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by Tim Howard

Are you looking to buy wholesale electric guitars from China? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Electric guitars are some of the coolest looking musical instruments around. High-end brands like Gibson, Fender and Ibanez are some of the most sought after electric guitar brands in the market, but they’re not meant for everyone since they are priced at over $750 for a single unit. 

That being said, there is one way you can get an electric guitar for cheap and that’s by sourcing them directly from China. Manufacturers in China sell all kinds of electric guitars at wholesale rates and in bulk depending on your requirements.

However, the quality of these China made electric guitars are not always great and many of the manufacturers don’t ship out orders in the right manner which can damage them before they can get to you. 

We’ve looked at over 20 different electric guitar manufacturers who deal in wholesale and put these sellers through a series of tests to determine the quality, delivery time and even pricing. Based on our results, we were able to shortlist the following Chinese wholesale dealers who specialize in high-quality electric guitars for cheap.

There are links from Alibaba, Dhgate and Aliexpress below.

Wholesale Electric Guitars from ChinaBest for
Zunyi Talent Scout Musical InstrumentsOEM custom electric guitars, Flying V electric guitars
Langfang Zhengyin Imp&Exp Trade Co6-string electric guitars, acoustic & bass electric guitars
Tianjin Yuewei Musical InstrumentsCustom shaped electric guitars, electric guitar sets
GrandtechnologyHigh quality handmade custom electric guitars
Soloworld Guitar StoreCustom ordered LP S, LP C and 335 electric guitars
VintageguitarsProfessional grade electric guitar replicas
Chinese Guitar Factory StoreBranded custom made electric guitars
Fantasy Guitar Club StoreLP & SG electric guitars
Musicer1983 StoreA-grade China made electric guitars

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What to look for when buying wholesale electric guitars from China?

As with any electric guitar, there are certain factors to consider when buying one for yourself or if you’re getting them bulk. Make sure you consider the following points before completing your purchase.

  • Neck construction – There are 3 different kinds of neck constructions; bolt-on, set necks and neck-through. Depending on the level of sustain or resonance you’re looking for and the stability, choose the most appropriate ones. Also, remember that the neck should fit comfortably in your hand and not be too big or small or you won’t be able to fret properly.
  • Tonewoods – One of the most important things to look at when picking an electric guitar especially in bulk is the type of material used. For the best sound production you will need an electric guitar made from either mahogany, maple, rosewood, alder, agathis nato ebony or ash.
  • Hardware – Ensure the electric guitar comes with the following pieces of hardware already installed. For you to play the electric guitar it will have to include tuning machines, bridges and tailpieces. 
  • Body type – There are 3 types of bodies used in electric guitars; solid body, hollow body and the semi-hollow body. Each has their own characteristic and style, so choose one that appeals to you.

Buy Wholesale Electric Guitars from China

There are many sites you can buy wholesale electric guitars from and most of these sites host sellers/manufacturers that are based out of China. From high-quality wholesale electric guitars to electric bass guitars, here are some of the best wholesale electric guitars from China.

Wholesale Electric Guitars from China on Alibaba

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Zunyi Talent Scout Musical Instruments

Zunyi talent scout musical instruments is a wholesale manufacturer of all types of guitars. They are based out of China and if you’re on a budget of $100 then you should definitely consider buying from them. With over 5 years of experience and an impressive 5/5 satisfaction rating, Zunyi has proven to be one of the most reliable sellers to buy wholesale electric guitars from.

best wholesale chinese guitars
  • Top rated products: Flying V electric guitar, OEM custom electric guitar, 4-string electric bass guitar
  • Lead time: 30 days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 6 units
  • Pricing: USD $30-$70

Langfang Zhengyin Imp&Exp Trade Co

Here’s an import/export trading company that deals solely in different kinds of musical instruments. A majority of their wholesale electric guitars are made from high-quality sycamore wood, rosewood and poplar. They’re also one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for different styles of electric guitar such as bass, 8 string and even acoustic electric guitars. 

chinese wholesale guitar

All the products manufactured and sold by them have gone through a vigorous testing process so you can rest assured that the electric guitars you buy have passed certain standards and are not made from a cheap quality material.

