Top 8 Best Chinese Saxophones | Chinese Saxophone Review

by Tim Howard

Thinking about getting a saxophone? That’s totally understandable.

The good news is, there are some fantastic saxophone options coming out of China these days.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top 8 Chinese saxophones on the market, from reliable student models to instruments that will impress even intermediate players.

We’ll cover the top brands, break down the features, quality, and price point of each saxophone, and help you find the perfect instrument to fit your skill level and budget.

8 Best Chinese SaxophonesKey FeaturesIdeal For
Eb Alto SaxophoneBrass body, notes from Low Bb to High F#, Chinese padsBeginners, young children, learners exploring music
Black Pocket Sax Mini PortableSturdy plastic, lightweight, performs well in closed spacesChildren, travelers
New Silver Saxophone E FlatBrass body, available in various colors, lightweightNovice and advanced sax players, those preferring lighter instruments
Taishan TSAS-767Brass construction with bakelite head, suitable for all agesAll ages, beginners
Fanisic Retro Antique CopperBrass body with copper finish, unique design patternsEnthusiasts, collectors, those seeking vintage aesthetics
Jupiter JAS-779-IIHigh-quality brass construction with golden lacquer finishBeginners, those seeking lightweight options
875 EX Alto SaxophoneSimilar to custom Yamaha build, improved key and hook placementClassical music enthusiasts, saxophonists seeking premium quality
E-flat Eb Alto SaxophoneBrass construction, seamless vibrato and bending, improved key actionMusicians seeking exceptional value

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Chinese Saxophone Brands

The best Chinese Saxophone brands are Eastman founded by Qian Ni, and Dolnet. If you are looking for good reps of these popular Chinese saxophone brands, you’ll find them on Aliexpress.

The benefits of a Chinese saxophone are

  • Chinese saxophones are cheap
  • They are sturdy and the sound is pretty great
  • They are durable and last a long time
  • You can build a collection of saxophones at a low budget

Eb Alto Saxophone

The first one on our list of the best Chinese saxophones is the Eb Alto Saxophone with the brass body. This is a beautiful instrument that feels like magic in your arms with its smooth finish.

eb alto saxophone from china
  • The notes range from Low Bb to High F#. Though most alto saxophones can produce the high F# without a dedicated button, it is still nice to have one in your instrument.
  • This button that plays the note comes in handy for beginners who are just exploring the world of the saxophone and learning to play a lot of notes.
  • It is also ideal for young children who are exploring their interest in music.
  • The body of the saxophone is made out of yellow brass and finished with a smooth lacquer like traditional saxophones.
  • The bell measures about 12 cm in size and the instrument comes with Chinese pads. You also get an ABS case to keep your instrument safe and careful.
  • This instrument is quite light and does not put much of a strain on the arms of the musician.

Black Pocket Sax Mini Portable Saxophone

portable saxophone from china

The next Saxophone on our list of the best Chinese Saxophones is the Mini portable one. While many people may not agree that this is a traditional saxophone, we put this on our list because this is an amazing option for children who show early interest in music.

  • This is also great if you are the kind who travels a lot and wants to carry an instrument along.
  • Though it may not perform or sound exactly like a full fledged saxophone, this does do the job pretty well.
  • Especially when it is played in a closed space with good acoustics, you do not miss an original saxophone.
  • This saxophone is made out of sturdy plastic and is very light in weight.
  • It is also very durable and feels like it will not break easily. Therefore you will not have a problem carrying this overseas or travelling domestic by any mode of transport.
  • It comes with a carrying bag which makes it really convenient to carry this instrument around.

New Silver Saxophone E Flat

silver saxophone china cheap

The next saxophone on our list is the New Golden Saxophone with the E flat key. This is Alto saxophone meant for novice musicians who are learning to play the sax.

  • It can also be played by advanced sax players who really like the feeling of playing a light and breezy instrument. There is an attractive feature when it comes to this Saxophone.
  • You can find it in several colours, including a gorgeous blue, a hot red and a lovely silver which are our favourites. You also get this in a sleek black and a funky purple.
  • Of course, you can also get it in the traditional gold. The body is made out of strong Brass and this instrument weighs a bare 3.78 kgs, making it easy for the player to carry this without tiring out.
  • The buttons of the Sax are designed in the shape of shells to ease the pressure of your fingers and reduce fatigue. You get a neat storage box along with this Sax to keep your instrument safely guarded.

Taishan TSAS-767

chinese taishan saxophone

The Taishan TSAS 767 Alto saxophone is a wonderful instrument that can be used by a person of any age. A child will find it easy to handle and an adult will find it a pleasure to play this instrument.

