Where to Buy Fake Golden Goose Sneakers | All You Need to Know in 2024

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I’ve always found Golden Goose to be a bit too overpriced for my budget, but their sneakers are so off-beat that I knew I had to get my hands on one. 

Luckily, I found some sellers online that deal in high quality fake Golden Goose sneakers and most of them cost hardly $80 – $100 for a pair. There were some shoes that were priced over $500, but these were super copies that looked identical to the original.

So if you’re looking for places to buy fake Golden Goose sneakers then you’re in luck. Platforms like DHgate and AliExpress have been selling fake Golden Goose sneakers for ages now and they are some of the highest quality replicas available. 

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Golden Goose Sky-Star Sneakers

Golden Goose Camo-Print Low-Top Sneakers

Golden Goose Running Sole Leopard Print Sneakers

2022 Golden Goose Mid-Star High-Top Sneakers

Golden Goose Camouflage Yeah Sneakers

These cheap fakes don’t cost an arm and a leg, but they are made from really good quality materials and there are plenty of designs to choose from. 

I’ve created this guide to help you during your search for fake Golden Goose sneakers. It will teach you how to find high quality fakes, list some of the best copies I found and even show you how you can tell the difference between a real and fake pair of Golden Goose sneakers.

So what are you waiting for, read on to find out where to get fake Golden Goose sneakers for cheap.

Fake Golden Goose Sneakers

DhGate Golden Goose Sneakers Unboxing & Review

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

Fake Golden Goose Sneakers

Golden Goose Superstar sneakers are probably one of the most iconic pairs of sneakers to hit the market. At retail, these sneakers go for around $900, but high quality fakes on DHgate don’t cost more than $100.

I found these sneakers to be super comfy to wear and they are made from genuine leather and rubber which is similar to the materials used on the real pair. 

A plus point of buying these sneakers is that sellers on DHgate let you customize the color and style of these Hi-Star platform sneakers allowing you to personalize each pair and make them unique.

It’s rather difficult to tell the difference between these fakes and the real sneakers because they look so much alike. These fakes carry the relevant branding and even come with the big star and the GGDB/SSTAR print on the side, so I’d say they are worth the money.

Golden Goose Sky-Star Sneakers

The Golden Goose Sky-Star is another popular design that’s been replicated by Chinese manufacturers and is sold for hardly $130 on sites like DHgate. 

This one seller I found has nearly every style of the Sky-Star sneaker out there and they offer customizations as well, so you can choose the color and style before placing your order.

These sneakers are made from genuine leather and high quality rubber, and they have the dirty finish (iconic GG design) on them. I did find these fakes to be 1:1 copies of the original with maybe one or two small issues with the stitching, but that can be overlooked as these sneakers look the part and are cheap on the pocket.

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So, if comfort is what you’re in search of and you’re unable to pay the exorbitant price of $1000 for an original pair of the Sky-Star sneakers, then why not consider one of these fakes instead as they cost a fraction of the original price and they can be worn throughout the day.

Golden Goose Camo-Print Low-Top Sneakers

Another fantastic find has to be these fake Camo-Print Low-Top Golden Goose sneakers. A pair won’t set you back more than $100 and there are so many variations to choose from like the glitter print, metallic or the leopard print sneakers. 

The design of these fakes is so good that it’s pretty hard to tell that they are fakes and not the real deal. 

While comparing them to the original, the Camo-Print Low-Top fakes come with labels in all the right places and quality of the materials used are some of the best, so they are comfortable to wear and are durable enough to last a long time.

This fake sneaker has it all and the best part is that it’s the same seller that deals in high quality Sky-Stars, so customizations are permitted on every order. 

Golden Goose Running Sole Leopard Print Sneakers

No fake sneaker collection will be complete without a pair of the running sole Golden Goose sneakers with the leopard print. 

Now remember when I told you that some really good copies are available for over $100, well this $216 pair is so close to the original that it’s not easy to tell the difference between the two.

They are made from mesh leather and EVA rubber, and both these materials make the sneakers comfortable to wear. The high quality finish makes them easier to pair with any type of apparel and are designed for those who like to take a jog around the block.. 

Just like the original pair, these fakes come with the pink heart on the midsole and the branding is in all the right places. There’s even a small patch of leopard print on the heel flap and the shoes come with extra high quality laces.

The one good thing about this sneaker is that though the fake costs a tad bit, it comes with free shipping so $216 will be the total amount you pay for them.

2022 Golden Goose Mid-Star High-Top Sneakers

The Mid-Star high-top are the perfect sneakers to have because they can be paired with anything and be worn for any occasion. 

Genuine GG mid-star sneakers cost roughly $1,100 through an authorized retailer, but I got my fake pair for hardly $110, which is literally 10% the cost of the original. Now, while these are still fakes, they are manufactured to resemble and feel like the real deal. 

