Best AliExpress Hair Extensions | AliExpress Hair Extension Review (Tape in & More)

by Tim Howard

If you’re in the market for hair extensions but are hesitant about the hefty price tag of salon extensions then you’ve landed on the right page.

AliExpress boasts a variety of hair extensions that are cheap and affordable. But with such a vast selection available, navigating this online marketplace can be daunting.

This guide includes personal reviews of some of the best AliExpress hair extensions out there. From tape-ins to wefts and ponytails, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to explore the word of AliExpress hair extensions and achieve your desired hair goals without breaking the bank.

Here’s a summary of the best hair extension manufacturers and suppliers on AliExpress.

AliExpress VendorType of ExtensionsNatural/SyntheticTexturePrice
MSTN Hair StoreTie-up PonytailSyntheticStraight US $4.10 – 5.58
Fashion Feel Store S-noiliteWrap Around PonytailSyntheticWavyUS $6.20 – 7.70
Lida HairAdjustable Drawstring with two combs SyntheticKinky StraightUS $11.71
SHANGKEClip-onSyntheticStraight/WavyUS $3.80 – 4.00
AliLeader Clip-on StreaksSyntheticStraightUS $0.48
SHANGZIClip-on BangsSyntheticSparseUS $3.91
ShowCocoTape-inNaturalStraight RemyUS $16.12 – 108.83
RucycatSew-in WeftsNaturalIndian CurlyUS $18.00 – 242.95
hohoSew-in WeftsNaturalBrazilian Body WaveUS $15.38 – 397.14
ShowCocoClip-onNaturalBrazilian Kinky StraightUS $22.03 – 52.33
SapphireDrawstring + Clip-on  PonytailNaturalBrazilian StraightUS $48.12 – 142.56

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12 of the Best AliExpress Hair Extensions Reviewed

SARLA Synthetic Invisible wire halo

Can you even tell that something is amiss? It just seems like regular old hair that needs a little bit of combing. But here’s the catch, it’s synthetic. Not real at all. What I love most about this is the ease of convenience when it comes to putting it on.

Section your hair horizontally from the back of your head and wear the extension like a crown. Drop the previously sectioned area on top of the hair to make it seem seamless.

The best way to wash it is to soak it in a bowl of cold water mixed with little shampoo after detangling it.

This particular halo hair extension comes in 32 different hair colours. Some of them are uniform and some are shaded, depending on your previously existing hair colour you can take your pick! There’s more of the same kind but we’d better venture into other styles because we want you looking good for Coachella!

MSTN Hair Store Synthetic Tie-up Ponytail

All those ponytail whips that were due in sassy moments are now incoming girls. I have never found a hair extension that looks so real that it can pass off for natural-looking hair. And under 5$ might I add!

This ponytail extension comes in 5 lengths, ranging from 45cm to 85cm in different weights and densities.

As you can see, the under, concealed portion has lace and mini comb clips that can be attached to the pre-existing pony so it doesn’t slide off. The attached ribbon gives you a way to tie that pony and turn it into a cute bow!

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This is what it will look like when you’re done doing a 2-minute not-so-cumbersome process.

Fashion Feel Store S-noilite Synthetic Wrap Around Ponytail

The hair is so naturally flowy, there is no way you’ll find anyone second-guessing its realness. They are soft to touch, but can be a bit hard to comb through. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

There are usually 4 options for this wrap-around ponytail. They are 17 inches, 23 inches, 26 inches and 32 inches. It is possible that all the lengths might not be available for all styles. That brings me to the next point. There are over 30 styles combined, in wavy and straight hair with different shades, colours and even a combination. Moreover, they can be styled in any way you want.

They even have a guide to help you understand how to easily hook it up to your hair and create a sway worthy high pony look!

Lida Hair Synthetic Adjustable Drawstring with two combs

At first glance, the synthetic hair may seem synthetic, unlike the ones I have already review, but after putting it on and getting lost in the crowd, you’re just going to seem like a girl who does a really good job styling her hair.

If you could look this good from all angles, why wouldn’t you? This hair extension on AliExpress comes only in one length but does have multiple colour variations for you to peruse from. Make sure it matches the rest of your hair because it is only a ponytail extension.

You can put your existing hair in a non-popping bun, and pull the drawstrings on the lace of the wig around the bun to secure the extension in place.

If that wasn’t a good enough reason, look at these cute little goodies they send along with the hair. 

SHANGKE Synthetic Clip-on Hair

This is a great hair extension from AliExpress if your goal is to increase your length. This creates a seamless look and is extremely easy to put on. If your hair is thick, you might need two of these. Thanks to how inexpensive they are, you’re not going to have a problem.

The fasteners on these clip-on AliExpress hair extensions are strong and they remain firmly strong against the hidden portions of your scalp. If you style it well, no one will be able to tell the difference. 

I did find one thing problematic though. I you want something longer than 24 inches, you won’t find that. This is only available in one size. So if it’s something short that you want, you can always alter the length.

