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by Tim Howard
DHgate Hair Suppliers

Store Name: Yiru Hair

Store Description: Yiru Hair is one of the best hair suppliers on Dhgate

Price range: $10 - $30

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Hair and beauty is now a multi-billion dollar industry and lot of people go to professional stylist or sites like Hairstylepedia to take good care of their hair. Some even spend thousands of dollars for hair maintenance. As one of the leading e-commerce website, DHgate has some of the best hair vendors online and most reliable sellers of every hair related products and items.

Today we cover the best Dhgate hair vendors and what makes them good and the top hair products they sell. Why is it difficult to find the Top Dhgate Hair Suppliers?

Sometimes there are fakes going around selling fake hair and to avoid that you need to screen through the numerous hair suppliers! That’s where we come in!

Types of DHgate Hair WigsProduct
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What are the different types of human hair available on DHgate?

There are a few different types of human hair available on DHgate, including synthetic, Remy-Human Hair, Chinese Virgin Human Hair and Indian Remy Human Hair.

Synthetic human hair is the most common type and it is made from materials such as polyester or acrylic. It looks and feels similar to real human hair but there are some key differences. For example, synthetic human hair tends to be lighter in color than natural human hair, which can be desirable for those who want a more subtle look.

Remy-Human Hair is also made from polyester or acrylic but the fibers are pre-treated with sulfur dioxide (SO2) before being spun into yarns. This process gives the hairs an appearance that’s closer to natural human hair texture and coloration.

Chinese Virgin Human Hair come from women who have never had their locks chemically treated so they maintain their original density, luster and shine even after prolonged use.

Brazilian human hair is most often used for wigs because of its texture and how easily it can be styled. It also holds dye well so that colors remain consistent over time.  

Indian Human Hair is popular among people who want to get longer locks because it’s thicker than other types of hairs and can last up to four months without losing density or shape. 

Malaysian Human Hair is ideal for those who want salon-quality results without having to travel great distances to receive treatment.

Dhgate Wigs Reviews

Some of them have been in the market for years, manufacturing and producing top quality hair products for both men and women worldwide. We’ve curated a list of top selling hair brands in DHgate that would surely help giving the best quality hair product that you need. 

#1 — Greatremy Hair Factory

Established in 2012, Greatremy has garnered over 7089 transactions and a 97% positive feedback from their customers worldwide. They are selling one of the best Brazilian hair weave in the market today. It is made from pure human hair, has no tangles and shedding. It is available in. It is available in different styles such as silky straight, body wave, curly wave and loose wave. Greatremy accepts different payment methods and is shipping in different parts of the world. They are also giving up to 55% discount on 400 items available in their store. This is one of the best Dhgate hair sellers online.

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Check out the store here

#2 — HC Hair Factory

A professional supplier of 100% Virgin human hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, and Malaysian hair, HC Hair Factory has over 4477 transaction and 98.6% positive feedback. Their products are offered at a wholesale, competitive price without sacrificing its quality. They are now giving out discounts on over 600 items in the store.

Their best-selling 8A Brazilian Virgin Hair with frontal human hair weaves can be dyed, permed and bleached. Over 1000 items has been sold in Middle East, USA, Canada and Europe

Check out the store here

#3 — Glary Hair

Glary Hair manufactures 100% human hair that does not undergo any chemical process, no tangle and shedding and has healthy ends. They have different types of human hair such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Indian and Mongolian. It is available in different styles that suit all occasions. These hairs can be ordered by bundle or by closure. They have 98.8% positive feedback and almost 3000 transactions. 

Check out the store here

#4 — Leilabeauty Hair

Now on its third year in the industry, Leilabeauty Hair Company produces all kinds of lace closure, lace frontal and other hair extensions and exports these items in countries such as Australia, UK and France. Their 98.6% positive feedback gave them the status of being one of DHgate’s Top brand hair vendors. Their Brazilian hair top closure can be restyled and dyed without shedding and tangles.

Check out the store here

#5 — Bella Hair Factory

As Dhgate hair vendors go, Bella Hair is right up there in terms of quality.

Every hair wig of different style and color is available at a wholesale prize in Bella Hair Factory’s online store. Their decade of experience in hair product manufacturing has earned them over 13,000 transactions from different parts of the world.

