10 Best China Folding Bikes 2022 | Chinese folding bikes review!

by Tim Howard

If I talk about cycling/biking today, it has become more than a sport, it is now a movement of sorts. There is a tribe of cyclists/bikers in every city and the tribe is growing every day. Are you one of them? If you are, you might want to read this.

If you have been biking for a while, you must have come across folding bikes, right? If yes, you must know brands like Brompton, Tern, and Rad Power. They are leaders in manufacturing folding bikes and their bikes are known for their size, folding mechanism, and weight. 

Best Folding BikeFeaturesLink
SANHEMHigh Carbon steel frame, 150kg load capacity, Front and rear mechanical gears$242
HaoYuKnight26inch frame, 21-speed bike, mountain bike, Aluminium alloy rim$120
WANQUIDACustomized aluminum alloy frame, shockproof, V-type braking system.$250
GEMEITSuitable for senior citizens, 15okg load capacity, non-damping breaking, carry case$247
A.bikeTrendy and compact, well suited for subway and city commuting, anti-skid and wear-resistant tires$15
MACCEAny terrain bike, 26inch frame, heavy-duty tires, choice of colors$500
JASIQ165 cm frame, shockproof, 5 variable speed$15
ALFINA100 cms when folded, 1000W brushless motor$996

Folding bikes have become immensely popular over the years because the cities are getting smaller and space in the cities getting more congested and people prefer to commute.

You might have come across Tern Vektron Folding Bikes and RodPower, Brampton in the folding bike category. But these are super expensive bikes starting around $2500+. Chinese bikes on the other hand range from $400 to $1000.

I wanted a way out and did a bit of research on folding bikes and found some awesome Chinese folding bikes. I have reviewed the best ones for you. The following bikes are a perfect blend of top features with an affordable price tag. 

If you are looking for Chinese electric dirt bikes, we’ve covered them too!

Let’s check them out, shall we?

Best Chinese Folding Bikes 2022

Anchor Ultra Light

This ultra-light and portable folding bike by Anchor has a 16 and 20-inch frame suitable for both kids and adults. The bike’s frame is made from carbon steel and has a quick fold mechanism.

best chinese folding bike

With precision speed, double braking, and central shock absorption, the Anchor ultra-light is one of the most sold folding bikes on AliExpress. The latest design is easy to fold and all you have to do is lower the seat, the handlebar as you are set to fold it. 

You also have the option of choosing from three different tire types and the bike is equipped with smooth-shifting gears to make every ride comfortable. Available at AliExpress between $275.08 – 293.48 the Anchor folding bike is the best choice for your first folding bike.

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Check it out here

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The Sanhem folding bike is a beautiful bike that is power-packed with features. This 14-inch bike has a load capacity of 150 kg making it an ideal choice for students on the move. 

chinese folding bike

With a body length65 cm when folded, this bike is super portable and has a 6-speed gear. The bike weighs 14kgs and a rim size of 14 inches. The Sanhem folding bike has the Keine Dampfung mechanical braking system with disc brakes at the front and the back.

Made of high-quality carbon steel, the Sanhem bike is shock-proof and has an option to install training wheels for kids too. The bike is available on AliExpress for a cool $242.10. Click on the link to know more.

Check it out here


The HaoYuKnight is a true beast when it comes to folding bikes with attitude. The 26” frame is made of high carbon steel and weighs 19.5-12.5 kg. 

best china folding bike

This unisex bike has a 100kg load capacity and comes with a shock-proof frame and an oil spring fork which can be locked. The Shimano 7 speed Shimano gears along with disc brakes makes the bike a must-have for experienced bikers too. 

Even though the frame looks big, the folding mechanism is easy to use and it comes with a 6 months free replacement warranty from the company. The HaoYuKnight is one of the fastest-selling bikes on AliExpress and is priced at $129.82 – 155.38. At that price, it sure is a great deal. 

Check it out here


The 20-inch folding bike from Wanquida is a no-frills folding bike which means business. The fork and the frame are made of Aluminum alloy and are quite strong and shock-proof. 

Chinese folding bikes review

The Wanquida folding bike is 13kg in total and has a gross load capacity of 90kgs. This non-gear non-damping bicycle has a V-type braking system and is equipped with an ordinary pedal frame. 

Sold at AliExpress for $287.20, the Wanquida folding bike has excellent reviews and is worth every penny. 

Check it out here


The 2020 edition of the GEMEIT folding bike has a 20inch frame and an impressive load capacity of 150kgs. The bike itself is 10.8kgs and the steel frame with a unisex rim makes it an ideal choice for senior citizens too. 

adults folding bike

The GEMEIT folding bike has rear-wheel disc brakes with a non-damping braking system. The bike is equipped with a shockproof frame and the stature of the bike is 185cms in length. 

