Top 6 Sneakers & Slippers Manufacturers in China

by Tim Howard

In the footwear industry, China has become a global powerhouse. As someone who has been researching and sourcing footwear for years, I’ve dug deep into the world of Chinese sneaker and slipper manufacturers.

This article will be your guide, navigating the vast landscape of Chinese footwear production. We’ll explore the types of manufacturers you’ll encounter, from high-volume giants to niche specialists.

Together we’ll unpack factors to consider when choosing a partner, like production capabilities and minimum order quantities.

Whether you’re a seasoned footwear professional or just starting your journey, this article equips you with the knowledge to find the perfect Chinese manufacturer for your sneaker or slipper brand.

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Top 6 Sneakers & Slippers Manufacturers in China

Manufacturer NameYears in the FieldKinds of ProductsTrademarks
Vantimex Co LimitedSince 2015General purpose boots, cold weather shoes, rain boots, snow boots, sandals, slippers, moccasins, indoor slippersReal fancy trademark
Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes Co., Ltd.Since 2002Sandals, slippers, rubber rain boots, PVC rain bootsBSCI
Hangzhou Xieduo Import And Export Co., Ltd.Since 2016Slippers, fur slippers, kids leather shoes, summer slippers, sandals, sports boots, ladies shoes, flat shoes, espadrilles, ballerina shoesBSCI
Shenzhen Aimer Zero Household Products Co.,Ltd.Since 2017Slippers, sandals, roxy, crocs, bath slippersNone
WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., LtdSince 2015Sandal crystal blowing shoes, plastic slippers, sandals, slippers, sandal craft shoes, jelly shoesMLXY, MAOLIXIE
Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co.,LtdSince 1997Sport shoes, slippers, sandals, casual footwear, jogging shoes, fashion shoesCE, IS9001, SGS, BSCI

Vantimex Co Limited

As someone who takes their footwear seriously, discovering Vantimex Co. Ltd. has been a game-changer for me. From the moment I slipped into their shoes, I knew I was experiencing something special. Based in the Jiangsu Province of China, Vantimex has quickly risen to prominence since its inception in 2015, emerging from the esteemed Jiangsu Sunshine Dongsheng I/E Corp Footwear Department.

What sets Vantimex apart is its unwavering commitment to excellence in design and versatility in product offerings. Whether I’m braving the elements in cold weather or strolling through summer streets, Vantimex has me covered with its diverse range of footwear options. From stylish boots to cozy slippers, every product reflects the latest fashion trends while maintaining a high standard of quality and functionality.

One of the most impressive aspects of Vantimex is its adaptability to different markets and customer needs. With products spanning a wide range of price points, Vantimex caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit without compromising on style or budget.

The company’s dedication to quality is evident in its certifications, including an ISO 9001 certification and trademark recognition. Their commitment to product safety and compliance is underscored by certifications such as OCT and Test Report by SGS Group, offering customers peace of mind with every purchase.

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Vantimex’s global reach is another testament to its success, with North America and Western Europe serving as key markets for its exports. Having supplied products to Fortune 500 companies, Vantimex has established itself as a trusted partner in the footwear industry, offering not only a wide range of ready-made options but also ODM services and customization for bulk orders.

Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes Co., Ltd.    

Stumbling upon Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes Co., Ltd. has been nothing short of a revelation for me. Nestled in the heart of Zhejiang, China, this company, established in 2002, boasts an impressive two-decade legacy in crafting footwear that blends quality, style, and affordability seamlessly.

What struck me first about Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes is its sterling reputation as one of the top-rated footwear manufacturers, lauded by discerning shoppers on leading online platforms. Specializing in a variety of footwear, from sandals and slippers to durable rubber and PVC rain boots, Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong has carved a niche for itself with products that marry practicality with flair.

With a production capacity of 2,000,000 pieces per year, this company operates with efficiency and precision, ensuring that orders are fulfilled promptly without compromising on quality.

What sets them apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction, offering reasonable prices, responsive customer support, and swift turnaround times on orders, making every purchase a seamless and enjoyable experience.

The global footprint of Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong speaks volumes about its acclaim, with key markets including the USA, Europe, Spain, Turkey, Korea, and Japan. Notably, North America accounts for 40% of its exports, with Eastern Asia and Western Europe each contributing 20%, a testament to the universal appeal of its products.

Certified by BSCI and backed by more than 10 production lines, Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong goes above and beyond to ensure product quality and ethical manufacturing practices. Moreover, the range of services offered, including OEM customization, bespoke designing, and buyer labeling, underscores its dedication to meeting diverse customer needs and preferences.

Despite its impressive stature, Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong remains grounded, with an annual turnover ranging between US$5 million and US$10 million, a testament to its commitment to sustainable growth and long-term success. The company’s adherence to international standards is reaffirmed by test reports from reputable agencies such as TUV SUD and SGS, instilling confidence in every purchase.

Hangzhou Xieduo Import And Export Co., Ltd.

As someone who appreciates quality footwear, I recently came across Hangzhou Xieduo Import And Export Co., Ltd., a company entrenched in the industry since 2016 in Hangzhou, China.

