, you could buy a pair for your entire family. It’s of good quality as are most Xiaomi products. These MI ANC in-ear earphones have a simple design with a rubber cable that makes it less prone to tangling. 

These earphones have a single button to control calls. But you have to control the volume using the connected device. It does a pretty decent job when it comes to noise cancelation, that is, it can suppress sounds above 25db. It doesn’t have any difficult settings and is very simple to use. A no-frills, standard earphone that does its job. 

Key Features

It has a decent capacity of environmental noise for standard in-ear headphones. And it is super cheap. 


  • Type C wired earphones
  • Noise-canceling
  • Simple design 
  • Ribber cable finish
  • Single-button to control calls

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#8 Amazfit Powerbuds

amazfit powerbuds top xiaomi earphone

The Powerbuds from Amazfit are frankly underrated. These earbuds are built for people who love to workout with earbuds. They are built to fit snugly with solid ergonomic design. It’s water resistant, dust resistant and will give you unparalleled focus with the noise cancellation features.

One really important design feature of the Powerbuds is the addition of the earhooks which can hold the earbuds in place and not fall off while working out. They are detachable of course, so you won’t be stuck with them. One of the only earbuds with this addition.

The design also enhances the sound, it’s got a composite diaphragm design that’s built to get the best possible sound out.

The battery life is an incredible 8 hours and with the charging box, you get double that. The noise-cancellation tech works reasonably well and these are one of the Top Xiaomi Earphones in 2021.

Key Features

The detachable ear hook for extra stability is perfect for athletes.


  • Voice enabled status updates of your workout
  • 3 hours of battery life with a 15 minute charge
  • USB Type-C charging
  • Precise Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Active PPG Sensor
  • Real-Time Notifications for Workout Status
  • Excessive Heart Rate Data
  • Magnetic Sport Ear Hooks for Increased Stability
  • 8 Hours Battery Life on a Single Charge
  • Professional Sports Sound System 
  • ENC Dual-Microphone Noise Reduction for HD Calls
  • IP55 Water & Dust Resistance
  • Truly Wireless, Wear Sensors, and Touch Function.

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