Best Chinese Jeans & Denim Brands on Aliexpress

by Tim Howard

We’ll be looking at different types of jeans today. There are a lot of brands available with various product offerings but we would be taking a look at the top-selling Jeans on AliExpress. There are people who have different usage patterns and we’ll be making their life easier by listing out the products on the basis of type of fabrics, product quality, usage in different climatic conditions, and a general overview of these products from their price point and the brand.

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Chinese Denim & Jeans Manufacturers

Harajuku Jeans

This is a high-waist, wide-leg, straight pant jeans. Available in Gray and Sky blue colours.

These are Harajuku jeans which have a cultural and historical aspect attached to them. These can be used during summertime. 

The quality of the jeans is good, there are no instances of the Jeans fading early or the stitches coming off. These jeans are for women.

It can be worn in places that are generally hot but not suitable for cold climatic conditions. The fit is loose and comfortable.

These jeans are made of Polyester which is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion.

This is priced at $14.51, a definite value buy. The quality of the jeans is good but few seem to be confused about the fit and dimensions.


1. Jeans are made up of Polyester.

2. The light fabric which is useful in hot climates


1. Not recommended for colder climates.

Warranty/Guarantee Information

There is a 75-Day buyer protection with money back guarantee and a free return policy for any reason within 15 days.

Korean Straight Jeans Pants

This is a denim material pair of jeans with wide-legged pant type. It is also high-waisted with belt hoops and is available in light blue, vintage blue, and dark gray colours.

These jeans are perfect for social gatherings and can be used during summertime.

The fabric is quite thin but since it is made up of denim, it is quite durable and abrasion-resistant. These jeans are loose-fit type so it is pretty comfortable in hot weather.

These jeans are made up of polymer and denim.

It is priced at $20.18, quite pricey when compared to the competitors’ products.

There is one instance of the threads coming loose and another instance of some kind of chemical smell from the jeans. If one has a bigger derriere than the average person, better to avoid it. Otherwise, the fit and quality of the jeans are good. 


1. Made of Polyester and Denim


1. Slightly expensive
2. Chemical smell from the jeans. 

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is a 75 – Day buyer protection with a money back guarantee 

High Waist Jeans

A mix of the “boyfriend” and “mom” jeans style. It sits high on the waist, narrows down near the thighs, and again widens near the legs. It comes in light blue colour. 

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These can be worn casually for outings and meetings with friends.

These jeans seem to be of good quality with no major fading or premature signs of wear being seen. For the material and the stitch quality, they seem to be in good shape. 

These are made of cotton and sit high on the waist. The jeans can be worn in hot climatic conditions. 

These are 100% percent cotton jeans.Priced at $21.60, slightly expensive, or equally priced when compared to its competitors. 

Good fit and the jeans are comfortable. Few buyers though weren’t too happy with the size specifications and felt they were misleading. 

This is from a brand called Okuohao. The price point and offering seem slightly expensive when compared to its competitors.


1. 100% cotton jeans
2. Mix of two styles


1. 100% made up of cotton, durability isn’t its strong forte.

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is a 75 – day buyer protection money-back guarantee and a no-questions-asked 15-day return policy. 

Harem Jeans Pants

These are harem-styled Jeans pants with a blend of the boyfriend-mom style. It is available in black-gray, dark blue, and blue colours.

These can be worn to social gatherings and can be used for casual use.

These jeans sit high on your waist, narrow around the tights, and then tapers near the leg area. These are not meant for people who are quite buff.It’s a Blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester. 

This is priced at $18.86. It is quite inexpensive when compared to other competitor brands.

The fit of the jeans is good and are pretty comfortable. 


1. Made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

2. Mom and boyfriend style pattern mix.


1. Nothing much 

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is a no-questions-asked return policy within 15 days. 

Emroidered Jeans Pants

These jeans are ripped and are full-length slim-fit jeans. They sit on your mid-waist and is perfect for people who are slim and are looking for a tight, snug fit. These are available in black, blue, and white colors.

These are slim-fit jeans and have a tight and snug fit and is suitable for youngsters. 

It is priced at $8.00 and is one of the most economical, top-selling products on AliExpress. For the price point, can definitely pick up extra jeans when compared to your regular jeans which are non-ripped and have a loose fit. 

The fabric doesn’t stretch that much making it slightly inflexible and not suitable for people who have extra bulk near their thighs. The product is overall good. 