They are currently holding a 98.9% positive feedback and are continuing to give a treat to their customers by offering coupons with up to 50% discount in all items available in their store.

Check out the store here

#6 — Ms Joli Hair Brand

With over 20 years in the human hair manufacturing, Ms Joli has make it a mission to produce and design top quality fashionable hair products for ladies all over the world. Most of their Brazilian virgin human hair is currently selling at half the price.

These virgin human has passed and approved by the National Hair Products and Hair Care Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. They currently have a warehouse in the US to process order and ship them at a short period of time.

Check out the store here

#7 — Gaga Queen Hair

A factory outlet with more than 15 years of hair design and manufacturing experience, Gaga Queen hair sells one of the best unprocessed virgin human hair bundles, hair bundles with closure and other weave bundles.

They ensure that their entire collection of wigs and other hair products have healthy ends and did not undergo any chemical process. The wefts are tight and sewn carefully making it look more natural and neat. These hairs may last up to years if they are properly taken care of.

Check out the store here

#8 — Shandong Heze Hair Store

Shandong Heze Hair Extensions, pre-bonded hair and skin wefts are crafted meticulously using the best quality of human hair offered at a competitive price. Unlike other hair product store, Shandong sells their hair with no minimum order required. Their blonde Peruvian hair micro beads human hair extension is currently their top-selling item in the store. It is available in different textures such as straight, curly and loose waves.

These hairs are perfect for different occasions such as wedding, graduation parties and even just a chill night out with friends.

Check out the store here

#9 — Siyusi Hair

One of the leading professional hair products manufacturer and professional supplier of human hair extensions is Siyusi Hair. Brazilian body wave hair, ombre hair, Brazilian hair weaves are some of the best-selling items offered in the store. They are currently holding a 98.1% positive feedback and is giving 20% discount for single order transactions. Siyusi prides on providing best quality virgin human hair at a reasonable price and best service.

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They ship both locally and internationally and are accepting a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Wester Union or through simple bank cards.

Check out the store here

#10 — Ishow Hair 

Whether you are in the mood for a straight, curly or wavy hair, this store would definitely have something for you. The Lacefront Peruvian hair is one of the top quality products that they offer. Its jet, black, natural straight hair is meticulously laced on the cap.  It can be styled and colored according to your preferences. Ishow Hair enjoys a 99.2% positive feedback and is one of the superior suppliers in DHgate.

Check out the store here

#11 — Yiruhair

Attain naturally wavy and curly looking hair with Yiruhair’s clip on hair extensions. These hairs are unprocessed and made from 100% virgin human hairs. The baby hairs and natural hair colors makes it as if it is your authentic original hair. It is ensured to have no tangles, split ends, no shedding and is silky. They accept order and ship to different countries in Europe, Australia and even Africa.

Check out the store here

#12 — Beaudiva Virgin Hair Store

Beaudiva is company that does not only make sure that their products are of good quality but they also make it a mission to provide a good shopping experience for their customers. 

They partner with different couriers to make shipping out their products more efficient and will arrive to their buyers for a short period of time. They have straight weave, hair bobs, kinky and curly wigs offered in their store. They are currently giving 53% discount on all items in the store.

Check out the store here

#13 — Dolago Hair

Flaunt your amazing hair with lace front human hair wigs that is perfect for graduation parties, birthday parties, and even weddings. These wigs are made by professional hair vendor Dolago. Each wig is carefully handwoven making the hair look natural no matter what style or color it is in.

The hairs go to a strict quality control that ensures that the ends are healthy looking; the weft looks neat and sharp, and has no shedding and discoloration. Dologo hair store has received an average of 98.1% from their customers from all over the world.

Check out the store here

#14 — Allove Hair 

Allove Hair is a virgin human hair brand with stores across China and does online business transactions in US, Europe, Asia and Africa. The brand aims to provide a variety of virgin hair products that are versatile and last for a long time. They are giving away up to 57% discount on certain human hair products. Their weft has undergone a double machine finish to avoid shedding. The hairs can be dyed and bleached without looking dry and damaged. The ends do not have splits which make it look more healthy and natural.

