AliExpress Women’s Clothing in 2024 (Exclusive AliExpress Clothing Vendors List)

by Tim Howard
womens clothing vendors aliexpress

Store Name: Shein

Store Description: The Shein Store is one of the best Aliexpress women's fashion stores.

Price range: $10 - $30

  • Quality of clothing
  • Shipping Time
  • Clothing Options
  • Style

One of the decisions that every woman make is choosing the right clothes for the day.

It may be for a casual brunch with friends, a business meeting, an awards ceremony or a special date night. It is a good thing that there are a number of online stores that sells clothes in different style, pattern, and clothing selection.

Almost 57% of items sold online are dedicated to women’s fashion choices. Research studies show that clothing tells a story of one’s personality, politics and persona.

Women Clothing Sellers AliExpressLink
Amii Official StoreLink
INMAN Official storeLink
Kliou Official StoreLink
Two Twin StyleLink
Trendyol Women’s StoreLink
Vadim official storeLink
Love and LemonadeLink
Adyce Official StoreLink
Shein OfficialLink
Simplee ApparelLink
Sweetown officialLink
Nice Forever ClothingLink
July’s SongLink
Fine TooLink
Bella PhilosophyLink

Over the years clothing has been a way for women to express their identity, power and status in the society. With women’s busy schedule online stores has been one of the greatest gifts of the 21st century.  We’ve compiled a list of 10 stores based on their variety and quality to help you choose from.

Without further ado, here’s the best women clothing vendors on Alixpress.

Best Women Fashion Clothing Sellers on AliExpress

All the images in our review are actual product images from the seller.

Amii Official Store

aliexpress Women Fashion Clothing Sellers

If you’re on the lookout for a fashion haven that seamlessly blends style, comfort, and affordability, look no further than Amii Official Store. With a stellar 6-year track record and an impressive 97.8% positive rating, this is one fashion destination that has stood the test of time.

Amii’s collection boasts an array of minimalist treasures, from the sophisticated PU Leather Casual Pants to the chic Knitted Tops perfect for the upcoming spring. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship truly set these pieces apart.

If you’re worried about breaking the bank, don’t! Amii’s commitment to affordability shines through, with the average price range making it accessible for fashion enthusiasts on any budget. Plus, with the AliExpress Singles Day Sale around the corner, there’s no better time to snag these wardrobe staples at unbeatable prices!

INMAN Official store

best aliexpress Women Fashion Clothing manufacturers

Ladies, if you’re on a quest for timeless fashion that effortlessly blends style and comfort, allow me to introduce you to a hidden gem – the INMAN Official Store. With an impressive 6 years in the business and a remarkable 97.5% positive rating, this store has become my go-to for chic, affordable, and quality pieces that transcend seasons.

INMAN’s collection of blouses and T-shirts is a testament to versatility. From the sophisticated Spring Summer Women’s Blouses with pure color blusas to the casually chic Summer Minimalist Women’s Vest T-shirt, each piece exudes minimalist elegance. Prices are a pleasant surprise too, with tops ranging from $25.53 to $23.00 during the sale.

For those who love a good skirt or denim option, INMAN has you covered. The Women Denim Skirt and Women Short Pants are not only fashion-forward but also a steal at $37.73 and $60.99 respectively.

What I love about INMAN is their attention to detail, especially evident in pieces like the INMAN Women’s T-shirt with artistic flower embroidery and the chic INMAN Women Dress featuring oil painting printing. These unique additions to your wardrobe can be yours at an even more affordable price.

If you’re looking to elevate your wardrobe with pieces that seamlessly blend fashion and comfort, INMAN Official Store is the place to be.

Kliou Official Store

Women Fashion Clothing store aliexpress

From the head-turning All Season Women Street Mesh Two Piece Set to the eye-catching Aesthetic Colorful Tie Dry Maxi Dress, each piece at Kliou is a work of art that celebrates individuality. And guess what? The AliExpress Singles Day Sale is in full swing, offering unbeatable prices starting at only $11.46!

Whether you’re after the latest trends or timeless classics, Kliou delivers. And with these low prices during the sale, you can unleash your inner fashionista without breaking the bank

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Kliou’s commitment to versatility is evident in pieces like the Solid Casual Oversized Cargo Pants and the Knitted Streak Two Piece Set. These items not only redefine streetwear but also let you mix and match with confidence.

With the store’s popularity skyrocketing and high quality clothes being sold at throwaway prices, there’s never been a better time to redefine your style.

Trendyol Women’s Store

If you are a fan of knitted sweaters, dresses and blouses, Trendyol Women’s Store might be the perfect place to get them. This clothing store that started in Turkey back in 2010 is one of the top brands in women’s clothing on AliExpress. They have 96% positive feedback from over 200 countries worldwide. 