Priced at $247.48 on AliExpress the GEMEIT folding bike is a choice of many housewives and elders as it comes with a carry case in front. 

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Check it out here


The brand new ultra-light 10” mini folding bike from A.bike is quite a stunner. This bike is ultra-portable too and is meant for subway transit and neighborhood commuting.

At just 6.6kgs, the A.bike comes with inflatable tires that are anti-skid and wear-resistant. The shockproof frame is stylish and convenient and can be folded in 2 easy steps. As the tires are quite small, it is suitable to ride on flat surfaces.

It is equipped with front and rear drum brakes and is available in multiple colors for you to choose from. The mini bike looks small but has a load capacity of up to 80Kg.  This trendy folding bike is available on AliExpress at an affordable price of $158.60.

Check it out here


The HAHOO MTB is a cross country folding bike made for speed. This racing bike has a load capacity of 120 kg and the frame is made of high carbon steel. 

best folding chinese mountain bike

This offroader/racing bike has a double-disc braking system and an oil and gas fork with air damping. The overall size is 185cms and is suitable for tall people too. Equipped with bilateral folding pedals and a shockproof frame, this bike is made for the adventure junkie in you.

I would surely recommend this for intermediate to expert bikers for offroading trips as well as city commuting. The HAHOO MTB is available on AliExpress between $213.30 – 231.30. 

Check it out here


The MACCE from the brand Phoenix is a 26-inch cross country folding bike made from Aluminum alloy. The 8.5kg bike has a load capacity of approximately 85kgs and is available in different colors for you to choose from.

folding mountain bike china

The bike comes with a front and rear mechanical disc brake for effective braking and the wheel size is 24 inches. The tires are meant for cross country biking and the bilateral folding pedal adds to your experience. 

You can own this bike for $529.20 with a 10% discount on AliExpress.

Check it out here


The JASIQ mountain bike is a 26-inch folding bike made for all kind of terrains. This MTB is well-suited for off-roading and can handle a load of 100kgs. 

cheap folding bike

The frame and fork are made of high-grade titanium and comes with a rear-wheel disc brake system. The 12 inches, 165cm frame is tailor-made for tall people to ensure a comfortable ride. This shock-proof MTB is equipped with 21-speed gears if you want to take it a notch faster. 

Available in attractive colors, the JASIQ bike is priced at $150.00 on AliExpress. Click on the link to know more about shipping charges and warranty. 

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The ALFINA bike has a 1000W brushless motor with a 48V battery. It can go up to 50 kilometres in speed. It can last about 40 kilometres in a single charge which is pretty decent. The maximum load that can be carried by the bike is 200 kilograms.

It’s got a 5 gear speed control. The cruising range can be controlled to improve the mileage. It takes a good 5 to 6 hours to charge completely.

It can be folded easily and when folded, it has a height of 93cms and a length of 100 cms and a width of 40cms.

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Features to look for in a Chinese folding bike

Being a trend that’s gaining popularity only in recent times, you may be confused as to what you need to look for in a folding bike before buying one. Here are a few things to consider: 

  1. Usage or Purpose: 

Bigger wheels and sturdier frames on folding bikes offer a more comfortable ride than smaller ones, so pick wisely depending on whether your intended usage – daily commutes to work or leisurely rides on weekends!

  1. Suspension:

The suspension on folding bikes helps absorb the bumps and rivets on the roads. So, make sure your bike has a good one, especially when you pick a bike with small wheels.

  1. Size of the Wheels: 

Unless you require something very compact, don’t pick a bike with very small wheels. A bigger wheel size has lesser chances to cause discomfort in your ride. 

  1. Size of the Frame:

Albeit a lesser variable feature in folding bikes, you should make sure that the frame size would suit your riding height preferences. 

  1. Folding Method: 

The breakaway, half fold and triangle folds are all functionally smooth, so it only comes down to a personal preference as to which folding type would work best for you. 

Why should you buy a folding bike?

  • Portability and convenience 
  • Choice of styles
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to store

What features should you look for in a folding bike?

  • Wheel size
  • Load capacity
  • Braking system
  • Body Material

Are Chinese folding bikes durable?

Chinese bikes are known for their features and build quality. They have a great load capacity and a good choice of styles and colors. The braking system and tires are durable. The pricing is affordable and the quality is top-notch.

If you are convinced as to why folding bikes make such a good buy, check out the best Chinese folding bikes available on AliExpress from the table I have curated for you. 

Is the Macce folding Bike good?

Macce Bikes are from Shenzhen and they offer folding mountain bikes that are as cheap as $199. They are one of the highly rated Chinese folding bike companies. Are they good? The Macce bikes are quite good, especially for the price.

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