10 Best Chinese Metal Detector on Aliexpress 2022 | Chinese Metal Detector Reviews!

by Tim Howard

Metal detection is a hobby for a lot of people and a necessity. If your work involves planting metallic objects such as trackers or magnets or other devices or if you are just an aficionado, then a metal detector is a must. 

Metal detectors can be pretty expensive and the range is generally very cheap or very expensive. Today we cover some amazing Chinese Metal Detectors that won’t hurt your wallet, but will do the job. 

Metal detectors are perfect for security reasons, finding any hidden metal in the ground, as a hobby or while doing electrical work. Here are our best picks! 

Best DetectorsFeaturesLink
GP-Pointer GP360Lightweight, Hand held, High quality GP-Pointer, Audible and Vibrating Alarm$12.99 on Aliexpress
LOMVUM Metal Detector3 detector modes, HD backlit screen, High sensitive detection, Maximum depth detection$24 on Aliexpress
MD3010II Treasure HunterStandby time of 40 hours, 12 month warranty, Waterproof coil$46 on Aliexpress
Vastar 3 In 1 Metal DetectorMetal/Voltage/Stud Detetor, Drywall,concrete detector, LED and Audio.$12 on Aliexpress

Best Metal Detector on Aliexpress

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

chinese metal detector reviews

The bounty hunter is a rugged metal looking detector that works even in extreme ground conditions. The device has an all-metal mode and can detect objects up to 3 feet underground. 

The notch/disc can distinguish between targetted metals and avoid detecting unwanted metal. It also has a preset ground clearance that neutralizes responses to non-targeted metals. 

It operates on a 6.7kHz frequency and is ideal for beginners and experienced prospectors. The product is shipped with a certified packaging and you can get yours on Amazon for $97.80. Go grab yours today.

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector with Submersible Search Coil

top chinese metal detector

The Fisher F22 is an all-weather metal detector with a submersible search coil. The smart display adds to its value and the device is powered by 2 aa batteries. The Fe-tone, adjustable iron audio lets you distinguish metals and target the metal you want to. 

This weatherproof all-purpose metal detector can work for 25-30 hours on two aa batteries which are impressive for a device with its capabilities. This piece is pricey and you can purchase it from Amazon at $220.18 exclusive of shipping charges. 

The Fisher F22 is suitable for an intermediary or experienced metal detector. Check on the link now for offers on the same. 

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

cheap chinese metal detector

The Garrett AT Pro as the name suggests is a professional metal detector and includes the latest Garrett MS-2 headphones. This device is a waterproof metal detector and can be used underwater up to 10 feet or 3 meters. 

The Garrett AT Pro is ideal for use in both freshwater and saltwater and it has the capability to ground balance to saltwater. The device comes with batteries included and also has a Garrett two year warranty. 

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The warranty is an added bonus as this beast is priced at $552.45 on Amazon. If you are looking to go pro at metal detecting, this is the right choice for you.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

chinese metal detector on aliexpress

The ergonomic Fisher F75 metal detector is a powerhouse that can work for 40+ hours on 4-aa alkaline batteries. The detector has a watertight search coil and is equipped with a rain cover to keep the device secure. 

The sensitivity levels on the F75 is ideal for professionals and can detect false positives that make it a stand out choice. It is also one of the lightest metal detectors in the industry and weighs approximately four pounds. This makes it easy to carry around and prospect for hours on end. 

The F75 with its large LCD screen and low operating costs is highly recommended for beach hunting, gold prospecting, coin, and relic hunting. Priced at $549.00 on Amazon, for the features it offers, it is a steal!

GP-Pointer GP360

handheld metal detector

The GP-Pointer GP 360 is a high-quality metal detector from China and is an essential tool for hobbyists and professionals. 

The small and light-weight device tracks and works in conditions ranging from mineralized grounds to saltwater saturated sand. The multi-functional GP 360 has a pinpointing tip, an LED flashlight, and a belt holster to carry it wherever you want to go prospecting. 

This particular model has a vibrating alarm to indicate metal objects and also comes with a sifting cutter to scrape soil during recovery. This handheld metal detector is one of the fastest-selling devices on AliExpress. Buy yours today for just $20.80. Now, that’s one awesome deal for this all-purpose device.

LOMVUM Metal Detector

The LOMVUM metal detector is another best seller on AliExpress and is a powerful device for its size. This metal detector can help find hidden metal in floors, ceiling, and walls. With this, you can be sure of drilling the right place on the walls without cutting through wires or water pipes. 

metal detector with display

The detector has 3 modes and can detect ferrous metal up to 120 mm in depth and non-ferrous metal up to 100 mm in depth. The HD backlit screen lets you check how deep and how far the metal is clearly. 

