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by Tim Howard

The allure of designer jewelry lies in its unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and the statement it makes. Yet, for many fashion enthusiasts, the steep prices of these luxurious adornments can be out of reach. Enter SHEIN, the fashion-forward online retailer that’s become a treasure trove for those seeking the elegance of designer pieces without the accompanying price tag. SHEIN’s array of designer dupes offers a world of sparkle and style that’s both accessible and on-trend.

At Best China Products, we’re excited to share our discoveries of SHEIN’s best designer jewelry dupes. Our guide is thoughtfully curated to help you navigate SHEIN’s extensive catalog, spotlighting pieces that capture the essence of high-end jewelry brands. From statement necklaces and elegant bracelets to eye-catching rings and earrings, our selections are about bringing that touch of luxury to your everyday without compromising on style or breaking the bank.

We’ve taken care to select dupes that not only resemble their designer counterparts in appearance but also boast a quality that belies their affordable price point. Our guide is here to empower you with the savvy to shop smartly, finding those gems that complement your personal style and add a dash of sophistication to any outfit.

Join us as we unveil the SHEIN designer jewelry dupes that promise to enhance your collection with their beauty and allure. It’s time to accessorize with confidence, knowing that you can achieve the designer look for less.

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So here is a list of my recent favorite SHEIN Designer Dupes Jewelry

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Shein Designer Dupes Jewelry

Shein Designer Dupes JewelryBest 13 DupesDupes ofWhy we like it
Cubic Zircon Decor Silver RingTiffany & Co.Rose gold plated metal ring with 22 Cubic Zircon
Shein Studded Leather BraceletValentinoCrocodile Leather design with Gold covered Pyramid studs
Shein V BraceletValentinoCrocodile Leather design with Gold covered Valentino Logo
Shein Designer BroochChanelGold plated metal with Rhinestones and Pearls
Shein Designer Hanging BroochChanelRose Gold plated with Rhinestones and Three Pearls
Shein Hoop Designer EarringsLouis VuittonGold plated alloy with a large V
Shein Decor Studded EarringsChanelFloral design with six white Pearls on a Gold plated metal
Shein Decor EarringsDiorGold plated metal with three large Rhinestones and the Dior logo
Shein Lettered EarringsGucci C-shaped ear hook with a Gucci logo in the middle of 45 Rhinestones on each earring
Shein Rhinestone Snake BraceletBalenciagaSilver coated alloy with a snake pendant that’s covered in Rhinestones
Shein Rhinestone Decor RingTiffany & Co.925 sterling silver with one large Rhinestone and 50 smaller Rhinestones surrounding it
Shein Animal Drop EarringsVersaceZinc alloy base with Gold plating and large Versace lion heads on the drop and above the earring
Shein Lock Pendant Necklace Set of 6Tiffany & Co.Set of 6 pendants and chains that feature iconic Tiffany designs

Tiffany Design Cubic Zircon Decor Silver Ring – $17.00

Here’s a cheap copy of the Soleste V ring from Tiffany and not only does it resemble the real ring, it’s available in three sizes and is made from 925 sterling silver with rose gold plating. 

For $17 you can wear this ring with practically anything and the level of craftsmanship put into making this ring puts it at the top of the list of some of the best designer Shein jewelry available.

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The real ring is made from over 22 authentic diamonds and is one of the main reasons why it’s priced at over $2,500, however this cheap ring from Shein uses 22 cubic zircon stones that have been neatly cut and polished to give off a genuine shiny appearance.

SHEIN Studded Leather Bracelet – $4

Valentino Bracelet Dupes

This leather bracelet is a dupe from Valentino’s designer bracelet collection, that has a raw crocodile leather design. The gold-covered pyramid studs give the bracelet a designer finish that adds glamour to your wrist and looks good with a matching leather purse. The bracelet can be adjusted to fit any wrist size with the help of a buckle to secure it in place. This bracelet looks great with casual evening wear, giving you a classy feel and look when wearing it. A must-have from SHEIN’s Designer Dupes jewelry collection. 

Best Paired with Croc Baguette Bag

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This bracelet is made from a combination of high-quality PU leather and alloy to make it sturdy and comfortable around the wrist. The gold-coloured pyramids are made of metal that doesn’t wear out easily. 

