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by Tim Howard

You never realize the importance of a flashlight until you need one. It can be hanging in a corner of your room and you might not even give it a thought, but the moment you drop something in a dark corner or you have to fix something, you’ll reach out for it. 

Top Chinese FlashlightsFeaturesLink
SHENYU XHP70In-built battery, shockproof, Smart button to check the battery capacity$8.85 – $19
MiXXAR XHP9018650mAh battery, Adjustable zoom, Multiple modes, Waterproof, Anti-slip$20
Pocketman XML T6Ultra-portable, 4000lumens, Aluminum alloy casing, and skid-proof design, Irradiation distance: 200-500m$5
FastDeng UV flashlightUltraviolet LED,  Zoom Function, Stain detector, Carry clip, Super mini size$2.79
Shustar USB Rechargeable Mini LEDSleek design, USB rechargeable, COB sidelight, waterproof for life with IPX-4 waterproof rating$2.84
TRLiFE T6/L2//V6Waterproof ring, 100,000 hours lifespan, Convex lens, Durable aircraft-grade aluminum material, 5 modes.$10.94
AloneFire G700Adjustable tactical flash, Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating, Tail cap clicky switch, Zoom functionality$10
Enjoydeal Mini flashlightLight weight, super bright, abrasion resistant. $2.10
Goodland LED Flashlight3 zoomable modes, Tactical mini flash light, CREE Q5 LED$2.95

Back in the day, it was an accessory everyone had and used. People depended on a flashlight due to frequent power cuts and for safety while traveling. With mobile phones, came the inbuilt flashlight and most people were happy to use it and not carry a bulky flashlight. 

But the flashlight never went off the grid, it is still around and man, it has evolved from its previous avatar. I have listed out the top Chinese Flashlights on AliExpress for you. You will be amazed at how bright they are and how well they are built. 

Best Chinese Flashlight Brands

There are a lot of discussions around Chinese flashlights on Reddit and some of the biggest names to come out of that discussion is. Some of these flashlight brands are China made, American brands and some are Chinese flashlight brands.

  • Zebralight
  • Shustar
  • Pocketman
  • Shenyu

Enjoydeal LED Mini flashlight

This pocket-sized flashlight from Enjoydeal is a slick camping companion and is available in three trendy colors for you to choose from. It has two modes, low and high and the highest output of brightness is up to 1000lumens.

Top Chinese Flashlight on AliExpress

The Enjoydeal LED Mini Flashlight has a flat bottom and be placed on a flat surface if required. It has a safety clip to carry around and is abrasion-resistant, skidproof, and waterproof. Grab yours from AliExpress for $2.14 today before it’s sold out!

Goodland LED Flashlight – Best Tactical Flashlight on Aliexpress

This flashlight from Goodland is next on my list of the top Chinese flashlight for its form and performance. It is a perfect accessory if you are a biker and love taking long cycling trips. 

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tactical flashlight aliexpress

It is small in size, lightweight and is built like a rock. The Goodland LED is shock-resistant and waterproof so you don’t compromise on your rides if the terrain or weather changes.

The flashlight has 3 lighting modes and has a zoom option to control the brightness and reach. If you think all these features awesome, you’ll love the pricing. This dynamite is available on AliExpress between $2.99 – 8.97 including shipping. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

AloneFire G700

The AloneFire G700 is an adjustable tactical flashlight and built to suit any kind of environment. The flashlight has an advanced zoom system that can reach up to 500m and is a great choice is you are into backpacking, hunting, and fishing. 

The G700 has 5 power modes (high – medium – low – SOS – Strobe) and has an impressive lamp life of 100,000 hours. The toughened ultra-clear lens is made with anti-reflective coating and the body is made of aero grade aluminum alloy. 

top aliexpress flashlight

Powered by a  rechargeable battery, the G700Available on AliExpress between $4.48 – 20.68. I would definitely recommend this product to all you adventure junkies out there!

TRLiFE T6/L2//V6

TRLiFE flashlight is a sleek and portable flashlight that comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee. Packaged in a well-designed case, this flashlight is perfect for all weather conditions and is an ideal choice for hunting and camping. 

aliexpress fashlight reddit

The non-slip design and 100,000 hours LED lifespan makes this beast one of the top-selling flashlights in the market. The flashlight has 5 modes and is built with durable aircraft-grade aluminum. With a brightness of 12000Lumens, the TRLiFE flashlight is powered by a 18650 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. 