Women Fashion Clothing Sellers on aliexpress

Click here to check out the store

Two Twin Style

To memorialize the birth of their twins, founders Jack and Grace created TwoTwin Style. Inspired by European style fashion, this store is committed in providing colorful and fashionable styles that encourage uniqueness and self-expression for young women all over the world. Their clothes are made from different textiles and fabrics that will surely give a luxurious and sophisticated feel. They are currently giving out up to 70% discount on their top selling blouses, tops and blazers.

top aliexpress Women Fashion Clothing Sellers

Click here to check out the store

Colrovie Closet

Feel hot, sexy and empowered with Colrovie Closet’s clothing selection. They sell fashionable swimwear, bodycon dresses, blouses, shirts, intimates and bodysuits. Their current top selling items are the animal and floral print collection that will surely add spice and excitement to your wardrobe. Aside from basic, classic neutral pieces, animal and floral print patterns and designs are trends that always find its way in the fashion world. This store clothing selection will not make you look tacky and unfashionable.

Click here to check out the store

Vadim Official Store

Fast fashion for women aliexpress

This store might be the fashion haven for women who loves chic, stylish and vintage clothing. Vadim Store has been in the clothing industry for 7 years and has a 96% positive feedback on AliExpress. Their half a million followers have been enjoying jumpsuits, blazers, pants, tops and dresses with classic retro styles. It is also the perfect store to look for statement pieces that will define your fashion style.

Click here to check out the store

Love and Lemonade

trending Women Fashion Clothing Sellers on aliexpress

Still looking for the perfect dress for an important event or special night out? Love and Lemonade store offers different modern, elegant and luxurious tops and dresses for every occasion. Started in 2015, this trend leading fashionable brand envision a clothing line for prom dresses and other going out activities. Today, they are serving over 250,000 followers with top quality clothes worldwide. Get looks that would dominate fashion shows and red-carpet events from Love and Lemonade Online Store.

Click here to check out the store

Adyce Official Store

fashionable womens dresses on aliexpress

In the era of women empowerment and self love, bandage dresses have become a fashionable trend. These dresses are designed to fit your body and help shape your curves. They are made from the mix of rayon, spandex and nylon fabrics to give emphasis on your sexy hips, booty curves and alluring bust lines. Adyce Official Store has bandage dresses in different color and styles. You can go from office chic to cocktail party ready in a flash.

Click here to check out the store

Simplee Apparel

simplee aliexpress

Achieve that straight-out-of-catalog look OOTD with Simplee Apparels clothing collections. If you are into pastels, beige and neutral color outfits that never go out of style, this store is perfect for you. This fashion brand is making huge impact in different influencers from over 5 different continents and has gained over 2 million fans globally. They are currently giving out coupons and up to 50% discount in more than 2,000 clothing items in their store. These sophisticated looks with volume will make your monochromatic style less dull and boring.

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Click here to check out the store

Anja Manor

top aliexpress womenswear

The Anja Manor store has been an Aliexpress seller for 5 years. They have 25,000+ followers. They have the coolest clothes that are super stylish. They have sets, tops, coats, dresses, body suits and more.

They’ve got lingerie and nightwear. A special mention of their spaghetti strap dresses that are really good.

Check out the store here

Sweetown official Store

Aliexpress clothing vendors for women

If you are going for that urban, avantgarde streetwear style, Sweetown would definitely have something for you. Streetwear combines the style of Japanese Harajuku fashion, sportswear, punk and hip-hop culture. This store with 97% positive feedback rating ships high quality clothing items in different parts of the globe such as Australia, France, Japan, US and Canada.

Click here to check out the store

Nice – Forever Clothing Line

Womens clothing sellers on aliexpress

Nice-Forever is the perfect store for the modern working woman. You will never run out of chic, stylish office outfits if you purchase from this store. This store is the ultimate source to stock up on your basic, fashionable corporate style pieces. Nice-Forever has been offering decent, elegant and comfortable office wear for women for almost 6 years without sacrificing their quality of clothes. They are currently holding an astounding 98.8% positive rate feedback on AliExpress. This store will help you in dressing up for your professional corporate events. 

Click here to check out the store


Womens winter clothing sellers aliexpress

The best jacket store online. They have the best faux fur which looks like the real deal. They sell cashmere fur, winter jackets, parkas and more. The perfect time to buy these jackets at a great price is during the summers when all these jackets can be bought for more than a 50% discount. 

Check out the store here


Womens boutique aliexpress

The Mishow is a cute boutique fashion store on Aliexpress that deals with all types of clothing. They sell coats / jackets, dresses, T-shirts, sweaters, Blouses & Shirts. They have an elegant collection of daily wear. 

Check out the store here


The Toyouth Fashion store is the best teenage fashion store on Aliexpress. They are exclusively for teenage fashion and they have one of the most unique and fashionable clothing I’ve encountered. They sell sweaters, fleece jackets, long tops, loose tops, jackets, shorts, pants and more. If you buy from here, you can guarantee that you’ll look fashionable. 