Check out the store here

#15 — Hannah Hair

Hannah hair has been providing unprocessed virgin human hair for almost 5 years already. Their loose curls than gives a healthy, youthful glow to women customers make it a well beloved hair product. It is available in dark brown, jet black and natural black colors. They also sell clip on extensions, micro braids, and body wave hair. They have a 97.5% positive feedback from customers from different parts of the globe.

Check out the store here

#16 — Badshop Hair

badshop hair dhgate

Badshop Hair has been named one of the top Hair sellers on Dhgate and has been listed as a superior seller. They are a fairly new store with a 98.4% positive rating and 5800+ transactions. They offer some amazing store coupons. Their most popular items are the Brazilian Deep Wave, Brazilian Kinky Curl.

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Check out the store here

#17 — OnlyyouHair

only you hair dhgate hair seller

The OnlyYou Hair store is another ‘Superior Seller’ on DHgate. It has a 98.5% positive feedback and 3900+ transactions. This store is famous for Peruvian Body Wave, Brazilian Straight Human Hair and Brazilian Kinky curly. They have Blonde Hair and Auburn hair, which are top sellers.

Check out the store here

#18 — Kiss Hair Fashion

kiss hair fashion DHgate hair sellers

The Kiss Hair Fashion Store on DHgate is one of my new favourites when it comes to hair because they have amazing discounts and offers and they have an exclusive store member discount. They sell waves, water wave with closure, depp wave with closure and more. They have a 98.1% rating with 3405+ transactions.

Check out the store here

#19 — Gali Hair

best Dhgate hair vendors
Actual customer photo

Gali Hair is a new addition in the DHgate Hair vendor list. They have close to150 types of hair in their stores. Their top products are the unprocessed Brazilian kinky hair, deep wave hair, loose wave and more. They’ve sold more than thousands of units of their top performing hair.

They are a top brand on Dhgate with a 98.8% positive feedback and 11,000+ transactions.

Click here to check out the store

#20 — Best Beauty Hair

best Dhgate hair vendors
Curly hair Dhgate

Topping the Top 20 hair vendors on Dhgate is the Best Beauty Hair. Very rarely do I review a seller who is not a top brand on DHgate. Best Beauty Hair is an exception. Although they are not a Top Brand on Dhgate, they have outsold some of the other top brand hair stores on Dhgate.

The quality of their hair is impeccable. Their Brazilian virgin hair bundles and mongolian kinky curly hair is some of the top selling hair from this store.

They have a 99.3% positive feedback and 8600+ transactions.

Click here to check out the store

DHgate Hair Extensions Reviews

Dhgate hair is cheaper than Aliexpress hair because DHgate charges lesser commission compared to Aliexpress. There are similar sellers on Dhgate and Aliexpress, so there is no difference there. The quality of the hair remains the same.

Dhgate Hair Accessories

Hair is one of the first few things that people notice on an individual. Different hairstyles may reflect different background and can be interpreted by people around you. It is one avenue for men and women to express their feelings, emotions and identity. It is a good thing that online stores and e-commerce websites such as DHgate makes hair and beauty businesses thrive. These stores from DHgate offer a variety of choices that is suitable for all occasions, are affordable and yet of top quality. 

Are Wigs from China Good?

There are a lot of people who are looking for reviews of Chinese wigs. Wigs from China are good, but not all of them. Some of them sell fake synthetic hair or some of them sell below par real hair. 

Wigs from China are good, but it definitely depends on the right wigs supplier and the right virgin hair vendors. 

Are Wigs made from Real Hair ? 

Virgin remy hair wigs are made from natural hair. But there are wigs that you can find on Aliexpress that look like real hair, but is in fact a fake synthetic version. So some wigs are made from real hair whereas the others are made from a fake synthetic type. Depends on what you are looking for. 

Is a real hair wig better than the synthetic type? 

The age old question. Is a real hair wig better than a fake. It really depends on your use case. If a wig is just a temporary hairstyle for you, then yes, you can go ahead with a synthetic fake hair. If your wig is basically a replacement for your current hair, then it’s much better to go for a human hair wig. The look and feel is much more natural and they are more long lasting than fake synthetic hair! 

If you are looking for the Best Hair vendors on Aliexpress, we got you covered!

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