This flashlight is a perfect gift for your loved ones and now is the time to buy this on AliExpress. They have a 26% discount on the product and is priced between $11.09 – 14.50 depending on the variant you choose. 

Litwod XP-G Q5

The Litwod XP-G Q5 is super mini size flashlight with an output brightness of 2000Lumens. It is water-proof and skid-proof and has an adjustable focus range. 

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This tiny powerhouse can be used as a night lamp too with its vertical LED which is a plus. The adjustable focus makes it a handy companion for hunting, climbing, and camping. The working voltage is dynamic and ensures optimum battery utilization. 

2000 lumens flashlight

Equipped with a carry clip, this trendy flashlight is up for grabs on AliExpress for a cool $2.82 – 4.30. If that’s not a great deal, I don’t know what is?

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Shustar USB Rechargable Mini LED

This compact and stylish flashlight is one of a kind with COB sidelight that makes it a versatile companion for different activities.

Mini LED flashlight Aliexpress

The Shustar flashlight is waterproof for life and has a IPX-4 waterproof rating. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery is powerful and can be charged with a micro USB which is convenient and fast. 

With a telescopic zoom, this flashlight is a perfect tool and is suitable for camping, riding, and auto repairs. The simple design makes it ultra-portable and efficient and it can be yours for $4.99 on AliExpress. This one’s definitely on my list of things to buy this year. 

FastDeng UV flashlight

This unique Ultraviolet flashlight with zoom functionality is tailor-made for detecting stains and scorpion hunting. The mini UV blacklight helps detect pet urine and stains and can be used when fishing in the night. 

Uv flashlight aliexpress

The FastDeng UV flashlight has an adjustable focus range and it comes with a skid-proof design which is also waterproof. The working voltage is impressive and the flashlight provides 450lumen brightness. 

Equipped with a clip for carrying, the UV flashlight can also be used for scorpion hunting and to detect fake currency notes. That’s something, right. Priced between $2.79 on AliExpress, the flashlight is must buy for pet owners. 

Pocketman XML T6

The Pocketman XML T6 is a high quality water-resistant 4000Lumens flashlight with an adjustable telescoping head. The telescopic head allows you to beam the focus on one spot or spread the beam up to a 500m range. 

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powerful flashlight Aliexpress

This flashlight has five modes (high light, middle light, low light, strobe, and SOS light) and can be controlled with one button. The skidproof XML T6 is made of aluminum casing and is well suited for cavers, forest explorers, hunters, and fishermen. 

The durable Pocketman is available on AliExpress between $3.90 – 8.78 making it one of the best selling portable flashlights in the market. 


The XHP90 is a super bright flashlight is equipped with high quality LED chip for extra brightness and multiple modes. This USB rechargeable flashlight is powered by rechargeable batteries and has an inbuilt battery indicator. 

cheap aliexpress flashlight

The three modes, glare – weak light – flash can be used as per your need and the flashlight lasts for up to 7 hours on a full charge. The XHP90 is waterproof and is designed for use in heavy rains too. It is a reliable companion for everyday use with an anti-slip, shockproof, and compact design. 

There is a 20% discount on this beast on AliExpress.


SHENYU XHP70 is a smart flashlight with a button that lets you check the battery capacity. The compact design is ideal for security personnel and if you are out camping. 

best aliexpress flashlight

The inbuilt battery is rechargeable and the flashlight can reach up to 500m at a 1000lumes brightness.  The XHP70 is shockproof and has a high and low mode to control the light. The company specializes in research, production, and sale of flashlights across the USA and Europe. 

The flashlight is priced between $9.56 – 21.04 on AliExpress depending on the battery capacity you choose.

Ceholyd Hand-Held Flashlight

The Ceholyd flashlight is advertised as a tiny medical LED flashlight. It costs only $2. It fits in the palm of your hand and has a 100,000 hour lamp life.

It weighs only 20 grams. This is a perfect flashlight that can be used during camping, riding, home torch, construction and more.

Just requires two AAA batteries. Made of solid compact metal. It’s the cheapest flashlight you can buy on Aliexpress.

Check it out here on Aliexpress

What are the top brands of Chinese flashlights?

The popular Chinese flashlight brands are Shustar, Yunmai, FastDeng and Litwood. These Chinese Flashlight brands are the most popular and are available on Aliexpress.

Are Chinese flashlights any good?

Chinese Flashlights are top quality when it comes to lumens, durability and sturdiness. Most of the popular flashlights in the world are China made or are Chinese flashlight brands. The sales on these online platforms will tell you how good Chinese flashlights are.

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