SHEIN V Bracelet  – $4

louis vuitton dupes shein

Here is another excellent bracelet from SHEIN’s designer dupe jewelry collection that takes inspiration from Valentino’s new bracelet collection. The bracelet has crocodile leather designs on its high-quality leather strap that house a gold-coloured Valentino logo that looks sleek and stylish. The bracelet wrist size can be adjusted with two press buttons that are also gold coloured keeping it nice and fashionable. 

Best Paired with SHEIN Croc Leather Skirt

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This Valentino dupe bracelet from SHEIN’s designer dupe jewelry collection is made from a mixture of high-quality leather that is a mixture of 70% PU leather and 30% Alloy giving it a comfortable feel on the wrist. The Valentino logo is made of gold-coloured metal that doesn’t fade easily. 

SHEIN Designer brooch – $2

Chanel Designer Dupe

chanel dupes shein

These Chanel No 5 Series inspired brooch adds class and bling to all your business formals. It is fitted with rhinestones on the outline and rose-coloured pearls in the inner lining. It can also be worn with light coloured casual blouses to add a hint of class and glamour. Wearing this brooch over a light coloured base really brings out the shine of the pearls with a subtle shine from the stones. 

Best Paired with SHEIN Mock Hem Blouse

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This brooch has a dangle design with a pin to secure it in place, the body is made of gold-coloured metal that is fitted with a rhinestone on the outline and pearls to compliment them.

SHEIN Designer Hanging Brooch – $5

Chanel Brooch Dupe

gucci dupes shein

If you like pearls with your satin blouse this SHEIN designer dupe jewelry that has taken inspiration from the Chanel No 5 series is perfect for you. It is designed like a hanger with rhinestone studs for sparkle with a rose gold base that brings out the glimmer from the three pearls that dangle from the hanger. This elegant and stylish brooch adds a little fun to all your plain dark-coloured blouses perfect for a night out with your friends. 

Best Paired with SHEIN Lapel Blouse

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This Chanel Dupe brooch has a rose gold coloured base that is shaped like a coat hanger with rhinestone. It has four dangling signature No 5 pendants made of metal with a coat of rose gold and rhinestone with three pearls.

SHEIN Hoop Designer Earrings – $3

Louis Vuitton Dupes

lv dupes shein

These bangle styled earrings take their inspiration from LV’s new collection of earrings. The design is simple, elegant and classy just how LV had wanted them to be and these dupes do justice to them. The circular shape adds volume to your neck and goes well with a string gold necklace. If you like wearing low V neck blouses these earrings will definitely go well with it by adding character to your neckline. 

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Best Paired with SHEIN Criss Cross Milkmaid Top

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These Boho style earrings are made of high-quality alloy with gold colouring added over the metallic material. It has a circular outer ring with a large V in the centre which is also made of metallic alloy. 

SHEIN Decor Studded Earrings – $3

Chanel Dupe Earrings

dior dupes shein

With floral designs trending this summer, these dupe earring inspired by Chanel is a must-have for all those floral tops. The gold base is shaped like the Chanel logo with rhinestone and pearls. The small leaf that is added to the design gives these earrings a pleasant summer feel with a mixture of rhinestone and pearls for an elegant touch. These earrings look great on light coloured crop tops with a thin gold necklace to complement them. 

Best Paired with Bishop Sleeve Blouse

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The floral design Chanel dupe earrings have a gold-coloured base that takes the shape of the brand’s logo with two leaves for a summer feel. Each earring has six white pearls and complimenting rhinestone to complete the design. 

SHEIN Decor Earrings (Dior Earrings Dupe) – $2

dior earring dupes shein

These are my favourite earrings from SHEIN’s designer dupe jewelry series that takes inspiration from Dior’s earring collection. Both studs have a different design that shows off the brand logo, the left earring has three rhinestones on a gold coloured base in the shape of a D. The right has a big rhinestone with the gold-coloured letter D on top that curves its way to the bottom of the large rhinestone. These go well with almost any casual top, if you are a fan of large rhinestones that pop out, these earrings will definitely stand out. 

Best Paired with SHEIN Flounce Blouse

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The earrings have different designs on each, the left with a gold-coloured base that takes the shape of Dior’s Logo with three rhinestones. The right has a large rhinestone that has a gold-coloured Dior logo that wraps around the rhinestone.  