AliLeader Synthetic  Clip-on Streaks

Who doesn’t like occasionally fun looking hair? This is probably the most sold hair extension in the histroy of AliExpress hair extensions. 

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This isn’t to increase your hair length or to increase the volume. It is more something that will set you apart or a conversation starter. You can go from demure to punk with a clip-on!

If you do it well enough, and section just the right amount of hair and place it in equal intervals, one might think your hair is coloured. Even though these are synthetic, the texture can easily pull off seeming natural. They can be styled too. There is no point in bleaching them because they are already coloured.

They can be clipped on so easily. All you need to do is hook it into the hair you sectioned and keep it close to the scalp. For that very reason, it can make for an excellent gift for your little nieces or daughters.

Single pieces come in a 20-inch length that can be clipped on and trimmed to your hair length. They also come in dual shades, if you want to make it seem more natural.

SHANGZI Synthetic Clip-on Bangs

Cutting bangs is a risky business, no? You think you’ll look good in them and you make that life-changing decision — one that you live with. But what if it’s a bit too short? You’re set for disaster! Thankfully ALiExpress has killer bang extensions. This synthetic extension is just one of them.

I love how they are not dense and have a good amount of sparse parting so some of your foreheads is visible. Some bangs just cover the entire forehead and make you look like a mushroom head.

The place where the extension comes in contact with your head has a non-slip lace with pins to hook it on your head.

ShowCoco Natural Tape-in Hair

You’ll need professional assistance for this one. Tape-ins are used to give you volume and length without bartering any of your real hair close to the scalp. The hair in this particular hair extension is of Remy quality. You can expect heads turning and lights bouncing off your hair.

However, if you do want to do it by yourself, this store gives an extensive guide on how to do so.

The adhesive on the tapes are salon-grade, s you don’t have to worry about it detaching at the wrong moments. The tape extension attached to the weft is bendy, so it takes the shape of your scalp. You wouldn’t have any straight edges popping out of your hair.

A pack of 20-40 is enough to give to medium volume. The hair comes in 6 sizes, ranging from 12 inches to 24 inches. I strongly suggest taking the help of a professional hairstylist to install them.

Rucycat Natural Sew-in Wefts

This Indian curly hair is to die for. If you’re a novice and don’t know how to do a weave, I wouldn’t suggest doing it by yourself. Getting a sew-in is a huge commitment. There is no in between. You have to invest in a lace cap that can hold your sew-in wefts.

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Even though it costs quite the sum, they offer a lot of opinions in length and number of bundles to ensure you can cut as many costs as possible;e. You have wefts ranging from 10 inches to 36. You can find single wefts and a bundle of four, depending on the length and volume you want.

Did I mention that this is 100% natural hair? No wonder it is a little expensive. The wefts are double machine stitched. You don’t have to worry about hair shedding out. You can have flaunt-worthy hair for a guaranteed 8-12 months.

Hoho Natural Sew-in Wefts

These body wave hair extensions are composed of natural Brazilian hair and come in a rolled-up wefted form that needs to be sewed into your weave. Make sure to take professional help when you’re doing this. This hair can be bleached, dyed, styled and washed as many times as you want. All it asks of you is to take care of it the way you’d take care of your own hair.

Some people did feel the fullness and bounce in the hair set in after the first wash. Maybe being packed in has that effect on the hair. This hair has been tested with the burning test to check if it’s real hair. Synthetic hair, generally when burnt, will smell like plastic. Human hair, however, smells like an earthy burnt and leaves no trace behind.

They come in various lengths, ranging from 8 inches to 40 inches. Make sure to note that these lengths are the stretched length.

ShowCoco Natural Clip-on Hair

This kind of hair has many names. Some call it kinky straight, and some call it Yaki straight. Either way, this Brazilian Remy hair extension can give you a nice looking head in a jiffy! Each set has 8 pieces of the clip-on hair extension. I have found that with two whole sets, you can have a voluminous look as each piece is pretty thin in width. 

The ease of putting it on trumps everything. You just have to part your hair wherever you want to and place the end close to your scalp, almost straddle it in, and slip iron. That’s how simple it is.

If you take care of this AliExpress hair extension properly, you’ll be able to make these hair last for over a year. All you need to do to take care of them is wash them once or twice a week and condition them well. That’s all.

Sapphire Natural Drawstring + Clip-on  Ponytail

Ah, the lustre in the hair got me! This Brazilian Remy straight ponytail is making me wish I knew how to do a decent hair flip. The stitching is also flawless. When put against your own hair, it will seem seamless.

The best way to ensure it remains secure is to tie your real hair in a bun and fasten it with bobby pins to keep it in place. Then you place the netted area on the pull and pull on the elastic drawstring to tighten it on the edges of your bun. And voila!

 I was very impressed with the fact that it doesn’t thin out towards the end. Usually, with hair extensions you can find that the ends are so thin, it almost seems fake. Why would someone do that to their own hair, right? Besides, high ponies are so hard to make!

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