Chinese Wholesale Women’s Clothing | 20 Best Women’s Clothing Wholesalers in China

by Tim Howard
Best Women’s Clothing Vendors in China
aliexpress clothing review

Store Name: Articat

Store Description: Handpicked fashion with the best designs and style!

Price range: $10 - $30

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Wholesalers in China offer a vast selection of women’s clothing at competitive prices, making them a popular choice for retailers and businesses across the world.

If you run a boutique or a store that sells primarily women’s clothes, then you should definitely check out this list of the top 20 women’s clothing wholesalers in China.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and the sellers mentioned here are 20 of the best wholesalers that I came across.

Top Rated Wholesale Women’s Clothing SuppliersBest For
Wholesale 7Dresses & Plus Size Collection
AstridDresses & Spring wear
ArticatBodysuits, Coats & Dresses
Berry Go OfficialTops, Sweaters, Swimwear & Dresses
SimpleeRompers, Sweaters, Dresses, Matching Sets
RoseticBodycon, Vintage, Cloaks, Capes
Chic EverTops, Dresses, Bottoms & Accessories
Comerry ShopDresses, Swimsuits, Shits, Coats
ICEbearJackets, Winter wear, Hoodies
MiegOfcJackets, Coats, Winter wear, Autumn wear
Two Twin StyleDresses, Tops, Shits, Pants, Trousers
MishowCardigans, Blouses, T-shirts, Clothing Sets
TrendyolJeans, Dresses, Skirts and Jumpsuits
AdyceDresses for all Occasions
Love & LemonadePlus Size, Dresses, Tops, Coats, Jumpsuits
TangadaHoodies, Tracksuits, Coats, T-Shirts, Sweaters
SX Official StoreJackets and Dresses
MOULUX StoreSwimwear, Yoga Clothes
Vadim Official StoreTops, Dresses, Bottoms & Accessories
Inman Official StoreJeans, Dresses, Skirts and Jumpsuits

20 Best Women’s Clothing Wholesalers in China

Wholesale 7

Wholesale 7 womens clothing supplier

Wholesale 7 might not be as popular as some of the other wholesale sites like Alibaba. But it’s for sure a dedicated site for wholesale clothing from China.

They specialise in women’s clothing and sell women’s dresses, women’s rompers, women’s skirts, women’s tops and more. They have close to 100+ types of clothing for women.

They have a Wholesale program, which you can access here. They offer a customized service where they help you pick out the clothing.

They explain the details of their wholesale service very clearly.


Astrid is one of the top-brands on AliExpress and is a great choice for wholesale clothing for women. It has been selling for five years and has positive feedback of 95.6 percent. In these five years, the brand has garnered over a hundred thousand followers who trust their products.

Astrid ensures that their clothes meet their quality standards before sending them out to customers. The brand focuses on modern classical Italian style. 

The store has a special section only for women’s jackets. So, if you are looking to stock up on jackets, you must check it out. It is the place for all winter trends. My favorite is Astrid’s down jackets that look super stylish and trendy.

Check out this store today.


Articat has made its name in the industry with its high-quality and trendy clothes. It has been selling on AliExpress for three years now. Despite such a short time, it has won over the trust of its 55,000 plus followers. It is one of the top brands on AliExpress with positive feedback of 94.9 percent. Articat is considered one of those quirky stores and does wholesale of women’s clothing.

Articat offers styles that are fashion-forward and classy. The styles look effortlessly cool and are perfect for women who love venturing out and trying new things.

Some of the clothing items Articat deals with include the following:

  • Knitted series
  • Sequin and Lace series
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Party dresses
  • Two-Piece dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Rompers, and more.

I love their quirky styles and bold choices. You must check out this store today.

Check out the store

Berry Go Official

I love BerryGo; it is one of my favorite stores on AliExpress, and if you are looking to buy in bulk, there is no better place. Ever since BerryGo opened some six years back on AliExpress, it has come to rule the female fashion world on the e-commerce website. 

You will find the trendiest clothes and the prettiest styles in this store. The prices are affordable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. BerryGo is one of the top-brands on AliExpress with positive feedback of 97.6 percent.

The main style that BerryGo maintains in its brand is the holiday style – open and sexy. The elegant and fashional clothing items have won over the hearts of over one million followers. 

Some of the popular clothing items of BerryGo include the following:

  • Swimsuits
  • Lace dress
  • Boho and print dress
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Jumpsuits
  • Rompers
  • Blazers, Jackets, and more.

