Best Things to Buy on Taobao 2023 | Are Taobao products good?

by Tim Howard

If you have always loved shopping on Alibaba, then you would surely have a great time online shopping with Taobao! Taobao is also considered as one of the biggest e-commerce websites on the Internet, so don’t be surprised if you see millions of items That you have never seen before!

If you want a glimpse of the Best Things to Buy on Taobao, you are on the right track because we will list down the top 10 items that you should add to your cart now! Let’s go!

15 Best items to buy on Taobao 2023

In my years of purchasing on Taobao, there are a few products that are popular on Taobao and are worth buying and I’ve mentioned them below.

The best things to buy on Taobao are home related products such as slippers, food processors, cleaning tools and massagers. These products have the highest ratings and are the most purchased on the platform. Taobao’s sellers ship these items internationally.

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Xiaomi Electronic Devices

Best items to buy on Taobao

From mobile phones to water purifiers and other household devices, the Xiaomi official store on Taobao has it all. You can get wireless earbuds for as low as $20 and battery packs for under $15. These electronic devices are sold direct from the factory and they all carry official Xiaomi warranties.

Now i’ve used Xiaomi products in the past and to get them at such a low price on Taobao is amazing. Since Xiaomi is among the top 5 brands worldwide, it’s a good idea to pick up some cool new electronics and gadgets from the Xiaomi Taobao store. If you’re lucky, you can even get your hands on some of their new launches before it even hits the global market.

Top selling products

  • Redmi AirDots TWS Earbuds
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Xiaomi Smartphones & Tablets
  • Hair Dryers & Smart Home Appliances

Waterproof Washing Machine Cover

best items on taobao

Are your washing machines installed inside your bathrooms? This location can cause molds and mildew to grow on your washing machines! It is always best to protect them with this waterproof washing machine cover. Not only this protect your washing machines from possible water splashes as you shower, but you can also use the machine with these on them.

The cover is very light, and you can choose a lot of truly adorable patterns! This waterproof washing machine cover is made from PEVA, the same material used for manufacturing shower curtains. You are assured of the excellent quality of this cover because of PEVA.

Another great feature of this washing machine cover is it is available for front load and top loads washers! Even when the cover is on, you can still see and use the buttons quickly, so no need to remove the entire sheet as you wash. Any day is a happy laundry day with this washing machine cover!

Key Features:

  • Sizes: 56 x 54 x 86 cm or 60 x 56 x 83 cm
  • With zipper

Non-slip Bathroom Slippers

best products on taobao

We talked about bathrooms earlier, and now we give you your new favorite slippers, these non-slop bathroom slippers! I must say, these are not only applicable for use inside the bathroom, but you can also use it outside your home, and even on the beach!

These non-slip slippers have thick soles, and are very lightweight that you can even fold them without it breaking! These slippers give your feet a pleasant and comfortable feeling that they would not even know they are wearing sandals.

These are perfect for everyday use, and there are also several designs and colors to choose from. This can be an ideal gift for your husband and wives because our feet deserve all the comfort! This item has a monthly sale of over 10,000, and you should be the next customer to buy this fantastic footwear.

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Key Features:

  • Sizes: 35 to 47
  • Waterproof
  • Ribbed soles

UNIQLO Loose Long Shirt

best things on taobao

Are you looking for a comfortable picnic outfit this summer? This UNIQLO Loose Long Shirt will bring you all the comfort and fashion that you have been looking for! This shirt is made out of 100% cotton, so you can feel the softness of the fabric by just looking at it.

This product has monthly sales of over 3000 sold items, so you know how great this outfit is without having to try it personally. From picnics to office, this shirt should be one of your wardrobe staples. You can wear it with a belt, or tuck it inside your slacks to give a more smart look on your overall outfit.

Key Features:

  • Colors: White, Light Blue
  • 100% cotton

DIY Earrings Package

what to buy on taobao

Give your little daughter something to unleash her creativity, and the DIT Earring Package may just do that! Of course, she would need your helping hands in handling such materials to prevent any accident. This package comes with alloy and silver materials that you can shape in any way that you want.

It also includes beads, sequins, ribbons, shapes, and earring hooks, that your little girl can combine to form her very own jewelry. This kit has everything from stud, hoop, and drop earrings. Quality time with your daughter has never been this good with the DIY Earrings Package!

