Top 6 Fake AliExpress Lashes Ideal for Everyday Use 2023

by Tim Howard

Man, fake lashes are tricky business. It takes a lot of commitment, but in the end, you have that fluttery look that would make anyone go bananas! To be honest, I used to think fake lashes are meant for occasions and special events.

Can you blame me? They take effort. But the application of lashes has become quite easy now. There are varieties too. Varieties that are perfect for everyday wear. 

On AliExpress, you’ll find lashes that you can literally hoard and pull one out depending on the occasion or the look you’re going for. Keep reading to find a curated selection of some of the best AliExpress lashes!

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AliExpress Lashes Review

best aliexpress eyelashes

Ayrmilla 3D Mink Lashes 

AliExpress Lashes

Although these lashes come in about 34 styles, I have picked the 3D-136 model for our spotlight. These particular pairs of lashes say, “Yeah, just a regular day but always up for a spontaneous night out”. Provided you put on great lash glue, girls. Never skimp on that.

Notice how the lash band is a thin strip that will easily disappear above your actual lashes. Encompassed in the plastic-cotton blend strip you can see how each lash stands out individually despite being in a cluster. The criss-cross positioning makes it seem natural.

They curl in a natural way and don’t need mascara. If you’re looking for some definition, you could curl your lashes and top it off with some clear brow gel. It might clump if you use mascara, in my opinion.

These AliExpress lashes come with a plastic applicator and a spoolie for easy application.

TypeFull Strip Lashes
MaterialSynthetic Hair
StyleDramatic Crossed
Band typePlastic Cotton Band
Quantity10 pairs
Manufacturing ProcessHand Made

YAPEMAKER Magnetic Eyelashes 3D Mink Eyelashes

Honestly, the invention of magnetic lashes is a life-saving thing for people who are prone to errors. With the traditional fake lashes, there’s the whole debacle of lash glue, timing and placing it perfectly right or it will clump. Then comes the cleaning. But these — it is as simple as putting on a clip. It may take a little practice though.

This seller has a lot of variety packs under the umbrella. There are typical divisions between sparse and dense lashes, but there is also a variety of how these lashes are planted. Straight, criss-cross, leaning etc. Additionally, the seller also has few options or 2 and 3 pack lashes along with the predominant pack of 4 pairs.

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Some customers don’t want the same sized lashes in an entire pack, so they have created a nice mixed bunce as well.

The band, although made of a comfortable black cotton band, isn’t my favorite thing about this set. They’re too thick for my taste, meaning you’ll need to apply that much thicker eyeliner. So a subtle look is a little out of the question.

Speaking of eyeliner, that is also magnetic, in order to aid the magnet lashes stay up longer. It has the recommended amount of iron oxide to help hold up your look through the night.

TypeMagnetic Strip Lashes + Magnetic Eyeliner
Length1-1.5 cm
Band typeBlack cotton band
Quantity2/3/4 pairs
Manufacturing ProcessHand Made

LEKGAVD 3D Faux Mink Hair False Eyelashes

Ah, they give you the most doll-eyed look ever! These AliExpress lashes come in a pack of 4.

You have a wide variety to pick from. A different look for every mood. What I like most about it is that the strip the lashes are attached to is slim and almost negligible

Some of the strands on these strip lashes may seem too clustered and actually look, well, fake. But the internet is full of hacks to help you make your $2 fake lashes look like $30 ones. Paloma Garcia’s spoolie hack, the one where she takes a dry, clean brow spool to wiggle through the strands as if she is sawing them, will make the lashes fan out and make them look more natural.

TypeStrip Lashes
Length1.5 cm
StyleMulti-layers, Wispy, Flared, Cris-Cross
Band typePlastic Black Band
Quantity5 pairs
Manufacturing ProcessHand-made

DeceMars YY Shape Two Tip Lashes Eyelashes Extensions 

I have two words for the AliExpress lashes — LOVE THEM!

It only seems fitting to let you know that you can be in complete control of how your lashes look. That’s what’s great about working with individual lashes. You can space them out and keep them as close as you want. And with this set of lashes, you can do so much more. 

