10 Best AliExpress Hair Vendors 2024 | Aliexpress Hair Review & Guide (Insider Tips)

by Tim Howard

You’ve all heard of “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, but with hair extensions, you can flaunt it even if you haven’t got it, girls! I mean we have weaves and wigs and clip on and streaks and whatnot! And with the many quality hair vendors on AliExpress, you don’t have to worry about finding the right match for your unique hair type. Tight coils but blonde? You got it. Straight raven hair? You got it. 

Needless to say, there are just too many vendors on AliExpress. So I curated a list of a few best AliExpress hair vendors I found to be there that sell durable, silky, and some even tangle-free hair! Mostly natural, of course! Keep reading to see which of these stores have “the one” hidden for you. All you have to do is look.

Are Chinese Hair Companies Good?

Based on what I’ve seen, Chinese hair companies source from other countries such as Vietnam & North Korea and other nearby countries including India. The good news is, the the hair is real and the quality is amazing.

How do we judge Aliexpress Hair Vendors?

There are numerous ways how we identify amazing Chinese hair sellers.

We source the products for our customers and we test the hair on their behalf.

Feedback from actual consumers

Factory visits when we are meeting a new supplier

Reviews on Youtube from other buyers

I threw quite a few heavy words about the kind of hair each store has, but until I went deep diving into the whirlpool of hair vendors that there are, I’m not sure I knew exactly what each different kind of hair is. There are too many things to consider. How often you’re going to be wearing it, how exposed you will be, the exact shade of your hair, the texture and of course, how much money you can spend on the wig.

Taking all these things into consideration, I’d suggest you go ahead with your purchase. 

Here are some of the most common labels you’ll see on the AliExpress hair vendors stores:

  • Remy – About 90% of the cuticles of the strands remain intact. They are natural, affordable and bouncy in nature. 
  • Virgin – Virgin hair is one that is completely untouched and has 100% of the cuticle intact. They haven’t received any sort of perm or bleaching treatment in the life of the hair.

These categories are made to resemble or be extracted from the hair of people in those indigenous locations.

  • Brazilian
  • Virgin Peruvian
  • Virgin Indian
  • Malaysian
NameRatingWhat it’s known ForAre they a Top Brand?
Ali Queen9.1Deep Wave HairYes
Ali Coco8.7Brazilian HairYes
Unice9.5Remy HairYes
Rosa Beauty9.1Synethic Wave HairYes
iSee8.3Body Wave HairYes
Beauty Lueen9.1Blonde Wave HairYes
Wowear8.7Water Wave Curly HairYes
Arabella9.2Cosplay HairYes
Ali Grace9.8DeepWaveYes
Beaufox8.1Brazilian BoneYes
MaxGlam Hair8.3Hair Extension TapesYes
So Great7.5Ombre Black HairYes
MSToxic8.0Short Body WaveYes

Best Virgin Hair Sellers on Aliexpress

Ali Queen 

Ali Queen didn’t just become one of the most eminent hair vendors on AliExpress overnight. They have developed a reputation by gathering credibility over 10 years of promising sales on AliExpress. 

aliexpress hair review

They have too many options for you to choose from. Not just when it comes to styles, but also a variety of lengths and closures for you to choose from. Straight, wavy, curly, very curly are some of the most basic options available. When it comes to wig styles, they have headband wigs, full frontals and closures as well. And all of them at affordable rates for you to change your look at every party you go to.

This is one of the few elaborate hair vendors on Aliexpress that also sells Men’s toupees that are of good quality. So men, if you’re reading this, know that finger coving worthy hair is there for you too!

As you can see from the seller’s ratings, they have served a lot of customers over the years. Don’t be fooled by the red graphs in some categories.   In fact, let their reviews be their testimonial:

What’s most impressive about them is that they make and package these hair bundles in a large, hygienic factory of their own. They also always have offers going on on their store page on AliExpress..