  • Top rated products: Bolt-on electric guitar, OEM customized electric guitar, 6-string electric guitar
  • Lead time: 15-30 days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 6 units, Some products can be bought on retail
  • Pricing: USD $30-$80

Tianjin Yuewei Musical Instruments

If pricing is not a problem and you’re keen on buying one of the best Chinese wholesale electric guitars around then you should definitely check out Tianjin Yuewei musical instruments. This manufacturer has been operating for over 13 years and is one of the most respected wholesale electric guitar dealers in all of China. 

Their electric guitars are made from high-quality wood and are available in different shapes and sizes so there’s something for practically every guitarist out there.

chinese guitar manufacturer
  • Top rated products: Roswell musical electric guitars, Electric guitar sets, 5-string electric bass
  • Lead time: 15-35 days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 30-50 pieces depending on make and model
  • Pricing: USD $50-$130

Wholesale Electric Guitars from China on DHgate


Here’s a wholesale electric guitar dealer on DHgate that comes highly recommended. They offer some of the best quality merchandise at reasonable prices, however, their electric guitars are not that affordable. GrandMusic makes custom electric guitars that retail between $100-$500 per piece but that’s only because their products are on par with branded electric guitars like Fender and Ibanez. 

Quality wise these electric guitars are perfect and have been handmade from high quality materials like mahogany, rosewood and brazil wood. If you’re looking for a professional electric guitar with no flaws, head over to Grandtechnology and get your money’s worth.

guitar wholesaler china
  • Top rated products: Custom white mirror crack electric guitar, Custom grand 6 strings special shaped electric guitar
  • Lead time: 15 days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 1 unit but wholesale options are available
  • Pricing: USD $100+

Soloworld Guitar Store

If you’re in the market for some stylish looking custom made guitars then check out Soloworld Guitar store on DHgate. This vendor deals in all styles of wholesale electric guitars, double neck guitars and even custom ordered LP S, LP C, and 335 electric guitars. They’re one of the highest selling guitar manufacturers on DHgate with a 94.4% satisfaction rating, so it’s safe to say that they deliver high-quality electric guitars in a timely manner. 

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They also have one of the fastest processing timeframes and each order gets shipped out in a record four days regardless of how many units you order. I wouldn’t say there’s any drawback with buying from this store, but their products are within the same price range as Grandtechnology, so you will be paying a premium for these China made electric guitars.

Guitar wholesale china
  • Top rated products: 4-string 4003 electric bass guitar, 4-string semi-hollow customizable electric guitar
  • Lead time: 4 days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 1 unit but wholesale options are available
  • Pricing: USD $100+


Van Halen fans brace yourselves, the one store on DHgate that has replica Frankenstrats at a fraction of the price is Vintageguitars. They have a limited collection of awesome electric guitars that you can buy in bulk and though the quality of their guitars sort of match their original counterparts, their prices never seem to cross USD $400. 

chinese guitar distributors

They take orders of up to 10,000 pieces at a time, however, since their quality is so good and these guitars are designed for professionals, even if you do end up buying  wholesale you would still have to pay a small premium to get your hands on their guitars. 

