Best Chinese Karaoke Machine 2023 | Fun Karaoke Machines from China

by Tim Howard

Finding the perfect Chinese karaoke machine is important if you want your weekend parties to be the talk of the town. It can be tedious as there are so many in the market with a wide range of features that might not necessarily suit your home. Here is a list of the best and affordable Chinese karaoke machines to narrow down your search for the perfect one. 

There is a lot of karaoke enthusiast who loves to sing their hearts out at parties from students to professionals, an ideal home entertainment karaoke machine is a must. So let’s get started with some of the best from Amazon and Aliexpress.

What are Chinese Karaoke Machines?

In Asian culture, that includes China, Korea and Japan, they love singing and dancing at malls. Popular mall entertainment includes Karaoke Machines and Dance, Dance revolution. These have become so popular that people have started putting these Karaoke Machines at home. These products come with a mike and a set of songs with lyrics.

Some of these Karaoke Machines have an option to upload a pen drive with all the songs and lyrics. These became so popular that even Korean prisons started adding these machines to keep the inmates calm.

These are available on Amazon and Aliexpress.

Karaoke Machines Price on Amazon & Aliexpress
RHM Home Karaoke System
ACEUME 4TB HDD Touch Screen Karaoke Machine 
HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0 Internet-enabled Karaoke Machine 
VeGue Wireless Karaoke Speaker System
InAndon KV-503 Pro Karaoke Machine
GymSong Touch Screen Karaoke Machine$516.00
Shenzhen RuiHuiXing Wireless Karaoke Machine$46.98
KaraokeCenters KOD-8H
Yarmee YKM02 Karaoke Machine
KaraokeCenters Portable All-in-one Karaoke Machine$1599

#1 RHM Home Karaoke System on TV with 2 Wireless Microphones

home karaoke system china

The RHM Home karaoke system is at the top of our list for being ideal for home and family use at an affordable price. It has two tweeters 15 watts each for ample high-frequency and mid-range sounds and vocals, one 6.5 inch subwoofer of 40 watts at the bottom all powered by an inbuilt amplifier. The Microphones come with the latest DSP Chip in two microphones they provide that transmits your voice with high efficiency and auto noise reduction for the best vocal output on the speakers. 

Key Features

The RHM Home Karaoke system has built-in Bluetooth wireless connection and can support USB/Aux making it easy and comfortable for you to connect your device. A coaxial connection is available for you to connect the device to your TV.


  • Input:110-240V,50Hz-60Hz
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-20KHz
  • Product Dimension: 15 x 10 x 7 (inch)
  • Product Weight : 15.4 lbs
  • Subwoofer: 1 * 6.5”
  • Dual Tweeter: 2 * 3”
  • 1 Year warranty

#2 ACEUME 4TB HDD Touch Screen Karaoke Machine 

Chinese karaoke box

The Aceume Karaoke Machine is a 22” TSR Touch screen karaoke player, that saves all your favorite songs in its large 4tb storage space that can be played from a customized playlist of your choice. The device has an analog mixer to control the levels of the cordless mic so the blend of music and vocals are spot on. 

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Key Features

The Aceume Karaoke Machine comes with a Broadcom Blu-ray chip which is supported by a quad-core processor and up to 4gb of Flash memory for flawless transitions between songs to make sure there is no still moment in your party.


  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • High stand
  • Remote Player
  • 4TB HDD 82K Songs Preloaded
  • AV Cable
  • Remote controller
  • Two High Microphones

#3 HDKaraoke HDK Box 2.0 Internet-enabled Karaoke Machine 

cheap karaoke machine from amazon

If you are a singer and like to put out your vocal recordings on a regular basis then the HDKaraoke 2.0 is the perfect karaoke machine for you. With IOS and Andriod, app control downloads licensed karaoke content in HD for immediate stream and download while it simultaneously records your voice in high quality to upload it online, perfect to get the recognition you deserve.

Key Features

The HDKaraoka 2.0 Karaoke machine connects to  WIFI/LAN which automatically updates your song library on a weekly basis and records your singing to be instantly uploaded to your social sites. 


  • App wireless control for iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Large licensed online karaoke library features thousands of songs and automatically update
  • Record your singing and instantly share it on social network sites.
  • Connect your own song library through USB (Support MP3+G and MP4 Files)
  • Online streaming and download High Definition karaoke contents to the built-in hard drive
  • Music/Mic Volume, Echo Effect, and 7-Key adjustments
  • 9 Yamaha sound preset microphone echo effects
  • Supports HDMI, Component, RCA, Optical

#4 VeGue Wireless Karaoke Speaker System

karaoke and speaker system from china

The VeGue Wireless karaoke speaker system comes with a built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless karaoke audio streaming and is portable enough to carry anywhere perfect for out-door and in-door parties. The powerful rechargeable batteries last up to 6 hours of non-stop playback without the restriction of a power cord making this the perfect portable karaoke machine.

Key Features

The VeGue Wireless karaoke speaker comes with a massive 10” inch subwoofer and Dual 3” inch twitter for super noise-reduction and strong anti-interference to make sure you rock the performance with High-quality sound. 