With high sensitive detection on the LOMVUM, you can detect AC live wires, copper, wood with ease. This handheld metal detector is a must-buy and is attractively priced between $24.63 – 27.27 on  Aliexpress. Buy one today by clicking on the link. 

MD3010II Treasure Hunter

The MD3010II from the Chinese company TekpointDIY is a battery-powered model and comes in two variants. It is powered by six 1.5 volt alkaline batteries and has a standby of 40 hours.

The treasure hunter has 110 mA sensitivity and can detect gold, silver, and other metals. The search coil is waterproof and has a mechanical indicator mode and a sound mode. 

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The yellow and black metal detector comes with a 12-month warranty and is available on AliExpress starting from $46.00 depending on the LCD variant or the one without an LCD display. At that price, you ought to buy one now! 

Vastar 3 In 1 Metal Detector

The Vastar 3 in 1 metal detector is a handheld device that can detect, metal, voltage, and studs within walls and floors. The device uses electric signals to locate studs and is helpful in finding AC wires and metal through concrete and other wall materials.

deep scan metal detector china

The LCD is clear and the device emits audio and visual to pinpoint the exact position of metal and wooden studs. Vastar 3 in 1 is an ideal tool for DIY fans and people who are into interiors and electrical work. 

It is competitively priced at $12.59 on AliExpress and that’s one more reason you must shop for yours today. 

Metal Detector TX-850

The TX-850 is a powerful metal detector with a high sensitivity to detect gold nuggets, coil, and wood or go relic hunting with your friends and family. 

smart chinese metal detector

The dynamic TX-850 can be used in shorelines, mountains, fields and has the capacity to eliminate thrash and undesirable objects and pinpoints the exact location of buried objects. It is equipped with a voltage control oscillator which increases the audio pitch as the metal is nearer. 

The TX-850 is a perfect device for beginners with a battery life of 15 hours and is rightly priced at $133.91 on AliExpress. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get started. 

SHRXY Pin Point Metal Detector

The handheld detector costs only $23. It can pinpoint ferrous and non-ferrous objects. This is meant to be used along with a ground search metal detector to help find metallic objects. There is a sound and vibration when a metal object is found.

It is IP68 rated with full waterproof.

My Experience Buying and Using Chinese Metal Detectors

I’ve gone from a small-time hobbyist to a full blown business-person, all thanks to the cheap Chinese metal detectors I found on AliExpress and Amazon. 

Believe me when I say this, but I was able to find hundreds of different kinds of Chinese metal detectors online and not one of them gave me wrong or inaccurate readings.

In fact, I was quite happy with the quality of the detectors and knew that if I had a tough time or needed some replacement parts, then they were easily available and are literally one click away.

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Though my overall experience turned out fine, I did face some hiccups along the way and this can be attributed to rip-off sellers and bad quality checks. 

There were a decent number of sellers on AliExpress with cheap and sub-standard quality metal detectors that were delivered to me without batteries or a bent/broken shaft. 

But I did receive a refund for some of them and was offered replacements for the others, so in the end I guess that did kind of work out. 

In fact, here’s an example of a broken metal detector I received from a Chinese seller. I spent a little over $300 on this unit and was definitely unhappy with what I got. 

Chinese Hand Tools

However, after discussing my issues with the seller, he was kind enough to send a replacement to me free of charge and I had to ship back the broken unit out of my pocket. 

Then again, if you look at this next image, it’s of a metal detector I picked up directly from a manufacturer on AliExpress (the same model) and notice how the device is in one piece and I must also say, it did come nicely packed and was bubble wrapped.

Chinese Hand Tools

So, from what I understood, it depends on the seller and whether or not they are reliable and will deliver complete units. 

I found it to be safer to buy electronic gadgets directly from the manufacturer rather than third-party vendors because first, the manufacturer offers additional discounts (which third-party sellers normally don’t provide) and second, all products shipped will be in their original packaging and contain all the necessary components to make the product whole. 

Also, manufacturers offer warranties which can help greatly if the product doesn’t work as advertised or if the detector was delivered in a bad condition.

It’s easy to buy metal detectors online these days and AliExpress is one of the best places where you can find metal detectors of different sizes and capabilities. Keywords such as cheap metal detectors, or brand names like Garrett, LOMVUM, Fisher or Bounty Hunter will pull up countless results and these are some of the best quality products available today.

Should you buy a Chinese metal detector?

Chinese metal detectors are durable but are not truly reliable. In order to detect a reasonably decent quantity of metals, you will need a detector that is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor. China made metal detectors may be best suited for those who are just pursuing the hobby and not in it for a profit.

How to pick the best Chinese metal detector?

While choosing a metal detector, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, you will have to get a license or permission slip allowing you to use the metal detector in public places. Then you will have to pick the most appropriate product depending on their name in the market. Finally, go ahead and set a fixed budget for the metal detector and whatever you do, do not buy a metal detector that is either out of warranty or has been used by someone else.

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