  • This plays a falling tune E. This is also one of the most expensive saxophones out of the lot in our list, but you get what you pay for.
  • The saxophone measures about 64 cm while the bell measures around 12 cm. This is a size that is apt for those who are just beginning to learn to play the instrument.
  • It is also not very heavy and therefore the players’ arms don’t get too tired even if they play this for a long time.
  • The body of the instrument is made of brass which is very tough and durable.
  • It is coated with a gold lacquer to give it that splendid shine and premium appearance.
  • The head is made of bakelite. Overall, this is one of the most recommended alto saxophones from China.

Fanisic Retro Antique Copper Simulation Alto Saxophone

alto saxophone china

The Fanisic Alto saxophone is an instrument that will steal your heart with its antique and vintage looks. While most saxophones out there are the traditional gold, even though there are some that are trying to break the monotony with a splash of colours, nothing screams “romance” like something that is built to look and feel antique.

  • This has a copper finish which lends the instrument the retro look. The base material of the saxophone is brass, giving it strength and the music.
  • The head is made of bakelite material. It has the note of Falling E or F. This saxophone is priced in the mid range, slightly higher than the other alto Eb falling E saxophones manufactured by the Chinese, but we say it is certainly worth every penny you invest in this.
  • The copper finish of the saxophone is further designed with patterns that give it a very unique look.
  • This gorgeous piece is something you will want to hold and play, while it becomes the envy of all watching you. 

Jupiter JAS-779-II

Good cheap saxophone from China

The last Sax on our list of the best Chinese Saxophones is the Jupiter JAS 779 II. This is a stunning alto saxophone built out of high quality brass metal and finished with a golden lacquer.

  • The head is made of bakelite. The finishing is smooth and premium.
  • The buttons are smooth and shaped to reduce the stress on the player’s fingers. This is priced in the same range as the previous instrument on our list, the retro saxophone.
  • Very light in weight, this is a great option for those who cannot handle the heavier saxophones. It is also a good option if you are just starting out learning the instrument.
  • This saxophone has an Eb tone and has the falling E or F note like most modern saxophones manufactured today.

875 EX Alto Saxophone

top chinese saxophones

The 875 EX Alto Saxophone is similar to the custom built Saxophone that Yamaha made. What makes this Sax special is the, smaller C, C#, D & E hole diameters have better inotation.

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The placement of the key and hook have been moved for better comfortability. The build quality is amazing. One point to note is, it’s ideal for classical music. At $325, it’s a perfect sax to replace some of your older and cheaper saxes.

Check it out here

E-flat Eb Alto Saxophone

Best chinese saxophones

The first this is the tone right out of the case is amazing. It’s not the thin light metal you’d expect, it’s got a bit of strength to it. In terms of pitch, the vibrato and bending are absolutely seamless with this device. The key action matches the premium and expensive saxophones.

For the price, it’s absolutely amazing.

Check it out here

Here are some frequently asked questions answered for you

Are chinese saxophones any good?

Chinese saxophones are good and improving all the time. They are cheap and last a pretty good time. If you are looking for a rough use saxophone with good sound and quality and at a cheap price, then Chinese saxophones will fit the bill!

What should I look for when I am buying a saxophone?

  • First of all, decide on a saxophone depending on your level of expertise
  • Pay attention to how heavy the saxophone is and how comfortable you are lifting it
  • Pick a finish that appeals to you. Playing the instrument must bring you pleasure and you should enjoy looking at it
  • Never get carried away by a salesperson who is just looking to make a sale. Take your time, weigh it in your hands, feel the instrument. It should feel just right sitting there in your arms. When you know you’ve found the perfect one, go for it.
  • If you are buying online, take your time researching saxophones. You can bookmark this article and come back to it several times until you decide on the right one for you!
  • How many types of saxophones are there?
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Most people think that there are only four types of saxophones but that’s not true. There are 14 types of saxophones in total, in various sizes and shapes. However, only four of them are most commonly played. The ones that are most common are the Alto, Soprano, Tenor and Baritone.

  • Which saxophone is best for a beginner?

The Alto saxophone is the best for a beginner. This is because it is small in size and easy to handle when compared to the other types of saxophones. These are also easily available in the market, both online and offline.

  • How do I take care of my saxophone?

Basic cleaning is something you should be doing regularly. Take a swab and clean out all dust and moisture from the instrument, starting with the mouthpiece. Doing this after every session will keep the instrument clean. There will be dirt inside the saxophone that you cannot do much about. Never try to dismantle the saxophone unless you are an expert in putting in back together. Take your instrument to the store every 12 months to get a complete servicing done.

Another good tip is to never pack up and shut your instrument in its case soon after you finish playing. Always let it air out for a while before you put it away.

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