How to buy Ukulele in China? The Best Ukulele Brand in China

by Tim Howard

Ukulele is a Portuguese origin instrument developed in the 1880s. Ukulele is associated with Hawaiian music, where the name roughly translates as “jumping flea”. ukuleles are known for their guitar-like look and its compatibility.

In case you are a professional ukulele player or if you are planning to get started with your music career then I would strongly recommend you to buy the Acouway Ukulele Concert Soprano Tenor as the manufacturers offer such an extraordinary instrument that justifies every penny that you spend on it, despite cost being bit too high.

But if you are looking for a ukulele and you are just a beginner or you are looking forward to buying one for your kid, then I would recommend you to do your analysis on the instruments listed above. It’s better to read through the product’s feedback and reviews to be on the safer side before placing your order. Having that said, at the end of the day we get what we pay for so make it count.

                        NAME                             TUNER MATERIAL                             SIZE OPTIONS                            PRICE RANGE                            
SevenAngel 21 Inch Ukulele Metal gears and stainless steel shafts
21 inches
$21.60 – 55.80                    
 Aiersi full pack 21 inch ukelele Tuning head – plastic 21 inches$25.99 – 30.99
21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack with  Tuning head- plastic
21 inches 
                                    $19.43 – 28.37
Acouway Ukulele Concert Soprano Tenor18:1 gold plated gear machine heads are used           21 inches23 inches26 inches$38.85 – 59.00           
Zebra Spring 21 inch Basswood Soprano UkuleleTuning head – ABS plastic                
21 inches
 $ 18.75 – 19.74                        

If you are looking for a new Ukulele, then the best choice would be to get it from AliExpress. There are many high-quality Ukuleles you can get on AliExpress. And the best part is that they don’t cost a lot of money.

Buying a ukulele can be a tempting choice to make, especially when you get it for a cheaper price tag. Though few factors have to be taken into consideration before buying one. Here I will be guiding you through some of the best-selling ukuleles in AliExpress.

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Best Chinese Ukulele

SevenAngel 21 Inch Ukulele

SevenAngel 21 inch ukulele is made of African mahogany, its one of the top-tier materials mostly used in crafting instuments. Mahogany is known for being one of the strongest wood varieties, hence it ensures the durability of the ukulele down the road. Unlike laminated ukuleles, sound quality is not compromised due to the usage of high-quality mahogany.

SevenAngel uses mahogany wood to produce a warm, clean, and rich sound without sacrificing build quality. The specialty of the wood is that sound tends to get better as the wood gets older. A unique reinforced neck with a dovetail heel is used to increase the durability of the instrument. Reinforced ribs are fixed into the neck and the soundboard to avoid deformation and cracking.

It is crafted with smooth rounded edges so that it’s comfortable to hold during prolonged sessions. Metal gears and stainless steel shafts with plastic tuner heads are used for fine-tuning. They also promise easy play without buzzing noise as real bone and saddle are used to transmit vibration perfectly.

AliExpress offers only one size option, the soprano ukulele (21 inches). There is a starter pack that includes an extra string, adjustable strap, two picks, and a deluxe ukulele tuner. SevenAngel takes customer satisfaction a step forward by offering the best quality assurance along 27 different soundboard pattern options to pick one from.

Aiersi full pack 21 inch ukelele

The Aiersi full pack 21-inch ukelele is a great way to spread good vibes. It is a traditional soprano ukulele with the back and side made from mahogany wood. It is known for being a top-tier material when it comes to instruments,ensuring the durability of the ukulele down the road. While higher grade mahogany is used on the top as the soundboard to bring out a richer and brighter sound.

It features smooth rounded edges to make it more comfortable to hold during long play sessions. The bridge and the fingerboard of the Aiersi full pack 21-inch ukulele are made from richlite to provide a comfortable feel while playing. The ukulele comes with a metal gear tuner along with a plastic tuning head for finer and stable tuning of the instrument.

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Among the other unique design choices, The Aiersi full pack 21-inch ukelele comes with unique laser cut soundboard designs such as standard soundhole, dolphin design soundhole, and a gecko design soundhole. Buying a Donner ukulele will also get you a few additional accessories such as a ukulele bag, ukulele strap, carbon nylon string, and digital clip-on tuner as complimentary gifts.