The clothes are carefully inspected before sending them out to the customers. You will only find high-quality clothes here. The brand also gives priority to customer service. 

Check out this store today.


Simplee is another of my favorite stores on AliExpress. It has been actively selling on AliExpress for five years and has over two million followers who believe in the brand. Over these years, Simplee has been able to build trust amongst customers with its quality clothes and prompt customer service. 

Simplee has positive feedback of 97.4 percent and is one of the top clothing brands of AliExpress. Some of its clothing items include the following:

  • Boho print dress
  • Printed dress
  • Blazers
  • Pullovers
  • Jumpers
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Skirts
  • Short coats
  • Fur coats, and more.

I love their trendy designs and fashionable items sold by Simplee. I am sure you will love their effortless styles as well.

Check out this store today.


Rosetic is a brand that is well-known for its different styles of clothing. The items in this store are inspired by Victorian goth, dark romantic, punk rock, and classy lolita style. The clothing items in Rosetic have a certain class that sets it apart from the rest.

It has been selling on AliExpress for three years and has amassed over two hundred thousand followers. It has positive feedback of 94.9 percent and is loved by people all over the world.

Some items in their collection include the following:

  • Vintage dress
  • Casual dress
  • Bodycon dress
  • Camis and Tank tops
  • Coats
  • Cloaks and Shawls
  • Cape
  • Co-ords, and more.

If you like to experiment with different styles, this store is for you. You will enjoy their varied styles and collection. You will also be able to find clothes perfect for Halloween.

Check out this store today.

Chic Ever

Chic Ever offers trends that are in line with international women’s standards. The clothing items enhance your beauty and give you confidence. Chic Ever has its factory where it manufactures its clothes. The clothing items are high in quality and you will never be dissatisfied with them. 

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Chic Ever has been selling on AliExpress for three years but despite the short years, it has managed to win over a hundred thousand followers. It has positive feedback of 97.4 percent. 

Some of the items sold by Chic Ever include the following: 

  • T-shirts
  • Blouses and shirts
  • Vests and Wraps
  • Knitwear and Sweater
  • Hoodies and Sweatshirts
  • Down jackets
  • Parkas
  • Jumpsuits, and more.

You must check out this store if you are looking for quirky and trendy clothing items.

Check out this store today.

Comerry Shop

Comerry Shop has been one of AliExpress’s most trusted stores for eight years now. It has positive feedback of 96 percent, making it one of the trusted brands of customers. It has won the hearts of its 17,000 followers. 

The store offers chic and stylish clothes that are trendy and fabulous. You will find a lot of mesh and sheer clothes in their collection. 

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Long Maxi dress
  • Printed Bohemian dress
  • Shirts and tops
  • Coat and sweater
  • Skirts, and more.

Their bodycon dresses and bandage dresses are quite popular amongst its customers from all over the world. 

Check out this store today.


ICEbear is one of the most reputed Chinese wholesale women’s clothing stores on AliExpress with thousands of products to choose from. They have been around for well over 7 years and have amassed a massive following in a short span of time.

I found their products to be well made and the high quality of their wholesale clothes is what led them to receive a 97.9% satisfaction rating on the site.

ICEbear specializes in men and women’s wholesale jackets, trench coats and even down coats. The brand even has sweatshirts and pants on sale as well, but you should check out their 2022 new arrival collection for some pretty warm and cozy coats and trench coats for women.

You can buy jackets in bulk and if it’s the first time you’re using this seller then you get up to 70% off on your order.

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Women’s trench coats
  • Women’s sweaters
  • Winter coats
  • Down coats
  • Sweatshirts

Their top selling products are the hooded women’s jacket and the hooded women’s coat with over 1000+ orders each.

Click here to check out the store


Miegofce is another popular AliExpress store that deals in budget-friendly wholesale women’s clothing. The brand has received an impressive 98.7% satisfaction rating from thousands of orders over a 6 year period and remains to be a dominating seller on the site.

Quite like ICEbear, Miegofce specializes in winterwear for women and you can find a wide variety of spring coats, trench coats, and woolen coats on sale for under $100 a piece.

I personally loved the quality and finish of the coats. They came with high quality zippers and some of them which were fur lined like the cotton winter coats were actually extremely warm and quite fashionable to wear.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

If you’re in the market for a decent deal on wholesale women’s clothing from China then you have to check out the MiegOfce store on AliExpress for some insane deals.