Led by a dynamic team, this company produces an extensive range of footwear, from slippers to sports boots, and boasts collaborations with around 20 factories. Their products, tested rigorously for quality, are in demand worldwide, with importers from countries like the UK, France, and India.

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What impressed me most was their commitment to staying ahead of fashion trends. With dedicated sample rooms and expert designers, they continuously develop new styles, ensuring their products are always stylish and innovative.

Hangzhou Xieduo Import And Export Co., Ltd. actively participates in industry fairs, including Garda Shoes Fair and Caton Fair, underscoring their industry presence. Moreover, with three certifications from BSCI, they prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

Shenzhen Aimer Zero Household Products Co,.Ltd.

Shenzhen Aimer Zero Household Products Co,.Ltd. is a reputable company specializing in a diverse range of footwear categories. Established in 2017 and based in the Guangdong Province of China, this company has swiftly become a prominent player in the industry.

One aspect that stood out to me about them is their integrated approach to manufacturing and trade. They excel in design, development, and production of various slipper categories, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and technologies to ensure both quality and trendy designs across their offerings.

What impressed me further is their dedication to international quality standards. Through strict inspection protocols, they ensure that all their products meet these standards, instilling confidence in their customers.

Operating across 8 production lines, Shenzhen Aimer Zero boasts an annual product output value ranging between US$ 1 million and 2.5 million. Their services, including OEM, designing, and buyer labeling, cater to diverse client needs.

WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd

Exploring WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd, a footwear company established in 2015 and situated in Wuchuan City, Guangdong Province, China, was an insightful journey into quality manufacturing and global reach.

The company’s sprawling production facility, covering over 4000 square meters and equipped with 20 lines of advanced machinery, showcases its dedication to efficient and high-standard manufacturing processes.

Notably, WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd enjoys a commendable reputation both locally and internationally, bolstered by its robust capital strength and impressive export capacity. This reputation makes it an attractive option for importers seeking reliability and consistency in their footwear sourcing.

Specializing in a diverse range of footwear categories, including sandal crystal blowing shoes, plastic slippers, sandals, and more, WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd ensures there’s something to cater to every preference and need.

They offer a suite of services such as OEM, designing, and buyer label options, tailored to meet the specific demands of its clientele. With an annual production capacity valued between US$10 million and US$50 million, the company demonstrates its ability to handle substantial orders.

Boasting two distinct trademarks, MLXY and MAOLIXIE, WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd has made a mark for itself in the market. Its products find significant traction in key markets across Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East, with a substantial 81% of its products exported globally.

Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co.,Ltd

Distinguishing itself in the market, Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd specializes in an array of footwear, including sport shoes, slippers, sandals, casual footwear, jogging shoes, and fashion shoes, among others. This diverse product line caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

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Their commitment to quality is evident through its various certifications, including audit reports by leading firms, CE, IS9001, SGS, and BSCI. Moreover, its stellar customer support and well-trained workforce ensure consistent quality across all products, setting it apart in the industry.

With a substantial production capacity of 30,000,000 pairs, Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co., Ltd exemplifies professionalism, customer-centricity, and a penchant for continuous innovation. These values drive the company forward, distinguishing it from its competitors.

Impressively, over 91% of the company’s products are exported to global markets, including North America, Western Europe, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Notably, the company actively participates in prestigious events like the Canton Fair, further solidifying its presence in the international arena.

How to Find the Best Sandals and Slippers Manufacturer in China?

E-commerce sites like and have catalogued an oceanic volume of sandals and slippers online. While the stylistic designs will allure any buyer on the first glance to choose a manufacturer, it is not the only criteria for choosing one. In narrowing down your search to a sandals and slippers manufacturer, you must evaluate the shortlisted manufacturers on the basis of the criteria we will discuss hereunder.

Product quality and price

While reading the specifications about the products listed, you will be able to understand about the materials, add-ons and manufacturing processes used in the making of footwear. By comparing the products and prices between different manufacturers, you need to check if the prices commensurate with the quality when evaluating a particular manufacturer on the basis of their offerings.

Style and trendy designs

Styles and designs of dresses and accessories constantly evolve and sandals and slippers are not an exception to this. All over the globe, manufacturers experiment with different designs, patterns, shapes, materials and colors to study what aspects meet the needs and tastes of customers. The manufacturers who are able to release new models of footwear in line with the trending developments around can move their business towards sustainable and growth and hence they are good to do business with.

Ordering and shipping

Find out if the supplier you wish to consider is capable of fulfilling the volume of the order you have in hand with a quick turnaround time. While dealing with the manufactures in other geographies, you must exercise great care to ensure if their ordering process is convenient and the shipping is reliable. Browse through the literature about the manufacturer for this to gather the necessary information. Read through the reviews to check if the customers are happy with their shipping.

Customer support

The quality and trustworthiness of the customer support is the most important aspect in choosing a manufacturer because the success and satisfaction in business invariably boils down to the quality of communication. Go with the company that can communicate well and respond quickly to your queries and mails. Find out if the company’s representatives can converse in good English to be able to give you the information you will need. This aspect is especially important while working with overseas suppliers so that you can avoid any problems due to poor communication and misunderstanding.  

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