Sandals & Slippers Manufacturers in China 2021

by Tim Howard
sandals & slipper manufacturers in china

Footwear like sandals and slippers play an important role in protecting the feet, ensuring feet health, making mobility comfortable and striking an important style statement as an integral part of one’s outfit. A number of countries manufacturer sandals and slippers and China is one of the most preferred manufacturing hubs on the globe to import them from. Browsing e-commerce sites like, you will come across a galaxy of manufacturers who have put an amazing collection of sandals and slippers for sale. However, a number of criteria are applied to choose the right manufacturer to source bulk quantity footwear. 

A good sandals and slippers manufacturer will have encouraging reviews, a professional working model, high quality products, reliable customer policies, ability to meet high volume orders with a quick turnaround time and a good customer support capability. In this article, I have reviewed a list of sandals & slippers manufacturers in China who are good to rely upon by evaluating them on the basis of some important parameters and criteria. Therefore, while looking forward to import sandals and slippers from China, this article will help you find the best company to deal with.

Sandals & Slippers Manufacturers in China

Vantimex Co Limited

Based in the Jiangsu Province of China, Vantimex Co. Ltd., was developed from Jiangsu Sunshine Dongsheng I/E Corp Footwear Department in the year 2015. This is a privately held entity that specializes in a variety of footwear offerings like general purpose boots, cold weather shoes and boots, rain boots, snow boots, sandals, slippers, moccasins and indoor slippers. The unique capabilities of this company are attached to designing and developing footwear based on the latest fashion trends to cater to all markets and manufacture products in a wide range of price points to be able to satisfy a variety of customer expectations and needs.

This company has secured ISO 9001 certification and has got real fancy trademark. The product certifications include OCT and Test Report by SGS Group. North America is one of the prime exporters for its products by importing 50% of its footwear categories. While the other major customer for its offerings is Western Europe consuming about 40% of its products. This shoemaker has supplied its products to Fortune 500 companies and also provides ODM services and full customization on bulk orders.

Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes Co., Ltd.    

Hangzhou Fuyang Hualong Shoes Co., Ltd., is based in Zhejiang, China and was established in 2002. With an experience of over two decades, this is one of the top rated footwear manufacturers listed on leading shopping portals. In addition to sandals and slippers, the main product line of this company range over rubber rain boots and PVC rain boots. The production capacity of this firm is 2,000,000 pieces per year and the distinguishing features of the firm are reasonable price, good customer support and quick turnaround time on orders. Some of the key footwear markets importing from this manufacturer are USA, Europe, Spain, Turkey, Korea and Japan. North America imports 40% of its products while each of Eastern Asia and Western Europe buy 20% of its offerings.

This company has BSCI certification and produces footwear from more than 10 production lines. The range of services available to the customers with this firm are OEM, designing and buyer label. The annual turnover of this company is between US$5 million and US$ 10 million. The company has also got the test reports issued by agencies like TUV SUD and SGS.

Hangzhou Xieduo Import And Export Co., Ltd.

This company has been in the footwear making business from 2016 and is located in the Hangzhou city of China. Driven by a team of young and energetic professionals, the company produces a wide variety of footwear including slippers, fur slippers, kids leather shoes, summer slippers, sandals, sports boots, ladies, shoes, flat shoes, espadrills, ballerina shoes, and others. This firm is now working in cooperating with about 20 factories and has passed several tests and assessments. The main importers of its products are countries like UK, France, Poland, India, Austria, South Africa and others.

The company develops its own new styles in its sample rooms assisted by expert designers and hence through a systematic research, this firm is able to align its products with the latest fashion trends. This firm is a major contributor to fairs like Garda Shoes fair, Caton Fair, East Euro Textile Fair and GDS Fair. This firm has got three certifications from BSCI. This firm provides custom solutions in footwear making across graphics, logo and packaging.

Shenzhen Aimer Zero Household Products Co,.Ltd.

Shenzhen aimer Zero Household Products. Ltd is a professionally managed large-scale production company dealing with a wide range of footwear categories. Established in 2017 and based in the Guangdong Province of China, this firm adopts an integrated approach to manufacturing and trade. The main activities of their manufacturing division include design, development and production of a wide assortment of slippers categories. The firm is equipped with state of the art machinery and technologies to be able to assure uncompromising quality and trendy designs across its footwear offerings. The firm also ensures all its products conform to international quality standards through strict inspection protocols.

