Chinese Air Fryers Review | Are Xiaomi Air Fryers Good?

by Tim Howard

Chinese billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Lei Jun is the founder of one of the supreme consumer electronics and smartphone companies- Xiaomi. Within a decade, Xiaomi has listed itself among the top brands and has achieved an immense reputation in the global market.

Besides being the world’s fourth-largest smartphone producer, Xiaomi also offers stylish culinary devices. Air fryers are the trendiest kitchen equipment and offer a healthier mode to savor the delectable fritters and other fried items. Keeping taste unchanged and health parameters in focus, Xiaomi has brought about some of the innovative and latest models of these modish kitchen appliances.

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Xiaomi products have satiated global consumers with excellent and yet elegant electronic gadgets. Air fryers are among the most stunning and contemporary devices that countertops the conventional pan frying techniques. Whether smart homes or any others, this chic kitchen device has gained much popularity among the people.

This must-have kitchen tool goes equally well with fried and frozen food. Modulating the heat within the device, one gets nice and crisp dishes with less or zero intake of oil. Be it working moms or stay-at-home mothers, air fryers have made a permanent place in everyone’s kitchen.

Guide to Buying a Chinese Air Fryer

If you’re thinking of buying a Xiaomi air fryer, here are a few tips to help you make the best decision:

First and foremost, it is important to decide what type of air fryer you want. There are two main types: convection and non-convection. 

Convection air fryers use hot air to cook your food; this means that they heat up quickly and produce less oil than non-convection fryers. If space is tight or you prefer not to have any oils in your kitchen, then a Xiaomi convection air fryer may be a better option for you.

The other major consideration when purchasing a Xiaomi air Fryer is its wattage. This determines how powerful the fan motor will be and how fast your food can cook.(note that higher wattage also mean more expensive models). 

Generally speaking, those with larger families or who regularly entertain will need at least 800 watts of power while individuals with just one or two people might only need 500 watts or less.

Top 5 Xiaomi Air Fryers to Buy This Year

A healthy lifestyle is one of the biggest trends in today’s world and not anymore a choice. To stay hale and hearty by maintaining calories and satiating the taste buds, Xiaomi has introduced some of its excellent air fryer collections with exclusive features at a feasible price.

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The magnificent variants of Xiaomi air fryers have won millions of hearts. The 360-degree heat circulation with good control over temperature yields a plate full of delectable crunchy snacks in no time. The one-key button and auto-stop function keep the user safe from accidents.

The Xiaomi air fryers are rapidly acquiring the consumer market for kitchen appliances that offer a rightful investment to save both money and time. Here are some of the best-known air fryer collections that have secured their position among the global clientele.

Xiaomi Daewoo K3

Xiaomi airfryer

Craving for an evening snack, which would be crunchy, tempting as well as healthy? Well, with the Xiaomi Daewoo multi-functional fryer one can enjoy a plate full of delight without any hassles.

This 125g compact air fryer with a pretty cool design and functionality makes the entire frying process trouble-free. Besides, one gets exclusive options of grill and BBQ mode to enjoy other varieties of dishes upon a single click. Thanks to its portable size that occupies minimal space and extends user-friendly functionalities for smooth operation. 

The digital touch panel with a temperature regulator and timer control serves superb dishes without the risk of overcooking. The borosilicate removal glass-cover imparts an amazing chic look, which also provides a see-through facility.

The 3D heating technique evenly distributes the heat that prepares the food just precisely to your taste. Also, keeping time-management into notice, Xiaomi has featured an excellent fast cleaning technology that cleans up the dirt perfectly just in 60 seconds.

This multi-functional kitchen appliance is one of the most sought after equipment for gastronomes. The uncomplicated applicability of this air fryer has made this product quite popular. The power consumption of this electronic kitchenware is 850 W and has a capacity of 2.3 L along with a portable dimension (190*190*330 mm). It offers a wide variety of dishes like air-fried cheese balls, chicken popcorn, grilled fish, and much more.

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Xiaomi Youpin Onemoon OA1

xiaomi onemoon airfryer

Xiaomi Youpin Onemoon OA1 is among the latest models of Xiaomi’s air fryers that is also one of the dominating air fryers in the market. The ecological chain company Xiaomi Youpin sells this product that offers healthier versions of the fried dishes in just no time.

The super cool model of this air fryer comes with a lovely white exterior lined with heat-resisting material that safeguards hands from burning. Managing the twisted power-cords of these electronic gadgets and keeping them safe is another big issue. However, the OA1 model has a nice space at the base that minimizes the tangling of the cords. Besides, the indicator lights, timer knobs, and display function give a stylish look to this entire model.

The product comes with a frying chamber that consists of a non-stick grill, frying pans, heating coils, and exhaust. The non-stick tanks render a smooth frying process without sticky specks of dirt. The size of this model, the same as an A4 paper makes it completely a befitting kitchen appliance for small areas. High-speed air circulation technology blows air downward and prepares the food using extreme hot air. This process serves a family of 2 to 3 members with a plate full of delectable air-fried items.