Ali Coco

I think the main feature that sets Ali Coco apart as an AliExpress hair vendor is that they sell natural colored hair wigs that don’t look one bit artificial. Of course, you’d have to take care of it like you would for the real hair on your head! All the wigs in coloured hair also come in a variety of styles. So if you have curly hair, you have options for that too!

As you can see, they have left no stone unturned. You’d find options for silky hair, body wave, loose wave, kinky curls and straight hair in Brazillian, Peruvian and wait for it, Malaysian hair! Malaysian hair is supposed to be the smoothest and most silky of them all and this is one of the very few reputed, trusted stores that have it.

The Ali Coco store has gone beyond its way to list every single detail about the wig. They have listed details about the surface area it covers and the number of combs that go into fixing that particular wig.

In fact, they have also included wash care instruction on every wig they sell so that it remains in the best condition for as long as you want to use it and for as long as its life is.

aliexpress 360 frontal wigs hair

Here is one of the very genuine reviews I came across that is going to make you want to buy from here.


Let me start off by saying this hair vendor is one of AliExpress’ very own top brands. They have been selling in this niche since 2013 and they’re doing really well. You’re not going to find a variety in hair colours unless they are black and light blonde.

aliexpress short wigs

It’s quite cute how they also sell other products that will help you better install the wig or enhance your look. They have sturdy wig caps and chic headbands on their site as well.

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They take pride in the fact that their lace skins are made to match all skin tones and people can pick from that too!

Although there have been swell reviews about the hair and the wigs on their store, one problem I have noted is that they have often had issues with refunds. So there is a good chance you’ll get amazing hair and wigs from this store, but if you want to return it, you should do it at your own risk.

And as the seller feedback indicates, they have had over 5000 orders in the last 6 months! So you know they are trustworthy.

Jazz Star

Jazz Star has wigs for all budgets. If you’re looking for something reasonable you have the not so natural ones, but if you’re looking for natural looking lustrous hair, you’ve got that too. 

Interestingly, people with layers or step cuts who don’t want equal length hair also have an option to order clip ons or bundles of course. But they have often found it hard to do so. Jazz Star very clearly explains how to do that in their illustrious display. Even if you don’t order from Jazz Star, this is a guide you can use nonetheless.

I found it extremely thoughtful of Jazz Star to make it clear that when ordering wavy or curly hair, the hair stretched out and measured, so that there is no confusion later on and complaints about insufficient length.

They remain true to their word when they claim that they offer 15 day returns. This remains applicable only as long as their hair remains intact and in unused condition. I think that’s fair.

This AliExpress hair vendor also makes sure to give a hair care manual to ensure that the hair is well maintained even when not in use or if the user wears it to sleep. All the dos and don’t are clearly mentioned. So now you know what you’re doing to make the most out of your wig.

As you can see, there have been over 3800 orders in the past six months. A total of all the orders indicate that each customer is equally satisfied with the product, communication and speed of delivery.

Wow Queen

The wigs sold in this vendor’s store are 90% made of human hair. You can choose between the densities that will suit you more. They range from 150, all the way to 250. They have lace wigs, full frontals and closures, whatever you find more suitable to your scalp. 

Here you’ll find several options for ones that can pull off short hair. It’s a hard look to rock friends. And even harder to find in deep waves and curly. But guess what? Wow Queen has you covered. Want a  sleek look for your graduation or a speakeasy party? Put this on to steal the show.

The reviews of the page indicate a 92.9% satisfaction rate. I’d say that’s good enough, considering they got 300+ orders in just the last month!

Here is one of the reviews I came across on the page that was heartwarming,

If that’s not validation, I don’t know what is. We do it to look good, and we do it for the compliments.


The ISEE hair vendor store is probably the biggest one on AliExpress. They have been around for 7 years and made their way to the top with over 400,000 followers and too many, countless satisfied wig owners. 

