Top Fake Yeezys 2023 | Yeezy Boost 350, 500 light , 380 and more!

by Tim Howard

Yeezys aren’t a thing of unattainable indulgences anymore, it never was. What you might get your hands on may not be the original, but they are hella close. Unless you tell someone, no one will know you’re wearing a fake. That comes with a condition of course — you should know where to look. Our team hunted down the few ‘fake’ Yeezys that I think will satisfy you and make you feel alive and kickin’!

The following few Yeezys have been curated from AliExpress and DHgate. You get good prices, comfortable shoes, and a chance to show off. 

Best Fake Yeezys Online

List of Fake Yeezys

350 V2

Yeezy 450

Yeezy 700

Best Fake Yeezy Store

Reflective Yeezys

Fake Yeezy Store 1

Fake Yeezy Store 2

Fake Yeezy Store 3

Fake Yeezy Store 4

Fake Yeezy Store 5

Fake Yeezy Store 6

Best Sneakers Store — 350 V2 Static Reflective

This is the real deal. Right from the engravings on the underside of the sole to the keychain and socks that the pair of Yeezys come with, you’re going to feel as if you’re buying the real thing for under $39! 

Just like the originals, these Yeezys have a reflective material that is sewed into the upper prime knit. In the Black Static model that I featured here, the red stripe on the heel tabs is in the same place as the original. You tell me where they went wrong. Upon trying it on, I can vouch for the comfort it provides to the sole as well. 

This seller sells about 20 models of Yeezys ranging from sizes 36 to 47 ⅓! Furthermore, they even come with the original box and a receipt that would suggest you bought it at full price. Way to go, right? Might as well have the whole experience.

PK Sneaker Store Yeezys

If you had ever wondered whether Yeezys really are with the hype, you’re about to find out. Of course you have, you came here looking for them. 

The Yeezys, I’m talking about the originals, have gone out of their way to ensure that they cannot be replicated. There are little details about it that would be ignored unless someone has really done their research. Take for example the toe stitching. If you really knew your Yeezys, you’d know they come with an alternate cross-box-cross-box stitch rather than a raggedy style that is just meant to keep two and two together.

Even the mesh holes in the outer material have been made in strategic spots, the line stitching is impeccable, the outsole has the perfect curve and the heel tab has correctly spaced webbing. No one will know it’s not the real deal even if they thoroughly inspect. Don’t tell Kanye though.

Shoes LVY store — Yeezys Boost 30 V2

This store has 20 models of Yeezys, of which 3 of them are the  Boost 350 V2 and the rest just Boost 350. No one knows what SPLY-350 means but replicating that on fake Yeezys is where most stores make the mistake. You see the lower half of the 3 in the 350 is much more elongated than the top half. A lot of the shoemakers make this mistake. Even the S in SPLY, the curves are too much or too little, but not in these shoes. It’s the same thing.

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Is it really a Yeezy if they haven’t embedded it with 3M material intertwined into the fabric of the shoes. The reflective pieces were checked in the dark to see if they looked exact and they did.

I did see a problem in the outsole of the shoe. The tab that says “boost” at the bottom is separately attached. It is seamless in the real Yeezys. But since no one really looks at the bottom, it shouldn’t be a problem. But in the range of $25 – $39, I don’t see how it could be any better.

PK-yezzy sneakers Store — Yeezy Boost 700

Enough of those 350s, eh? Not really, but let’s take a break from that. I’m a huge fan of the Yeezy Boost 700 design. The boost 350 is rather easy to find in comparison to the 700s. Not only is the design harder to replicate, but the shoes also use three different materials — suede, mesh and polyester. Incorporating so much in a fake can be a tedious task.

The ‘Magnet’ and the ‘Utility Black’ variations are my favourites in the range of these replicas. If you look closely enough, you will definitely find some discrepancies. The neatness isn’t absolutely flawless, but you get to experience the comfort of the Yeezys. The overlays have been perfectly done, the stitching is almost there. 

The soles have been given special attention to — if you’ll notice the ‘black utility’ variant of the Yeezys 700, you’ll see that the brown sole of the black overall body is a perfect match ad so is every square inch of the grooves underneath!

Youngsneakers Store — Yeezy 450

One might look at it and think the make and shape of these shoes are rather quirky. It is, and for good reason. Imagine an extension of your own foot, but that it keeps you comfortable all day long.

These shoes have been made with trial and error and can be slid onto your foot like a sock and then be laced up tight like any other shoe. The curved soles at the toe and the heel make long wear comfortable.

