Chinese Glock Gun Toys from AliExpress and Dhgate China 2023

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If you are interested in buying wholesale Glock gun toys from AliExpress and China, then you should know how to select a reliable supplier. 

It’s important to select a reliable supplier because you’re going to need high quality goods and not cheap products that will break easily. That being said, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying high quality Glock gun toys and accessories directly from China.

Check out some of the top rated sellers who supply high quality toy Glocks and also read through the section “how to choose a wholesale supplier for Glock gun toys” to figure out what you need to consider when selecting the right seller on AliExpress.

Top rated wholesale Glock gun toys from AliExpress and China

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Toy Glock Replicas from China

There are only a handful of wholesale Glock gun toy sellers with high quality products on their hands. A majority of the best sellers are found on AiExpress and it’s rather difficult to find good wholesale dealers on other sites like Alibaba, DHgate, Wish and even Joom.

However, we managed to find a couple of really good suppliers on Alibaba and DHgate that have been included in this list. All the sellers offer a wide variety of Glock toy guns and other toy guns for affordable prices and only the Kosibate store offers high quality leather accessories such as straps and holsters for your toy Glock guns.

MMCool Toy Store93.5% Satisfaction Rating
CSnoobs Factory Store96.4% Satisfaction Rating
WUYD Store94.2% Satisfaction Rating
Taodudu Babytoys Store91.5% Satisfaction Rating
Yiwu Saiku Store4.16/5 Satisfaction Rating
Cooltoygun95.1% Satisfaction Rating
Angel9dm97.8% Satisfaction Rating
Kosibate Official Store95.6% Satisfaction Rating
Toy Gun Supplier Store100% Satisfaction Rating
Becoming Store98.3% Satisfaction Rating

Are Dhgate Glocks Worth it?

M1911 Glock Soft Bullet Toy Gun

Wholesale Glock Gun Toys from AliExpress and China

This M1911 Glock toy gun is made from high quality plastic and is capable of shooting soft bullets up to a range of 10m or 32 feet. It has a manual trigger, which means that it will not fire automatically and each  round goes off when the trigger is pulled.

The seller accepts bulk and wholesale orders on the toy gun and its accessories and depending on the variant and type of accessories you choose the wholesale price for this bad boy can range from $2.95 to a little over $17.50. 

This toy Glock is offered by MMCOOL Store on AliExpress and even though they have been around for less than a couple of months, their toy guns are worth every cent and you should definitely consider buying from them in bulk.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders up over 1000+ pieces

New Glock Toy Pistol Gun

The New Glock toy gun is a premium quality toy that you can get at wholesale and retail prices depending on your needs. It’s made from high quality plastic and EVA quite like the M1911 above and it is the ideal gift for boys if you want to teach them how to shoot. The bullets are made from soft foam and can be loaded into the gun via the ejectable cartridge. 

The seller here is the Zerlushun store on AliExpress and they offer high quality toy guns at a bargain. You can even get coupons and additional discounts while shopping from their store and they accept wholesale and bulk orders, so feel free to reach out to them via the chat option in case you have any questions.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders over 1000+ pieces

CSnoobs Glock M1911 Graffiti Toys Gun

Wholesale Glock Gun Toys from AliExpress and China

The CSnoobs Glock M1911 is another fancy toy gun made of ABS plastic and that uses EVA foam projectiles which don’t hurt. The gun is available at a low price of $14.45 retail and you can get your  hands on them for around $3 a pop if you happen to buy more than 50 guns from the seller. 

The best thing about these guns is that they come straight from the manufacturing factory and you will definitely be able to get it at a much cheaper price if you happen to buy them in bulk.

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We tested this gun out and found that it has an impressive 15m range and uses a bolt action ejection method that shoots the bullet straight on target. Each package includes a toy Glock gun, a silencer, a pack of 10 bullets and 8 shells.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders over 500+ pieces

2PCS/Set Glock EVA Soft Toy Guns

Make sure you gun down your target by ordering the Glock EVA pump action toy gun set from CSnoobs. This weapon has high grade plastic construction with EVA foam bullets making it accurate and fun to shoot at targets. 

The set offers a very popular design which is great for those who want to order multiples of their favorite guns for resale purposes. You’ll receive two guns, two silencer units, 16 bullets, and 8 shells. This gun will also come in a convenient box so you can store or display it proudly on your shelf.

MOQ – 1 set/lot, wholesale orders up to 9700 lots

Gun Parts Extra Accessories Bullet Case/Darts/Target for M1911

Here are some high quality foam pellets for the m1911 model Glock toy gun. These soft, safe, and squishy projectiles are designed and manufactured by CSnoobs factory store and they’re some of the best quality in the market. 

I found these to be really fun to use because they don’t hurt much even at close range and are easy to load. CSnoobs also sells a variety of accessories so you can get extra clips or buy them in large quantities depending on your requirements.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale discounts up to 2% on more than 2 orders

Shell Throwing Glock Toy Pistol

All the Glock toy guns mentioned above are high quality toys and this particular model is no different. Sold by the Taodudu Babytoys store in China, this plastic Glock toy handgun uses EVA foam bullets and each kit includes bullet casings to give you an authentic shooting experience.