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Women’s spring coat
  • Women’s trench coats
  • Winter coats
  • Women’s sweaters

Their top selling products are the Miegofce fashionable coat jacket and the women’s warm winter jacket that are rather affordable and have been made from high quality materials like polyester and cotton.

Click here to check out the store

Two Twin Style 

chinese wholesale clothing

If you are looking for a trendy women’s clothing supplier, then check out Two Twin style. They are a designer wholesale clothing supplier from China and they deal with skirts, blazers, shirts, knitwear, dresses and more. 

They are a top brand with a 96.7% positive rating. 

Click here to check out the store


Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Mishow is a relatively new seller on AliExpress which deals in high quality women’s clothing such as t-shirts, dresses, cardigans, coats and even clothing sets that you can buy wholesale. 

They are a popular Chinese brand among the younger generation and some of their clothes are to die for. You can find hundreds of different trendy styles in their store and nearly all their high quality wholesale clothes can be bought for around $10-$20 a piece.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Coats for women
  • Clothing sets
  • Camisoles and Tank tops
  • T-shirts
  • Dresses
  • Sweaters
  • Pants, Leggings, Jeans

Some of their most popular products are the vintage sweater and the women’s long sleeve hoodie which are currently on discount and you can get each for around $15 for wholesale and bulk orders.

Click here to check out the store


Trendyol is a good quality wholesale clothing distributor and they do have a good store on Aliexpress. They are a Top brand with a 95% positive rating. So what kind of clothes do they sell? 

Dresses, skirts, sweaters, pants, capris, tops, tees, jeans, coats, jackets, jumpsuits, blazers and more. 

Click here to check out the store


Adyce on AliExpress will be your one-stop destination for high quality beautiful dresses and gowns for ladies and young girls. Here you will find a wide variety of different styles of dresses and sets that include halter sleeveless, bandage dresses, off-shoulder party dresses and much much more. 

All their products are reasonably priced and you can buy in bulk from the seller to avail extra discounts. Adyce has been around for a little over 7 years and have managed to attain a high satisfaction rating for their bodycon and strapless summer dresses.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Ball gowns
  • Bodycon dresses
  • Bandage dresses
  • Women’s swimsuits
  • Backless Bandage dresses

Two of their most popular dresses on sale right now are the bandage backless dresses and their white cocktail dresses.

Click here to check out the store

Love & Lemonade

wholesale fashion clothing china

The Love & Lemonade store has an amazing collection of clothing. They deal with new fashion styles and also do wholesale. They also have Plus sized clothing. They deal with dresses, tube tops, party dresses, prom dresses and more. 

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They’ve been around for 8 years and have a 96.5% positive rating. 

Click here to check out the store.


The Tangada store is pretty underrated. They have been on Aliexpress as a seller for 9 years and have over 300,000 followers. They have a great fashion collection. If you are looking for name brand clothing for wholesale from China, then Tangada should be your destination. 

Click here to check out the store

SX Official Store

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

The SX Store is a well-known AliExpress seller that specializes in high quality faux leather and denim jackets for women that can be bought in bulk at wholesale prices. Each product in their inventory has been made with top notch quality materials that last a really long time and apart from jackets you can also find a couple of long sleeve hooded jackets and even a korean leisure dress that can be bought wholesale. 

The store is new and has been selling high quality apparel for women for a little over 2 years and has received a satisfaction rating of 95.1%.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Autumn denim punk jackets
  • Motorcycle faux leather jackets
  • Suede spliced faux leather jackets
  • PU long sleeve windbreakers for women

Their most popular jackets are the denim punk and the faux PU leather jackets for women that are available at under $39.99 and can go down to $30 on wholesale orders.

Click here to check out the store


Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Moulux store is a place you should definitely check out if you’re looking for good quality beachwear and swimsuits for women. The seller offers wholesale deals on orders over 100 pieces and found them to be pretty decent in terms of overall quality and pricing. 

You can find high quality bikinis, fitness wear, swimsuits, clothes for pregnant women and more for under $20 a pop and some of their top selling products are on sale with discounts ranging from 30% to 50% bringing the overall cost down to a measly $10-$13 a pair. 

