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Once upon a time, the only function that watches had was to show the time. Well, those days are long in the past and the digital smartwatches are the new cool in our time. One can download myriads of applications in them and even control other devices with it. But at the same time no one can deny the sophistication and class that an analogue watches brings to a look.

A watch on the wrist is a style statement – and a very important and elegant one. It serves as an essential fashion accessory that reflects an individual’s personality. Watches can be basic or luxurious, but nonetheless they beautifully compliment one’s fashion. Some people in fact, collect watches as a hobby.

 So in case you are looking for some of the high quality yet affordable watches, then let us make your work a little bit easier. Here’s a list of the top watch sellers on DHgate, both digital smart watches and analogue clocks, on Dhgate that are huge hits among young and adults alike.

Best watch sellers on DHGate Link
Puretime – Omega Replica
Golden Sky
Swiss Watches
John’s Watch Store
Good-Roiexx Store
Cajiamin Watch Store
Zhangdaren Watches

Best Watch Sellers on DHgate 2024



Based in Guangdong, China, Btime was established in 2015. The company is known for delivering quality in style.

 The analogue watches manufactured by BTime are glamourous and has a wide variety of designs that caters to all kinds of tastes and preferences. 

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

They also offer brands like Rolex and Vacheron Constantin watches on up to 50% discount. The seller have had over 25000 transactions for the last few years and has received 96.4% positive feedback from the customers.


Best Watch Sellers on DHgate - Jason007

If you’re on the lookout for top-notch replica watches, you’ve got to check out Jason007’s DHgate store. It’s a real find for watch enthusiasts, especially if you’re into Omega Seamaster and Speedmaster replicas. Jason007 specializes in Omega but also offers a variety of replicas from Rolex, Breitling, and Tag Heuer.

When it comes to pricing, it’s quite reasonable, usually falling between $200 and $500 for high-quality Omega replicas. The store has an impressive 98% positive feedback from over 38,000 transactions, reflecting its reliability.

Here’s why you should consider Jason007’s store:

  1. Omega Specialist: If you’re a fan of Omega, Jason007 is the go-to guy. His expertise in crafting Omega replicas is well-known, providing highly accurate models with smooth movements and a reliable build quality.
  2. Great Value for Money: Jason007’s store stands out for offering excellent value for money. The prices are competitive compared to other sellers, ensuring you get quality without breaking the bank.
  3. Excellent Customer Service: Beyond the products, Jason007 is praised for excellent customer service. Expect friendly and responsive communication, ensuring a smooth buying experience with quick responses to any concerns or inquiries.

In summary, if you’re in the market for high-quality replica watches, especially Omega, you should definitely explore Jason007’s DHgate store. With reasonable prices, a solid reputation, and outstanding customer service, it’s a reliable choice for watch enthusiasts seeking both quality and value.


Best Watch Sellers on DHgate - Watchmmhh

If you’re in the market for elegant and stylish women’s watches, the Watchmmhh DHgate store is a must-visit. Specializing in women’s timepieces, they primarily offer replicas of Rolex Datejust and Day-Date, along with additional selections from designer brands like Cartier and Chanel.

When it comes to pricing, it ranges from moderate to high, with well-made replicas typically falling between $150 and $350. Despite the higher price range, the quality is reflected in their offerings.

Here are some notable highlights of the Watchmmhh DHgate store:

  1. Focus on Women’s Watches: Watchmmhh is dedicated to meeting women’s preferences when it comes to timepieces. The store boasts a large selection of elegant and stylish designs, catering specifically to women’s tastes.
  2. Fast Shipping and Good Packaging: One of the standout features of this store is its commitment to customer satisfaction. You can expect your watch to arrive quickly and securely, thanks to their reliable shipping practices and careful packaging.
  3. Good Customer Service: Watchmmhh is known for its responsive and helpful customer service. Whether you have questions about a product or concerns regarding your purchase, they are quick to address and assist, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for high-quality women’s replica watches, especially Rolex and designer brands, the Watchmmhh DHgate store is worth exploring. With a focus on women’s styles, reliable shipping, and attentive customer service, it offers a satisfying shopping experience for those looking to add an elegant timepiece to their collection.