For those to have a patent middle partition vibe, you never again will have to worry about your hair displacing into a side partition or getting ruffled up in the wind because the exclusive T-partition wig will save you and keep the line intact. Of course, that would limit your styling options. But this is a great option for those that prefer this hairstyle all the time.

Similarly, those with smaller foreheads that can pull off the headband look cutely, absolutely have to have these wigs. I think ISEE comes up with some of the most innovative wigs because they put their customers needs first.

I love how they have pictorially depicted the hair quality, how it’s wound and how smooth and healthy the ends are. This really helps one make the purchase decision. Normally, I would have said it is misleading, but after reading all the reviews and from all the experience, I can vouch for it.

ISEE has the largest variety of wigs I have ever seen on AliExpress. It is as good as shopping at a wig boutique. There are regular ones, ones with U and T partitions, ones with bangs, highlights, streaks, dyed and whatnot!

And the seller’s feedback is very impressive too! Each month they have over 1700 orders, and about 94% of the customers are always satisfied! In fact, take a look at this review:

HJ Weave Beauty

The reason I put this AliExpress hair vendor on this store is because of the actionable WYSIWYG policy. You like it, you can have it. You see a photo of a woman wearing a wig and you think you can pull it off? Well, you can just directly shop the look then!

In fact, you can also shop by how long you want your wig to last. They have options that will last you upto a year, also ones that would last you two years! Well, they’ll be more expensive for sure. One year picks can be for those who like to frequently change their style. 

Ah, and green graphs on the seller’s feedback are always soothing to sore eyes. They have performed much better than other stores in the past few months. This is always a good sign. I wouldn’t exactly label this store as up and coming, but they have really stepped up in the recent past.

And honestly, a little reply goes a long way! If that happened to me, I would definitely come to buy a wig from here again. Good hair is obviously the decisive factor here!

Allove Hair Factory

Allove is among one of the other few AliExpress hair vendors who make it to the top brand list. They have a following of close to 100,000 people who are devoted to this site and make purchases repeatedly. Here you can find most of the styles that we already discussed, in closing the rare Malaysian hair. 

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They have very simply summarized everything they’re known for and every good thing that they do on their site. From providing fast shipping and drop shopping to being extremely responsive to the customers who reach out to them on AliExpress. This is what makes them one of the most trusted hair vendors on AliExpress.

Later in this article, you’ll find how important and hard to find remains the 10A Remy hair. And this store shells 10A Remy hair wigs for affordable prices!

Another interesting thing about this AliExpress hair vendor is that along with the purchase of a particular wig, one also gets something in return for the money spent. You either get a coupon or all the cash back if you make a video of you putting on and using the hair. It is a sort of influencer marketing.

If that wasn’t tempting enough, they also do label customization for those who want to resell wigs and make their own brand.

The seller feedback and all the reviews they got are beyond impressive.


If you’re looking for real looking human hair, I wouldn’t recommend them so much. But they’re not all that bad. They’re still close to resembling hair that is not that smooth. At least they have not made any attempt to hide it. Also, they don’t have categories like Brazillian, Indian or Peruvian. They have segregated hair more based on length, style and type of wig rather than ethnicity.

I absolutely love this section about how to put on a wig! If you’re a newbie experimenting with styles, this will definitely come in handy. Who better to tell you how to put on a wig rather than the people who make it!

Understand the differences and browse from the various seasonal styles that this ALiExpress hair vendor offers you. You’ll never be out of place, girl!

The seller’s feedback is also quite impressive. They have only been here 5 years but Sapphire has surely been a gem!


Regardless of how your scalp and forehead is, round or flat, wide or narrow, beau diva probably has multiple options for you. Other than blonde and black, they do not have other colours.

They have an excellent FAQ section with their products that talks about Remy hair, shedding, table, what products to use to take care of it and what not to touch. In addition to that, they have also mentioned about how the products can be styled, bleached, including all the limitations.

In just three years of presence, they have gained immense popularity and made their way up to being a top brand on AliExpress. One of the reasons could be their 30 day no reason, no questions asked return policy. Either way, the results can be seen on the seller’s feedback page.

