Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones? | 2024 Buyer’s Guide

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Tom Ford stands as a beacon of luxury and sophistication, revered for its impeccable craftsmanship and timeless designs.

However, for many aficionados, the steep price tags associated with Tom Ford products remain a barrier to indulging in this opulence.

Enter the world of Tom Ford clones – a savvy alternative offering the allure of luxury at a fraction of the cost.

In this comprehensive 2024 Buyer’s Guide, we navigate the landscape of where to buy Tom Ford clones, unveiling the best sources and strategies to procure these quality replicas.

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Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones?

Well to start things off, while there might be many sellers on DHgate that deal in Tom Ford reps, not all of them are reliable and trustworthy, so you need to be careful while selecting a vendor to buy from.

To make it easier for you, here are stores that I feel are the best places to visit if you want good quality Tom Ford reps. These vendors deal in some of the most famous and popular Tom Ford sandals, shoes, glasses and handbags, that are cheap and affordable.

Panpan2018 Store

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Panpan2018 is a store on DHgate that deals primarily in branded and unbranded shoes, boots and heels. They’ve received a positive response over the last 4 years and they currently stand at a 96.4% satisfaction rating.

If you’re in search of the iconic Tom Ford pointy naked sandals or the ankle boots then this store has it all and these clones don’t cost over $70 making them one of the most affordable places to buy from.


Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Louisemen22 is a newer seller with a wide collection of shoes and sneakers to choose from. They come with over 5 years of experience and have a 96.3% satisfaction rating which makes them a really good supplier to try out.

Here you can find copies of some of the best luxury designer footwear including Tom Ford and they don’t cost over $100 for a pair. They have a relatively smaller selection of footwear compared to other vendors out there, but the overall quality of their shoes is what makes them one of the best out there.


Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

If it’s pumps and sandals you’re looking for then here’s a trusted seller you must check out. Nikeshoes2016 has been operating for over 6 years and has achieved a 96.9% satisfaction rating for their high quality products and timely delivery standards.

They have loads of different shoes and heels to choose from, but their Tom Ford reps just so happen to be one of their top selling products. Their sandals are made from genuine leather and are exact replicas of the original with all the details in place. 

You can get your hands on one of their reps for as low as $70 and considering the quality of the material and the fact that they come with branded packaging, their shoes are worth every cent.

Sunglassesluxu Store

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

As the name suggests, Sunglassesluxu store is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in sunglasses and designer eyewear for those on a budget. 

Here you can get some of the best looking replica sunglasses and they have a wide range of Tom Ford reps including the Hayes, Avery and Garrett range of polarized sunglasses.

They are a recommended DHgate supplier and have an impressive rating of 99% with over 7.7k sales in under a year. An added bonus is that they supply branded replica boxes along with the sunglasses, so you end up getting a true replica at bargain prices.


Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Another seller I would recommend checking out if you’re looking for Tom Ford replica sunglasses is Ditasunglasses on DHgate. This vendor has a 98.9% satisfaction rating and has sold just under 1k pairs of sunglasses till date.

I came across some really reasonably priced designer sunglasses that don’t cost too much, have been made from premium quality materials and offer features such as anti reflection, polarizing and UV protection.

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This seller is pretty responsive and is ready to answer any questions regarding their products. All their glasses are available in different colors, so you can definitely find something that matches your style and the best part is they all come packaged nicely in a premium box and bag.

Jooobag Store

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Jooobag is a three year old supplier on DHgate for high quality replica designer handbags. Here you can find first copy replicas of the Tom Ford Bianca mini hobo and the Quilted Palmetto shoulder bag for a fraction of the original price.

The bags you get here are made from genuine leather and carry the relevant Tom Ford branding. Each bag comes nicely packaged in a branded replica box and they also offer deals on bulk and wholesale purchases so feel free to get in touch with them for your business requirements.

Jooobag currently holds a 98.7% satisfaction rating from over 5k sales till date. They are definitely a great place to find high quality Tom Ford replica handbags for cheap and trust me when I say this, you will not be able to tell the difference between one of their handbags and the original.