If you are tech savvy and prefer everything high tech or digital, then Skylet is the brand for you. This DHgate seller is popular for offering top-notch smart watches that are widely appreciated by millennials and professionals. The Skylet watches are a perfect amalgamation of technology and time.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

Moreover, these watches can be paired with almost all kinds of operating systems like Windows, iPhone and Android. It only keeps the time and data intact for you, but also provides the used a complete and classy look. With nearly 99.3% positive feedback, Skylet has 34,000 transactions across international markets. Widely appreciated by the customers, these watches are available at surprisingly reasonable prices at DHgate.

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These amazing, high quality watches are meant for those who prefer simple yet tasteful styles. With more than 4000 transactions across international markets and 96% positive feedback, this watch seller is one among the most reputed manufacturers of DHgate.

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 The supplier offers a wide array of variants of brands like Casio and Rolex. The most amazing thing about Luxurywatches is that it offers up to 50% discount on all products.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

 The price of the watches range from $50 – $100 and cater to all kinds of tastes and choices. Both digital and analogue timepieces are manufactured by this seller and are water and shock resistant. 

The digital watches have various features like alarm setting, complete calendar, weekly displays, chronographs and much more. Luxurywates therefore, serve as the perfect accessories to enhance the look.



Based in Guangdong China, this watch supplier is dedicated to the development and production of highest quality watches. 

The products are created meticulously to give them a sophisticated and luxurious look. The bands of the watches are available in a number of bright and beautiful colors that can be paired with all kinds of dresses. 

The products are made for both men and women and have received 99.3% positive feedback. Sports and fitness enthusiasts will find these watches helpful as well. These stylish and shock proof timepieces are perfect G-shock replicas and are available at jaw-dropping rates and discounts.

 Wu1998 watches are long-lasting and tough and therefore suitable for those who work out rigorously. Cute and delicate designs are also offered by this seller.

 The watches are sold at an average price range of $60 hence enabling the customers to wear pride without burning a hole in their pockets.



This Chinese company is a wholesaler and professional manufacturer of best quality watches. With 97.6% positive feedback, Perfectwatches is one of the trusted and widely appreciated sellers in DHgate. 

Their designs are charming and classy and fit almost all kinds of looks. The watches are meant for those who prefer luxury styles and desire opulence. Perfectwatch creates fine replicas of renowned brands like Rolex and lasts long. 

The watches offered by this supplier are mostly quartz and analogue watches that are shiny and are available at amazingly reasonable prices. 

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

This company has more than four years’ experience in the clock-manufacturing industry and has had over 9800 transactions through DHgate. The product prices range from $10 – $350 depending on the features and materials of the watches.

 Exciting discounts are also provided from time to time. The dials are mostly made of stainless steel and have mechanical hand-winding movements. Both men and women can opt for these timepieces.

Puretime – Omega Replica

Puretime is one of DHgate’s tour de forces that offer an exquisite range of watches for both men and women, across a massive international market. 

Founded in 2004, Puretime has more than 15 years’ experience in the manufacturing and export of high quality replica watches that are widely appreciated by customers.

 With 98.5% positive feedback from users, this Chinese supplier works diligently in order to provide stunning and identical replicas of expensive brands. Some of their top-selling watches include metallic, leather, waterproof and shockproof time pieces with stainless steel dials and distinguished styles. 

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

The price of these wrist watches start from $35 and go up to $150.  Various limited edition watches are also offered by this seller along with amazing discounts.

 These simple yet tasteful designs are perfect for those working in corporate houses.



If your have been dreaming of some luxury watches at affordable prices then Sellerdennis is the name you should look for. With 98.5% positive feedback and more than 4000 transactions across a huge international market, this DHgate seller is trusted and admired by the customers.

 This Chinese manufacturer has several years’ experience in the industry and produces close identicals of brands like Quartz and Rolex. 

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

The watches are long lasting and perfectly compliment your look. 

They are also known for providing up to 50% discounts for a wide range of watches that can be either analogue or digital. 