SHEIN Lettered Earring (Gucci Dupe Earring) – $3

gucci earring dupes shein

If bling is your thing these Gucci dupes from SHEIN’s designer dupes jewellery is what you’re looking for. Each earring has 45 small rhinestones that bring out the gold-coloured Gucci logo that is housed on a gold-coloured metallic base. Both the studs are attached to a C shaped hoop with a locking pin to secure it. These earrings will definitely add glamour to anything you wear but goes best with a long sleeveless evening dress with a rhinestone necklace to complement it. 

Best Paired with SHEIN D&M Satin Dress

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These earrings have a large Gucci Logo in the centre on a gold-coloured metallic base which is surrounded by forty-five rhinestones each. It is linked to a large C shaped hoop that has a pin lock to secure the earring. 

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Designer’s Pick

Balenciaga Dupe Necklace – $3

balenciaga dupes shein

This is my designer pick from SHEIN’s site, this necklace is inspired by Balenciaga’s unique collection that has a snake at the centre of the silver-coloured necklace. The head of the snake is covered with rhinestone with a silver base. It has a medium length that reaches your collarbone and compliments any dark polo neck top.

Best Paired with SHEIN Collar Blouse

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The material used to make the chain is a high-quality alloy that is coated with silver giving it a strong glimmer. The chain has a snake pendant that is made of silver-coated alloy and covered with rhinestone. It has a spring hook at the back of the necklace for easy removal after use. 

Tiffany Dupe Rhinestone Decor Ring – $3.00

Shein Designer Dupe Jewelry

Diamonds are every woman’s best friend, and they’re the type of thing that stands the test of time so it makes sense that these would make great gifts. A nice diamond ring is a must for many brides-to-be out there. 

Though in order to get an actual diamond ring one could spend $1000 or more on one, with Shein you can get the look for much less! 

This particular ring is studded with rhinestones and has plenty of sparkle – it’s absolutely stunning and will showcase just how much you care when surprising someone special with it! If a unique gift such as this is something you have your eye on at Shein, definitely pick up this gorgeous rhinestone studded ring before it comes off the website.


The rhinestone decor ring is available in silver and has over 50 rhinestones embedded into the ring as well as a single large rhinestone at the center of it all. You can get your hands on it for around $3 and it comes in a single size of 2cm diameter.

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Versace Dupe Animal Drop Earrings – $2.50

Shein Designer Dupe Jewelry

Versace is one of the most premium brands in the market and though their products are quite costly, you can get this pair of animal engraved drop earrings on Shein for around $2.50 a pair. These earrings are quite popular on the site and carry the majestic lion engraved on both earrings. 

They’re made from a zinc alloy and have been gold coated to give it a premium look. The borders of the earrings are lined in black that helps accentuate the lion head that sits in the center of each earring.


The animal drop earrings are lightweight and can easily be paired with practically  anything. The gold coating gives them a premium look and they have an ear drop height of 5.2cm and a width of 3cm.

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Tiffany Design Lock Pendant Necklace Set of 6 – $3.00

Tiffany necklaces are to die for and one brand that has a copy of this iconic lock pendant for cheap is Shein. Though the necklace lacks the Tiffany & Co engraving, it comes with the same chain design and the size of the lock pendant is also the same.

It sits well with anything and is silver coated so the necklace looks premium. There are no flaws in the design and the overall finish on it looks amazing. For $3 you can get your hands on a total of 6 necklaces and all of them are popular and trendy designs that you can don to any event.


The set of 6 includes the lock pendant necklace, a key pendant, a heart, a star, a normal disc pendant and one in the shape of the word “Love”. All 6 necklaces are 24-26.4 inches in length and can be looped in case they’re too long and this will give them a double chain look.


Are Shein Dupes of Good Quality?

Yes, though the products are dupes the material used to make these dupes are of high quality. 

Let’s take the first product from this list, the Valintino inspired leather bracelet. It’s made of high-quality leather that you will find in premium products and good quality metal that doesn’t cause any rashes on sensitive skin. 

There is no particular section for this jewelry. How do I find them?

Yes, there is no dedicated section because all of the products that are displayed in the accessories section are dupes made to look very close to different designs from around the world. Shein has a large and well-updated inventory so try having an idea of what you want and the design and browse through the site, there is a very good chance SHEIN has a dupe of it. 

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