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

You should consider buying wholesale women’s bathing suits from Muolux store as they are one of the top selling brands on AliExpress and has a rating of 97.9%

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Surfing swimsuit for women
  • Monokini
  • Yoga wear for women
  • Wholesale clothes for pregnant women

Their most popular wholesale clothes are the long sleeve two-piece swimsuits for women and the Push up plus size swimwear that are available at under $20.99 and can go down to $13 on wholesale  and bulk orders.

Click here to check out the store

Vadim Official Store

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Store Rating: 100%; Experience: 10+ Years

Are you ready to spice up your wardrobe with some fabulous new clothes? Look no further than the Vadim women’s clothing store on AliExpress! Trust me, this store is a fashionista’s paradise.

What caught my eye about Vadim is their wholesale collection of clothes. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to mix and match outfits or who wants to stock up on some versatile pieces. Their wholesale collection includes everything from basic t-shirts to trendy jumpsuits, and the best part is that you can get them at a discounted price.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

The materials used in their clothes are of high quality and super comfortable. I personally fell in love with their cotton and linen blend tops. They’re perfect for summer and feel so soft and airy on the skin. They also have a great selection of denim and leather pieces for those who love a little edge in their outfits.

Now, in terms of cost, Vadim’s prices are very reasonable and won’t break the bank. Their wholesale prices are especially impressive – you can get a pack of 5 t-shirts for under $30! And don’t worry, even their regular prices are still affordable and this has made them one of the top selling vendors on AliExpress.

Some of their clothing items include the following:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Playsuits
  • Pullovers
  • Shirts and tops
  • Coat and sweater
  • Skirts, and more.

Check out there store here

Inman Official Store

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Store Rating: 98.3%; Experience: 5+ Years

The Inman Official 0store has a wide variety of clothing options available at wholesale prices. From dresses, blouses, pants, skirts, and even accessories, you can find just about anything your wardrobe needs. They have a great selection of sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that suits your style and taste.

One thing that really caught my eye was the quality of materials used in their clothing. The pieces I ordered were made of high-quality fabrics that felt great on my skin and looked great too. I particularly loved their use of natural fabrics like cotton and linen, which gave their clothing a unique and organic feel.

Chinese Wholesale Women's Clothing

Now let’s talk about the prices – they are very reasonable! Considering the quality of the clothing and the fact that they offer wholesale prices, I found the costs to be quite affordable. You won’t have to break the bank to fill your wardrobe with some amazing new pieces.

Check out there store here

How do I order wholesale clothing from China?

  • Step 1 : Go to platforms like Aliexpress, Alibaba 
  • Step 2 : Find the right suppliers by looking at the styles in their catalogue 
  • Step : Once you’ve picked out the styles, contact the seller and ask them about bulk pricing, shipping times, refund policy, return policy and other policies
  • Step 4 : Buy samples of styles from various sellers and check out the quality and style and finish and packaging as well 
  • Step 5 : Once you’ve picked out a supplier, negotiate bulk pricing with them and ask them if they dropship if that’s your requirement. 
  • Step 6 : Do not place your order on Wechat or directly to the seller and do not pay directly 
  • Step 7 : Pay through Alibaba or Alipay, this way you can always raise a dispute with the seller

Is clothing cheaper in China?

Clothing like most items is cheaper in China, but only slightly. A lot of manufacturers are able to manufacture clothes locally. But the only thing is styling and trends. China is really good at jumping on the latest clothing trends and style. When you go to Forever21, Zara’s or H&M, you will see similar styles with Chinese suppliers. That might not be the case with your local supplier. 

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Also remember, with clothing it’s not always about price, but also about styling. 

Can I put my own label on wholesale clothing?

When you are buying in bulk, you can instruct the seller to add whatever branding and logo of your choice. But remember, any customization, always comes at a cost. But Chinese clothing suppliers are super competitive and a lot of them will do it at a great price. Always make sure to negotiate and have three to four options ready. 

Alibaba Clothing Wholesale – Is it worth it? 

Alibaba is pretty awesome for wholesale purchases, but there remains a problem. You can’t see the most popular and in-demand styles. 

In the image below, Alibaba’s options suggest only the minimum order quantity. 

china wholesale clothing women

But, if you check out Aliexpress, you can actually see the number of orders placed which in turn shows the popularity for certain clothing.

fashion clothing women wholesale

So you can pick out the best suppliers who know to produce the most popular pieces of clothing that are trending and also will sell really well! 

Is Aliexpress good for women’s clothing?