The cost of the watches range from $50 – $95. So put on a Sellerdennis and turn heads in every room you walk in!

Golden Sky


Manufactured by Shenzhen Jinpuxin Technology Co. Ltd, Golden Sky is another top seller in DHgate that offers incredible smart watches.

 Be it a rectangular dial or a circular one, the style and finishing of the product adds to the charm of your personality. 

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The Golden Sky smartwatches have received 99.7% positive feedback from the users and is admired and appreciated across a massive international market.

 It has already done over 1000 transactions with great quality tracking, delivery and customer services. 

Some of the features of these wrist watches include cellular connectivity, long battery life, infrared sensors and much more. 

The average cost of Golden Sky smart watches start from $65 and can go up to $100 and more.



 Another top seller at DHgate, Michaeltravis is known for delivering excellence in the form of wrist watches. Be it service, quality or price, Michaeltravis offers its customers nothing less than the best. Founded in 2014, this seller manufactures tag watches, analogue watches, automatic movement watches and much more. 

They also offer customizable boxes to the buyers. Michaeltravis has 97.5% positive reviews and has completed a whopping 40,000 transactions in the last six years of partnership with DHgate. 

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

The materials used on the dial are mainly stainless steel and they also offer waterproof clocks.

 These watches have an average selling price of $150 and have found considerable recognition in its international market that includes countries from North America and Eastern and Western Europe. 

Moreover, these stylish timepieces look like exact replicas of the expensive brands. The watches cater to the styles of both men and women.



For more than two years China Watch Factory has been delivering top quality watches to the regular customers of DHgate. Recognized as one of the best Chinese watch manufacturers, China Watch Factory has received almost 100% positive feedback from the customers for above 1700 transactions across America and Europe.

 It meticulously replicates premium brands like Rolex and offers best quality at best prices to all its trusted customers.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

 The metallic wrist watches produced and developed by this company assures a classy look with long-lasting materials. 

They pair perfectly with formal as well as traditional outfits. Used and appreciated by both male and female users, these watches are offered at jaw-dropping discounts. 

Leather like bands are also available for those doesn’t prefer metallic finishes. 

The dials are made of stainless steel and movement of the watches are automatic. China Watch factory mainly creates quartz watches and available at an average price of $50.

Swiss Watches

Swiss Watches is one of the best watch stores on DHgate with a satisfaction rating of 98.6% and well over 20,000 customers served till date. This store offers some of the best watches in the market at budget friendly prices. 

Their inventory would later include some high-end watches such as G-Shock, SKmei watches, AAA and Naviforce watches that have been manufactured with advanced technology while following strict quality standards.

The Swiss Watches store is based out of Guangdong, China and based on the reviews left by some customers, their products are top-notch and everyone was satisfied with the high-quality timepieces.


John’s Watch Store

One of the largest DHgate watch sellers is the John’s Watch Store. They’re currently ranking as the best watch seller on DHgate and carry a 98.7% satisfaction rating from over 39K orders that were fulfilled till date.

This store houses some of the most unique watches in the world and even has a few replicas on their shelves. They’re pretty good at what they do and based on our research, you can get watches for any occasion from the John’s Watch store at under $65 on a good day. 

They have a wide selection of watches for men, ladies and children and if you’re looking for additional discounts, then you can use one of the many discount codes provided on the site and get your sleek timepiece for a fraction of the asking price.


Good-Roiexx Store

Good-Roiexx is an experienced seller on DHgate that deals in high quality timepieces. They primarily deal in branded replicas of Omega, Rolex and Rado, and I was even able to find kits that contain the tools that are needed to fix any watch.

The replicas here are made from high quality materials and they come with genuine leather or stainless steel straps and dials of these watches are made from a sapphire glass that’s durable and resistant to scratches.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

Currently, the store has all their watches up on discount and there are many coupon codes to choose from which can be used to either reduce the shipping charges or the overall price of their watches. 

A-grade copies can fetch anywhere from $300 – $700 depending on the make and model of the watch, whereas cheaper copies are available for under $200 and regardless of the price of their watches, every single unit comes neatly packaged in a branded replica box and has the necessary branding and tags in place.