Key Features:

  • 70 packages to choose from
  • Comes with a video tutorial

Mini Food Processor

best cheap things on taobao

Do you hate crying when chopping onions? Save your tears and never have to experience that again with this Mini Food Processor! From onions to chilis, you can mince them correctly without a hassle! Simply pull the handle to make the processor work, and do the rest of the job for you.

This small but terrible chopper can quickly chop ice, meat, and juice your fruits for you too. The blades are made out of sharp stainless steel, so its durability comes in handy. You can also create unique baby purees for your little one, without the need of a blender. Forget your knife and pull your way into knife-less mincing and chopping with this Mini Food Processor.

Key Features:

  • Portable and compact design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Up to 170 ml capacity
  • Double blades
  • Stainless steel blades

Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning Tool

coolest items on taobao

Clear all small corners of your house in just a few minutes with the Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning Tool. This best selling item for households is undoubtedly famous because of its convenience. This cleaning tool features an extendable, flexible, and flat handle that can easily reach gaps and corners that are not usually achieved by a regular broom.

This tool also comes with a microfiber brush to effectively remove all the dust and dirt that cannot be easily seen around the corners. The microfiber handle can be bent, allowing you to clean your ceilings even without climbing a ladder.

There is no need for you to bend over as you clean under your sofas and beds because this cleaning tool does the bending for you. The microfiber can also be drenched with water for the dusting to become even more useful. Make your house sparkling clean with this Retractable Gap Dust Cleaning Tool!

Key Features:

  • Easy storage function
  • Hangable for air drying
  • Lightweight
  • Can be extended for up to 147 cm

Foot Massager Machine with Heat

coolest products on taobao

Are your feet tired from working all day? Or are the elderly at your house always complaining about their aching feet? Treat every member of the family with a daily foot massage from this Foot Massager with Heat!

Unlike the regular foot massagers, this machine stimulates the acupuncture points of your feet to promote your overall well-being. This is extremely important, especially for our older loved ones! This foot massager can also improve the blood circulation of the feet, so their aching feet can be managed without having to massage their feet for hours manually! ?

This foot massager comes in with a heating design, which is perfect for cold winter nights. Cold feet would never be an issue anymore, plus you get the utmost spa-like massage comfort without ever leaving your homes.

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Big footed people can also take advantage of this massager because this tool can accommodate tired feet that are up to size 47! The cloth inside the massager is also easy to clean. You can remove it and toss it in the washer after every use to keep it sanitized. This can be your granny or mom’s best friend, and they would surely love you even more once you purchase this for them!

Key Features:

  • Can massage up to 30 minutes
  • Temperature: 20 to 40°C

Closet Underwear Organizer

what is worth buying in taobao

We know that every one of us has experienced a disaster-looking wardrobe. If you want to fix this problem, you have to check out the Closet Underwear Organizer. This organizer can help you place all your undergarments neatly, and you don’t have to throw everything just to look for your favorite pair of socks!

This organizer has multiple divided sections so that you can tidy up your wardrobe effortlessly. We suggest purchasing more than one organizer so you can simply stack all these up on your closet and re-organize all your clothing.

Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 12 (H) x 26 (W) x 30 (L) cm or 12 (H) x 26 (W) x 37 (L) cm
  • 13 or 17 squares

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set

taobao buying guide

Have a calm evening every day with the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set. This set does not require any electricity, and you just need to open the bottle of your favorite essential oil, then stick the paper roses to diffuse the scent.

This set is perfect for any room, so all the members of the family can have a relaxing feeling all around the house.

Key Features:

  • Fragrances: Osmanthus, Ocean, Lemon, Lavender, Gardenia, Jasmine

Nordic Style Latex Fabric Sofa

home products on taobao

Moving to your new home? New furniture would be an exciting thing to look forward to! Dress your home with the Nordic Style Latex fabric Sofa, and create that cozy and modern look for your new home.

This sofa is 100% customizable, so you can let the seller know about your style and size preference. You also have a variety of colors to choose from! So, if you are aiming for a Nordic-style home and a fan of extreme comfort that sofas can bring, this astounding sofa should be your new home addition!

Key Features:

Colors: Light Gray, Pink, Gray-Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Orange

Feiyue Shoes

Best items to buy on Taobao

Feiyue shoes are a Chinese manufacturing company that makes some of the best layered sneakers in the market. Their shoes are perfect to wear in cold temperatures and come with a cushioned layer that make them perfect for long walks or while walking on rough terrain. These shoes are affordable and Feiyue ensures they use high quality materials while making their shoes.

