6 Best AliExpress Knife Clones 2022 | Aliexpress Knife Clone Review!

by Tim Howard
best aliexpress knife clones

Be it an every day use knife or turkey day hunting, a good knife make your life easy. It simply saves you the effort and you can sport a rugged, all-protecting look. As long as you don’t use it for morally questionable reasons, here you can find some of the best AliExpress knife clones. Be equipped on a budget!

Best AliExpress Knife Clones

Pegasi Clone Tactical Knife — $1.39 – 4.03

This all-black handheld piece of gorgeousness is as good as it gets. 

This blade comes in two sizes. An S and an L. The S is as long as 16 cm top to bottom and the L is 19cm long. For the smaller clone knife, you’ll find that the hand length is 9 cm long and the leaf is 6.7cm. The large one, on the other hand, the leaf and the handle are almost of the same length, with the leaf being 9 cm and the handle 10 cm. Despite such a small difference in lengths, the weight of the large one is almost twice as much as the small one. 

The small 90 gram knife has a blade thickness of 2.2 cm and the large 140 grams knife thickness extends upto 3 cm. I found that the smaller blades are good for slicing and the large ones are perfect for such intensive activities.

Both the blades have a 3cr13 grade steel and have 57HRC hardness. The shank has an aluminium handle. You might have to sharpen it from time to time to maintain its effectiveness.

These knives are folding knives with an automatic opening at the click of a button. I’d place the flip-open side away from your fingers. You don’t want to accidentally slash yourself.

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WorkPro Multifunction MINI Folding Knife –$7.99

This baby will fit in the palm of your hands, open or closed! When I would this knife, I couldn’t help but wish that I had found it earlier. Its ergonomic design, ability to fit in the pockets and portability just made everyday life simpler. It sucks that I took it as cabin luggage once accidentally and airport security, I can’t blame them, took it away. I was just so used to carrying it in my backpack!

The knife when folded is 64 mm, and when opened into its full glory it is 114 mm. The blade of the knife is of the 4cr13 grade. It’s stronger than general steel. This is actually helpful because the thickness of the blade is just 3mm. If it was any other steel grade, it would have been prone to breakage.

The rest of the body and the metal pocket clip on the knife is 2cr13. The opening is assisted. You’d have to put in slight effort to remove it from the sleeve of the body. They can be cutting leather, carpet, generally struggling food cans, cardboard and even a whole PVC pipe!

It gives you a run for its money’s worth, doesn’t it? If it seems similar it is because you have eyed the Wurth Multitool, I know. So have I.

Pegasi Outdoor Foldable Knife  –$10.24

I’d recommend this to the real knife connoisseurs. Let me jump right into the 8.4 cm blade on the 20.4 cm knife. The blade of this knife is made of 9CR18MOV steel, a 440B grade high hardness stainless steel. The composition includes 0.9% Carbon and 18% Chromium. This mix is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for something rust proof and low maintenance.

It may seem a great choice for newbies as well, but it is the sharpening part that makes one rather wary. The steel grade makes it hard to sharpen, something only an experience knife aficionado would know to do well.

The spear pointed blade makes it an obvious choice to take with you when you’re going camping, hiking or simply being adventurous. This folding knife requires manual assistance to be opened. Either side of the blade are sharpened, therefore you can’t touch the blade of the knife to close it shut. The blade on the rear end extends outwards that can be used to close it back shut.

It has an all-black matte finish that is simply classy and sleek. You’re going to look fabulous pulling it out of your pocket. But safety first — put it in a sheath. Luckily, this comes with one!

CIMA Fixed Edge Hunting Knife — $29.80

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’re absolutely going to love this knife. It is one of the most efficiently designed knives I have ever come across. Encompassing a weight of around 0.5 pounds, and wrapped in a protective plastic hard case sheath, this clone knife becomes extremely portable. 

If you’ve always wanted the Esee-3 South American survival knife, this is the one for you. The blade is made of 7CR17MOV steel. The ridges on the top edge make it an excellent tool for flinting. The length of the blade itself is 8.5 cm and the width of the blade is 4.5 mm.

What I love about it is how much effort is put into quenching the knife. It went through a deep heat treatment to improve the knife’s hardness, toughness, and corrosion resistance.

The body of this knife has a finger shaped curve at the end of the knife for a better grip in addition to the flax coated and linen texture handle. The thick girth of the handle also makes it relatively simpler to use the knife. The six star screw heads ensure that the knife is secure around the handles. In addition to that, the handles are also non-slip and water resistant. 

Sebenza 21 Tanto Clone –$44.99

Get excited because I have a Sebenza clone for you guys. This looks like the real deal. 

Just like the Sebenza 21, this blade features a surtday titanium frame that locs for safety and a sleek and stylish tanto blade. Once it locks, you know its a sturdy knife that won’t move unless it has your assistnce.

Tanto blades are one of my favourite kinds. And this Sebenza clone does it so well. There is one sharpened edge on the tip of the knife for straight deep edges, and the other sharpened edge lies in the belly of the knife. Both of them are secure in a stonewash handle.

The full length of this knife clone is 21 cm, of which the blade is 9 cm and the handle 12 cm. The blade is as wide as 3 cm and as thick as 3.2 mm. The material of the blade is D2 Steel. It simply makes this whole knife more table, but it can also mean it is more difficult to sharpen.

The knife is also rather simple to disassemble. Easy to clean, sharpen and store.

Firebird Ganzo EDC Tool  — $30

This Ganzo clone weighs just a little over 100 grams. Add that to the small folded length of about 11 cm and you know you have the most portable knife ever. The blade is as long as 8.6 cm and the total length including the handle is 19.9 cm. The blade of the knife is 3.5 mm thick.

The FH921 grade of the knife means it is resistant to any abrasion. The knife is as hard as 60 HRC and the streel grade used is D2. It is created to maintain a smooth edge retention

Once locked and kept inside your pocket, there is no way that the knife could open on its own. You can remain worry-free and always equipped. Besides, you can have a colour of your own choosing.

Understanding the difference between knife clones and fake knives

To put it simply, counterfeit knives or fake knives are those that try to replicate the original knives in appearance. Logo, design of the body etc. Steel quality is subpar.

Clone knives on the other hand are made with genuine materials like carbon fibre, ceramic bearings and titanium. The clones also always mention the correct steel type used. 

Both fakes and clones are commonly known in the markets as replicas. Fakes will have the original brand’s logo on them and the clones won’t.

There is this whole conundrum about knife clones being bad because they’re partially committing intellectual property theft, but knife clones have their own way of justifying their presence in the market.

Real knives are quite expensive and one would think there is no way of knowing whether or not to invest in such a hole-burning expense. Luckily we have clone knives, knives that use similar designs, mechanisms and materials to help you understand without buying the real one.

In fact, some of the actual brands are okay with clones existing out in the market because they claim it helps the already niche knife enthusiast community come to a buying decision about original knives.

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