14 Best Wedding Dress Vendors on Aliexpress 2021

by Tim Howard
best wedding dress vendors on aliexpress

For most people Aliexpress is the last place one would look for a wedding dress. 

You probably think I’m out of my mind, recommending wedding dress vendors on Aliexpress. But I’ve done my research and I know the wedding dresses on Aliexpress are super high quality and are very affordable and look great.

Most wedding dresses cost north of $300 or in some cases more than $500. On Aliexpress, you can find wedding dresses starting at $70+.

Here are some of the best wedding dress vendors on Aliexpress.

Quick Links to the Best Aliexpress Stores


Romantic Wedding Dress Factory Store

Mine Wedding Dress

HSD Wedding Dress

Meyisha Official Store

Tareddo Bridals

Top Wedding Dress Vendors on Aliexpress 2021

Wedding dresses on Aliexpress are so underrated that it’s one of the hottest clothing items that are wholesaled from China.


The BEPEITHY store on Aliexpress is probably the most popular Wedding Dress vendor on Aliexpress. They are a Top Brand and have been a seller on Aliexpress for 7+ years. With 50,000+ followers they are really popular.

Their collection includes ball gown wedding dresses and evening gowns that can be worn post the actual wedding. If you are looking to pair this beautiful dress with some fine and affordable jewelry, check out our list of Jewelry vendors on Aliexpress.

wedding dresses aliexpress

They have a very good collection with a really good price. On average, it costs around $70 for a dress, which is super cheap for a wedding dress.

They have dresses for brides and bridesmaids too. If you are looking for other clothing options, check out the best clothing for women on Aliexpress.

The most popular wedding dress in this store is the $148 ball gown wedding dress. 

Romantic Wedding Dress Factory Store

The Romantic Wedding Dress Factory Store has 24,000+ followers and it has everything that a person needs for a wedding. Wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, evening gown dresses.

The most popular wedding dress is the V-neck, off white, sequined wedding gown that costs $65. It’s beautiful, simple, affordable and is one of the best wedding dresses on Aliexpress.

There are wedding dresses as cheap as $34 and there are more wedding dress options such as strapless, flare sleeved and more.

The best part about this store is the numerous wedding clothing options such as bridesmaids clothes, flower girl clothes. You can speak to the seller and ask for a discount for multiple items.

It’s not all about the white dresses, there are some beautiful black dresses on this store as well. 

Mine Wedding Dress

The Mine Wedding dress is a super underrated wedding dress vendor on Aliexpress. In terms of variety, there are 40 to 50 types of wedding dresses to choose from in this store.

This store sells veils, underskirts, wedding dresses and more.

cheap wedding dress aliexpress

When I showed my wife this store on Aliexpress, she lost it, because she loved the options of dresses. 

The wedding dresses range from $70 to $200. Here are some of the wedding dress styles that can be found in this store. 

  • O-neck long sleeve, patterned dress
  • Sleeveless, Train Wedding dress
  • African style sequin beading mermaid style wedding dress
  • Spaghetti strap bridal dress
  • Bohemian wedding dress style 
  • Backless wedding dress
  • V-Neck wedding dress

HSD Wedding Dress

The HSD Wedding Dress is a Top Brand on Aliexpress with a 97.3% rating. They have over 5,000 followers.

The cheapest wedding dress at this store costs about $58. They do customized orders which don’t cost much to be honest, around $8, which is nothing for tailoring charges.

wedding dress china

They sell long sleeve dresses, luxury laces, sleeveless, off-shoulder, v-neck, o-neck and more. 

In terms of variety, the wedding dresses at HSD are quite varied. They have african styled wedding gowns, Korean style wedding gowns.

They have a really good rating and pretty awesome service. Apart from wedding dresses, they have the patterned dresses with oriental designs and they have some striking dresses in beautiful colours. Must buy!

Meyisha Official Store

The Meyisha Store has a distinct style when it comes to their wedding dresses. They are long and flowy. They do offer variety in terms of sleeves and the backless wedding dresses.

They have been around for 7+ years and they are veterans in the wedding wear business. They have 4800+ followers

wedding dress sellers aliexpress

In terms of pure variety, the Meyisha store doesn’t have that much, but the quality is great. 

They sell wedding dresses, quinceanera dresses and accessories. If you are looking for a good wedding dress at a great price without having to decide among too many, this is the best place to pick up a wedding dress! 


The Fadistee store isn’t a dedicated wedding dress vendor on Aliexpress, but they sell other dresses too. I feel this is an advantage because you can try out their other clothing and check the fit and style before you decide on your wedding dress.

bridesmaids dresses aliexpress

They are a top brand with a 99.2% rating with six years of existence on Aliexpress. They are a Top Brand too.

Their wedding dresses range from $60 to $120. They have various styles in terms of their wedding dresses.

V-neck, long sleeves, patterned, plain, beads design, veiled and more. For bridesmaids, this is a great store to get dresses as well and they offer crazy discounts when you order more than a certain amount.

Tareddo Bridals

I love the Tareddo Bridal store. Its one of those stores that might not boast of big numbers, but packs some awesome products. 

lace wedding dress seller aliexpress

They’ve been around for a year, but they’ve already started making some waves. They have a very unique range. 

