Best Shein Plus Size Finds 2023 | Shein Curve Size Reviews!

by Tim Howard

Gah, ladies! Enough shapeless clothing and baggy t-shirts that cover those curves you’re meant to flaunt. You’re not helping your body or your worth by donning a sack-like outfit.

I hate to admit it, but being plus size comes with a big challenge — there are limited choices. 

It’s a good thing Shein has a separate section altogether to help you curvy ladies enhance those bodacious curves of your body.

You’ll see in the plethora of options that I have selected a few of the most stunning plus size Shein finds that help you flaunt your curves and an added benefit — people can’t help but turn heads as you strut into the room with newly possessed confidence.

Shopping at Shein could mean exploiting a variety at pocket friendly prices,  but that can also come with a few challenges that we’ll discover as you keep reading.


For the Size Guide Go Below

The best way to clear all doubts about the sizing for plus size clothing in Shein is to answer them in the form of answers to the questions I have been asked the most. Before we get into the details, just know that as a rule of thumb, assume that the size is actually smaller than the one displayed.

Do Shein sizes run small?

Yes, the Shein sizes definitely run small. Call it an Eastern Asian thing. These countries, China especially (where Shein’s origins lie) have a size chart that displays an international XL as a XXL. Don’t let it take a hit on your self-esteem. You haven’t suddenly grown a size, you beautiful women. 

Quick Links to Shein Plus Size Clothing

Ditsy Floral Drawstring Cut

Striped Pride Lingerie Set

Solid A-Line Dress

High Waist Ripped Jeans

Knee Length Hem Skirt

Plus Tie Dye Twist Front Tee


What is a 0XL Shein Size? All Plus Sizes Shein Has

The 0XL Shein size is the starting size for plus size clothing on Shein. It goes from 0XL all the way to 5XL. They have amazing accessories that you can pair along with your clothing! The clothes Shein has in plus sizes are

Plus size dresses, plus size co-ords, bottoms, knitwear, denim, jumpsuits, outerwear, plus size beachwear, bodysuits and jumpsuits.

Best Shein Curve Finds

 #1 Ditsy Floral Drawstring Cut

is shein good for plus size

This is a non stretch fabric that has sizes available up until a solid 4XL. The cut around the waist emphasizes your curves and flatters the shape of your body. And let me just say this — slits look hella good on plus size women. Show off those things in this 18$ dress.

#2 Striped Pride Lingerie Set

is shein legit for plus size

With this V-neck bra top, you can elongate your neck and torso altogether, and with the high waisted briefs, you can hide any kind of cub you are conscious about. Added bonus — you’ll look super cute. I wouldn’t recommend this $11 lingerie set for anyone below C cup though.

#3 Solid A-Line Dress

best shein finds plus size

If you don’t like this dusty blue colour, you have seven others to choose from. This $17 A-line dress really accentuates the curves on your hips and waist as they flow down to your thighs. This is a 100% polyester dress so maybe don’t wear it on a hot day!

#4 High Waist Ripped Jeans

shein plus size jeans

These are $24 wonder pants. The material is stretchy, you don’t have to worry about any bulge out of the ripped portions on the knees. What I like most is the high and comfortable mid-section. Gives you girls ample freedom to pull up the top to your waist.

#5 Backless Ruffle Cami

shein plus size haul

For 19$, you get an angelic spaghetti strap dress with a deep back that will surely make heads turn. This is a particularly great plus size fit owing to the fact that it comes below the knee and lengthens your calves.

#6 Lace Scallop Trim Lingerie Set 

shein plus size review uk

Curvy women reading this, if you thought you’re lacking options when it comes to raunchy lingerie, you’re wrong. This is a great plus size Shein find, considering it is not only raunchy but also durable since it can withstand multiple machine washes. You need to feel good on the inside too, don’t you?

#7 Black Dress A-Line 

shein plus size chart

No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a little black dress. And you must have options. Whether it is a dinner party or a wild party, this plunging neck A-line dress will look good on you anywhere. For just $17, you have officially stolen the show, ma’am.

#8 Knee Length Hem Skirt

Oh, I couldn’t let you leave without a skirt in your wardrobe. This $16 flared pencil skirt will look great, donned around your thighs, trust me. This could be a fabulous addition to your formal collection when you want to slay in a meeting. You have to look good to feel good.

#9 Plus Lace Panel Criss Cross Cami Top

Best Shein Plus Size Finds

Basic black that can be worn with virtually anything. The comfy material is perfect for parties and portrays your personality and style. Here’s a fashionable Shein criss-cross cami top for women that  looks and feels elegant. It’s made up from a blend of polyester and spandex and can be stretched slightly. Priced at roughly $10, you can pair this top with a nice pair of jeans or shorts and take a trip around town.

#10 Plus Tie Dye Twist Front Tee

Best Shein Plus Size Finds

Though thin, this tie dye twist tee is super comfortable and soft to wear. Couple it with a waist high pair of tights and you’re going to wish you had many more in your wardrobe. It’s available in 4 sizes ranging from XL to 3XL and has been made using a slightly stretchable material that’s a blend of polyester, cotton and spandex. The long sleeves and nice high cut v neck make this top ideal for parties or a casual date.


This, like Shein, is not particularly a plus size brand but does have a large variety of options. Personally, I thought the designs were slightly less fashionable, but the durability of the fabric beat it. The prices are also cheap and affordable like that of Shein.