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The OA1 model with a capacity of 2 L guarantees absolutely no burning due to its 9-leaf powerful fan that spreads the heat all around the food. The other specifications of this model include its compact size with a dimension of 10.24*8.11*11.3 inches and a weight of around 2.4 kg. The OA1 air fryers make food ready in just 120 minutes and consume the power of 850 W.

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Xiaomi Youpin Onemoon OA2

Xiaomi youpin onemoon OA2

Each of Xiaomi’s air fryer models has distinctive features, presents a modish design and is yet user-friendly. This OA2 model is another product of Xiaomi Youpin, which is a larger version of the previous one yet lighter in weight. The black body of this air fryer houses a button knob at the top that controls the temperature. 

Besides the glossy presentation, this air fryer weighs around and houses a 4.5 L tank, sliding cooking tray, and thermal vents at the back. For smarter and easier use this OA2 model has introduced moon shape indicator light on the top with 6 preset functions. The 4.5L capacity tank is the best fit for a family of 3-6 members, offering air fried food with absolutely no oil.

Its high-speed air circulation technique replaces oil that satiates the craving for fried food extending a much healthier option. The dimensional specification of this unique and stylish air fryer is 336*336*357 mm that holds minimum space in the kitchen and consumes 100 W power. Cleaning after cooking is a hectic task and this high-tech kitchen appliance makes it sophisticated and smooth with its non-stick alloy frying basket.

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Xiaomi Liven G5

Xiaomi Liven G5 airfryer

In today’s high-tech world, the trend is to use smarter kitchen appliances. This is a lucrative option and is one of the essential kitchen appliances, as it saves time and offers a delectable platter optimizing the nutritional value of the food.

Xiaomi Youpin has surprised the foodies with another version of air fryer that not just focuses on health but also concentrates on fashion. Xiaomi Liven G5 with its sleek body and matte texture has become one of the desirable products in the market. The wide golden handle along with the LCD touch panel at the top adds to its elegance. 

Besides its premium look, the model also presents a unique split basket for frying with a rear cooling system to safeguard the device from overheating. The adjustable cooking technique offers a temperature range between 80 – 200 degrees serving wide varieties of dishes. Just like Xiaomi’s other products, it also features an easy-to-clean frying basket and high-speed air circulation mechanism.

This product measures 11.06*9.05*11.41 inches, weighs around 3kg, and consumes 1400 W power. This 2.5 L capacity air fryer serves around 2-3 members, preparing food in just no time. The specialty of this electronic kitchenware is that it has a safety switch that automatically turns off when the motor reaches extreme temperature. 

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Xiaomi Youpin Silence

Xiaomi youpin onemoon airfryer

Introducing another super cool and medium-sized air fryer from Xiaomi Youpin that assures completely no-oil food. Similar to the Onemoon model in design, Silencare has diverse options in terms of colors. The wide handle, pull-out split basket makes it easy to access this kitchen tool even for beginners.

In addition to the glossy texture of this device, the high-tech feature of this device makes it easy for the user to keep an eye on the temperature and timing at the same time. The touch panel controls the time and heat in such a fashion that cooking is not anymore a difficult task.

This air fryer employs the 3D hot air circulation technique that makes the food ready without the heck of toss and turns. The model weighs around 3 kg that consists of a 2.5 L storage capacity that easily prepares food for 2-3 members. The shape and size of this air fryer make it convenient to be placed at any position in the kitchen, as its dimensions are 249.6*298.9*339.3 mm.

Similar to other Xiaomi air fryer products, this model also comforts the user with a four-layer thick liner frying basket with a non-stick coating for removing dirt without trouble. This product consumes 1300 W and produces delicious and crispy oil-free dishes keeping nutritional value intact.

The market is loaded with innumerable options of smart electronic kitchenware. But, Xiaomi has brought about some amazing products that represent modish design, accessible functionality, and portable size – all at jaw-dropping prices. 

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Xiaomi Air fryer FAQ’s

Does xiaomi have air fryer?

Xiaomi sells Air Fryers under a few other brand names such as Youpin, Youban, Daewoo, MIUI and Liven. These are the four Xiaomi Air Fryer brands.

Is xiaomi a good air fryer?

Xiaomi’s Air Fryer is pretty top notch considering there are different budget ranges. The Xiaomi Air Fryer ranges from $100 to $1500 depending on what you are looking for.

How use xiaomi youban air fryer?

Xiaomi Youban Air Fryer is pretty easy to use. There is a smart touch control panel and there you can choose the temperature ranges and also the type of dishes you want to cook.

Where can I buy Xiaomi air fryer in Philippines?

Aliexpress offers the best price for buyers from the Philippines. So if you want to buy a Xiaomi Air Fryer in the Philippnes, then Aliexpress will be the best bet.

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Xiaomi Air Fryer

The magnificent variants of Xiaomi air fryers have won millions of hearts. The 360-degree heat circulation with good control over temperature yields a plate full of delectable crunchy snacks in no time. The one-key button and auto-stop function keep the user safe from accidents.

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