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by Tim Howard

What are the best Chinese LED Grow Lights? We have reviewed hundreds of LED grow lights and we’ve selected our top seven. Read on to find out which LED grow lights are the best and what their pros and cons are.

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry by leaps and bounds. The options and capabilities of an LED are unmatched as far as lighting is concerned. 

We all know certain crops need illumination to flourish and a few require more than natural sunlight. LED grow lights have bridged that gap in recent years. It doesn’t matter if you are growing a patch of vegetables in your backyard or have a large farm, LED grow lights are a prerequisite for a good yield.  

I have done a bit of research on LED grow lights and can vouch for China’s capabilities in producing the best in the market. As one of the leading manufacturers of LED lights, they have received great reviews from buyers across the globe for their LED grow lights too. 

If you are looking at starting a greenhouse or a poly house, your search for LED grow lights ends here. I have listed seven of the best Chinese LED Grow lights for you to choose from and I am sure you will be amazed at how affordable they are.

Make sure you check the link from AliExpress for the best Chinese LED grow lights.

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What are LED grow lights?

LED grow lights are a type of LED lighting that not only illuminates an area but also delivers a broad spectrum of both blue and red light that act as a replacement for natural sunlight when growing plants indoors.

They’re ideal for indoor gardens and hydroponics setups as the plants would never have to use natural sunlight to grow. 

Which is the best Chinese LED grow light to buy?

The best Chinese LED grow light to buy in 2022 is the YGROW LED grow light. This is a hi-tech grow light that comes equipped with a temperature control system as well as a reflector layout to deliver the right spectrum of light to grow your plants without overheating. The YGROW LED grow light is a bit expensive, but on the long run it’s worth the investment.

Best Chinese LED Grow Lights: An Overview

Best Chinese LED Grow LightsWattageBest For
YGROW 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum300W – 2000WBest 600W Chinese LED Grow Light
DC5V Chinese LED Grow Light Strip for Plants180WBest USB LED Grow Light Strip
HiGrow 36W LED Grow Light36WBest 36W LED Grow Bulb
VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light300WTop Rated Chinese 300W LED Grow Light
Phyto LED B22 Hydroponic Growth Light300WBest Long Lasting LED Grow Bulb
Ming & Ben COB Chip Phyto Lamp20W – 50WBest Low-Watt LED Grow Light
MasterGrow LED Grow Light 410-730nm300W – 2000WBest Overall Chinese LED Grow Lights

YGROW 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Best chinese LED grow lights

The YGROW LED grow light is a full spectrum plant lighting for indoor plants. It is equipped with a reflector layout and temperature control system making it the perfect choice for growing vegetables and flowers indoors.

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The company is well known for manufacturing LEDs and its R&D team has come up with the 600W LED grow light after years of research. All LEDs in this product are full spectrum which means your plants get uniform light rather than just the blues and reds. 

The YGROW 600W grow light has an inbuilt temperature control system that turns the light off if the temperature reaches higher than 95 degrees. The grow light also comes with a high-speed cooling fan and a radiator that works efficiently even when it is used for 18 hours/day. 

This energy-saving LED grow light is available on Amazon for $74.99 which is quite pricey when you compare to other brands available on AliExpress.


  • Best 600W Chinese LED Grow Light
  • Can be used for planted fish tanks
  • Equipped with a built-in fan and radiator
  • Has an auto-turn off function when the temperature reaches 95-degrees


  • Slightly Pricey

DC5V LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 

The DC5V LED grow light from the brand Green Wisdom is one of the most sold LED grow lights on AliExpress. This USB powered grow light strip is perfect for plants, flowers, and hydroponic farming. 

The Green Wisdom LED grow light strip has 60 LEDs and is equipped with a 2835 chip full-spectrum color and can be connected to any charger which supports USB. The strip has a waterproof variant too and comes with a self-adhesive back with double-sided tape.

This LED grow light strip can be cut as per your desired length and is very easy to install. The full spectrum ensures energy distribution which results in increased production and growth of plants.

This grow light is available at AliExpress between $1.45 – 4.85. Yes, you read that right. Click on the link for offers now!


  • Best USB LED Grow Light Strip
  • Comes with 60 LED’s
  • Delivers full-spectrum color with a 2835 chipset
  • Easy to use and low cost


  • If one LED goes in the middle of the strip the rest of the strip is useless

HiGrow 36W LED Grow Light

The HiGrow 36W LED grow light for plants is available in two variants, one with 18 all blue lights and the second one with 18 all red lights that are ideal for plant and planted aquariums. Each grow light comes with a new and improved heat dissipation system that keeps it cool even after being on for 24 hours. 

It’s designed to deliver a longer lifespan while consuming less electricity. The blue LED grow light comes with 450-460nm LEDs which is the optimal spectrum of light that plants need to grow.

But one of the best things about the HiGrow is the fact that it can last for up to 50,000 hours which is a really long period of time and is perfect for those who want to provide the very best for their indoor plants.


  • Best 36W LED Grow Bulb
  • Comes with 18 LED’s
  • Long lifespan
  • Ideal for plants and aquariums


  • N/A

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light

Chinese LED grow lights

This LED grow light from VIPARSPECTRA is UL certified 300W LED light that meets all UL safety standards and tests to ensure safe operation. The company has sold thousands of units on Amazon and is a trusted name in the industry for its quality and customer service.

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The optimal spectrum of VIPARSPECTRA provides plants the lighting it needs in all stages of growth and is energy efficient too. The sturdy build quality is fire-resistant and is equipped with aluminum cooling heat sinks and a high-speed fan for heat dissipation. 