Pretty Little Thing

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I loved this brand because it has a wider range of options for women with bodies that don’t meet the conventional body standards. In fact, other than some great plus size finds, you’ll also find clothes for really tall women and those with particularly hourglass figures. They can also be more expensive than Shein though.


How do I know what size to order on Shein?

My first advice would be to check the size chart on each outfit carefully. The second step would be to check the measurements of the model that is wearing it in the product photos. That could give you a fair idea of what it is going to look like on your body and answer questions about how much you need to size up or size down. 

Shein how to measure for clothes

In fact, only choose outfits that have a model in their display with her measurements. For the price it is available at, you can encounter a size mishap easily. At least this way, you’ll have comparison grounds. From common consensus, I have found that often the XL you want is the 3XL on the Shein website. 

Shein Offers five types of Plus Size options that are 0XL, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL.

Shein Plus sizes

How does Shein plus size fit?

To be honest, it also depends a lot on the fabric involved — if it is a fabric that has elastane, you can afford to juggle between sizes because you’ll fit into it because of its capacity to stretch. If it’s a completely woven fabric, I’d suggest ordering a few sizes up to guarantee a fit. If it’s a bit loose to fit, you could always alter me. Believe me, the returns can leave you a tad miffed. More on that later.

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Pro Tip:

Do not filter your search by size. As I have already made evident, each piece of clothing has a haphazard sizing method, meaning your search filter will actually limit your options. You never know what gem you might find. It can be time-consuming, but worth it. 


In a nutshell, they’re not all good and they’re not all bad. The best way to be a good judge of the quality of the clothes you’ll find on Shein is to check the customer reviews you’ll find below the product descriptions. Always only trust the ones with pictures in them, but not blindly. Other reviews could just be from Shein’s extended marketing team, you never know. Additionally, these customer reviews will also give you a sense of whether the clothes are true to size.

After having purchased clothes from Shein, all I can say is the quality will surprise you. Some fabrics are stunning. They don’t rip, they have good spandex and seem durable. But some of them have such cheap quality fabric — they’ll rip after the first use, they’re as thin as single-ply toilet paper, garments that are not meant to be see through are see through.

It all depends on each piece of clothing individually, even if you order two of the same thing. I have usually found them to be decent enough to be worn a few times. After all, what can you expect out of a $12 dress? I’ve found the straps, clasps and each cut to be well defined and durable. Sometimes, there might be loose threads, but that can happen even with good brands.

Shipping duration

Surprisingly, the shipping doesn’t take too long. Given that all the orders on Shein come from China, it is impressive that they make their deliveries between 5-10 days. For orders below 50$, you’re usually charged a fee of $4 if you choose standard delivery. On the other hand, if you choose express shipping, you pay around $12.

The $8 extra dollars isn’t worth it for a 2-3 day difference unless you have an extreme time crunch. All orders above 50$ are free. Besides, if you order in bulk, it also becomes worth the whole wait.

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I mentioned that the returns on Shein aren’t worth it. Here’s why — Despite the fact that they offer a 45 day window to return any item of clothing you want, it seems like a hard bargain. You have to pay for returns that are less than 20 kg. If you do the cost benefit analysis, keeping in mind the low prices of Shein clothing, you hardly get anything back and only shell out more money.

IF you do happen to order something that doesn’t fit you or suit you, try to recycle the garment into something new. Or perhaps you could even resell it. There’s a lot of thrift stores these days.

Some Shein Plus Size Alternatives

This website ships internationally, and like Shein has a similar pricing range. They have more variety in their plus size section and even options for women in their pregnancy.

Is Shein any good for plus size?

Yes, Shein is great for plus size options and it’s pretty cheap as well. The clothing options on Shein are not of the best quality but it can be worn several times before discarding. Sizing is an issue and it differs from product to product so make sure you check out the sizes for all the clothes you’re going to purchase. 

Is Shein safe to order from?

Yes, it’s safe to order from Shein and it’s a trustworthy company. The shipping is quite slow at times because it’s made and shipped from overseas but the products are genuine and can be bought. You’ll find Shein’s clothing at an extremely low price. 

Shein Fabrics

Shein’s clothing are often a hit or miss because of the fabrics they use to curate their clothes. Most of the clothes are made with polyester and spandex which is why the quality is not that great. However, you’ll find some of the really nice pieces in 100% cotton material and even knit fabrics that are worth having from this clothing company. It’s usually rightly priced for the quality and is cheap for the same reason. 

Shein Pricing

Shein’s pricing is a bit too cheap and you’ll get everything under $50. The best part is that some of the most fashionable and trendiest items are sold on Shein and you can get them for a very cheap price as compared to brands like Zara, H&M etc which are quite expensive. Shein also runs on sale where you can buy clothing, apparel and accessories at a steal-deal price

What is Shein’s largest size?

Shein’s largest size is 5XL. But based on their sizing chart, the sizes provided by them are all two sizes smaller than traditional plus sizes. For example, The Shein 5XL is a size 22 and not a 30 or 32 like most other brands.

What style is best for plus size women?

Plus size women can pull off wrap dresses or tops that accentuate your waist. Jackets, low-cut tops, halter tops and V-necks are all good options for plus size women to wear

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Complete List of Shein Plus Size Finds & Size Guide

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