There were too many praises about this particular ALiExpress hair vendor, so here:

What should I know before buying lace wigs on Aliexpress?

Lace wigs are extremely in demand in recent times. Here’s what you need to know before buying them:

  • Read the description of the lace wig carefully to make sure it’s really what you want. 
  • Check reviews of the products sold from that store to find out about the quality, shipping, guarantee etc. You can also open a conversation with the store vendors if you want to know certain details. 
  • Lace wigs are a little expensive so compare prices of different stores before buying them. Don’t compromise on quality just because they’re cheap.

Does Aliexpress have good hair? 

Aliexpress sells a lot of items and is very well known for electronics, clothing and accessories. However, Aliexpress’s hair has recently been the talk as they have a wide variety of hair at an inexpensive price. The hair quality is also good and it looks pretty much real. 

Does AliExpress sell fake hair?

Yes, you can shop for fake hair from Aliexpress. You’ll find a wide variety of fake hair ranging from virgin, remy, non-remy of all styles to pick from. You can narrow down your choices by applying filters on your search. 

​​Why is AliExpress hair so cheap?

Aliexpress hair is cheap because they don’t have middlemen. They connect the hair vendor to the buyer directly. This cuts the few costs involved in the entire manufacturing process. 

How to find the best hair vendors on AliExpress?

  • Store name: You can blindly ignore the store, no matter how many products they have if their store name is simply digits. They are not verified. In addition to that in the URL, you’ll find that the store name will precede AliExpress if they are verified.
  • Ratings: One of the easiest ways to filter out unreliable sellers on AliExpress is by seeing if they are one of the top ranking AliExpress hair vendors or not. You can visit the “Store Home” and check out the ratings. Right next to the name of the store on the top bar, you’ll be able to view a percentage. I wouldn’t recommend shopping from anything lower than 90%, especially when it comes to AliExpress hair vendors.

    Another thing that you can do to check how much popularity it has for its goodwill, you can check the number of followers the store has. But that isn’t a very reliable filter.
  • No. of buys: This goes hand in hand with ratings. Make sure the store you’re buying from has at least 100 purchases, even if it’s not for the same product. It definitely is preferable. But the store is quite vast.
  • Reviews: The most reliable filter is the reviews left by the people. AliExpress doesn’t allow a person to leave reviews on the product page unless they have the product in their order histories. The reviews indicate the good and the bad. It’s the best way to tell the shortcomings of the product and whether you can afford to overlook them such that the purchase works out for you.
  • Hair quality: It really isn’t worth buying hair from the AliExpress hair vendors if they’re not natural or Remy. Unless they are of this quality, they’ll get ruined really fast and you can say goodbye to any kind of styling that you wish to do. Besides, you’ll have to constantly keep making purchases. It is just not economical in the long run.
  • Variety: Well, this isn’t the most important thing to consider when choosing the best hair vendor on AliExpress. You can always choose vendors with few varieties, but the ones that have your style, as long as they are of good quality and are reliable.
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Let me get directly to the point —  AliExpress hair is cheap because there is no one else involved between the seller on AliExpress and you. Everywhere else, you’ll find that you can’t get something even close to decent for $30. The reason being that those retailers are purchasing in bulk from someone else and selling it at a profit to you.

On AliExpress, you can come in contact with the people who directly source the hair and directly eliminate any additional cost that you may incur otherwise. Everyone wins.

Where does the hair come from?

In the information you’ll find in the description of the AliExpress hair vendor, you’ll find that the hair is manufactured in China. That is completely true for artificial hair, but it only stands somewhat true for virgin or natural hair.

When it comes to real hair, they are typically sourced from India, Pakistan or Vietnam, where women have the tendency to grow out their hair and often cut it off to donate it. But there are also “Brazilian” or “Peruvian” hair in the market which are sourced from Brazil and Peru respectively.

