Best Home Decor Stores on Aliexpress

by Tim Howard

AliExpress has emerged as a treasure trove for savvy home decorators seeking to transform their living spaces into personalized havens of style and comfort. Our article delves into the realm of home decor, unveiling a curated selection of the finest and most sought-after stores on AliExpress. From chic minimalist aesthetics to opulent and eclectic designs, these stores offer an array of enchanting options that cater to every taste and budget. Join us on a virtual tour through these virtual storefronts, as we unveil a world of inspiration and possibilities to adorn your abode with elegance and creativity.

Aliexpress has some amazing decor stores and is one of my favorite categories on Aliexpress. Here’s a quick summary of the top Aliexpress Home Decor stores

Hung Quin – Lighting Store

Acellen Store – Decor Pieces

Divoom – Pixel Art Decor

ForRose – Flower Decor

Cute AliExpress Decor

Home Decor Items Store on Aliexpress

Huacan Official Store

The Huacan Official Store is one of the biggest brands/stores on all of AliExpress, and its popularity boils down to the fact that they have the largest variety of diamond paintings. And they also have short delivery times, good customer service, and premium quality products. 

The Huacan store features diamond painting kits in a variety of shapes and designs. The store features square, round, special shapes of painting kits. The store also features oil painting and cross stitch kits if you are interested in them. You can get diamond painting kits for greeting cards, notebooks, wallets, and more. And like most other stores on this list, you can find tools too. 

The Huacan Official store is one of the oldest diamond painting stores and this has helped them to garner over 562000 followers with a 98.0% feedback rating, which are some impressive numbers. They also have products with thousands of buyers and high ratings. You can’t go wrong with the Huacan Official store, they are easily the biggest and the best diamond painting store on AliExpress. 

Homfun Official Store

The Homfun Official Store is one of the biggest dealers when it comes to diamond paintings on AliExpress. They offer high-quality diamond painting kits/sets that allow customers to create immersive and cool-looking home decor paintings. Their DIY diamond painting kits are a benchmark for other stores on AliExpress.

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The Homfun store is all about diamond paintings and features everything from tools to complete kits. They have diamond painting kits for flowers, landscapes, cartoons, animals, and more. They have multi-picture combination kits that feature multiple panels that come together to make a whole picture. And they have LED diamond paintings that are super unique and cool. And when it comes to diamond painting tools, the Homfun store has everything you need from drills to beads to plates and more.

The Homfun Official Store is easily one of the best AliExpress Diamond painting stores on AliExpress, they have over 68,000 followers, and a positive feedback rating of 98.3%. They have multiple products with thousands of orders and top ratings. They are very popular thanks to high-quality diamond painting sets at affordable prices. 

Shine Art Club Store

The Shine Art Club Store features some excellent diamond paintings over a wide range of categories. They are a new store that has been in business for only a few months but they have already gathered a lot of followers and goodwill among customers thanks to premium quality products at reasonable prices. 

The ultimate selling point (USP) of the store is that they feature diamond painting sets of popular Disney characters and Marvel characters too. This makes them extremely popular among kids and young adults. They also feature painting kits on sceneries, animals, portraits, and custom designs too. And you can find all the tools and accessories you need to create awesome DIY diamond paintings. 

The Shine Art Club Store has been functional for only a few months, yet it has over 6300 followers and a positive feedback rating of 99.4%. At the given rate, the store is sure to reach Homfun and Huacan levels of popularity and acclaim. And if you want Disney, Marvel, and even some Star Wars-based diamond paintings, then this is the place for it. 

Ever Moment Official Store

The Ever Moment Official Store features top-quality diamond painting kits that have a lot of buyers and high ratings. They feature tons of unique designs which you can’t find in most of the other stores. This is what drives them forward, and gets them a lot of customers. 

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The Ever Moment store features regular diamond paintings like animals, flowers, landscapes, and more. But what makes them special is their diamond paintings and kits on skulls, horror, gothic, and vehicles. These kinds of diamond paintings are not easy to find and Ever Moment has plenty of high-quality ones of the same. They also sell finished diamond paintings, if you are not into DIY kits. And you can find glowing paintings as well.

The Ever Moment Official Store is the best place for you to find unconventional diamond paintings. They don’t offer tools in their store, but you can always get tools from other top diamond painting stores. With a 99.0% feedback rating and 21000+ followers, Ever Moment is one of the best AliExpress diamond painting stores. 

Nabi Diamond Painting Store

The Nabi Diamond Painting Store deals exclusively with diamond painting products, they don’t deal in other home decor products like some others on this list. What makes them special is that they have everything you’ll ever need when it comes to diamond paintings. 

Nabi has diamond painting sets for almost everything you can think of. You can get landscapes sets, animal sets, festival sets, and much more. Their store also features diamond painting tools like beads, glue, tweezers, and more. You can even get custom diamond painting sets that allow you to design a personalized painting.

When buying from Nabi you don’t have to worry about quality as they are highly rated. Nabi has a 99.0% feedback rating on AliExpress and over 8300 followers that trust their products. Many of their products have hundreds of orders and good ratings. The Nabi Diamond Painting Store is highly trusted by costumes making it one of the best AliExpress diamond painting stores.

MYCELLA Official Store

Probably the oldest store for diamond painting supplies and kits on AliExpress is the MYCELLA Official Store and over this period they have gathered a lot of followers and high ratings. The store doesn’t focus on diamond paintings alone, they sell cushions, carpets, pillow covers, and more as well. They focus on home decor in general rather than a full-fledged diamond painting store.

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When it comes to diamond paintings, the store has square and round paintings, and these feature categories like animals, flowers, portraits, and more.  You can even get diamond cushion covers which are interesting and unique in my opinion. All of the products are of high quality and look amazing. 

The MYCELLA Official Store has over 64000 followers and is rated at 97.0%. While they feature some excellent diamond paintings, you can also find some cool cushions and other home decor items, so be sure to go through their entire product page. They are one of the largest stores when it comes to diamond paintings on AliExpress. 

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