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Also, this gun fires at 8m direct distance and 10m throwing distance which is not that great but decent considering the price.

The seller ships directly from mainland China and you can buy this toy in one of 4 different colors including army green. Each piece costs $21.39 and this store does not offer discounts on bulk orders even if you do buy over 100 pieces.

MOQ – 1 unit, bulk orders accepted, no discounts

CZ75 Glock Soft Bullet Toy Gun

The CZ75 toy gun is made of high quality ABS plastic and has a shooting range of around 8-15m. If you purchase this toy gun, the kit comes with a double cartridge holder and a silencer along with 12 foam bullets and shell casings. 

These accessories blend in well into the design, making it look larger upon closer inspection. A warning cautionary sign is printed on the bottom of the handgun to notify onlookers that it is just a toy. It’s a well made toy Glock gun and is worth being picked up in bulk considering the seller offers up to 18% discount on wholesale orders.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale deals are available

Glock M1911 P85 Desert Eagle Toy Gun

This variant of the Glock toy gun is a premium looking piece that you’d see in the movies or games like Hitman. The gun has a gold matte body and a black rubber grip which give it an elegant appearance. The performance is quite like the others on this list and you can find this bad boy in a range of other colors as well.

The seller, Wawale store, offers wholesale deals on this toy Glock and if you’d buy over a certain quantity then you can get each gun for under $15 which is a steal in my opinion. Each kit consists of a gun, silencer, 10 EVA foam bullets and 8 bullet shell casings all packaged nicely in a branded cardboard box.

MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders up to 19,000 pieces

GlockManual Desert Eagle Soft Bullet Gun

If you’re looking for a gun for your child to play with, there are many options to choose from. For example, this particular toy comes in a variety of colors, and it’s safe to use because the gun isn’t very heavy and the bullets are made from soft EVA foam.

Wholesale deals are available on multiple order quantities, and you can get these toys for as low as $0.10 if you order over 1,000 at one time via the Yiwu Saiku store on Alibaba. The seller offers customized packaging on large orders, and shipping will occur via sea freight so it might take a little while to receive the shipment.

MOQ – 500 sets, up to 10,000 sets

M1911 Electric High-Speed Water Ball Glock Toy Gun

Unlike all the other toy Glock guns on this list that you can get wholesale, here’s one that stands out. This toy Glock shoots water balls that burst upon impact. The balls are stored in a canister at the top of the gun, quite like a paintball gun and fires high-speed rounds using an electric burst mechanism.

You can find these wholesale Glock gun toys on DHgate and they are a tad expensive considering they use an electronic firing pin and not a manual one. However, the seller does offer discounts on over 7 pieces, so you can grab a set at a reasonable price of $32 and have an all out water fight this summer with your friends.

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MOQ – 1 unit, wholesale orders over 7 pieces with discounts

What to look for when buying wholesale Glock gun toys on AliExpress and from China?

Since a majority of the toys sold around the world are made in China, it’s safe to say that the toy Glock guns you find on sites like AliExpress and DHgate are made from the same high quality materials. 

But, just to be certain, check if it’s manufactured using high quality plastic and comes with EVA foam bullets and not hard rubber or plastic projectiles.

Another thing to look out for is whether the seller offers discounts on wholesale orders. Normally they do, but there are some sellers on AliExpress that don’t provide discounts on their products, so reach out to them and see if they can make that happen otherwise you can choose from another seller that does.

You should also consider the possibility of there being customs charges on toys over a certain quantity, so check if the seller provides boxes with the order and you can have them removed to save on shipping costs. 

Finally, it’s important to check the ratings of the sellers and their reviews to determine if they are legitimate or whether they provide substandard goods. Choose a seller with a high transaction count as those are generally the ones with good quality toy Glock guns.

Is it safe to buy toy Glock gun toys from China?

Truth be told, buying any kind of firearm look alike can be a problem and toy Glock guns are the worst since they kind of look like real guns. But Chinese manufacturers have started imprinting “this gun is a toy” underneath each unit and this makes it safe to transport overseas. There is no compromise in the quality of the Glock gun toys especially if you buy them wholesale as most of the high quality toys sold in the west are made from the same material as these you get off AliExpress and from China.

Which is the best website to buy wholesale Glock gun toys?

Based on my personal experience, AliExpress is the best place to buy Glock toy guns at wholesale prices. These toys are made from high quality materials and are extremely affordable so it’s worth checking out. Moreover, the sellers on AliExpress are much more responsive and will usually respond to your questions within 1 business day.

Can I make a profit if I buy wholesale Glock gun toys from AliExpress to resell?

Yes, if you choose the right seller. Since most of the high quality manual and electric Glock toy guns in the States are priced at around $40-$60 a piece, you can easily make around $25-$30 profit on each gun. Remember, everything boils down to the seller, so choose wisely to get the best benefits.

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