  • Top rated products: Eddie Van Halen FR2 electric guitar, Custom candy apple jazz electric bass guitar
  • Lead time: 30-35 business days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 1 unit but wholesale options are available
  • Pricing: USD $100-$400

Wholesale Electric Guitars from China on AliExpress

Chinese Guitar Factory Store

If you’re a fan of Angus Young from AC/DC or James Hetfield then the Chinese Guitar Factory Store is your true one stop shop for cheap wholesale electric guitars. Paying $350-$400 for a regular electric guitar from China is a lot and you can get them for much cheaper if you know where to look. 

electric guitar wholesaler

However, if you’re paying the same amount for a replica guitar used by your favorite musicians then  it’s a true steal. That’s probably why everyone is so hyped up about this new store on AliExpress. With a little under a year on AliExpress, the Chinese guitar factory store has managed to sell hundreds of quality electric guitars at wholesale prices and have received a cool 100% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Top rated products: SG Angus Young electric guitar with red inlaids, ESP-MX220 James Hetfield EET Fuk Explorer, Customized Firebird electric guitar
  • Lead time: 30 business days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 1 unit but wholesale options are available
  • Pricing: USD $250-$350

Fantasy Guitar Club Store

electric guitar manufacturer

This wholesale electric guitar dealer from China is certainly one of the best we came across on AliExpress as all their custom wholesale guitars and electric guitars are packaged and shipped straight from the factory based on your order and wholesale requirements. They have one of the best collections of electric guitars on the market and from experience, you get what you see. 

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The quality here is unmatched and the pricing for each unit is kind of okay since all their guitars are factory made to your requirements and each and every electric guitar goes through a vigorous testing phase in the production process to ensure that you receive the best quality that money can buy.

  • Top rated products: Black Beauty LP electric guitar, SG G400 40” electric guitar
  • Lead time: 30 business days
  • MOQ: Minimum order of 1 unit but wholesale options are available in limited quantities
  • Pricing: USD $150-$350

Musicer1983 Store

The Musicer1983 store recently opened its doors to the world with their large collection of musical instruments including electric guitars, pickups, straps and other accessories you might need. With a 100% satisfaction rating under their belt and a strict quality control for their electric guitars, you should consider purchasing wholesale electric guitars from this store.

They specialize in high-quality custom replicas of some of the best electric guitars in the market. We were able to find replicas of the electric guitars used by Dave Grohl, Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and the god himself, Slash, all priced at under $300.

  • Top rated products: Dave Grohl Jazz semi-hollow electric guitar, DimeBag Darrell Stealth electric guitar
  • Lead time: 30 business days
  • MOQ: Maximum order of 1 unit. Wholesale options are available, you will have to contact the seller directly
  • Pricing: USD $200-$450

How do you buy wholesale electric guitars from China?

There are many ways to go about this, but the easiest way is to search for the keyword “Wholesale electric guitar from China” or “China made electric guitars” on either AliExpress, DHgate or Alibaba and you will be presented with a long list of wholesale dealers. 

Choosing the right dealer/vendor is solely up to your requirements and what your preferred vendor deals in. While selecting the best places to buy wholesale electric guitars from China, we took a bunch of factors into consideration such as quality parameters followed by the manufacturer, delivery and lead time, pricing, collection and if they accepted customizations.

Make sure the seller has a positive rating of over 90% and always go through the buyer reviews of every product. This will help you understand whether the end product is made from the same materials advertised and whether other buyers faced any issue with the manufacturer or the quality of the product.


Are Electric Guitars made in China any good?

Chinese made electric guitars are good but it depends on the seller and how expensive each guitar is. If you’re buying in bulk and are paying around $50 per electric guitar then you can expect a sub-standard quality product. However, if you have a budget of over $150-$200 for each guitar then you will be able to find some really nice custom made replicas of Ibanez, Gibson and Fender Strat.

What brands of guitars are made in China?

Many guitar manufacturers have set up shop in China mainly for the availability of raw materials and affordable manufacturing process. Some of the biggest brands to manufacture their guitars out of China are Fender, Yamaha, Luna, Alvarez, Sigma and Gibson.

Are guitars sold on DHgate legit?

Most of the guitars sold on DHgate are China made replicas of some well known brands. While the products listed on DHgate are priced in a reasonable range, they are well-made, come with a high quality neck and are worth every cent you end up paying.

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