Are Skechers Shoes Made in the US or China?

by Tim Howard

Unravel the mystery behind the origins of your favorite footwear as we delve into the fascinating world of Skechers shoes. 

A renowned American sports brand celebrated for its comfort and global popularity, Skechers has captivated the hearts of many. But where are these exceptional shoes crafted? 

Whether you’ve been a long-time Skechers fan or are just curious about their manufacturing process, let’s uncover the truth together. 

Are Skechers shoes made in the US or China? Let’s find out.

Are Skechers Shoes Made in the US or China?

Skechers USA, Inc. stands as a prominent American footwear brand with their headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California. However, though the brand is headquartered in the U.S.A, they don’t have any manufacturing facilities in the country.

The strategic decision to decentralize production has allowed Skechers to tap into the specialized expertise and cost efficiencies offered by different manufacturing regions. 

Notably, the majority of these factories are based in the bustling industrial centers of China and Vietnam, two countries renowned for their skilled craftsmanship and robust manufacturing infrastructure.

While the absence of domestic factories may spark debate, it is essential to recognize that Skechers remains dedicated to stringent quality control measures and ethical manufacturing practices across all its international production partners. 

By employing two different countries, Skechers mitigates the risk of disruptions in its supply chain. Diversifying production locations ensures continuity in case one country’s trade or political situation creates complications. This strategic approach safeguards the brand’s ability to meet global demand effectively.

Are Skechers Made in the US? 

Contrary to what one might expect from an American brand, Skechers does not manufacture its products in the US. 

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The decision to shift production overseas is not unique to Skechers; it reflects a broader trend in the fashion industry. 

Several factors have contributed to this shift, with two prominent ones being labor costs and workforce availability.

Labor Costs:

Manufacturing products in the US can be significantly more expensive due to higher labor costs. Countries like China and Vietnam offer lower wages, which can lead to substantial cost savings for companies like Skechers. 

By taking advantage of the cost efficiencies provided by overseas labor markets, Skechers can maintain competitive prices for its footwear, attracting a broader customer base.

Dwindling Workforce in the Fashion Industry:

Another critical factor influencing Skechers’ decision to manufacture abroad is the declining workforce within the US fashion industry. 

Over the years, many American factories have closed down or scaled back operations, leading to a scarcity of skilled workers and specialized expertise in certain areas of production.

As a result, overseas factories in countries like China and Vietnam have become attractive alternatives for Skechers. 

These countries boast well-established manufacturing hubs with ample skilled labor, allowing for efficient and timely production processes

Are Skechers Made in China?

Yes, Skechers primarily manufactures their products in China. 

Skechers does not publicly disclose all the details about the specific independent contractors it collaborates with in China. 

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While the brand maintains transparency regarding its manufacturing locations, some specifics are kept confidential due to various business considerations.

One notable manufacturing location in China is Dongguan, Guangdong, where Skechers operates in partnership with Dongguan Luzhou Shoes Co., Ltd. 

This factory contributes to Skechers’ footwear production and aligns with the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality shoes to its customer base.

Though there were recent reports on Uyghurs being relocated from their home areas to factories across China, Skechers has since carried out audits and have firmly stated that no evidence of forced labor was found.

Are Skechers Made in Vietnam?

Yes, a significant number of Skechers shoes are indeed manufactured in Vietnam. 

The difference between Skechers sneakers produced in China and those from Vietnam lies mainly in the tag’s label; however, the quality of the footwear remains consistent across both locations.

Vietnam offers more affordable labor and materials, making it an attractive option for brands looking to optimize production costs. 

As the global manufacturing landscape evolves, Vietnam’s rise as a prominent producer of Skechers shoes reflects the dynamic nature of the fashion industry, wherein brands continually seek opportunities to streamline production, reduce costs, and maintain consistent product quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skechers Manufacturing Locations

Are Skechers Shoes of Good Quality?

Skechers’ manufacturing locations in China and Vietnam have raised questions about the quality of their shoes. 

However, it’s crucial to understand that the brand maintains strict quality control guidelines across all its production facilities. 

Skechers exercises close supervision and oversight to ensure that the shoes meet high standards of excellence.

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Where Are Skechers Go Walk Shoes Made?

Skechers Go Walk shoes, one of the brand’s most popular styles, are produced in both China and Vietnam. 

The decision to manufacture in multiple locations is intentional, as it helps Skechers mitigate potential disruptions in the supply chain. 

By diversifying production, the company aims to ensure a steady flow of its sought-after Go Walk line in case of any unforeseen events in either country.

Where Are Skechers Shoes Made?

Skechers shoes are primarily manufactured in two countries: China and Vietnam. These two nations play a significant role in the production of Skechers footwear. 

You’ll find that a considerable portion of Skechers shoes comes from China, while Vietnam also contributes to a substantial share of the manufacturing process. 

The brand has adopted a balanced production strategy between these countries.

Where Are Skechers Socks Made?

All Skechers socks are made in China. The brand relies on Chinese factories to produce its line of socks. 

Many customers, especially those who purchase Skechers sports socks, can attest to the reliability and quality of these products, vouching for their durability and comfort.


Skechers production is split between China and Vietnam, with both countries contributing to the brand’s success. 

While Skechers does not publicly disclose the specific manufacturers, the brand’s commitment to quality control assures customers of the reliability and comfort of their products. 

So, whether your Skechers shoes come from China or Vietnam, you can rest assured that they offer excellent quality and style for your daily activities or fitness needs. 

Embrace comfort and durability by choosing Skechers for your next pair of shoes.


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