Even this AliExpress fake Yeezy has a protective cage-like structure that will prevent any sort of discomfort to your foot. These fakes are available in 3 colours— black, grey and beige — ranging from sizes 35 to 45. They come with the original box and look so good on your feet!

Hot Concord Yeezys 700 V2

If you’re in the business of buying and reselling shoes, I’d suggest you take a look at the options from DhGate. You get great deals for bulk buying and even single pieces for that matter. I mentioned how hard it is to find decent quality Yeezy 700s online unless you’re buying the originals. These things will blow your mind — wait for it. 

The suede overlay on the mesh is especially impressive. Such replicate quality, it almost feels luxurious to touch. You’re buying from one of DHGate’s most top-rated sellers who has had a high success rate and feedback.

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One problem that seemed to be noticeable in the shoes is that when it arrived, the toe part of the shoes can be slightly squashed. Noting a night’s worth of stuffing won’t fix, but I thought you should know!

The box too can be damaged when it arrives, but it in no way provides a testament as to the quality of the shoes. You can find yourself trying to pick among at least 28 styles of these 700s.


There are few things about these pairs of boost 350 and boost 350 V2 that would make you think you’re buying the real deal, but real sneakerheads would know (upon carefully looking) that these aren’t. The stitching gives it away. Not that it is bad, at all, it just has used a different pattern than the ones that original Adidas Yeezys use.

But for the price of $13, I don’t think you could expect more. In fact, they come in a double box protection to ensure your order remains supremely protected.

A phenomenal thing about these is that you can find them in 49 styles, in sizes ranging from 38 to 48 ⅓.  Believe me, that size is hard to find. Big foot-ed people, grab your chance!

Gonghu Fake Yeezy 450

These Yeezy 450s are a bit expensive for DHgate standards, but let me justify them. It is still marginally lower than the original Yeezy 450, they look amazing, the more you buy the less you have to pay and finally,  they have taken extra efforts to make these Yeezys as comfortable as possible for you.

These shoes are made of flying weaving materials that make them light as air, comfortable to wear and give breathable mesh that keeps you sweat-free. The rubber sole and the bottom have an anti-slip stable grip that ensures walking on all sorts of surfaces is easy. It’s a steal!

Air Dunk Yeezy Slides

The Yeezy Slides are pretty straightforward. The thing that makes them so comfortable is their distance from the ground, wedge-like sole and the EVA foam material that makes sinking your foot into it so easy. 

These fake Yeezy slides are exactly the same with one difference. Instead of EVA foam, they are made of EVA rubber. That simply makes it more sturdy. Even the ridges at the bottom side of the sole are exact to measurement.

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These slides are typically suited for within the home or casual wear. The seller has 12 options of which 2 of them are printed limited edition designs.

Yeezy Foam RNNR sneakers

Now they may be unflattering to look at, but if comfort is what you’re looking for, you’ve got it. These shoes will make you feel as though the floor on every walking surface is foam. Each and every space on the surface of these foam runners are proportionally exact. There is absolutely no way of telling whether or not these are real. Now that’s what makes a good fake Yeezy.

They are available in 13 colours and ranging from sizes EUR 36 to EUR 45.

My Experience Buying Fake Yeezy’s

Yeezy’s are sought after by millions around the world and every single time they go on the shelves, they’re sold out within a couple of hours. 

For a while I struggled to get my hands on a pair of genuine Yeezys, but I gave up my hunt a few weeks ago and decided to pick up a pair of fakes simply because I’ve heard so much about them being almost identical to the original and they’re super cheap. 

The one thing that no one told me during my search was just how difficult it was going to be trying to find a reliable seller and a pair of Yeezy’s that actually look and feel like the original.

I spent hours on multiple websites and stores and have only been able to find a handful of sellers who deal in high quality fakes. Now the quality and finish of these shoes are so good that it’s really difficult to tell the difference between them and the originals as you’ll be able to tell from my review.

They all have tags in place, the stitching is on point and they even come with Yeezy branded boxes that make them look authentic. 

However, there are minor differences that even I could notice and it was mainly to do with the packaging (box sizes were incorrect) and the material used for the sole. Some even had small blemishes and irregularities, but they were really small and I could not notice them from afar.

Regardless, having to wait for a few weeks to receive these shoes and the fact that they were all priced under $50 made them a worthwhile buy. 

Though, a solid piece of advice to those in search of fake Yeezy’s, double check the size and get in touch with the seller before placing an order in case you have doubts regarding the fit, quality and materials used.

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