Top 5 Chinese Wrist Watch Manufacturers & Wholesalers

by Tim Howard

Precision is a way of life for the top rated Chinese wrist watch manufacturers & wholesalers.

With a legacy steeped in centuries of excelling at horology, these craftsmen carefully orchestrate every intricate detail, from the oscillation of the balance wheel to the finish of the case.

From Shenzhen Jin Laiyi Watch Co., Ltd. to the avant-garde Carisen Watches, these top-rated Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers redefine the art of timekeeping.

Here are 5 of the best Chinese wrist watch manufacturers & wholesalers.

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Top Chinese Wrist Watch Manufacturers

Guangzhou Weixite Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

With over 5 years of experience, a 4.7/5 rating on Alibaba and fifty thousand transactions, Guangzhou Weixite Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. are one of the best Wrist Watch Manufacturers & Wholesalers in China. 

Guangzhou Weixite Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has a factory located near the Guangzhou Port and is equipped with not only a complete production line but also a strict quality management system. From wristwatch parts production to routine polishing, it’s top tier. 

In addition to being able to manufacture watches to the customer’s specifications, this company also has its own brand ATIENO. This brand offers multiple series of fashionable watches with bold colours and styles.

Moreover, they offer complete trade assurance, warranty, product compliance and even cater to the United States, Mexico, Britain, Germany and other EU and American countries. 

Shenzhen Jin Laiyi Watch Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen being the hub of electronics in China has a ton of amazing wristwatch manufacturers & wholesalers like Shenzhen Jin Laiyi Watch Co., Ltd. In fact, this watch company has been known to manufacture high-quality timepieces since 2006.

Jin Laiyi’s Watch’s factory is quite massive at 1600 square meter. Their product unit is filled with advanced technology and equipment to ensure extreme precision. 

Additionally, they use good raw materials that offer amazing durability and overall quality. All of their watches are designed to be elegant and is built by experienced professionals.

Of course, their products comply with EU and American standards as it comes with CE and RoHS certifications. They even have a decent 71% – 90% depending on the season. Fortunately, they have no issues with timely delivery, quality of the product and support. 

Dongguan Carisen Watches Co., Ltd.

Although Dongguan Carisen Watches Co., Ltd. is a relatively new company, it’s already managed to complete 630,000+ transactions on Alibaba alone. Not to mention that it has a decent rating of 4.3/5 in just 3 years. 

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Dongguan Carisen Watches Co., Ltd. is the perfect company for those looking to buy stainless steel watches. Amazingly, they have an entire design team to help you come up with the style, specifications and much more. 

Of course, they even have their own case, assembling and packaging factory. With speedy delivery, good customer service, EMC, RoHS and other certifications, they are quite reliable.

Fujian Virtue Industry Co., Ltd.

Similar to Jin Laiyi Watch, Fujian Virtue Industry Co., Ltd. also has 15 years of experience as it was established in 2006. However, what really separates them is that Fujian Virtue Industry Co., Ltd. is also involved in the development and R &D. 

Even their factory employs over 200 workers who use advanced equipment to generate an annual turnover of six million watches and clocks. So, there really is no one better than you’re looking for a reliable supplier.

Moreover, they are highly customer-centric. So, you can expect to get competitive prices and innovative products. They primary cater to the USA, UK, Germany, Japan and even certain Middle Eastern countries.

What’s more is that they offer trade assurance and timely delivery along with CE, RoHS, EMC compliance. They even have a 4.8/5 rating on Alibaba.

Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Ltd.

If you’re looking for a company that offers a wide range of watches then Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Ltd. is your best bet. They not only make watches to suit your specifications but they even have unique wood&bamboo watches, stainless steel watches, alloy watches, silicone watches and much more.

In fact, they specialize in wood/bamboo watches as they have one of the largest wood&bamboo plant in China. In addition to having years of experience, the company has a watch designing team and a production team of 200. 

Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Ltd’s service is absolutely on point as they offer competitive pricing, fast delivery, and amazing customer service. Moreover, they export to pretty much all the American and European markets. 

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Most importantly, Shenzhen Zhongshi Watch Co., Ltd. has passed the Sedex and the Alibaba Accessed Supplier Audit. Additionally, they have certifications such as CE, ROHS, FSC and much more. 

Here are Some Other Watch Manufacturers to Consider

How to choose the best wrist watch manufacturers & wholesalers?

Choosing the right wrist watch manufacturer & wholesaler depends on a lot of factors. It’s, unfortunately, not as simple as just choosing a manufacturer with a good rating and price. While these things are important, you should keep these factors in mind as well:

Watch Movements and Materials

Wrist watches are quite different from most products as the type of internal mechanism and the materials significantly affect the price. So, before you start haphazardly looking for a supplier, you need to ensure if they can manufacturer the type of watch you’re looking for. Most importantly, if they have access to the materials required to build said watch. 

For example, watches that come with quartz movements will require a battery and are relatively less expensive than self-winding or manual winding watches. Since these are internal movements and materials that influence the price, you need to ensure to get one or two watches first and get them professionally appraised for quality from your end. 

However, you can always start by researching your end. There are, after all, loads of domain knowledge that can help you out. For instance, stainless steel watches are lightweight and more affordable than titanium watches. 

Style and Feature

When you’re looking to sell a wrist watch these days, the style and features are some of the most important factors you’ll have to consider. For example, you can choose to sell a regular three-dial watch. However, if your audience is looking for style then you’ll have to stick to colorful bands or styles. 

Of course, this is dependent on your business’s TG. So, be sure to zero in on the type of concept of the watch and do some market research before reaching out to the suppliers.


Expenses are going to be quite important. Since you’re reaching out to a Chinese supplier to keep your profit margins high, it’s best to be realistic. Especially as quality matters when it comes to a watch. So, don’t gravitate towards the cheapest option out there. 

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Moreover, you will still have to vet them thoroughly as there are a ton of suppliers who can significantly overprice their wrist watches as well.

Supplier Location

Supplier location while seemingly irrelevant is closely tied to the overall costs. The farther the supplier is from the port or the airport, the more you may have to pay to make up for the cost of transportation. This cost can really stack up as you order in bulk. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t have to spend extra is to contact suppliers near the ports and suppliers away from these transportation hubs and compare the cost. 

Certifications, Verifications and Rating

As watches come with extremely delicate and complex interiors, it can’t be a one-time transaction with the supplier. Always look to build a long term relationship as you may need help with servicing the device as local third party maintenance centers may charge you a lot to fix them. So, it’s always best to ask if the suppliers provide any mechanical assistance.

As it is going to be a long term partnership, you may want to closely look into their rating, platform verification and certification. As for rating and platform verification, ensure they have at least a 4.3 out of 5.

When it comes to certifications, you should look for trading licenses and for any ISO certifications. These certifications ensure that the manufacturer is sticking to international standards.

Product Compliance

Product compliance is the most important thing you need to consider. Especially, as your country may not accept a watch with high levels of lead content. Of course, it’s not just lead but you should ensure that all compounds are within permissible levels or you won’t be able to sell the product locally. 

As the majority of the suppliers are not aware of EU and US product regulations, so it’s on you to look for REACH and RoHS compliance. 


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