The company offers a 3-year warranty on the product and also has a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not like the product and want to return it. The VIPARSPECTRA comes in 3 variants and the 300W LED grow light is sold on Amazon for $ 60.98. The price is quite steep for a LED grow light in my opinion as compared to a few I have seen on AliExpress.


  • Top Rated Chinese 300W LED Grow Light 
  • Durable finish with ample amount of ventilation
  • Has a built-in radiator at the top, ideal for long durations
  • Impressive 3 years warranty


  • Product is great, some customers have faced damages while shipping

Phyto Led B22 Hydroponic Growth Light

LED violet lights for plants

This full-spectrum LED grow light helps plants in all stages of its growth starting from germination, flowering, and harvest. 

It is perfect for your grow tents, hydroponics set up, or your backyard greenhouse. The Phyto LED grow light has super bright SMD 2835 LED chips which conserve energy and regulate temperature.

This grows light has a 180-degree luminescence which helps increase plant yield as compared to 120-degree luminescence in ordinary LED lights. 

The Phyto LED grow light from the brand SPSCL is the hot seller on AliExpress and for a reason. This powerhouse LED grow light can be purchased between $1.14 – 1.29.


  • Best Long Lasting LED Grow Bulb
  • Affordable and powerful
  • Deliver multiple ranges of light
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours
  • Equipped with blue, red and white lights


  • N/A

Ming & Ben COB Chip Phyto Lamp

cheap lights for plants

The COB chip Phyto lamp from Ming&Ben is a highly efficient LED grow light with energy-saving capabilities. The design is impressive and is easy to install and is perfect for greenhouses and DIY hydroponic setups. 

The in-built smart IC prevents short circuits and gives the product an extended life. The aluminum body helps in fast heat dissipation and reduces damage to the LEDs. 

The high-quality COB ensures optimum brightness as it has the full spectrum LED grow lights that promote plant growth. This great looking LED grow light is on sale at AliExpress for an unbelievable price of $1.20 – 1.81. Like I mentioned earlier, the Chinese have outdone themselves when it comes to LED grow lights in terms of quality, efficiency, and pricing. 


  • Best Low-Watt LED Grow Light
  • Easy to install
  • Offers a range of lighting options
  • Highly versatile
  • Built to last


  • Can easily get damaged

MasterGrow LED Grow Light 410-730nm

The MasterGrow LED grow light is a best-seller on AliExpress for its technical specifications. This 2nd generation grow light is quite powerful with 10W LEDs resulting in deeper penetration. 

MasterGrow LED grow light has a custom copper core that manages heat and its modular internal build is fully upgradable. 

The versatile power cord is compatible with international sockets and is available in 110v and 220v. The grow light is lighter than other LEDs and is easy to install. 

The MasterGrow grow light is available in full-spectrum and you can choose between 300/600/800/900/1000/1200/1800/2000W. With such a wide range of wattage, the product is perfect for both vegetables and flowers.

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This is one of the more advanced grow lights available on AliExpress. The price ranges from $59.31 to 189.90 depending on the wattage you choose. The build quality and technology definitely makes up for the price and they ship across the globe. Click on the link to know more!


  • Best Overall Chinese LED Grow Lights
  • Available in full spectrum of 300W to 2000W
  • Ideal for greenhouses, grow tents and indoor plants


  • N/A

What to Consider When Buying Chinese LED Grow Lights

When it comes to Chinese craftsmanship, very few LED suppliers in the world can match them. The best Chinese LED grow lights last longer and this is such an added bonus for farmers who are starting out or own smaller operations. 

With an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, Chinese LED grow lights are way ahead of its competitors. Longer lifespans translate to long term savings and no wonder Chinese LED grow lights are endorsed by farmers across the globe.

The LED grow lights from China are energy efficient. They come with a host of energy-saving features that works wonders in some parts of the world. It not only saves electricity but is also eco-friendly. Most of the grow lights are fitted with isolated DC drivers prevent flickering of lights so plants get the perfect lighting they need.

The build quality of Chinese grow lights is another selling point. The material used ensures the safety of plants as the heat is controlled when compared to traditional grow lights. The plants get the right amount of heat they require and you avoid plant damage. This technology is what makes Chinese LED grow lights so popular in countries like Canada, Middle East, parts of Asia, and the USA.

Chinese grow light manufacturers avoid using hazardous chemicals like mercury which may contaminate soil and water bodies. This has won them a lot of repute in the global market. They ensure the LED grow lights promote plant growth efficiently without compromising the environment. 


Are Chinese led grow lights good?

Chinese LED grow lights from reputable brands like Mastergrow are very good. In fact, you get top notch LED quality at a fraction of the price. Good Chinese LED brands are the way to go. If they are not branded, then there will be issues.

What spectrum range of LED grow lights should I buy?

Well this basically depends on the type of plants you’re growing indoors and what they require on a daily basis. The two major spectrum that plants use to grow are blue and red.

Both are beneficial to the growth of plants, but if you happen to use a variety of both spectrum’s, the overall yield will double.

If your plant is a flowering one then red spectrum will help the buds grow well whereas if you have non flowering leafy plants, then the development of the leaves will depend on the blue LED grow light.

Can a regular light be used to grow indoor plants?

In short, No, regular LED lights can not be used to grow plants because they do not cover the spectrum of light required for plants to grow. Plant growth requires red and blue light which is generally not found on regular LED bulbs or lights.

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