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1. Ripped jeans for youngsters.

2. Affordable price point. 


1. Pants doesn’t stretch

2. Fabric is thin, so unsuitable for use in winters. 

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is a 75 – Day buyer protection with a money-back guarantee.

Mom Jeans Pants

These are high-waist, boyfriend-mom blended and harem styled, loose-fit type jeans. These can be used daily for casual usage and party occasions.

These jeans are made up of stripe fabric and are tightly woven to keep them from getting damaged easily

The jeans have a loose-fitting around the hips, slightly narrow down near the thighs, and slowly tapers down near the legs. These pants do not replicate your body’s shape. It is quite baggy and loose-fitting.

Priced at $17.75, It is more or less equal to the competitors’ jeans.

The jeans are soft to touch doesn’t stretch, has enough looseness around the derriere region, and tight at the waist. 

Depony is the brand and is quite decent when compared to the competitors’ products and also has the “Top-selling on AliExpress” badge which attests to its quality and popularity. 


1. It is made up of cotton and stripe fabric

2. Harem styled pants


1. Nothing much. 

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is 75-Day buyer protection with a money-back guarantee and a no-questions-asked-free return within 15 days. 

Men’s Classic Jeans

These jeans constitute the denim overalls category and are available in black, black grey, blue-grey, blue-black, and smokey grey colour. 

They can be used for casual occasions and also for business meetings. It can also be used during the spring and autumn season.

The jeans are quite good and there seem to be no instances of the jeans fading prematurely or the seams getting damaged. 

Straight-styled jeans with a slim fit. Suitable for people who are slim in nature and aren’t hefty. It is made up of denim and is quite comfortable to wear. 

It is made up of denim fabric with a mix of other fabrics in suitable proportions. It is priced at $16.18. For the given price point, it is almost on par with the other competitors’ products. 

The fabric is of excellent quality and the material stretches slightly. Few buyers though have pointed out that it is really not denim material and could be made of cotton. 

This is from a brand called SULEE and is part of the “Top selling in AliExpress” category which points out the popularity of this particular product among the buyers.


1. Denim material jeans

2. Excellent fabric quality


1. Conflicting reviews with respect to the fabric used to make the jeans. 

Warranty / Guarantee information

There is 75-day buyer protection with a money-back guarantee and a free return within 15 days for any reason. 

Skinny Jeans

These jeans are made to be used during the winter and have a velvet lining on the inside which makes them extremely comfortable. 

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Specifically tailor-made to be used in cold climates. Velvet lining on the inside and protects from cold weather. Solidly made with well-stitched seams.

These jeans are skinny fit and have velvet lining inside to protect from the cold weather and are soft on the skin too.

Polyamide is used to make these jeans and is engineered to absorb moisture.

It is priced at $13.45. This is one of the top-selling products on AliExpress, especially for winter wear. For the price point, it is definitely worth buying. 

There are complaints of no buttonhole on the jeans. The jeans offer satisfactory protection when worn in cold weather. 


1. Can be used in cold climates

2. Velvet lining on the inside for added comfort.


1. Buttonhole not being open. 

Warranty / Guarantee information 

There is 75-day buyer protection with a money-back guarantee and a free return for any reason within 15 days. 

How to choose the right pair of jeans based on your body shape?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right pair of jeans based on your body shape, including waist size, inseam length, and leg measurements. You may also want to take into account whether you prefer straight or bootcut legs.

For those who prefer straight legs, you can go for a flat-fronted jean that falls below the knee. For those with bootcut preference, look for a cut that hits just above the ankle bone. 

And finally, if you have wide hips or shoulders but slim thighs and ankles, choose a straight-legged pant that sits higher on your waistline than on your hip bones.

Things to consider when buying jeans from AliExpress?

When it comes to buying jeans from AliExpress, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. .

First and foremost, make sure that the denim that you’re purchasing is of high quality. It’s important to check the fabric type (cotton, linen, or cotton-linen), weight (heavyweight vs. light heavyweight), and fit (semi-tight vs. loose). 

Secondly, be sure to read the reviews before making your purchase so that you can get an idea of how other people have fared with this particular brand or model.

Thirdly, consider what style of jeans will best suit your body and lifestyle. There are pre-defined waistlines for each bottoms size on AliExpress which makes it easier for you to find a pair that fits perfectly without having to waste time trying them on multiple times.

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