Where to buy Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China 2023 | Where to source the highest quality at the cheapest price?

by Tim Howard

If you can’t afford a Vera Wang or Herrera and still want to look gorgeous on your big day, why not choose a high quality China-made wedding dress that you can get for a fraction of the price.

That being said, today I’m going to talk about the top stores where you can buy wholesale wedding dresses from.

If you’re looking for a fantastic wholesale wedding dress supplier then I’d have to say that Noble Bride on Alibaba is the best place to buy wedding dresses in bulk. This trusted supplier offers high-quality products at unbeatable prices and whether you’re looking for classic styles or the latest trends, they have it all. With a store rating of 4.4/5 they’re definitely one of the most reliable wholesale wedding dress suppliers from China.

I will even include topics such as how to choose a good wedding dress and also what to look out for when buying wholesale wedding dresses for your store.

Let’s Begin!

Quick Overview – Wedding Dress Wholesalers from AliExpress, Alibaba and DHgate

Supplier NameRatingWebsiteBest For
Noble Bride4.4/5AlibabaHigh-quality fabrics, excellent craftsmanship
Dressystar4.6/5Alibaba120 different styles of wedding dresses
Jancember4.8/5AlibabaProviding samples for every wedding dress sold
Yiwu Partyland Costumes4.7/5AlibabaLuxury wedding dresses, customizable
BEPEITHY Official Store99.8%AliExpressHigh-end wedding and special occasion dresses
Queen Bridal Official Store98.5%AliExpressWide variety of wedding dresses, no minimum order count
Layout NICEB Store98%AliExpressRange of colors, every style of wedding dress
Veshja Dasmes Factory Store95.5%AliExpressTop ranking wholesale wedding dress manufacturer
Cherrywedding100%DHgateLarge collection of wedding dresses, good quality for cheap
Yiwu Mulong Garment Co. Ltd.96.8%DHgateOffers customizations, no minimum order count
Top Rated96.6%DHgateVariety of colors, cheap and affordable, no MOQ

Wholesale Wedding Dresses on Alibaba

Noble Bride (Suzhou Rongsenzhiai Wedding Dresses) – 4.4/5

Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China
Noble Bride

Noble Bride, also known as Suzhou Rongsenzhiai Wedding Dresses, is one of the top-rated wholesale wedding gown suppliers on Alibaba. The company specializes in creating high-quality wedding dresses that cater to brides of all shapes and sizes.

Their products are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, which has made them a go-to choice for many brides around the world.

One of the reasons why Noble Bride is a top-rated supplier on Alibaba is the quality of their products. They use only the finest materials to create their gowns, ensuring that each piece is both luxurious and durable.

The company offers a wide range of wedding dresses, including traditional ball gowns, elegant sheath dresses, and timeless A-line dresses.

Noble Bride also uses a variety of high-quality fabrics, including chiffon, tulle, lace, and satin. They source their materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring that each piece is made from the finest materials available.

Their attention to detail, wide range of products, and use of fine materials have made them one of Alibaba’s top-rated wholesale wedding gown suppliers. Whether you’re looking for a classic ball gown or a modern sheath dress, Noble Bride has something to suit your style and budget.

  • Top rated products – Wholesale Women Spaghetti Straps V Neck Slit Wedding Dress, Princess Style Off Shoulder Puffy Sleeve Wedding Dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, customizations allowed on 10 items or more

Dressystar – 4.6/5


A trading company based in China, Dressystar is one of the best rated suppliers of wholesale wedding dresses on Alibaba.

They have a large collection of quality made wedding dresses that you can buy wholesale with no minimum order requirements in place. This supplier has an overall rating of 4.6/5 and has been supplying affordable wedding dresses for a little over 6 years.

You will be able to find over 120 different styles of wedding dresses in their store and a majority of these dresses are priced under $100 for each piece which is quite reasonable considering the quality of material used and the overall feel and look of the finished product.