21″ Economic Soprano Ukulele Start Pack with Gigbag, Tuner

Just by the name of the product, we could recognize that it’s one of the best ways to start the musical journey. This ukulele is an excellent choice for a beginner to begin with and not because they are affordable but because of their quality.

If you are a person who prefers funkier colors over wood-finished ukuleles, you should consider buying one of these. They come in multiple colors to choose from. A fun fact about these colors is that they are made from Matte Eco-Friendly paint as mentioned by the manufacturers.

But unlike the other ukuleles, these are made up of basswood. While talking about basswood the durability and the sound quality doesn’t stand up to the mark of mahogany wood but it’s a better pick over laminated ukuleles.

The tuning heads are made up of plastic while the tuning gears are made up of stainless steel with semi-closed knobs. But despite being made up of cheaper materials for cost-cutting, the manufacturers promise and ensure the durability of the tuning heads.

It has a classic design of a round-shaped hall. When it comes to comfortability it isn’t the best. As the edges are still a bit boxy and the rounded corners are not up to the mark. It comes with nylon guitar strings. The edges of the cords are grained to 45 degrees to ease the pressure on the hand.

If you are a beginner and planning to get a ukulele with a strict budget, then I would strongly suggest you get this one. It does come with few negative points regarding the build quality but we can not expect more from a $50 ukulele, I would say it does justify its price tag.

Acouway Ukulele Concert Soprano Tenor

If you’re a beginner and planning to get started with a budget-friendly and classy-looking wood-finished ukulele, then this is the one you should go for. The ideology behind the design is unique, they have chosen to go with the “Phoenix Through Time” concept, by imprinting the Phoenix bird on the soundboard.

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The back and the sideboards are made out of mahogany. And the top board is made out of high-quality mahogany as mentioned by the manufacturers which are known for producing bright, focused, and long-sustaining sound. The bridge and the fingerboard are made out of redwood for a smooth finished fretboard and neat fret wire.

18:1 gold plated gear machine heads are used for 45% more accuracy while tuning. High-quality golden diecast knobs are used for the tuning heads for an accurate and two times more stable spring tuning. They also promise easy play without buzzing noise as high-quality OX bone nut and saddle are used to transmit vibration perfectly. The Japanese carbon nylon string is used which can offer a bright sound.

AliExpress offers three different sizes and seven different color options to pick one from. The size options are 21 inches, 23 inches, and 26 inches. This package also includes a ukulele gig bag, ukulele strap, ukulele shaker, extra stings, pick case including three picks, and a ukulele tuner. The manufacturers also offer one year warranty.

Zebra Spring 21 inch Basswood Soprano Ukulele

If you are planning to buy a ukulele for your kid, then the Zerba Spring 21 inch Basswood Ukulele is exactly what you need. This is a professional-looking 4 stringed ukulele for your kid. But the catch here is that it comes with funky-looking bright colors, which can be attractive for the kids. They offer a wide range of color, and the choices are green, pink, black, red, yellow, Basswood color, brown, rose red, shallow purple, white, purple, and blue.

The whole body is crafted with basswood including the top, back, and sides. It comes with smoother rounded edges to make it more comfortable to hold during prolonged sessions of usage. Likewise, well-smoothened rosewood is used on the fingerboard. Unlike redwood, rosewood doesn’t give the smoothest experience but can’t expect much from a $20 ukulele.

Talking of the price it’s one of the cheapest ukuleles you can buy and yet it pretty much does check all the boxes a $1000 ukulele would do. There are some cheap materials being used for cost-cutting like the Ivory-colored ABS plastic knobs are used as tuning heads, with a metal semi-closed side string axis for tuning.

It comes with guitar nylon strings as stock. The catch about the ukulele is they come with pre-applied high environmental protection coating. Which is considered to be a pro if you are planning to get one of these for your kid. Not just with the protection coating, but the manufacturers have gone kid-friendly with the weight and size as well. Talking of the aesthetics of the ukulele, it weighs around 422g and it comes with just a single size option, which is 21 inches.


Above I have listed the top-selling and reviewed Ukulele in AliExpress. Each of them has its pros and cons, it’s all up to you to buy one according to your budget and needs.

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