Basketball Jerseys from China – Seller List & Guide

by Tim Howard

If you are a true fan, you’ll get a jersey every year! But these jerseys are getting super expensive to buy and if you are getting them for a family, like mine, they will burn a hole in your pocket. Basketball Jerseys from China have been super popular for a very longtime. Here’s a quick list of basketball jersey sellers from Aliexpress & Dhgate.

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Cheap Basketball Jerseys from China

In 2020 itself, China had 925 apparel and textile wholesale markets with a combined floor space of over 10,000 square meters – 2,000 square meters more than in 2019. In this booming apparel and textile wholesale market, it was a company manufacturing sports products that ranked at the numero uno position. In 2021, the ANTA Sports Products and Shenzhou International Group were amongst the top two clothing and textile manufacturers which recorded annual revenues of over 23 billion yuans and ranked in the Fortune 500 China rankings. Therefore, it is evident that China is one of the top manufacturers of international sports jerseys. Obtaining jerseys in bulk from China holds several inherent benefits. 

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Wholesale Basketball Jerseys on Aliexpress & Dhgate

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Best online marketplaces for purchasing wholesale jerseys from China

The two leading online wholesale markets for jerseys in China are currently AliExpress and DHgate. Both of them have their respective strengths and weaknesses – discussed in detail here. 


Being one of the biggest wholesale markets in China, AliExpress has its strengths and flaws. Let’s take a look at their pros first. 

  1. AliExpress has a huge collection of jerseys, with most of them being near-identical replicas of the costlier authentic jerseys.
  2.  Some users have commented that the prices there are really low, almost 20% lower than other websites selling jerseys. You can get any replica jerseys for USD 20 whereas the real ones cost as much as USD 200.
  3. AliExpress has made quite a fortune selling these jerseys since 2015. They even surpassed eBay in terms of the total number of jerseys sold. 
  4. If we take a look at their stock, it’s vast. They’ve replica jerseys for cheap prices, custom made jerseys, soccer retro jerseys representing various football teams, soccer replica jerseys, Patrick Day football jerseys with a sewn front and back, and much more. 
  5. If we look into the variety, they’ve baseball jerseys, hockey jerseys, soccer jerseys, cricket jerseys and the list goes on. 
  6. Shipping usually takes from 15 to 45 working days, but it varies from seller to seller.
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Despite so many features, the following cons hold them back:

  1. There are few replicas that don’t match in quality to their peers. It’s not recommended to wash the jerseys as the logos and paints tend to come off after a few washes. 
  2. There’s something you need to keep in mind while shopping on AliExpress, that is, the reliability of the sellers. While browsing through their lists you might find a seller selling the thing you’re looking for, but it might not be legit. Always go for those sellers who have a high rating from their customers, and hehe sold quite a few products. New sellers with shady reviews are often fraudulent.
  3. There’s another thing that AliExpress is not so good about, and that is their shipping services. Since they use 3rd party shipment companies, the shipping process is often painfully long and arduous. There have been instances when the purchased product wasn’t shipped as well.
  4. There’s also an inverse relationship between shipping cost and shipping time. The cheaper the shipping cost is, the longer it’ll take to get it delivered. So you can never have the best of both worlds. 

However, they have taken measures to fix these and improve the customer experience. Currently, the cost for the products that weren’t delivered is automatically refunded after a set period of time, thus shifting the power back to customers. 


DHgate is arguably the biggest market when it comes to selling jerseys. Going through their pros, we have the following points to make:

  1. They have a global seller count of approximately 1.2 million, and customers from all around the world add up to 10 million. That includes both enterprises and individual customers. They have got 33 million transactions going on every second. 
  2. Taking a look at their enormous stock, they have NBL, NFL, MLB, baseball and soccer jerseys, all being offered by nations sellers. The replica jerseys are cheap and near-identical to the authentic. 
  3. DHgate has a delivery time of about 3-6 weeks and several sellers offer free shipping as well. They have a policy of not releasing the payment to the seller until the customer confirms that he has registered it. 
  4. Their mobile apps have several advantages over the website. You’ll be getting personalized recommendations based on your browsing history and the sellers you purchase from. There are also seasonal promos and coupons to keep the customers returning in the long run. Multiple language options are available as well. 
  5. They have a subscription-based VIP service with the inclusion of 24/7 customer support. It’s a bummer that this feature isn’t available to the free users, but their overall security on purchases make up for it. Quality is top-notch for the price you pay.
  6.  DHgate has far better customer services than AliExpress, and there are also lesser numbers of scams reported by the users. The delivery time and shipping charges are also lesser, with free shipping available on some products. 
  7. Regarding the price, the more you order the higher is the chance to get discounts. Some sellers do have a minimum order amount. 
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Certain things can still get in your way to ruin your purchase experience. We’ve tried pointing out some of their cons. 

  1. Like AliExpress, however, the jerseys might not last long if you wash them frequently, but that’s to be expected of something that comes as cheap as USD 20. 
  2. It’s recommended to look at the reviews and the track records of the sellers before making a purchase. Scams are rare, but a little bit of precaution goes a long way towards keeping your purchase secure. 

Factors to keep in mind while ordering basketball Jerseys wholesale from China

The following key points should be kept in mind to import jerseys in bulk from China without facing any hassle.

  • Make sure to do a proper background check on the sellers. Getting their contact information, or buying from one who’s willing to stay in touch is recommended. 
  • For every 1 legitimate website, there are 10s of fake and fraudulent sites flooding the web. Stay away from them. 
  • The replica jerseys might not always be a carbon copy of the original. This depends on which seller you’re buying from. So having a good knowledge of your product, and a few proper pictures is necessary. 
  • The shipping cost is an important determinant for the overall cost of your purchase. Some countries have a much higher shipping cost due to their trade relations with China. 
  • Availability plays a big part in determining the cost too. The lesser their stock is, the costlier the purchase will become for you. 
  • Always make sure to verify the colors and style choices you see on the website with the one the seller offers. There are often discrepancies leading to an unsatisfactory purchase. 
  • It’s useful to keep in mind that some replicas are actually unauthorized sales of 2nd hand actual jerseys. Many workers intentionally produce more than required so that they can sell them off for some extra profit when they fail the quality assurance or quality control measures. 
  • Some jerseys may look good but won’t last long. The colors usually start to fade and the designs and logos come off after a dozen washes. Prior knowledge of such a thing happening is essential. Connect with the seller beforehand and ask him these questions, or check user reviews to know about their longevity. 
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Overall, the Chinese market has some of the best marketplaces for purchasing any kind of goods. The factor that separates these markets from usual e-commerce websites is the ability to directly connect to the best sellers and the ability to get them for wholesale prices. Keeping in mind the rules regarding online safety, customers can purchase their desired jerseys from the Chinese online wholesalers to minimize any unpleasant circumstances. 

  1. How long does it take to get jerseys shipped from China? 

Most websites use 3rd party delivery, so it usually takes up to 6 weeks to get items delivered, based on the country it is shipped to and the seller in concern. 

  1. What are the costs of replica jerseys?

They can be obtained for as low as USD 20. But there’s bound to be some compromises in quality and minute details when compared to expensive, authentic jerseys. 

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