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by Tim Howard

One of the most classic pens of the yesteryears were fountain pens. If you are old enough, you might have used some of these during school.

The best thing about fountain pens is the quality of writing and it’s comfortable on the hand. In most markets, you won’t find fountain pens. Even if you do, they are ridiculously expensive. 

Best Chinese Fountain Pen BrandsFeatures
Jinhao 992Transparent barrel, Screw type cap, Removable ink converter
Moonman T1Unique Design, Easy to Fill, More ink capacity
JINHAO 159A perfect mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern elements, ISO9001:2000 quality rating
Wing Sung 3008Easy to fill with all brands of ink bottles, Iridium Extra Fine Nib
Moonman C1Sleek, modern, minimalist design,  clear acrylic body
Jinhao 5000Smooth nib, Classic Chinese Style, 
WanwuNib andDip pen attachment, Well suited for Calligraphy
Moonman M2Easy Filling System, Smooth Writer, Perfect Pocket Pen
Moonman C2High Quality material, Large Ink Capacity

Chinese Fountain Pens on the other hand are super cheap and are of the highest quality. They come in different styles, sizes and ink capacities. 

Perfect for gifting! Check out these amazing Chinese fountain pens. 

Chinese Fountain Pen Reviews


The JINHAO 992 is one of my top picks for its build quality. The 992 reminded me of the iconic pilot pen. The Jinhao has a great nib and the ink flow is exceptional. It is small which makes for great handling. 

JINHAO 992 chinese fountain pen

The solid transparent barrel is available in different colors to suit your taste. It has a silver/gold clip that looks classy. The screw-type cap is well designed and it comes with a removable ink converter, so you can replace it with any international-sized ink cartridge. That’s quite innovative, don’t you think?

You can get six of these on Amazon for just $11.99.


The MOONMAN T1 is a stylish looking fountain pen and my second choice of the best Chinese fountain pens. 

chinese fountain pen brands

This uniquely designed pen has a transparent acrylic barrel and a high-grade aluminum cap and top. The stainless steel nib makes for smooth writing and makes your handwriting pop. 

The T1 is easy to fill, all you have to do is unscrew the end cap, dip, screw back and it’s done. Simple and quick. The T1 also has more ink capacity when compared to other fountain pens 

The transparent body looks beautiful and you always know how much ink is left. Convenient right? The MOONMAN T1 comes in an elegant gift box and is available on Amazon for $32.99. 


The JINHAO 159 is a perfect mix of traditional Chinese culture and modern elements. This fountain pen is manufactured by JINHAO, a company situated in Shangai, China known for its production quality and the blend of Chinese and western elements. 

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The 159 is designed by a professional R&D team and crafted using advanced technology and has an ISO9001:2000 quality rating. The stell nib is easy to handle and makes for smooth writing. The pen comes with a screw-type cap and is lightweight at just 48gms. 

The pen comes with a converter, ink pump to use your favorite ink. You also have an option to buy this with or without a gift box on Amazon for $9.98. It’s worth every penny for that price.

Wing Sung 3008

The Wing Sung 3008 is a trendy fountain pen for the young at heart. How I wish these were available when I was growing up. 

best chinese fountain pens

The 3008 is a 24gm fountain pen which makes writing smooth and easy flowing. The iridium extra-fine nib makes your handwriting pop. The pen is easy to refill with all brands of ink bottles making it one of my top picks. 

The Wing Sung 3008 has a revolutionary anti-leaking rotation design which prevents unnecessary leaks after refilling. With more ink capacity and cool transparent design, the 3008 is a must-buy. Check out the other must buy products on Aliexpress.

Moonman C1

moonman fountain pen

The MOONMAN C1 is a compact fountain pen and an updated version of the popular M2 from the same brand. This version has a better finish with acrylic resin and the grip has a modern feel to it. 

The sleek C1 has an O ring eyedropper to fill ink with ease and also has a 2.6mm disposable cartridge. The design is classic and the clear acrylic body makes it desirable to all collectors. 

The C1 is a mini fountain pen that is big on style and you can choose between a clear or bent nib. Get this beauty before it flies off the racks. The C1 is available on Amazon for $25.98

JINHAO 5000 Vintage

The JINHAO 500 is an exquisite vintage fountain pen that speaks volumes. The full metal body is a statement in itself and will make a wonderful gift. The design is a blend of traditional Chinese culture paired with modern technology.

cheap chinese fountain pen

The luxurious vintage design is eye-catching and is sure to make heads turn. The fine nib is 0.6mm in size and is well suited for calligraphy too. The cap is a push-type that goes well with the over-all design of the pen. The JINHAO 500 works with both bottled ink and standard ink cartridges. 

The big barrel size gives you a comfortable grip so you can write for long hours. I have ordered one for a friend who loves fountain pens.

