10 Popular Chinese Machines for Woodworking 2022

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The importance of wood working machines in wood workshops and timber mills is unparalleled. These electric motor powered devices are designed to perform a wide array of works like cutting, curving and even shaping. Be it computer controlled or manually operated, these machines are convenient to work with and saves a lot of time. I found some really good woodworking machines sellers online packed with features. 

So I’ve curated a list of some of the best Chinese machine for woodworking and have included a diverse range of wood working machinery that can be used for wood processing tasks. 

Some of these varieties include band saws, table saws, mitre saws, drill presses, radial arm saws, circular saws, planers and jointers and much more. Various kinds of heavy wood working projects depends on these machines and their efficiency and quality.

So here is a list of best Chinese wood working machines that are available online at the best prices.

Top 10 Chinese Machines for Woodworking

1395 CNC Wood Working Engraving Machine for Traditional Chinese Handicrafts

Manufacturer: Jingwailaser Equipment Co. Ltd

 Developed by Chinese brand Jingwailaser Equipment Co. Ltd, the 1395 CNC Wood Working Engraving Machine is used to curve cut ancient wood for making Traditional Chinese Handicrafts. The product has a linear square rail and the platform size is 1320*3000MM. It has a maximum idle speed of 2500N which makes the curving process faster and convenient.

Chinese Machines for Woodworking

The CNC Wood Working and Engraving Machine features laser technology that enhances the quality of engravings and effectively makes the surface of the products smooth. Such laser engravings can also be used to rapidly reduce the temperature of the carved non-metal materials or the deformation and stress of the curved materials. This machine is perfect for fine carvings and works smoothly on non-metal materials.

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MJ6128TD Factory Precision Panel Saw/ Sliding Table Saw/ China Saw Wood Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: Factory Laser CNC Router Store

Next on the list is the heavy duty, multi-tasking MJ6128TD Machine manufactured by China based company Factory Laser CNC Router Store that has a plethora of features to make the wood working projects easier and less time consuming. The dimensions of this product’s sliding table is 2800*375mm and has a gross cut capacity of 2800mm.

best chinese machine for woodworking machines

The sliding table can be used to process different kinds of density boards, shaving boards, ABS Panels, wood based panels, PC panels, organic glass plates and solid wood. Other solid wood structures with equal amount of hardness or thickness can also be carved and processed with the help of this machine. The chromium steels bars on the movable table makes the machine long lasting. It also has electric lifting saw blades which can be adjusted to 45 degrees.

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ZICAR Best Selling Wide Belt Sanding Machine/Wood Working Machine

Manufacturer: YanTai Lida

With an experience of over 59 years, YanTai Lida is one of the best China based manufacturer of wood working machines, available in Alibaba.com. They are dedicated to the production and export of all kinds of engraving and wood working machines including CNC routers and Laser machinery. Zicar is one of their top-selling products that provide high productivity and durability.

best chinese machine for woodworking machine

Used for a diverse range of industrial and construction works, the ZICAR Best Selling Wide Belt Sanding Machine can handle work pressure of 0.6Mpa. It has two roller and 4 motors that makes the machine powerful and precise for heavy duty work.

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CNC 1530 Cutter Machine Equipment for Stainless Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: Jingweilaser Equipment Co. Ltd

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Reputed for the manufacturing and development of a wide variety of industrial and constructional equipment, Jingweilaser Equipment Co. Ltd offers one of the best and reliable wood cutting machine in surprisingly reasonable prices. 

With maximum dead speed of 4000mm/min and maximum processing speed of 4000mm/min, this machine is a beast that makes wood working project simpler and safe.

The CNC 1530 Cutter Machine Equipment Co. Ltd makes the surface of the material smoother and stress and deformation free. The laser technology makes fine carving convenient and provides the best results. The machine works smoothly on thick and hard materials as well.

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Toriox Nail Stapler Multifunction 3 in 1 Manual Stapler Tool Nail stapler Machine for Wood Work

Manufacturer: TORIOX

Launched in July 2019, the Toriox Nail Stapler can be used for multiple purposes including carfting wooden materials, roofing, wiring and much more. This Mini Staple Gun is made of alloy steel and has an adjustable pressure setting. This mini gun is perfect for individual and household use.

Variety of materials can be affixed with this mini stapler. The product features handle lock for easy storage, depth adjustment knob and palm squeeze trigger for easy operation. This versatile multi-purpose staple gun shoots standard brads and U staples to perform a wide range of work. When it comes to industrial and professional wood carving, Toriox is the star of the show.