Cajiamin Watch Store

Cajiamin is a 5 year old luxury watch dealer on DHgate with an impressive 98% satisfaction rating from over 17k sales till date. 

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They have some of the finest copies of luxury watches such as Cartier, Seiko, Swatch, Omega and Rolex that don’t cost too much and a really good copy won’t set you back more than $150.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

I had picked up a Patek Philippe watch from Cajiamin a while back and the quality was simply out of this world. The watch was made from high quality materials and it had the Patek Philippe branding in all the right places.

To say that I didn’t pay more than $70 for this copy and it came with all the tags, a branded box and even a little warranty card made this purchase all the more interesting. 

Also, considering the number of timepieces they have up for grabs and the fact that all their replicas come with Sapphire glass, i’d recommend checking out the Cajiamin store if you want something that’s durable and worth every cent.


Zhangdaren Watches

Zhangdaren is one of the newer stores to hit DHgate and i‘m actually quite impressed with how well they’ve performed in such a short amount of time. 

With less than 2 years of experience, this brand has managed to sell over 18k watches and have been able to maintain a positive 96.9% rating in terms of satisfaction and quality.

Top Watch Sellers on DHgate

Though they sell other products like sunglasses, it’s their wide collection of high quality watch reps that have made them one of the top stores to visit on DHgate. Here quality is the key and Zhangdaren uses some of the best materials out there to produce their reps.

Since most of the prices of their products are within $100, they are considered to be one of the affordable DHgate vendors around. 

However, Zhangdaren does have a few AAA copies of the Submariner, Oyster Perpetual and the Datejust that cost a little more than the rest and these would be priced at around $350 – $500. 

These copies are identical to the original and come with branded packaging as well as a certificate of authenticity. Each piece is carefully designed and everything from the mechanical movements to the engraving and finish on the watch is neatly done.


Things to Consider when Buying Watches from DHgate

First and foremost, not all stores on Dhgate are reliable and many of them are out to make a quick buck. While searching for watch sellers on DHgate there were certain factors I took into consideration and this really paid off as I have not been ripped off till date.

Let me take you through a couple of quick pointers on what to look for when searching for a watch seller on DHgate.

  • While shopping from DHgate, look for official stores or those that have been operating for a long period of time. New vendors are not always trustworthy and because there’s few reference points like buyer testimonials to highlight the quality of their watches, it’s better to stay away from them and stick only to those sellers/suppliers that are experienced in the market.
  • Make sure to choose a seller that has a positive feedback score of over 95%. This rating ties into the quality of the watches as well as shipping and delivery time frame, pricing and even the overall service provided by the seller. Some sellers will have reviews along with images of the items buyers had received so you can refer to these images for an understanding on what you’re going to receive.
  • Make it a habit to get in touch with the seller before placing an order. This can help you learn if the seller knows things about their products and also if they’re willing to partner with you to fulfill your business requirements. Since this is a Chinese platform most of the sellers speak Chinese and only a few will speak English. However, many of them try communicating in English so just remember to keep the sentences and conversation short and simple to avoid any confusion.
  • Ensure that the seller you’re buying from offers refunds/returns on defective or incorrect orders. This is important because in the event of the package getting lost or if the item was delivered damaged, you can request for a refund or replacement. If the seller is not willing to then you will have to get in touch with DHgate directly and have them mediate the issue, but this can take slightly longer than normal.
  • Since you’re buying watches and are searching for watch sellers, make sure the store you pick has a variety of different builds and styles of watches. Some stores might specialize in a particular brand whereas others might have products from different brands in their inventory. It’s important to choose the latter because then you will be able to select between different watches and choose something with specific movements or ones that are water resistant. This is also good if you own a watch business as you will be able to source many different watches from a single source rather than dealing with multiple suppliers.

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Dhgate Watches

 So in case you are looking for some of the high quality yet affordable watches, then let us make your work a little bit easier. Here’s a list of the top watch sellers on DHgate, both digital smart watches and analogue clocks, on Dhgate that are huge hits among young and adults alike.

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