Source: Wikipedia

One of the biggest sources for hair are the temples of India. As a custom, people shave their heads to worship their deity. Amidst the hills of Andhra Pradesh, a southern state in India, there lies the Venkateshwara temple that is home to many such devotees. If we are being specific, there are around 75,000 people who come to pay their respect every single day.

Despite the inexpensive nature of hair, the temple had made around 1.6 billion USD in February 2019 just by making sales of this hair to Chinese manufacturers. These manufacturers then use their skillful machines to turn them into extensions, wigs and other hair pieces.

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Tips for buying hair on AliExpress to avoid getting scammed

  • Cheap hair comes at a cost

Despite the AliExpress hair rates being cheap, the shipping rates can be a bit steep if you want to opt for a quick delivery option. In the case that you want to completely avoid shipping rates, you have to be prepared for 3-4 weeks worth of wait for your hair pieces to reach you.

  • 99.4% of the hair is not real

Carefully read the descriptions of each hair piece. It is highly likely that the hair vendors write “real, “virgin”, “high density” in the product name to appear in the search results and the customers opt for it since it seems like a great bargain when compared to the real real hair pieces on AliExpress.

  • Escrow

There is something called the “ESCROW” option that lets your money be transferred to the hair vendor only after you have confirmed the satisfactory delivery of your order. You are protected by the AliExpress Buyers’ Protection that can be used to your advantage.

  • Do your research

You never know what better deals you might find if you don’t stop hunting after the first vendor you find within your budget. Research, although, isn’t simply about finding a cheap deal. It’s about whether the seller can be trusted. Check the reviews, positivity rating, and successful sales ratio. In fact, you can simply YouTube results for a popular hair vendor on AliExpress to check how the hair quality of these hairs are. 

  • Contact the seller

I can’t stress on this enough. If you like something and are having second thoughts about it, drop a message to the seller without a second’s thought and clear all your queries. Chances are, you’ll find your answer. If the seller is quick to respond, you’ll know you’re having a smart business transaction.  However, if the seller you are approaching doesn’t respond to you within 24 hours, consider opting out of the purchase.

Not all cheap hair is good

I don’t simply mean in terms of quality. Imagine you’re ordering 4 wefts to make a full weave from a hair vendor on AliExpress who is selling it at $2 apiece. As cheap as it may be, it is highly possible that the seller is running a scam. He could be selling synthetic, bad-quality hair to you under the pretext that it is real. 

Remember that for real hair, you do have to shell out a little more than you would have to for synthetically made hair. That being said, there are several hair vendors on AliExpress that sell high quality synthetic, Remy hair that seems as real as it can.

You just have to be vigilant about it. Contact the seller before you buy anything. Make sure to check the reviews left by other customers. The best way to really see if it is worth purchasing is to check the negative reviews on the product and see what is wrong with it.

Types of hair on AliExpress

I already mentioned the two broad categories of hair available on AliExpress – synthetic and real.

Synthetic hair has no ties to the human head. They are completely manufactured in a factory located in the streets of China.

In the real category, you’ll often find something called “Remy”.  Despite being far from what one would call all-natural, it is deemed to be the highest-grade of hair extensions for numerous reasons. They remain tangle-free, they are cheap and they are easily available. Moreover, they look natural. They are treated with chemicals to give them lustre and bounce.

Moving on to “Virgin” hair, this is the kind of hair that has never been treated. It has never been dyed, colored, permed, or styled. It is in its au-naturel state, taken directly off of the human head. 100% of the cuticles remain intact to make sure that they remain healthy and tangle free. One would have to care for these hair extensions as if it were real hair.  

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Aliexpress Hair Vendor

Needless to say, there are just too many vendors on AliExpress. So I curated a list of a few best AliExpress hair vendors I found to be there that sell durable, silky, and some even tangle-free hair! Mostly natural, of course! Keep reading to see which of these stores have “the one” hidden for you. All you have to do is look.

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