Best Electric Scooters on Aliexpress 2023 | Are Chinese electric scooters worth it?

by Tim Howard

Cruising through traffic jams in a vehicle-dependent world can leave one quite miffed, especially if you’re getting late to work or trying to get somewhere to relax. Fortunately, the slim body of electric scooters, moderate speed and ease of portability make it a great modern-day solution for those who like it quickly.

AliExpress has got quite the range of electric scooters to choose from. Make sure to read the specs and pick one that suits your needs, your environment and your budget.

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Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Mankeel MK Electric Scooter

Chaopin Off Road Electric Scooter

Chinese electric scooters Review

All the AliExpress electric scooters chosen for this list are top-notch, handpicked by our team from top brands of ALiExpress with 95% above positivity ratings! Let the adventure begin.

Electric scooters operate on the same principle as an electric car or an electric bike. They use an electric motor, powered by a battery, to propel the vehicle forwards. The components required to make an electric scooter work include a battery, a controller, a throttle and a motor. The battery is essential as it stores the power necessary for the scooter to move. The controller works as the coordinator by regulating the current to deliver power depending on the throttle’s settings, while the motor is responsible for the movement of the scooter.

The battery of an electric scooter can last anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the model, the size of the battery, and the distance you plan to travel. The controller regulates the power output of the motor based on the throttle’s settings so that when you twist the throttle, more power is sent to the motor and the scooter accelerates.

When you accelerate an electric scooter, the motor converts the electricity from the battery into mechanical energy, which is then used to turn the wheel and propel the scooter forwards. In addition to the motor and the battery, electric scooters also have several safety features, like brakes and a motor cutoff switch. The brakes are used to bring the scooter to a complete stop, while the motor cutoff switch can be used to turn off the motor in case of an emergency.

Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro Electric scooter

I decided to put this one up first because a well-known name automatically gains some trust in your eyes. The name Xiaomi is associated only with budget phones that give you a run for its money. But the brand also has a vast range of products designed with one intention — making your lives easier. 

The Xiaomi Mijia M365 Pro electric scooter does just that. The battery life isn’t time dependent, it can take you as far as 45 kilometers. The speed at which you can ride the scooter depends on the mode it is set on. The standard mode will let you partake at the speed of 20 kms (indicated by D on the control panel), the battery saver mode (ECO) at 15 kmph and the sport mode (S) at 25 kmph. Upon start, it automatically powers the battery recovery system that ensures endurance in the long run.

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It features a 3-second fold that covers this smart electric scooter into a portable means of transport quickly. Since it is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy, it only weighs as much as 14.2 kgs. 

If you’re looking to go cruising at night, it comes with safety measures like headlights and brake lights that can help you be spotted even in the dark.

What I like most about it though, is its application compatibility that helps you monitor your riding data, fix a speed, and even monitor battery life so you can eliminate the element of surprise.

Mankeel MK-083 Electric Scooter

An electric scooter like this one can also be used in the rain, owing to its IP54 rating. If you’re planning on taking steep routes, I wouldn’t recommend this e-scooter. The maximum slope it can climb is about 15 degrees. I’d say it’s rather an ideal vehicle for a fun stroll by the river banks.

On the screen situated between the handles, you can see the gear, your riding speed, and the duration of the time it has been used since full charge. It takes about 5-6 hours to charge the 7800 mAh battery and it will last you for just as long.

You can speed up as high as 25 kmph even at night, thanks to the bright headlights and a red tail light that is activated upon braking. In fact, the braking system is designed to keep your scooter safe for 2-3 years.

Its lightweight body of 12.5 kgs makes it easy for you to fold quickly and take it on the stairs or public transportation without missing a beat.

The seller on AliExpress guarantees that you don’t have to pay import duties on this because it has already been paid for. Just make sure to order it from the CN, even if you’re in Europe. All of the Mankeel electric scooters ship from the EU warehouses.

Chaopin Off-Road Electric Scooter

Let’s get real — It’s not fathomable for all of us to go gear up with an off-road bike, balance the weight and yet, try to keep ourselves from falling. Well, there’s a solution for this category. Off -road electric scooters! Now they might not be as fast, but they are speedy enough as they allow you the speed of 85 kmph.