Moonman M2

The M2 from the MOONMAN stables is a perfect pocket-sized fountain pen. If you use fountain pens regularly the M2 is a handy companion to own. 

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Moonman M2 Chinese fountain pen

The pen comes with an extra-fine nib and a fine nib based on your requirement. The nib is made of gold plated steel that ensures smooth writing. The pen is easily refillable and comes with three gaskets to avoid leaking. A matching eyedropper is included in the package and is compatible with other standard cartridges too. 

The classic design of the M2 with a transparent body and a torpedo shape is balanced to perfection. The pen is made from high-grade acrylic and can hold more when compared to normal fountain pens. 

If you like classic fountain pens in a modern avatar, click this link from Amazon to get the M2 for $20.99.

Wanwu Fountain Pen

This beautiful pen by Wanwu can be used as a fountain pen or as a dip pen depending on the attachment you choose to use. With the dip attachment, you can create works of art or use it for calligraphy. 

china fountain pen

The Wanwu pen set includes both the dip attachment and the extra-fine nib making it a wonderful package to own. A simple twist lets you change between both the attachments. You can also choose to buy a medium nib if you prefer that over the extra-fine from Amazon.

If you are a budding writer or a calligrapher, this pen is the right choice for you. This fountain pen is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Priced at $23.99 on Amazon for the package.

Moonman C2

The MOONMAN C2 is a collector’s dream with its elegant looks and functionality. Made from Acrylic sourced from Germany, the C2 looks like a dream. 

Moonman fountainpen from China

The nib on the C2 is made from steel and the pen weighs approximately 13.6gms. The transparent design has a unique shape and comes with a matching eyedropper. To see the ink slosh in the transparent barrel is quite a sight.

The C2 has a grip that ensures smooth writing and comfortable handling. The MOONMAN C2 is a perfect travel companion tool because of its perfect size.

If you are looking at gifting someone on their graduation or a promotion, get this with an elegant gift box. The pen is available on Amazon at an affordable price of $20.99. Click on the Amazon link to check discount offers. 

WingSung 698

Wingsun 698

The WingSung 698 is a piston filler fountain pen and considered one of the top Chinese fountain pens. At $21, it’s reasonably priced and is one of the most stylish pens out there.

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It has a steel nib and it’s made of Resin. It ships with a lubricating silicone oil. The nibs are replaceable in case it bends, breaks or goes missing.

The Kon-Peki ink is the most ideal ink for this pen. For people who are getting into piston fillers, this is best starter Chinese pen.

Hong Dian Pure1850

The Pure1850 makes a bold statement with its classic design – textured finish, engraved nib and embossed logo on the cap, with colour options named ‘Black Forest’ and ‘Birch Forest’. The cartridge is a standard ink converter with a turning mechanism on one end, and the nibs are available in three thickness variations, namely Extra Fine (EF) 0.38mm, Fine (F) 0.5mm and Bent 1mm. 

At US$15.99, the fountain pen with its elegant looks makes for a good gifting choice. The only downside to this may be that they do not provide a case along with the product. 

Jinhao 35

The Jinhao 35 is a steal at only US$2.99, and with almost 3000 dollars the product has already picked up traction on AliExpress. It is available in Black and Silver with dull finishes and there aren’t too many elements to its design, which many might prefer for daily usage pens. 

The nibs are available in Extra Fine and Fine options and comes with a standard refillable ink cartridge. With a 4.9-star rating from 1228 reviews, the Jinhao 35 is an affordable option for your writing needs.

YuMoXuan 1502 World Map Series

Ever watch a movie set in the 1700s and fancy yourself writing with a quill and ink? Well, here’s your chance. The 1502 series comes with a set of writing points, a feather with your choice of colour, a dipping pot and a stand. The nibs are stainless steel and the holder is made from an alloy. 

The set will cost you about US$15.44, and makes for a great gift for vintage-product buffs – including yourself! Unfortunately, they do not sell extra feathers as add-ons. 

Chinese Fountain Pen Guide

Are Chinese fountain pens good?

If you are looking at buying affordable fountain pens with high-end features, then Chinese fountain pens are your best bet. Chinese pens have some really nice features like screw-on caps, converters and piston-filling mechanism at prices that range between $5 – $30. Brands like JInhao and MOONMAN have some beautiful pieces that have changed how you perceive the humble fountain pens of yesteryears. 

What are the best fountain pens?

There are many reasons that make a fountain pen tick. I have listed a few of them below.

  • Fountain pens last a lifetime
  • They are so classy that they become a fashion statement
  • They improve handwriting and are best suited for calligraphy
  • The choice of colors in terms of the ink is unmatchable
  • They are economical

Which is the best Jinhao fountain pen?

As per my research, the best Jinhao pen is the JINHAO 992 for it’s build quality and performance. The 992 can be compared to the iconic Pilot pens in terms of handling and ink flow. The size is perfect and fits in your pocket making it an ideal companion for business meetings. 

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