Does Fake Apple Pencil works | China made Apple Inspired Pencils Review

by Tim Howard

Apple pencil is one device people love to hate, purely because of its price. It’s ridiculously expensive, although it’s super useful. There are numerous Apple Pencil alternatives available in the market. 

Most people end up buying the Apple pencil because they think the other products in the market are incompatible with their iPad or it doesn’t sketch well. That isn’t the truth. There are numerous Apple pencil like products that are compatible and are perfect for doodling as well. 

Based on my review and testing, there are quite a few Fake Apple Pencil styles. In this Fake Apple Pencil Review, I found out the perfect one and it’s the one listed below.

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Is there a dupe for Apple pencil?

Most Apple pencil dupes can be found on Aliexpress and there are over 4 brands that make Appen pencil dupes.
How can I tell if my Apple pencil is real?

If you want to check if your Apple Pencil is genuine, then you need to enter the manufacturing ID on the Apple website and see if it’s a genuine piece or not. Also most Apple pencil fakes do not have the Apple Pencil logo. They are just a copy and are not a true replica.

Best Fake Apple Pencil 2022

Wacom Bamboo Sketch

wacom bamboo sketch

The Wacom is a highly popular brand amongst creatives who are looking to draw & doodle. The Bamboo Sketch is by far the most popular alternative to the Apple Pencil. 

The Bambook Sketch is about $20 cheaper than the first generation Apple pencil, but the Bamboo sketch is an alternative to the second generation Apple pencil. It’s about $40 cheaper than the second generation.

If you are looking to draw very accurately on the iPad or an iPhone, then this is the best stylus out there, primarily because of Wacom’s experience in creating these type of products for designers and creatives.

It’s compatible with all iPad devices and iPhone devices over iPhone 6. It’s customizable buttons can be changed via Bluetooth and also the nibs can be changed based on your design preference.

It’s compatible with 10+ apps that includes Goodnotes, Sketchbook, Adobe Draw, Zoom Notes and more. The battery lasts for 15 hours on a single charge. 

Check it out on Amazon

Logitech Crayon

logitech crayon

Logitech’s Crayon Pencil works with the iPad specifically, and works across most iPad devices that are over iOS 12.2 and above. 

The first and foremost feature is that the Logitech Crayon has the ‘Palm Rejection’ technology which means you can place your palm while designing or drawing or writing and the pencil will still work. The smart tip understands angles and accordingly gives you a thicker or thinner line depending on how you position the pencil.

Over 100+ apps are compatible with the Logitech Crayon. It’s suited for school students who can mark up on Excel sheets, PDFs and text documents. It’s perfect for taking notes.

The tip is the same as the Apple Pencil tip. You could use the same tip for either the Logitech Pencil or the Apple Pencil.

The lightning cable that charges the iPad, charges the Logitech Crayon as well. One of the best alternatives to the Apple pencil. 

It’s also the only pencil that is approved by Apple as an alternative. The Logitech Crayon feels like writing with a real pen.

Check it out on Amazon

Adonit Pro 

stylus like apple pencil

The best budget alternative to the Apple Pencil that barely costs 1/3rd of the Apple pencil is the Adonit Pro. Adonit Pro has gone through various upgrades. Let me state it in the beginning, this is not an absolute replacement of the Apple Pencil. It’s more like a Fake Apple Pencil. 

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It doesn’t have pressure sensitivity, tilt support, shortcut buttons, palm rejection. This is just a stylus. Most people need a stylus for simple writing and taking notes and they end up buying something very expensive. If you want an Adonit Product that has the same functionalities as the Apple Pencil, then check out the Adonit Note+. 

This is not an active device and if you are looking to take notes, you can use the Zoom function. It’s a very durable device and the tip doesn’t need replacements at all. 

The Adonit is a cheap stylus alternative. 

Check it out on Amazon

Moko Active Stylus Pen 

cheap touch stylus for ipad

If you want a mix of both the worlds that is the affordable price of a stylus and the features of a Pencil, then the Moko Active Stylus Pen fits right in. It just costs $27 which is super cheap for a stylus pen. 