Tom Ford Clones on DHgate

Tom Ford Women’s Shoes Clones

Napa Leather Padlock Pointy Naked Sandals Clone

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Are you someone who loves partying or do you head out regularly to extravagant places? If yes, then these Tom Ford padlock pointy naked sandals are just the pair for you. Made from high quality leather, these sandals have been crafted to perfection and they look identical to the original. 

Each pair comes with a tiny gold lock positioned on the side of the ankle strap and the overall finish of the stitch work is so good that you will have a hard time telling if they are real or a pair of clones. You can get these sandals for as low as $58 and there are over 15 colors you can choose from. The fit is true to size and they are super comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Mirror Leather Chain Heel Ankle Strap Sandal Clone

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Here’s a unique pair of heels from the Tom Ford collection that has become quite popular over the years. The mirror leather chain heel ankle strap sandal uses the same materials as the napa padlock pair and the only difference is that this pair comes with a gold chain heel and the straps over the ankle and toes feature a gold chain design.

These sandals are slightly more expensive than other Tom Ford reps and are priced at $87 for a pair. You can get them in yellow, white or black and they come packaged in a nice branded replica Tom Ford box to give it an authentic feel.

Leather Padlock Ankle Boot Clones

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Tom Ford is famous for their unique designs and the one thing common across all their footwear is the golden lock that’s attached to the ankle strap. These boots are identical replicas of the padlock ankle boots and they’re probably the only high quality replica of these boots out there.

Each pair is made from a premium leather that makes it comfortable to wear and easy to slip into. You can get these reps for just around $85 and there are three different styles available; suede leather, black leather and black crocodile leather. An added bonus is that these boots come with the right Tom Ford branding and will be delivered in a premium branded replica box and bag.

Laminated Nappa Iconic T Pump Reps

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Nikeshoes2016 is a seller on Dhgate with a wide range of Tom Ford reps to buy and one of the best looking copies they have is this laminated nappa iconic t-pump shoes. Laced in all gold, they are made from a premium grade PU leather and the sole is made from a latex rubber that’s soft and durable.

The stitch work on these heels is phenomenal and you will not be able to make out any difference between them and a pair of original iconic T-pumps. They come with the Tom Ford branding on the insole and for the price tag of $87.99, they are one of the most expensive replica shoes in the market today. 

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The seller provides a dust bag along with the shoes and they don’t come with a branded box or packaging of sorts. You can however request the seller to have one sent over at a surcharge and they normally give into requests from time to time.

Tom Ford Slides Dupes

DHgate Tom Ford Replica Slides

If you’re in the market for a taste of luxury in your footwear collection but hesitant about splurging on the authentic Tom Ford slides, DHgate’s replica options might catch your eye. Crafted with attention to detail, these replicas closely mimic the premium materials and sophisticated design of the originals.

From luxurious leather to sumptuous suede, they offer a refined aesthetic that echoes the allure of the authentic Tom Ford slides.

Just like the genuine versions, these replicas maintain the versatility that makes Tom Ford slides so appealing – whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll, lounging poolside, or adding a touch of opulence to your casual ensemble, these slides seamlessly adapt to various occasions.

Despite being replicas, many users find them surprisingly comfortable, thanks to cushioned footbeds and thoughtful design.

However, it’s worth noting that while these replicas are more affordable than the authentic Tom Ford slides, they still come with a price tag to consider. They may also lack the robust support provided by sneakers or boots, making them less ideal for activities requiring extensive foot and ankle support.

Replica Tom Ford Women’s Loafers

DHgate Tom Ford Replica Loafers

These replicas capture the essence of Tom Ford’s elevated take on classic style, featuring premium materials like leather and suede that exude luxury and sophistication. Whether you’re dressing for the office or a casual outing, these replica loafers provide the versatility to elevate any ensemble with their modern design and refined aesthetic.

While Tom Ford’s authentic loafers are known for their comfort, some reviewers mention a potential breaking-in period due to the stiffer materials used for structure. Similarly, DHgate’s replicas aim to mirror this comfort level, although individual experiences may vary.