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MJ6132 Sliding Panel Saw with Lifting Table Wood Board Processing Cutting Machine, Sliding Table Cutting Panel Saw Made in China

Manufacturer: China Machine Factory Store

Manufactured by one of Aliexpress’s top seller, the MJ6132 Sliding Panel Saw with Lifting Table Wood Board Processing Cutting Machine is a long lasting and reliable product used by various industries and timber mills. Available at reasonable prices, this top quality product comes with a sliding table saw that has a number of amazing features.

cold press machine vs hot press machine

The powerful motors and saw are applicable on a wide range of materials, no matter how thick or hard they are. The blade is electrically powered and can be adjusted according to the requirements. 

Al kinds of heavy duty work is performed smoothly by this machine. It has a gross cutting capacity of 3000mm and is certified by CE. For the payment procedure, it is important to note that the T/T is required to be paid in advance.

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Best Price Wood Sander Wood Working Sanding Machines Door Sanding Machine

Manufacturer: Jinan Leeder CNC Technology Co. Ltd

Headquartered in Shandong, China this Wood Sanding Machine is one of the sought after tools in the wood work machinery market. It is a brand new design that was first made available in earlier in 2020, and has received positive feedback from the customers. This heavy duty machine is used in a diverse range of projects for cutting and sanding wood.

best chinese machines for woodworking

The core components of the product are motors, PLC and Engine that is automatic and makes the task easier for the user. The roller speed of the machine has inverted control and a lifting motor of 0.55Kw. The product comes with a 2 year warranty. This Alibaba seller also offers exciting discounts on the purchase and comes in logo customizable packaging. The minimum order quantity for this product is 1 and it has an average price range of 8,800 US Dollars.

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YOOCNC Newest USB cnc 8060 2200 W 4 Axis 3D Wood Working/ Carving/ Milling Machine Lather for Metal Engraving Router

Manufacturer: Shenzheng Liyang Welding Equipment Ltd.

Sold across a massive international market, this YOOCNC wood working/carving/milling machine is a dependable product when it comes to large industrial wood working projects. Providing top quality in affordable prices, this Aliexpress seller is reputed for providing great performance.

zhengzhou leabon machinery equipment co. ltd
woodworking machine

The product can be used for industrial works, technological research works and other hobby projects. This CNC router has been developed for large area engraving such as prototype building, model making etc. It is software compatible and its rail is made of Chromeplate shaft, linear bearings and surface hardening 61HRC. Its powerful motors and sharp blades can cut through all kinds of hard and thick boards, making it convenient for the users to get the best results.

The product has an average price range of 192,883.44 INR but can be purchased at a 15% reduced rate from Aliexpress. Moreover the supplier offers extra 5% off on orders of 2 or more pieces.

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Hot Sale 6090 CNC Engraving Machine for Wooden Stake Gold

Manufacturer: Jingweilaser Equipment Co. Ltd

Another product developed by Jingweilaser Equipment Co. Ltd, this wood working machine offers best results and smooth finishing to all kinds of wooden surfaces. The precision of the product is 600mm*900mm*200mm and has a spindle power of water cooled 2.2kw.

The machine also has a rich auto operating system and helps to reduce the deformation and internal stress of engraved materials. It can be used for a wide range of industry work and fine carving projects as well. The product is long lasting and weighs around 1760 pounds. The machine was first made available in 2019 and has since been a popular name in the wood working field.

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2019 New Design Wood Working Machine CNC Router 1325 with Vaccum Table

Manufacturer: Jinan AccTek Machinery Co. Ltd

Founded in 2005 Jinan AccTek Machinery Co. Ltd focuses on the manufacturing and development of CNC Router and Laser Machines that are admired across international markets. This product can be widely used for various industry and constructional work, crafting, art business, boat making and much more.

buying chinese woodworking machine

This machine has a heavy structure equipped with square tube lathe bed and steel gantry which makes it powerful and long lasting. The product also has a changseng 9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle which ensures effective work with less maintenance. It is easy to learn, control and operate this machine and hence is convenient for the users.

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How does a woodworking machine function?

Woodworking machines are designed to cut, shape, and join wood using a variety of cutting tools.

The machine starts by measuring the size and shape of the piece of wood that needs to be cut, then it selects the appropriate saw for the job. The saw blade is then ignited and advanced towards the wooden object in order to create a clean cut.

The next step is shaping or trimming the edge of the cut line with a jigsaw or jigsaw-style tool so that it’s smooth and even. This will ensure that there are no splintering or chipping accidents while you’re working on your project.

After this is done, you can use a router table to get rid of any uneven areas or unwanted corners before finally attaching parts together with screws, nails, or glues.

For more complex projects (e.g., cabinets), additional machinery may be needed such as miter saws, drilling rigs, power sanders etc.

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