Best Payment Methods on AliExpress 2022 | Safest Aliexpress Payment Methods!

by Tim Howard

Considering how Aliexpress is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, they had to integrate various payment methods to ensure that they alleviate as many hindrances as they can that come with one or just a few payment methods. Now the underlying worry that lingers in the back of our heads as we make purchases from AliExpress is a wonder about how legitimate it all is.

The second main concerns is refund on Aliexpress orders. So here are the safest ways to pay on Aliexpress.

As you read, you’ll find some of the trusted and preferred payment methods available on AliExpress.

Whats’ the safet way to Pay on Aliexpress?

I’ve purchased over 1000+ products on Aliexpress and I’ve always found it to be safe. The best way to pay on Aliexpress is through Paypal as you can always raise a dispute super quick and Paypal always supports the consumer. But Aliexpress over the years have got better, in my opinion at resolving disputes, so Alipay is an option as well.

Best Payment Methods on AliExpress


PayPal is not the most popular option on AliExpress but it is deemed as one of the safest. When you pay through PayPal, you don’t have to give your bank account details or even link your credit card or debit card to AliExpress. You can directly pay with your PayPal (which is obviously linked to one of your cards) without having to divulge any info. This is especially beneficial for those that don’t have a credit card because there are very few debit cards that are accepted on AliExpress.

The reason it’s not a popular choice for many sellers and even buyers is that PayPal charges a little commission for the transaction conducted. If your order amount lies below $20, then you’re charged a fee of $0.8, but if your order exceeds $20, you’ll be charged a fee of 4% of the whole bill. If your purchase costs a lot, you’ll have to pay a commission that’s proportionally high.

This is just one of the reasons people don’t prefer PayPal. Since it is designed as a transfer application and not one that makes payments, you can’t control whether the payment has been processed to the seller before the order is received. This opens up room for fraud. But in case the order goes through and you don’t like what you bought, the refunds are made back to your PayPal account.

Credit Card/Debit Card

This mode of payment is the one that runs the least risk and therefore is the most recommended one. Sure, entering your card details during a payment might be a hassle., but after one purchase you can just save the card to the checkout and you simply have to enter your CVV every time you want to make a purchase.

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AliExpress accepts most credit cards and debit cards from VISA, Maestro and American Express. There are several other cards that are accepted on AliExpress for payments that are associated with local entities like Diners Club, more local credit cards and JCB.

AliExpress also supports some prepaid and virtual cards. These cards have a way of being more secure because only the money that is deposited into the account can be deducted. This way you don’t run the risk of losing a chunk of your money, even if your card is exposed to fraud (although I hope not). Payoneer, Neteller and N26 virtual card are some options.

Wire Transfer

Using wire transfer as a payment method on AliExpress means going into a pit of fire knowing you’ll burn. You run a really high risk. First of all, you can’t make small orders if you use this method of payment. Your order will have to amount to at least $20 or more to be able to make a transaction. 

Second, regardless of what country you are in, you’ll have to convert your money into dollars. For international payments, the banks charge a certain fee that always is assumed by the customer, never the seller. 

Third, you must beware that you’re making the wire transfer to the AliExpress Escrow and not directly to the seller. In the midst of all this, it could be labelled as a transaction gone wrong.

Western Union

In this day and age of digitalization, I’d strongly recommend you steer clear of this payment method. It’s lesser-known for a reason: it is quite the hassle, it takes forever, and you can’t make payments for orders that are lower than $20.

The procedure for using Western Union as a payment method on AliExpress would invoke you going to a WU office and filling up a form and then waiting for at least 3 days for your payment to be processed. And if that wasn’t a hassle enough, Western Union charges the buyer a commission fee anywhere between $5 to $18.

For a refund through Western Union, you’ll have to go to the offices again and tell the code provided by AliExpress to you and pay another commission. You’ll probably lose money on the whole deal, even with your refund.

Qiwi Wallet

Before you get too excited about this form of payment (because believe me, it is great), let me tell you that this form of payment is only available in a few countries, namely the United States, Brazil, Russia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus and Romania.

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If you’re an avid AliExpress user, I strongly recommended QIWI. In the app, link the phone number you want to link to your Qiwi wallet. Once a security code is sent to the number and you are verified you can choose how you want your wallet to function: whether you link a card to the wallet or transfer a balance to this phone number. Since it is all virtual, you have the added protection.


AliPay in simpler terms is the Chinese PayPal. Stemming off of the Alibaba Group, Alipay is finding its way into AliExpress as an encrypted and trusted form of payment. It is an added layer of security for your stored credit and debit cards. AliExpress is trying to get more people to use AliPay by introducing bonus programmes that help people redeem awards on some purchases.

Best Payment Methods for Refunds on Aliexpress

Refunds on AliExpress

Upon cancelling your order or being dissatisfied with the quality of your order, you are entitled to a refund. A refund will be made to you in the same way that you paid. If it was via Western Union, you have to pay an additional fee to receive the refunds.

Payment errors and what it means

Sometimes, you make a payment and it doesn’t go through. There are certain codes attached to every possible reason why that has happened. This will prove as a guide in case you ever receive the blaring pop-up that says “Payment Error XXX_XXXXXXX

Payment Error CodeMeaning
CSC_7200006The user will have to pay in USD because the currency is not supported 
CSC_7200009The card limit has been exceeded
CSC_7200011Not enough balance to make the payment
CSC_7200012The card is either expired or the expiration date is wrongly entered
CSC_7200015The payment entity rejected the transaction
CSC_7200020Card information wrongly entered
CSC_7200021CVV wrongly entered
CSC_7200022/51/01The card may not be compatible with AliExpress
CSC_7200026Verification of the card is needed for security
CSC_7200034There is missing information before checkout
CSC_7200040The card is restricted

Is cash on delivery accepted on orders from AliExpress?

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AliExpress does not accept this as a form of payment because they run a high risk of being cheated. It’s not only the buyers that are exposed to risk. Sellers that do offer Cash on Delivery as an option do it with a lot of risks. If you prefer to pay cash for the transaction, the closest option you have is Western Union, but that comes with its own challenges. If your issue is that you don’t want to link a banned account, you can opt for virtual or prepaid cards.

Am I allowed to pay in my local currency?

If your local currency lies among one of these: US dollars, Euros, British pounds, and Russian roubles, you are allowed to pay as it is. In case you’re from another country, you can leave the currency conversion to the bank. Keep in mind that you are subject to an exchange rate and a commission for paying in a foreign currency.

What is the Escrow system on Aliexpress?

Well, it is natural to have doubts. Given that some of the things you’ve ordered off of your wishlist come from halfway across the world, the safety of your payment and the arrival of the goods is questionable. But let me put your mind to rest by saying that you don’t have to think twice about the legitimacy of the seller right now. Trust AliExpress when they say that they follow an ESCROW form of payment.

Let me simplify that for you — With the Escrow system, the payments that you made in order to purchase doesn’t go to the seller until you actually have received the product in the way you approve of. In other words, money is deducted from your account and is directly transferred to a pitstop that is the AliExpress escrow account. After you receive your order and are satisfied, AliExpress ‘releases’ the money into the seller’s account.

As for the online safety of the transfer and the customer data, you don’t have to worry. The AliExpress website uses the ‘HTTPS’ protocol that enables encryption and avoids any leak of data between the computer and the server. Additionally, by using only verified payment methods like MasterCard, VISA and VerisignSSL, AliExpress ensures that all the payments are encrypted as well.

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