Buying from AliExpress has advantages that are seldom available elsewhere. Some of the advantages that make it my first choice are the following:

  • The cost of production is low.
  • Suppliers in AliExpress are more open to working with small companies. 
  • There are a plethora of suppliers on AliExpress, giving you a wider option. You can choose from all the stores to find the best one.
  • There are thousands of products, all of which are made in Asia.
  • AliExpress has one of the largest networks of buyers and suppliers. It is easy to communicate.
  • AliExpress makes it easy in finding products, contacting the manufacturers, placing orders. 

However, as it is with many things, there are minor disadvantages to this online giant. The most prominent disadvantages include:

  • It can be difficult to communicate because of the language barrier.
  • The delivery of products takes a lot of time. Sometimes, it may take as long as two-three months for your products to reach you.

You know the biggest advantages and slight inconveniences when shopping in bulk from AliExpress. I hope these points will help you with your shopping.

Why is selection so important, and how to select?

  • Select the store that accurately describes their products. Make sure all the necessary information is available, so you know what you are buying.
  • If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact the seller. Doing this will also show how prompt the seller is in replying to your concerns. A good supplier always responds quickly because they care about customer service. 
  • Check the return and exchange policy. A decent return policy is of 30 days, which any good supplier will have. If you do not find a return policy, chances are that something is fishy about the store.

Following the above steps ensure that you only get genuine products that are vouched for by other customers as well. The steps safeguard your interest and let you be sure about the product you are purchasing.

However, are you not keen to follow all the steps to find the right products? Do not fret! I have put together this guide with all the best stores providing wholesale clothes for women on Aliexpress. 

Read on to find them! 

How to find the best women’s clothing supplier on Alibaba?

Whether it is for personal usage or reselling, you will have to carry out some research before purchasing clothes wholesale through Alibaba. Let’s take a look at some of the important factors to consider while choosing a good clothing supplier: 

Searching for the right product: Before you proceed to find a vendor, you should know exactly what you are looking for. What makes this an important first step is that some vendors specialise in certain articles of clothing while not being up to the mark for other types. For example, you may have already dealt with a good supplier in the past for women’s tops, but the quality of skirts that he may supply may not be up to the mark. 

Shortlisting vendors: Once you key in your exact requirements, shortlist a few sellers based on their Alibaba credentials: Gold Supplier, Trade Assurance, Supplier Index, Supplier Assessments, Response Times and Response Rates. Supplier assessments are especially important as Alibaba hires third parties to physically visit seller premises to verify the details that they share online. The transactional value of business carried out through Alibaba is also shared on the company’s profile. A good vendor will hold a response rate of over 95% and a response time of 5 hours or lesser. 

Requesting samples and placing orders: After you have shortlisted vendors, it is time to contact them and request samples of the exact products that you are looking for. Ideally, obtaining samples from up to 3 suppliers will help you decide on which vendor to place an order with. Note the quality provided by the seller in terms of service as well as the product. Easy communication, being flexible towards your requirements and using convenient logistic services are some of the pointers for a good supplier. 

Where can I buy cheap clothes online from China?

China is one of the biggest suppliers of clothing, and the quality and quantities they are capable of makes it one of the most competitive markets – and brings down the overall cost of production, letting us source clothes for cheap. AliExpress and Alibaba are the predominant portals for sourcing cheap clothes from China. Every major and minor supplier lists their products on these portals (Alibaba for B2B and AliExpress for B2C).

Are AliExpress clothes good quality?

Online marketplaces such as AliExpress go to great lengths to measure seller and product-sales performance. This gives buyers tools to assess and analyse how good a product sold by sellers are. Although there may be suppliers who sell low-quality products, it is very easy to deduce if a product listing is of good quality or not. The product rating and reviews, and order counts are the biggest indicators for good quality clothes on AliExpress. 

Why choose AliExpress for Wholesale Clothing?

If you are looking to resell or start a new clothing business and are looking for wholesale suppliers, AliExpress is a good place to start. Buying from AliExpress gives you ample opportunities. The vast number of sellers on AliExpress lets you decide the seller that you find the best. 

All the sellers on AliExpress have ratings on them, which allows you to see which one is better than the other. The conversations you have with the sellers are also tracked, the response time is noted, and you can always raise a dispute in case of unsatisfactory dealings.  

Check out the stores mentioned above to start your journey!

Made in China Fashion – Good Quality Chinese Clothing

China sets the standard when it comes to making fashionable clothes. From Zara’s to H&M, most of your clothes are Made in China.

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