What sold me on this Stylus pen is the Palm Rejection technology. With Palm Rejection I can draw and write without the need of gloves or having to lift my hand. It’s Bluetooth enabled and gives 20 hours of battery life with 100 minutes of use. 

One downside is, it doesn’t work with the iPhone, and works with the latest iPad models. It can be charged through USB. It works with screens with a tempered glass or a screen film.

It has one of the highest 5-star ratings across other stylus devices. It’s perfect for drawing, taking notes, swiping and more. 

It’s a top rated Apple pencil alternative. 

Check it out on Amazon

Xiron Touch Screen Stylus 

Xiron touch screen stylus pen

The Xiron Touch Screen Stylus is a budget stylus that doesn’t have the palm rejection technology, but it comes with nifty gloves which acts as a physical palm rejection accessory. It has a 2 in 1 copper tip & mesh. 

With 1.5mm of Ultra fine copper tip, it’s pretty accurate. There are no different thicknesses though. It’s meant to be used at an angle that is similar to a pen. It doesn’t work with Windows touch screens and the iPad Air 2.

It takes 60 minutes to fully recharge the stylus and it gives 8 hours of continuous use. It auto powers off when not in use to conserve battery life.

It has a beautiful design and looks very similar to the Apple pencil itself. At $21 it’s a budget alternative to the Apple Pencil. 

iPad Pencil Alternative with Palm Rejection 

fake apple pencil

If you are looking for an alternative to the Apple pencil which has the exact same features but at a much cheaper price, then you are looking for a Fake Apple Pencil. 

The one from Goojodoq is a life saver as it costs only $22. It has all the features of the Apple pencil. It has the tilt technology that lets you shade in different thickness just by tilting the stylus. 

It’s a Fake Apple Pencil because it mimics the look of the Apple pencil as well. In terms of the features, It has the palm rejection feature which is the most sought after in iPad pencils. 

It charges through the type-C port and you have a working life of 20 hours. It takes 1 – 1.5 hours to charge completely. 

It’s made of Aluminum alloy, which is pretty strong in case of falls. It has a touch sensor on the top of the Pencil. It has an indicator light that gives an idea of the charge left.

There’s an option to get a 1mm tip or a 6mm tip. It’s compatible with iPad Air, iPad Pro and the latest iPad. 

It’s perfect for the new designer who is testing the waters with iPad drawing and perfect for note takers and for people who want multiple Pencils. 

Check it out on Aliexpress


penoval cheap ipad stylus

The Penoval is a mid-ranger costing about $35. It’s an active Stylus pen. In terms of compatibility, this device is second to none. It’s compatible with Android, iOS and numerous generations. 

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It requires no installation and has an interesting way of choosing thickness. The tip of the pen can be twisted to manage the thickness. 

It comes with a carrying pouch, rechargeable battery and is charged through a USB charger. You get about 7 hours of continuous use, which is the biggest downside compared to the other options out there. It also takes 4 hours to fully recharge. 

Tip diameter is 1.9mm. It’s perfect for everyday use, but isn’t good for drawing and art. 

Check it out on Amazon

Adonit Mark 

adonit mark

Another super cheap alternative to the Pencil is the Adonit Mark. It’s the cheapest Adonit available costing only $9. It’s a beautiful looking gadget with a mesh tip that is thick. It requires no battery or charging and works right out of the box.

It does not offer palm rejection technology which is a major downside, but one could purchase the hand gloves which are quite cheap as well. 

It has a triangle design so that it doesn’t roll and fall down and break. This is not an Apple Pencil replacement in terms of features. This is a simple stylus that works brilliantly well.

A few people have asked me queries regarding the capabilities of a stylus when it comes to designing. Stylish that have a big mesh can be used for designing, but they won’t be designs with finer details. They are blot based designs. 

Check it out on Amazon

Zagg – Pro Stylus

The Zagg Pro Stylus is a lightweight and easy-to-use pencil that does not require any pairing and would work flawlessly on most of the iPad’s post 2017. It comes equipped with a dual tip stylus allowing you to either draw, write or navigate and scroll through your iPad. 