Manufacturing across its 8 production lines, the annual product output value of this firm is between US$ 1 million and 2.5 million. The various services it provides are OEM, designing and buyer label. The main footwear categories the firm focuses on include slippers, sandals, roxy, crocs, and bath slippers. The major importers from this company are North America buying 40% of its products and Northern Europe consuming about 15% of its footwear categories.

WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd

WuChuan MaoLi Shoes Co., Ltd was established in 2015 with its manufacturing unit based in the Wuchuan City of the Guang Dong Province in China. Spanning over 4000 square meters, the production facility of this firm features 20 lines of advanced machinery. The company’s positive attributes favorable to importers are its good reputation in the local and international market, capital strength and a strong export capacity. The specialty range of its footwear categories run through sandal crystal blowing shoes, plastic slippers, sandals, slippers, sandal craft shoes and jelly shoes.

The various services of this firm are OEM, designing and buyer label. The annual production capacity of this firm is valued between US$ 10 million and US$ 50 million. The firm has two trademarks namely MLXY and MAOLIXIE. The main markets for its products are South East Asia, Africa, South Asia and Middle East Countries that import 30%, 20%, 20% and 15% of its products respectively with the company exporting 81% of its products to global markets.

Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co.,Ltd

Jinjiang Great Shoes Tech Co.,Ltd., was established in 1997 with its base in Jinjiang Fujian, China. Having invested in advanced production machinery, one of the strong merits of this firm is an expert R& D division. The principal line of offerings by this footwear manufacturing firm are  sport shoes, slippers, sandals, casual footwear, jogging shoes, fashion shoes and others. The various certifications got by the firm include audit reports by leading firms, CE, IS9001, SGS, and BSCI. This firm is highly noted for its excellent customer support and well-trained workforce that is capable of assuring consistent quality across all its products. The production capacity of this firm is 30,000,000 pairs. Professional management practices, customer centered policies and continuous product innovation drive set this company apart from its other competitors. 

The company exports more than 91% of its products to global markets like North America, Western Europe, South America, Eastern Europe, and Middle East Countries that import 30%, 30%, 20%, 10% and 10% of its products respectively. This firm is one of the major participants in the Canton Fair.       

How to find the best sandals and slippers manufacturer in China?

E-commerce sites like and have catalogued an oceanic volume of sandals and slippers online. While the stylistic designs will allure any buyer on the first glance to choose a manufacturer, it is not the only criteria for choosing one. In narrowing down your search to a sandals and slippers manufacturer, you must evaluate the shortlisted manufacturers on the basis of the criteria we will discuss hereunder.

Product quality and price

While reading the specifications about the products listed, you will be able to understand about the materials, add-ons and manufacturing processes used in the making of footwear. By comparing the products and prices between different manufacturers, you need to check if the prices commensurate with the quality when evaluating a particular manufacturer on the basis of their offerings.

Style and trendy designs

Styles and designs of dresses and accessories constantly evolve and sandals and slippers are not an exception to this. All over the globe, manufacturers experiment with different designs, patterns, shapes, materials and colors to study what aspects meet the needs and tastes of customers. The manufacturers who are able to release new models of footwear in line with the trending developments around can move their business towards sustainable and growth and hence they are good to do business with.

Ordering and shipping

Find out if the supplier you wish to consider is capable of fulfilling the volume of the order you have in hand with a quick turnaround time. While dealing with the manufactures in other geographies, you must exercise great care to ensure if their ordering process is convenient and the shipping is reliable. Browse through the literature about the manufacturer for this to gather the necessary information. Read through the reviews to check if the customers are happy with their shipping.

Customer support

The quality and trustworthiness of the customer support is the most important aspect in choosing a manufacturer because the success and satisfaction in business invariably boils down to the quality of communication. Go with the company that can communicate well and respond quickly to your queries and mails. Find out if the company’s representatives can converse in good English to be able to give you the information you will need. This aspect is especially important while working with overseas suppliers so that you can avoid any problems due to poor communication and misunderstanding.  

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