You will be able to find a range of styles to choose from on Taobao and two of the most popular Feiyue shoes are the Feiyue White Third Edition Sports Shoes and their biggest seller, the Kung Fu shoes. They are available in a range of colors and sizes to choose from and you will be pleased to know that they happen to sell well over 1000 pairs of these shoes each month.

Key Features

  • Sizes: 5-12.5
  • Added cushioning at the sole

Multifunctional Pot

Best items to buy on Taobao

Taobao has a couple of interesting products in their catalog, one such device is the multifunctional pot that lets you perform a range of tasks and is a super useful gadget to have at home. This pot comes with a whole bunch of pre-set boiling and cooking settings that you can enable with a single touch of the pad and turning the dial on the controller.

The pot can be used to make your regular cups of tea, steam  eggs, make soup and can even be used to cook instant noodles. It’s efficient and will heat up faster than a regular countertop stove and can help satisfy your hunger quicker. What we really liked about this pot is its ability to prepare and sterilize baby feeding products in a matter of seconds.

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Key Features

  • Multi-functional with over 7 preset brewing modes
  • Fast heating capabilities
  • Can sterilize baby products

DIY Woolen Sweater Kits

Another popular product to buy on Taobao is their DIY sweater kits that consist of everything you’d need to make a nice thick sweater to battle the cold this winter. Though there are many ready-made sweaters up on Taobao right now, what makes this product so popular is that it comes with the instructions required to complete the sweater as well as everything you need such as wool, needles, thread, scissors and even buttons.

I must say, the quality of the wool that’s provided in these kits i actually quite good. I had picked up a DIY kit in the past and found the instructions to be easy to follow. It provided detailed steps on what needs to be done and there are images to make it easier to see what needs to be followed. Each kit doesn’t cost more than $10 – $15 and are made from high quality materials that have been checked for safety.

Key Features

  • DIY kit consists of sewing material (yarn), buttons, needle, thread, scissors, an instruction manual and a suede cord.

Cheap Bartender Mixology Kits

If you’re taking up a course in bartending then you’d definitely need the right set of tools to get the job done. Taobao is a fantastic place to pick up everything you’d require to make your signature cocktail. Kits here don’t cost over $20 on average and there are so many different products to choose from.

I’ve bought a couple of mixology sets from Taobao and the quality of the utensils and accessories is amazing for the price. These kits will cost an easy $100+ back home, but they are up on Taobao for cheap with free shipping. There are different sets available, some come with 5 pieces whereas others like the one I bought consists of 12 different items that are made from a rustproof stainless steel so every drink tastes the same as the last.

Key Features

  • Set consists of a large martini shaker, strainer, bar spoon, jigger, shot glasses, pour spouts, and a bottle opener to boot
  • Made from a rustproof stainless steel

What should I buy from Taobao?

Taobao is amazing for home products. As Chinese users purchase from Taobao, it’s very popular for home products and homeware. Clothing, Electronics, Footwear and even food items are popular on Taobao

Is it safe to buy from Taobao?

Taobao like Alibaba and Aliexpress is absolutely safe to purchase from. They have buyer protection and a strong return and refund policy in case of a bad experience.

Does Taobao sell fake?

Taobao does not sell fake items or replicas and steer clear away from those sort of products. If you encounter a fake on Taobao, you can bring it to the notice of customer support who will handle the issue for you.

How to find good sellers on Taobao?

There are a number of ways you can find reliable sellers on Taobao, but the easiest and most straightforward way is by checking the store rating and the buyer reviews to see if other customers had any problems with the store.

How long does it take for a Taobao order to get delivered?

Orders that are placed on Taobao can get delivered between 7-40 working days depending on factors such as the carrier or shipping method selected, time of the year and if there are any weather conditions that may hold up your package. There’s also a chance that the shipment may get stuck at customs if your paperwork is not in place and this can significantly prolong the delay of your delivery.

Best things to BUY on Aliexpress

Best Selling Products on Alibaba

Best things to buy on Taobao

If you want a glimpse of the Best Things to Buy on Taobao, you are on the right track because we will list down the top 10 items that you should add to your cart now! Let’s go!

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