This image below shows the Actual Tyouth sweatshirt that we got for the review.

Check out the store here

July’s Song WB Store 

The July’s Song store has a specialization and that’s innerwear, lingerie and nightwear. They have one of the most stylish night wears and their pajama collection is pretty awesome. These Pajamas are so stylish, that you could actually wear them outside like dresses. 

They also have Pajama set and silk based night wear. Based on my review, the pajama material is like silk, but the cheaper options is not made of silk and is made of satin. On Aliexpress, when they say silk or silky, it means satin.

Check out the store here


The EAM store is a unique clothing store on Aliexpress. They have clothes that have come straight from a runway. They are very fashionable, different and super reasonably priced. It might be a bit over the top for a few people, but if you like post-modern clothing styles, then this is the store to visit. 

Check out the store here

Fine Too

If you are looking for lingeries on Aliexpress, more often than not, you’ll be guided to the Finetoo store. The exclusive lingerie store on Aliexpress. Their collection is amazing. 

They have a super stylish collection of underwear and women’s panties. You get them in different types and styles. They also sell in sets and also one off bras and panties. The material of the inner wear is cotton, which is perfect for any climate and weather.

Check out the store here


Miegofce is known as the jacket store on Aliexpress. They sell only jackets and you get all types of jackets, winter jackets, trench coats, winter coats, spring jackets, layered jackets, stylish jackets and a lot more. You need to check out the store to truly understand the collection they have. 

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Check out the store here

Bella Philosophy

The Bella Philosophy store has been around for 5 years and with more than 284,000 followers, it’s one of the most popular clothing sellers on Aliexpress. They are an all round fashion store that sells jackets, coats, blouses, trench jackets, dresses, blazers, skirts and pants.

They have a very specific collection that is super unique. 

Check out the store here


The Sisjuly store is the perfect daily fashion store on Aliexpress. If you are looking for clothes that are everyday wear, then this is the right store. Apart from that, you have spring and summer dresses and casual dresses! 

Check out the store here


The Ever Pretty store is the store for dresses. Dresses for all occasions. They have prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, plus size dresses and more. If you are looking for a dress, this is the right store. 

Check out the store here

Simenual Store

The Simenual Store has been around for 7+ years, but their popularity has only risen recently. They have more than 193,000+ followers and a 95.1% rating which is pretty amazing. They have some pretty sexy clothing options with onesies, lace tops, rompers jumpsuits and more.

Check out the store here

Is Aliexpress Reliable for Clothes?

When talking about Women’s clothes, Aliexpress is super reliable. Before Shein became a behemoth in itself, they made their growth on Aliexpress. China makes amazing women’s clothing. The only issue I’ve seen my clients complain about incessantly is the size differences

I’ve laid out a chart in multiple articles sharing the size guide. Chinese size is different from European and American sizes and that needs to be cross referenced using a table.

Sometimes different Chinese sellers have different sizes too. Thats why I insist, if you find a good Chinese clothing sellers and you like their stuff and it fits, just stick to them. They anwyay change their designs quite often. That’s been my experience.

Here are some women’s clothing that my wife had purchased on Aliexpress.

Best Womens Clothing Stores on AliExpress

Women’s clothing might have been the biggest market in e-commerce category, there are different online stores for every style and character making clothing purchases easier and more convenient. As clothing becomes an avenue to express one’s individuality and culture, it is important to favor online stores such as the ones listed above that are affordable and can help explore your fashion identity. 

What you need to know before buying clothes on Aliexpress

Are the clothes on AliExpress real?

If you are talking about actual branded clothing, then I doubt it. Because branded clothing like Prada and Gucci are easy to replicate. If you are getting it for a super cheap price, then it’s very likely fake clothing. If you are buying branded clothing, then make sure it is at a physical store! 

What is the right size to order on Aliexpress for clothes? 

This is something that you need to keep in mind. When you are ordering clothes on Aliexpress, make sure to check out the guide. 

How quickly will I get my clothes from Aliexpress? 

This depends on where the product is shipped from. There are Aliexpress warehouses located all over Europe, USA and few parts of Asia. So check where it ships to know how long it’ll take. Also FREE shipping is more often than not, SLOW shipping. 

Where can I buy clothes for my boutique?

If you are looking for a good clothes suppliers, then it’s best to source products from a retailer / wholesaler who knows what clothing item sells. If you are working only with a wholesaler who understands just basic trends, then you’ll have trouble selling your clothes. It’s best to pick out suppliers from Aliexpress who also sell clothes in bulk for a reduced price. 

If you are looking for top trendy women’s clothes then check it out here.

There are a lot of websites out there that sell womens’ clothing but nothing comes close to Aliexpress when it comes to women’s apparel. Their return policy, their seller ratings and reviews are unparalleled. As of now, Aliexpress is the perfect platform for women’s clothing vendors.

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