Each tire is 11 inch broad, with grooves that allow deep shock absorption whilst maintaining speed. In fact, the front shock absorption is identical to that of the Kawasaki H2R. This ALiExpress electric scooter is equipped with a 450V Vector motor that runs on 54000W. Its Japanese make ensures the life to be as long as 10 to 15 years!

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The weight of the electric scooter itself is quite heavy, about 40 kgs, but considering it can take a load of upto 400 kg while being host to sophisticated machinery that helps it run at this speed, it’s quite amazing.

This ALiExpress electric scooter comes with a triple layer anti-theft system as well as dual headlights for good visibility any time of the day. The front display comes with a USB charging port for an off-road seamless experience. Furthermore, the standing pedal is as wide as 28 cm, ensuring you place both your feet on while riding comfortably.

RUIMA Mini4 PRO Upgrade Electric Scooter

This one’s a powerful one. Despite not being an off-road range, it can give you a speed of 48 kmph at maximum capacity. To get through your city quickly, this is a great option.

The entire deck is much higher when compared to other electric scooters, from ALIExpress or not. This makes it less perceptible to under-the-hood damage when it comes in contact with bumps and potholes. 

Let’s talk about portability for a second — not only is the bike foldable, but even the handlebars fold into restricted space, so it can fit in the hood of your car without hindrances. The folding mechanism in this particular ALiExpress is in assisted manual mode, so one would have to click a button and fold it themselves.

On each tire, you’ll find that it has been fitted with mudguards that help prevent slipping and skidding on wet surfaces, especially if you’re in a splashy zone.

With the battery that this electric scooter possesses, you can get a mileage of 45 to 60kms, depending on the mode you are riding it on.

Keep in mind that when you receive the e-scooter, you’ll only be able to ride it at the speed of 25 kmph unless you remove the factory settings to use it at its maximum capacity. The 48V 500 W motor will give you its money’s worth.

YUME S10 Off-Road Electric Scooter

Here’s another off-road alternative for enthusiasts. This is more suitable for absolute beginners since it can match its maximum speed only upto 40-45 kmph. But it possesses off-road tires that make it great for riding on rough terrains.

The motor has a double damping mechanism that features air pressure front lock and a rear shock absorber with double spring that makes it simpler and more comfortable to ride while also ensuring safety. Its mileage is upto 44-48 kilometres on a powerful 1000W motor.

This product exceptionally comes with a warranty from the brand for about 6 months if there is a malfunction in the motor, controller, battery or body. If there are issues with the accelerator, the warranty is only limited to 3 months. The brand recommends that one doesn’t disassemble it after receiving it. That would prevent malfunction.

Things to take note of while buying an electric scooter on AliExpress

The purchase of your AliExpress electric scooter will depend on a variety of factors. Some of the most important one of them being:

  • Maximum Speed
  • Weight and speed of the electric scooter
  • The weight load it can take
  • The brake type 
  • Battery capacity
  • Motor
  • Durability
  • Size of the wheels, material
  • Presence of safety measures — headlights, brakes, bell


Are AliExpress e-scooters trustworthy?

It is best to get in touch with the seller on AliExpress, find out the options they have.The services they offer post sale may or may not include warranty periods apart from  AliExpress’ own Buyers’ Protection.  

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Always make sure to buy from a seller that has been ranked as a top brand on AliExpress by the site. This way, you know you’re coming in contact with reliable sellers who have conducted business on the site for a while.

Can you find repairs and replacements for electric scooters on AliExpress?

Sometimes, the seller you are buying the electric scooter from has multiple offers that let you get your battery, motor and other parts repaired if it’s well within the warranty period. It depends on seller to seller, so make sure to read the descriptions carefully.

Is there a way to upgrade my AliExpress electric scooter?

Not only does AliExpress have a huge range of electric scooters, but they also have a market for add-ons. You can find separate bells, motors, baskets, handlebars, seats and everything you might need to upgrade your ride to suit you better.

Is it worth buying an electric scooter over a bicycle?

There is a lot of debate on whether an electric scooter really is preferable.

If you’re looking for a transport option for everyday use, using a cycle is great since it helps get your exercise. It is more efficient too. But perhaps you should consider an electric scooter, if what you’re looking for is portability, less effort and 5 times more the speed and that much less work. 

It also makes more sense to buy an electric scooter if you live somewhere rainy. You can quickly fold it, and hop on a bus to get home. Doing that with a bicycle is rather difficult.

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