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First off, in each piece, you’ll find 4 lashes from one root. These four lashes branch put in a natural “Y” shaped flare. These lashes are available in two kinds of thickness. They are as thin as 0.05 mm and 0.07 mm.Once again, there is a variety in colors also — black and brown. Brown can seem synthetic but balck seems completely natural when attached.

They sell boxes by the length of the lashes you want. Starting from 8mm, there are boxes of each progressing millimeter upto 15mm. In fact, some may want cat eyes and a doe-eyed fluttery look. So, for those girls, you can find mixxed trays of 8-12mm and 8-15mm.

Before I forget another thing about these lashes, they also have an pton for you to choose between the kind of curl you want on your lashes. The options are C and D. The C curl is for a more natural look and the D curl is for dramatic. This is so that you don’t have to take the extra effort of going through the lash curler hassle.

Although they do have this option of C and D, when you’re buying mixed trays you can have different lengths but not different curl types.

TypeIndividual Y Lashes
Length0.5-1 cm
StyleY shaped, C/D curl
Band typeNo band
Quantity12 rows 
Manufacturing ProcessHand made

Glow With Professional Makeup Individual Cluster EyeLashes 

This box is going to last you forever. These individual AliExpress lashes are a cluster of 10 on a small strip. Close enough to look like a cluster, but far enough that they don’t look congested. All the lashes on the cluster are of equal length, but they are arranged in a criss-cross manner to make it seem as if they are naturally long and short. 

Since they’re not strip lashes, you can fit them in just the spaces you find empty. And since they’re not technically individual either, it will take you far less time to finish grooming your lashes.

Owing to their low price, you can buy a bunch of different lengths and graft your own lashes. These are available in 10 plus sizes, ranging from as small as 6 mm to as long as 14 mm. The short ones will look perfect for an everyday look. If you’re looking for some dramatic flare, add a couple of long ones on the outward area of your lash line to finish your look. 

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In contrast to all the other fake lashes we saw, these are not completely synthetic. These are made on imported fibre that makes it extremely lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. 

TypeIndividual Lashes
Length6-14 mm
MaterialImported Fibre
StyleC/D Curl, 10 lashes per cluster
Band typePlastic Cotton Band
Quantity60 pcs
Manufacturing ProcessHand Made

Yelix Easy Fan Volume Lashes 

These are the most customizable of AliExpress lashes I have come across, in terms of creating a look and in terms of ordering something for yourself. These fake lashes are a cluster of 4 lashes that stem from a single point, making it seem like a fan. They don’t say ‘fan out your lashes’ for no reason.

Let’s talk about sizes. First, you can choose between the thickness of the lashes you want. The thinnest ones are 0.03mm and then there is 0.05 mm and finally they only go as thickas 0.07 mm. Then you can choose the kind of curl you want. Least curl would be a B and and most lifted would be D. Here you also have angled lashes in an LU shape.If that’s the kind you are looking for, these are the best ones.

Furthermore, a single cluster doesn’t have equal length lashes. If one is 10 mm, the others would be 8, 11 and 12 mm strands. I did find that the 20 mm lash clusters, which is 2 cm, can seem a bit too long and will automatically seem unnatural.

All the cluster options are long except for one set that comes in a 5-7mm range. I’d suggest these for the times you really mean to dress up and steal the show.

TypeIndividual Fan Lashes
Length1-1.5 cm
StyleB, C, CC, D, LU curl fan lashes
Band typeNo band
Quantity12 rows in each tray
Manufacturing ProcessHand made

Guide buying cheap eyelashes on ALIEXPRESS

Can I reuse fake lashes?

Yes, you can reuse fake lashes. Synthetic lashes may last you up to five reuses and the ones made of natural human or animal hair will last you longer, provided you maintain them and keep them clean after every use. 

How long can I leave fake lashes on?

It is not recommended to leave your lashes overnight as they may then out your natural lashes. But there are adhesives that help you keep them on for days at once, if you’re comfortable that is. Getting them done at the salon will possibly last you for up to a week.

Do you put mascara on before or after fake lashes?

If you’re going to reuse your false lashes, it is recommended that you don’t use mascara on them. Mascara is generally used to ensure the false AliExpress lashes blend in with your real ones. If you plan and buy your lashes, you can decide the fullness and density you want without having to use mascara.

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