So, these sneakers come with all the necessary branding in place and there are many variations to choose from such as the pearl edition or the diamond studded ones. There’s even a glitter and metallic variant too and the good thing is that there’s no difference in the price of these shoes.

Personally I loved the way these sneakers are designed and since the seller offers customizations, you can simply drop the seller a message and they will take up your request and have it delivered according to your specifications.

Golden Goose Camouflage Yeah Sneakers

The Camouflage Yeah sneakers were only released this year and they have become one of the most popular sneakers Golden Goose has ever produced. 

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These vintage handmade sneakers are extremely durable and carry all the Golden Goose branding and they even come with the right style of laces.

Fake Yeah sneakers look so much better than the original, but that’s because they look a little cleaner and it might be the one way you will be able to tell the difference between the two. 

The overall quality and finish of these fakes is so good that they don’t have any frayed stitches and the measurements are all on point. For around $216, these sneakers are probably one of the best copies of the Yeah available out there.

Golden Goose Space-Star Leopard Print Sneakers

Now here’s one extremely versatile pair of sneakers that you can wear with practically anything and still look awesome. 

Though they are fakes, these Space-Star sneakers are to die for. They look like the original and are considerably cheaper, however I did notice some slight differences with the overall finish. 

A pair costs hardly $250 and the enhanced leopard print on the top of the sneakers along with the soft cotton inner lining make them one of the most comfortable pairs of fake Golden Goose sneakers in the market.

You can choose to pair them with a skirt or jeans and they will look good at any time of the day. 

With this pair you wouldn’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket and i’d recommend opting for the fake over the original any day because they offer the same levels of comfort and the fakes at times last longer than the originals.

How to Find High Quality Fake Golden Goose Sneakers?

If you plan on picking up a pair of fake Golden Goose sneakers from DHgate or AliExpress then here are some tips I would like to share with you. 

Hopefully these should help you find high quality fakes easily online.

  • The first thing you should check out is whether the seller/store is legit and they carry a positive rating. It’s never a good idea to shop from a new seller with no experience and you should stick to buying from those who have been dealing in high quality fakes for years.
  • Go through the product reviews on the store page and check if other customers have bought these shoes before and what they have to say about the overall quality of the shoes. Sometimes buyers will upload images of the products they received, so this can be an easy way for you to see what other people have gotten in the past.
  • Finally, you should contact the seller before making any purchase, especially if they are for fake sneakers. This is important because you will be able to get any and all your doubts cleared by the seller before spending your money and then running around for a refund later on when the product is not what was advertised.

Fake vs Real Golden Goose Sneakers

Like any other fake sneaker out there, there are a number of ways you can tell if your Golden Goose sneakers are real or not.

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The easiest way is by comparing the price of the shoes, but what if the shoes are being sold second-hand or at an inflated price?

Well, to start things off, a real pair of GG sneakers will have an evenly spaced toe-box stitching along the front of the shoe. Fake Golden Goose sneakers will have fewer stitches and the overall finish will look messy.

Next, take a look at the Golden Goose / DE heel text because this is one thing fakes tend to muck up. A real pair will have the text aligned at the center of the heel flap and the letters will be evenly spaced. A fake will have spacing issues and the position of the text will appear raised toward the middle.

You can also tell if the sneakers are real or not by checking the three dots on the side of the sneakers. An original pair has three neatly punched holes that are aligned in a straight line. The holes on a fake pair will have a messy finish and they won’t be aligned properly.

One of the biggest mistakes counterfeiters tend to make is the distressing on the sneakers. Real Golden Goose sneakers are actually worn out whereas a fake will have the worn out pattern spray painted or drawn on the shoe. 

You will be able to tell the difference by simply rubbing the distressing spot; one that’s rough will be original whereas if there’s no distressing texture then the shoes are probably a fake.

Finally, check the insoles of the Golden Goose sneakers. Authentic sneakers have the word SUPERSTAR printed within a black rectangle and the text as well as the font will be small but legible. 

A fake insole has an enlarged SUPERSTAR and the whole Made in Italy and Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Venezia text on it will be thin and will fade easily.

Is it Safe to Buy Fake Golden Goose Sneakers Online?

Yes,  it’s entirely safe to buy fake sneakers from sites like DHgate and AliExpress. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the checklist above and to keep an eye out for how your country’s customs department treats fakes. 

What Material Are Fake Golden Goose Sneakers Made of?

Fake Golden Goose sneakers are made from a blend of leather and high quality rubber. Not all fakes use real leather and some might be made from PU or faux leather, so i’d recommend checking out the product description before buying in case you’re allergic to fake leather goods.

Should Fake Golden Goose Sneakers Look This Dirty?

Well, yes they are going to look dirty because that’s the design of the shoes. Golden Goose makes sneakers and shoes that look frayed and old because that’s their signature style and counterfeiters replicate this design so fakes will also tend to look old and dirty.

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