  • Woofer: 10″ Inch
  • Tweeter: 3″ Inch
  • Power: 200W
  • Frequency range: 50Hz – 20Khz
  • LED Disco Ball
  • Trolly Style
  • Battery back-up of up to 6-hours
  • 2 Wireless mics

#5 InAndon KV-503 Pro Karaoke Machine

budget karaoke machine

The InAndon KV-503 Pro Karaoke Machine is the best when it comes to professional quality in our list. The machine puts out 4k quality sound with reverb function for a live feel of vocals, 8TB of storage space for all your favorite tracks in one place. Everything you would want from a karaoke machine can be done by the InAndon KV-503.

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Key Features

The 4K High-quality sound output makes this Karaoke machine stand-out from the entire lot. 


  • High Definition 4K Output
  • Maximum support for 8TB hard disk
  • Built-in wireless communication  
  • Own reverb function
  • Rising-falling tone function
  • Wireless microphone with mixer function 2 in 1

#6 GymSong Touch Screen Karaoke Machine

touchscreen karaoke machine

The GymSong Touch Screen Karaoke Machine has a 15.6-inch touch screen on a Linux/Andriod dual operating system that can support android and ios devices. The nifty machine can be kept write in front of the television and controlled with its touch screen to browse its vast playlist of 42k English songs or connect wirelessly with your mobile device and download songs from the cloud. Gymsong is a perfect and affordable option for your home.

Key Features 

The fast forward and quick return function on the 15.6-inch touch screen make it really easy to navigate between songs.


  • 15.6inch touch screen
  • Newest design of touch screen
  • System OEM&ODM is available based on 200pcs
  • Dual system (Linux/Andriod) to avoid Andriod unstable problem
  • Eight-cores, double quicker than the common karaoke machines which are most Four-cores in the market
  • Support songs quantity:20K songs for 2T HDD,50k-60k songs for 3T HDD,100-120K songs for 6TB HDD, The price is Karaoke player with 3TB HDD.
  • 2 Wireless microphones

#7– KaraokeCenters Portable All-in-one Karaoke Machine

The KaraokeCenters Portable All-in-one karaoke machine truly has it all from a 15.6-inch touch screen to browse through its vast playlist to recording your voice as your singing to make sure you capture your best moments. 

Key Features

The I-Fun Scoring Karaoke Function helps you gage your vocal strengths and acts as a points monitor for a fun VS game of karaoke. 


  • 15.6 Inch Touch Screen
  • Record your singing
  • Youtube API Technology
  • USB Flash Drive play
  • Live Vocal Adjustment
  • I-Fun Scoring Karaoke Function
  • 2 Wireless Mics 
  • Bluetooth enabled

#8 Shenzhen RuiHuiXing Wireless Karaoke Machine

portable karaoke machine china

The Shenzhen RuiHuiXing Wireless Karaoke machine is one of the most compact and affordable Karaoke machines on our list. The device is connected to the television with an HDMI   

Cable and you can load Karaoke songs on a USB flash drive which is played by the karaoke machine and displayed on the television. 

Key Features

The Echo Mixer Systems provides a full sounding vocal mix so that you sound good whenever you hit the mic at your home.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS + metal
  • Product size: About 10cm*8cm*1.9cm (L*W*H)
  • Input voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Frequency: 50–60HZ
  • Output voltage: DC 5V
  • Microphone type: Wireless
  • FM mode: FM/VHF
  • Frequency: 230MHz-270MHz
  • Effective distance:> 20M
  • USB interface type: Mini USB
  • The USB Audio port can connect android box, computer, and smart TV
  • System requirements: for Android 4.1 or above

#9– KaraokeCenters KOD-8H

chinese karaoke machine

The KaraokeCenters KOD-8H is the latest in high-end professional karaoke jukebox system. It comes with a 7” Inch wireless touchpad to fast search your custom playlist. HDMI Output with exceptional sound and picture. The device can connect up to 4 visual devices with 4 external 

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mics excellent for large groups of singers at the party.

Key Features

The KaraokeCenters KOD-8H is perfect if you have a party with more than 10 people singing as they provide 4 high-quality mics to make sure no one has to wait for their turn to long.


  • HD Video 
  • 19inch Wireless Touch Screen
  • 7inch Wireless Touchpad
  • 4 UHF wireless mics 
  • Picture in Picture Display
  • Intelligent Handwriting Recognition System
  • Scoring Function

#10– Yarmee YKM02 Karaoke Machine

touch screen karaoke machine

The Yarmee YKM02 made it to our list as one of the most portable and easy to handle karaoke machines in the market. Two wireless mics are docked onto a 3D surround sound 20watt powerful speaker box with effect functions such as reverb and EQ. The device is Bluetooth enabled and has a battery life of 3 hours great for an overnight camping trip.

Key Features

The Lightweight design makes it very easy to carry around, the device also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker making it essential for all your travels as a portable entertainment unit.


  • Support 3D stereo surround sound
  • Two wireless microphones
  • Support even hello tone one button elimination
  • Effects –  Echo and EQ 
  • Supports – micro SD card, 3.5mm input, USB stick, or wireless via Bluetooth.
  • Built-in 7.4v / 1800mah lithium battery pack.
  • 20W super powerful audio output.
  • Size: 290 * 135 * 145mm

#11 — Rockville 15-inch Karaoke Machine

The Rockville is a $200 Karaoke machine with mikes.

These are some of the best Chinese karaoke machines available guaranteed to bring life into the party. It comes with a rechargeable 800W speaker. The max power is 800W. It has USB 2.0 and also supports all the audio extensions such as MP3, WAV, WMA.

It can go on for about 4 to 6 hours on a single charge which is pretty awesome. It comes with wheels for easy portability.

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