They have many lace pattern designs, Boho style dresses, V-neck dresses and more. But more uniquely they have different types of veils, skirts and more.

It’s a truly unique wedding vendor on Aliexpress. Should not be missed.

The price ranges from $80 to $150.

Coco Vinner 

The Coco Vinner store has been a wedding dress seller on Aliexpress for over 7 years. They have 4000+ followers. They have lace wedding dresses, satin wedding dresses, mermaid design, V-neck design and more.

affordable wedding dress aliexpress

The price is also reasonable, costing around $70 to $90. The patterns on their wedding dresses are pretty awesome. 


This wedding dress seller is a top seller and a top brand that deals with Wedding dresses. They have 5600+ followers  and a 98% rating.

embroidered wedding dress sellers aliexpress

They are so popular because their wedding dresses are as cheap as $38. They sell the cheapest wedding dresses on Aliexpress.

Even their slightly more expensive dresses cost only $56. You can get sleeves of all sizes and patterns of different kinds. 

Their really popular wedding dress is the short front and long back, strapless, sleeveless wedding dress that looks super unique. 

Everlasting Love

The Everlasting Love wedding dress store is another veteran wedding dress seller. They’ve been around for 7 years on Aliexpress. 

satin wedding dress aliexpress

The range of products and the variety is really good. They have satin wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses, V-neck, A-line, Halter tops and more.

The cost ranges from $70 to $100. 

Apart from wedding dresses, they have prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses, evening gowns and more. 


Sodigne store has a 96.6% rating and have been operational as a wedding dress seller on Aliexpress for more than 7 years.

top aliexpress wedding dress vendors

They have 6500+ followers.

The SoDigne store has more than 100+ wedding dress styles. They are known for their long train wedding dresses.

They have massive discounts on offer on their store. 

Angel Bridal Dress

custom wedding dress vendors aliexpress

Another veteran wedding dress vendor on Aliexpress is the Angel Bridal dress. Having been around for 7+ years they have 5000+ followers and a 96% positive rating.

The store has bulk discount offers throughout the year. The wedding dresses on offer are high class and very affordable. 

The store is known for its embroidered wedding dresses.


aliexpress wedding clothes sellers

This store is a nice boutique wedding dress seller with a decent collection of wedding dresses. They have various styles of wedding dresses and what is unique in this store is the coloured wedding dresses such as Red, Blue and other options which are breathtaking.

EveryPretty Official Store

If you have shopped around on Aliexpress, then you’ve definitely come across the EverPretty store. This store sells formal dresses and on top of that they sell, Bridal dresses as well.

are aliexpress wedding dresses good?

The luxury wedding dress costs around $50+ which makes it one of the cheapest wedding dress sellers online.

The level of embroidery and the craftsmanship is pretty exquisite. Although their collection is not extensive. You will find the perfect wedding dress here.

Aliexpress Wedding Dress Review

A lot of people have doubts whether wedding dresses on Aliexpress are good or not. The truth is Aliexpress wedding dresses comes in numerous sizes from US4 to US14 to 26W.

There are size guides on every listing and there will be slight differences in size to up to 1 to 3 centimetres. What you need to do before buying a dress is to measure the size you need before buying.

These are actual images from customers who have brought wedding dresses from Aliexpress.

Are Wedding Dresses on Aliexpress reliable?

Wedding dresses on Aliexpress are quite good and look really good and are the perfect size as well. It’s true that they come at a standard size. But as long as your measurements are recorded correctly, it’s quite perfect. The price of Aliexpress wedding dresses are 1/3rd the cost of your retail store wedding dress.

Make sure to speak to the seller about the size and the true look of the dress before you place your order. Also ensure the shipping time and delivery to avoid shipment delays that can affect your big day!

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Choosing a Wedding Dress Vendor on AliExpress

Ordering the dress for your most important day online may seem risky but sometimes, the piece that’s meant for you (and suits your budget!) is stitched on the other side of the earth. So here are a few pointers to make it easier for you to find a good wedding dress vendor on AliExpress: 

  1. Be an early bird: 

Considering that most vendors on AliExpress are based out of China, you should begin shortlisting vendors at least 3 months before your big day and initiate conversations with them, as there would be some back-and-forth before placing your order. Although unlikely, there can be some delays in transport and customs, so earlier the better! 

  1. Read comments and reviews:

Customer feedback for products such as wedding dresses are direct and informative, and vendors who aren’t up to the mark are pointed out by other buyers, which will help you narrow down vendors.

  1. Send exact measurements: 

Buying “off the rack” or picking standard sizes may not suit you, so make sure you send your measurements to the vendors well in advance. They can make the necessary adjustments to get you the best fit.

  1. Double-check vendor trustworthiness:

You can do this by asking them to send close-up HD images of the fabric under sunlight, as opposed to seeing stock images that can be photoshopped. Remember that the best vendors are always flexible to your requests. 

  1. Keep an eye out for discounts:

AliExpress vendors run discounts periodically, and also take part in big events organized by the marketplace itself – such as the Summer Sale on June 21st or Global Shopping Festival on November 11th

Romantic Wedding Dress Store

Here are some of the best wedding dress vendors on Aliexpress.

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