While ordering with Dressystar, you are allowed to customize the size, color, length and even request for a sample of their dress before placing a wholesale order.

  • Top rated products – Rhinestone beaded strapless plus size wedding gown,  Custom long sleeve, high neck wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, customizations allowed on 10 items or more

Jancember Wedding Dresses – 4.8/5

Jancember Wedding Dresses

If you need high-end wedding dresses and have no bar on the spending limit then you should seriously consider Jancember wedding dresses on Alibaba.

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This company has been running for over 10 years and has produced some of the best looking wedding dresses and gowns you would have probably ever seen.

All the dresses sold have been carefully handcrafted and while you can find dresses over $1000 here, they do have a couple of options available for under $500.

This store has been doing remarkably well and they provide samples for every wedding dress they sell, so you can check the material and quality of individual dresses before completing a wholesale purchase.

Jancember even offers bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, beaded, embroidered and even OEM wedding dresses at wholesale prices.

  • Top rated products –  890 2022 Sweetheart embroidered wedding dresses, NC4096 Boho Bling long sleeve wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, every order can be customized

Yiwu Partyland Costumes – 4.7/5

Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China
Yiwu Partyland Costumes

Yiwu Partyland Costumes is a wholesale wedding dress manufacturer and supplier in China with over 3 years of experience in making and selling high quality wedding dresses to buyers around the world.

They specialize in luxury wedding dresses and they even have a good selection of flower girls, bridesmaids and mother of the bride dresses at affordable rates.

All their wedding dresses are customizable and you can alter the size and packaging of each dress, but customizations on the packaging can only be done when you have a minimum order count of 200 dresses.

Every type of style you can possibly think of is available with them including bespoke, boho, v-neck, mermaid and fairy wedding dresses.

  • Top rated products – Long Tail Train Bridal Dress, Luxury French White Lace Retro Satin Wedding Dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, customizations are permitted on wholesale orders over 200

Wholesale Wedding Dresses on AliExpress

BEPEITHY Official Store – 99.8%

Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China
BEPEITHY Official Store

If you’re in search of a beautiful wedding dress at an affordable price, you might want to check out BEPEITHY Official Store on AliExpress.

I recently came across this store, and I have to say I’m impressed with their selection and quality.

BEPEITHY is a fashion brand that specializes in high-end wedding and special occasion dresses. They’ve been in the business since 2016, and have a team of exclusive young designers who are passionate about creating youthful and fashionable dresses that are perfect for your special day.

I was happy to learn that they have over a thousand designer dresses of their own, which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

One of the things that caught my attention was the variety of wedding dress styles they offer. They have everything from traditional ball gowns to sleek and modern dresses.

They also have a range of neckline options, including sweetheart, halter, and off-the-shoulder. And if you’re looking for a dress with some sparkle, they have plenty of options with intricate beading and sequins.

  • Top rated products – Vestido De Noiva V Neck Sleeveless Wedding Gown, Deep V Neck Lace Wedding Dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, customizations are permitted on wholesale orders over 200

Queen Bridal Official Store – 98.5%

Queen Bridal Official Store

One of the top rated AliExpress stores to source wedding dresses in bulk is the Queen Bridal store. They have over 9 years of experience and have received a satisfaction rating of 98.5% which is truly impressive considering we’re talking about wedding dresses here.

Queen Bridal has a wide variety of wedding dresses to choose from and their high-quality dresses are priced between $100-$1500 a piece which is rather decent considering some of the biggest names in the industry charge well over $2000 for a high quality wedding dress. 

This store does not have any minimum order count but they do accept bulk orders of up to 500 pieces and we found them to be quite responsive when answering queries or taking requests.

  • Top rated products – Luxurious ball gown wedding dress, Long train V-neck mermaid wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 dress, wholesale orders are accepted up to 500 pieces

Layout NICEB Store – 98%

Layout NICEB Store

The Layout NICEB store comes with 7 years of experience and a satisfaction rating of 98% making them one of the top rated wholesale wedding dress manufacturers and suppliers on AliExpress.