It’s compatible with many apps on the iPad and has advanced palm rejection features where only the pencil would register on your iPad and not your palm if you happen to rest on the screen.

You can use the Zagg pro  stylus for around 8-9 hours before having to charge it and you can either charge the pencil via a USB-C cable or by placing it on the iPad Pro’s magnetic strip. What we loved about this pencil is that you get a spare nib in the box just in case your current nib needs to be swapped out.

Check it out on Amazon

Ankace Stylus Pen

The Ankase stylus pen is a replica of the Apple Pencil and probably one of the best replicas out there. It has a similar design and is available in a range of colors to choose from. This fake Apple pencil works only on iPads launched post 2018 and would not work on the earlier models.

It comes equipped  with a 1.2mm POM tip and is made from the same material used in an original Apple pencil. You can draw thin and detailed lines, write clearly and even perform sensitive tasks with ease without scratching your display.

The Ankace stylus pen has a built-in tilt function and palm rejection technology allowing you to write or draw even with your palm resting on the screen and while drawing on the iPad, if you happen to tilt the pencil a little, the line darkens and thickens which is perfect for drawing on the iPad.

With this pencil you wouldn’t have to worry about pairing the device with the iPad, simply turn on the pencil by pressing the cap button and you can begin. Based on tests conducted, this pencil can last up to 20 hours with continuous usage or can rest on standby for up to 90 days from a single 90 minute charge.

Check it out on Amazon

Fake Apple Pencil vs Real

SpecificationsReal Apple PencilFake Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil LogoYesNo
Palm RejectionYesYes
Wireless Charging & PairingYesYes
Magnetic AttachmentYesYes
Tilt & Pressure SensitivityYesYes, but not all replicas
Free EngravingYesNo

What can I use instead of an Apple pencil?

  • $22 Goojodoq – Same features as an Apple Pencil but cheaper
  • $27 Moko Stylus – Stylus with Palm Rejection technology 
  • $79 Logitech Crayon – Official alternative to Apple Pencil – Apple Approved 
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Can I use any other pencil with an iPad?

You can use a third party pencil which is not the Apple Pencil. The only third party pencil that is approved by Apple is the Logitech Crayon. One can even use non-approved pencils such as Wacom, Adonit Pro, Moko Active Stylus to name a few. Even simple Styluses work with the iPad. 

Where can I buy a cheap apple pencil?

You can buy a cheap Apple pencil on Aliexpress like the $22 Goojodoq that has the exact same features of the Apple Pencil. On Amazon, you can find the Moko Active Stylus which only costs $27 which is a perfect alternative to the Apple pencil. 

Do I really need an apple pencil?

Most people don’t need the Apple pencil, they just need a stylus. An Apple pencil is a perfect fit for designers and artists who want to create intricate art on their iPads. For taking notes and basic scrolling and swiping, a $10 stylus is more than sufficient. Even styluses come with the ‘Palm Rejection’ technology. 

Is the fake Apple pencil better than a stylus?

The Apple Pencil is definitely better than a stylus as it has multiple functions and is overall better for designing and doodling. It has pressure sensors, angle sensors which play a role in giving you a better experience. If the purpose is for simple note taking and scrolling and swiping, a stylus would beat the Apple pencil hands down purely on price. 

Do knock off Apple Pencils work?

Some knock off Apple pencils work while the other’s don’t A good knock off Apple pencil with the same features as the original Apple Pencil will cost at least $30 to $40. The knock offs that cost $5 and less are a stylus and do not have features of the Apple pencil.

Can you use a fake Apple pencil?

One can use a fake Apple Pencil and many people prefer using an Apple pencil alternative or a fake apple pencil because it does the same job, works seamlessly with an iPad and does connect via Bluetooth with the iPad. There are no features missing and it can be used.

Adonit Pro

Apple pencil is one device people love to hate, purely because of its price. It’s ridiculously expensive, although it’s super useful. There are numerous Apple Pencil alternatives available in the market. 

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