However, one notable advantage of opting for the replicas is the more accessible price point compared to the high cost of the authentic Tom Ford loafers. This makes them a compelling option for fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate quality and style but are mindful of their budget.

Tom Ford Replica Sunglasses 

Hayes Sunglasses Reps

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Tom Ford Hayes sunglasses are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses from the brand and there’s no doubt that it’s also one of the most replicated styles out there. These high quality copies go for $60 and they come with an original box to give you an authentic Tom Ford experience.

The glasses are polarized and are made from an antireflective resin material that helps protect the eyes from harmful UV light. You can get these glasses in over 7 different colors and if you’re looking to pick them up in bulk then the good news is that the seller deals with wholesalers so you can get them for as low as $47 a pair.

Avery Sunglasses Clones

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

Another popular find on DHgate are these Avery sunglasses clones that are sold by the sunglassesluxu store. Quite like the Hayes  reps, these too are made from a premium anti reflective resin material and the frame is made from a high quality PC plank acetate alloy to improve the durability of these glasses.

A pair will set you back just around $58 and that’s a steal considering the originals cost somewhere between $500 – $750 for a pair. Each clone is shipped with a branded box and micro-fiber cloth to help keep the lens clean.

Polarized Garrett Sunglasses

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

These polarized sunglasses are cheap copies, but the overall quality and craftsmanship gone into making them is outstanding. Each pair features polarized resin lenses that offer anti reflective properties and have a UV400 rating which will ensure your eyes are kept safe from  harmful UV light. 

They fit perfectly and look really cool and every pair of these Garrett clones come with a branded box and a microfiber cloth. The quality of the finish is so good that even the Tom Ford branding on the sides of the frame have a premium feel to it.

Tom Ford Handbag Clones

Quilted Palmetto Shoulder Bag Rep

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

If handbags are your thing then you’ll definitely fall in love with this genuine leather replica of the quilted Palmetto shoulder bag. Priced at $140, this bag is an identical copy and it has been made to resemble the original in every way possible. 

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Whether you’re going for a trip around the world or simply to a nearby club, the replica Palmetto is large enough to carry all your personal belongings such as house keys, makeup and a cell phone and it’s compact enough to give you a sleek chic vibe.

Bianca Mini Hobo Rep

Where to Buy Tom Ford Clones

The Bianca mini hobo is the most iconic and popular Tom Ford handbag out there and this replica is so good that I had a really hard time telling if it’s a fake or not. The bag features the same textured work on the sides of the bag and it comes with a chain and leather shoulder strap that’s long and makes it easy to wear the bag.

Unlike most sellers that deal in the Bianca mini hobo, Jooobag store offers the best quality available and the bag is made from a premium grade of genuine leather and has a silk lining on the inside that gives it a premium feel. Priced at just under $150,  it’s the best copy available and I would suggest checking it out if you’re in the market for something sleek and chic.

How to tell if my Tom Ford is fake?

The easiest way to tell if your Tom Ford product is fake or not is by examining features such as the logo, the serial number and the stamp confirming it’s in compliance with European regulations. 

A real pair of Tom Ford shoes or sunglasses will have evenly spaced letters and the letter “O” in Ford will be rounded as opposed to the oval “O” that’s found on fakes.

Also, if you check the step of the sunglasses or the internal label of any handbag, you will find an alphanumeric serial number that shows it’s a real pair. These serial numbers can be verified on the Tom Ford website and upon searching for the number you should be able to pull up the make and model of the product. A fake will not have these printed and will be a dead giveaway that the product is not genuine.

Finally, all Tom Ford products are in compliance with European regulations and will have the CE hallmark printed on their products. Fakes or low quality replicas will not carry this hallmark as they have not been certified by any regulatory body.


There you have it, some of the best Tom Ford replica sellers available today along with some of the most popular Tom Ford clones available in the market. 

It’s always a good idea to first check the seller’s legitimacy and see if they can be trusted before making a purchase. Since there are only a handful of sellers online it’s not a difficult task to pinpoint which one is reliable and which isn’t.

I hope this basic guide has helped you locate some Tom Ford clones online and if I do come across more then i’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Until next time!

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