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You will find every style of wedding dress here and they also have a large selection of dresses for flower girls, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and evening dresses.

One of the best things about shopping with Layout NICEB is that they offer their wedding dresses in a range of colors such as pink, black, beige and red apart from the traditional white.

All dresses manufactured by them can be customized and the seller even lists the option for custom size where you enter your body measurements and they will make the dress according to your specifications.

  • Top rated products – Ball gown long sleeve vintage wedding dress, Illusion back lace mermaid bridal gown
  • MOQ – 1 unit, seller accepts bulk orders of up to 500 dresses

Veshja Dasmes Factory Store – 95.5%

Veshja Dasmes Factory Store

If you’re planning on buying wholesale wedding dresses on a tight budget, the Veshja Dasmes factory store is one to seriously consider checking out.

They have a wide range of wedding dresses to choose from and they also offer customizations on each item in their inventory. 

The Veshja Dasmes store is one of the top ranking wholesale wedding dress manufacturers on AliExpress and they have an overall satisfaction rating of 95.5% with a little over 8 years dealing in budget-friendly quality wedding gowns.

  • Top rated products – Princess plus size wedding dress, Luxury full sleeve princess wedding gown
  • MOQ – 1 unit, you can buy the dresses in bulk at wholesale prices

Wholesale Wedding Dresses on DHgate

Cherrywedding – 100%


DHgate might not be one of the prime destinations for wholesale wedding dresses, but if you look carefully, you might find one or two sellers that deal in good quality wedding dresses for cheap.

One of the best stores to check out in 2023 for wedding dresses is the Cherrywedding store. 

Here you will find a large collection of wedding dresses such as plus size, luxury, summer, short and even wedding party dresses that you can choose from.

Each dress is carefully handcrafted out of their Jiangou factory in China and as a buyer you get the option to customize the size and color of the dress before placing your order.

We loved the quality of material used and the overall finish resembled the marketed images, so it’s safe to say that you get what you see.

  • Top rated products – Short halter neck wedding dress, Vintage satin strapless sweetheart ivory wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders up to 10,0000

Yiwu Mulong Garment Co. Ltd. – 96.8%

Yiwu Mulong Garment Co. Ltd.

One of the best places to buy wholesale wedding dresses on DHgate with free shipping is the Yiwu Mulong Garment company. They have over 8 years experience in manufacturing and selling wedding dresses, mothers dresses, flower girl dresses and even bridesmaid dresses.

Each product can be customized to your liking and they even offer additional customizations on a handful of items in their store.

The dresses sold are an exact copy of what’s showcased in their store. The quality, fit and even final touches added to each dress make them unique from other manufacturers out there.

We were satisfied with their response rate and timely delivery of the order. Considering the low-pricing and quality finish, you should definitely consider buying wholesale wedding dresses from the Yiwu Mulong Garment Co., Ltd.

  • Top rated products – 2022 Elegant satin mermaid wedding dress, 2022 Vestios De Novia lace up wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, accepts up to 300 pieces per order

Top Rated – 96.6%

Top Rated

The Top Rated store on DHgate is one of the oldest running wedding dress manufacturers from China.

They have one of the largest collections of custom made wedding dresses on discount and they even cater to bridesmaids, flower girls and even maid of honor dresses.

Top Rated offers customizations to their dresses and are available in a variety of colors to choose from.

We found their lace ball gowns and mermaid wedding dresses to be a big hit on their store with hundreds being sold in a short time frame.

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All their dresses are handmade and every adjustment is done manually, so considering you’re paying around $200-$400 a dress, it’s entirely worth it.

  • Top rated products – Plus size mermaid wedding dress, 2022 Vintage custom made sweep train wedding dress
  • MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders up to 100 pieces

Guide to Buying Wholesale Wedding Dresses from China

Tips to keep in mind when purchasing wholesale wedding dresses

Here are a couple of tips you should follow in order to find the best wholesale wedding dresses. 

  • Sites like AliExpress, Alibaba and DHgate are some of the best suppliers for wholesale wedding dresses. In order to find the best deals online, use keywords like “Wholesale wedding dresses” in the search bar to pull up the appropriate results.
  • Make sure you always check if you’re sourcing the dresses from a manufacturer or a store. Generally stores price their products a little higher than factories or manufacturers and if you’re looking to make a profit for your business then try sourcing the wholesale wedding dresses from a factory or wholesale manufacturer.
  • Since China is well known for their extravagant wedding dresses, you can try attending one of the exhibitions held every year where manufacturers showcase all their products and you can have real-time discussions with the owners and see if you can come to some kind of deal on shipping and overall cost. However, this is a little difficult at the moment as you will have to be physically present in China for this to happen.

What to look for when buying wholesale wedding dresses from China?

When you buy wedding dresses in bulk at wholesale prices, there are certain factors that have to be considered. We’ve broken down the main things to look at when buying wedding dresses, into the following:

  • Quality of the Material – Bridal dresses are beautiful and only the best quality dresses fly off the shelves. Keep an eye out for the type of material used to make the dress, there are a wide variety of wedding dresses online and only some of them are made from high quality materials. 
  • Type of Finish – Wholesale wedding dresses are available with different finishes and techniques applied while manufacturing them. Each style is unique in their own way and would appeal to different people so make sure you know what’s in trend right now before buying any random wedding dress online. Sites like Alibaba and DHgate have wedding dresses with knitted finish, dresses that are crocheted, embroidered, beaded, woven and even printed.
  • Additional Features – As i’ve highlighted above, each dress is unique and therefore not all dresses can be dry cleaned or washed. Some wedding dresses offer high levels of breathability and are anti-wrinkle whereas others are not. Make sure you know what you clients want before placing a bulk order.
  • Colors – Traditional wedding dresses are white, but you can find wedding dresses in every type of color possible on Alibaba and AliExpress. Check with your clients and see what kind of colors they’re interested in wearing for their wedding and place an order accordingly. Off-beat Indian, Asian, European and Russian wedding dresses in red, black, blue, pink and grey are available to buy wholesale.

What are the different types of wedding dresses you can get from China?

Wedding dresses come in different shapes and sizes and choosing the most appropriate style would depend on your figure and type of wedding you’re going to have. Here are some of the most popular wedding dress styles you can choose from.

  • A-Line gown
  • Mermaid
  • Sheath 
  • Empire line
  • Ball gown
  • The trumpet 
  • Backless 
  • Strapless 

How much do wholesale wedding dresses cost in China?

Wholesale wedding dresses that are made and sold in China are generally priced between 1000 yuan and 8000 yuan (USD $150 – USD$1,200). The price of each wedding dress depends on the material, styling, additional embellishments, and quantity. 

Are wedding dresses made in China worth it?

Yes, the quality of the finished products and the price you end up paying for each dress makes it worthwhile buying them in bulk from China. You will get all kinds of wedding dresses at affordable rates when bought in bulk.

What’s the most popular wedding dress to buy wholesale?

Based on reviews, the most popular wedding dress style is the ball gown. It provides you with a traditional bridal appearance and is ideal for brides with a straight body shape. These are easily available and look elegant especially if the theme is white.


China has become a popular destination for buying wholesale wedding dresses due to its cost-effectiveness, diverse designs, and high-quality materials.

However, before making any purchases, it is crucial to research the supplier and ensure they have a good reputation and offer reliable shipping methods.

Additionally, it is essential to communicate clearly with the supplier and request samples before placing a large order to ensure the dress’s quality and fit.

With careful consideration and research, buying wholesale wedding dresses from China can be a rewarding and cost-effective option for retailers and brides-to-be alike.

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