Camping Tents from China | Aliexpress Tents Review

by Tim Howard

If you love the outdoor life, then the first item in your arsenal is of course tents. Tents can make or break the success of your camping trip. 

Tents on Aliexpress are quite affordable, super sturdy and multi-functional. What makes Aliexpress tents amazing is their unique styles and functions that you don’t get elsewhere. 

So if you’re wondering about Aliexpress tents and if they are worth it, here’s a small review to help you take a decision. 

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Nature Hike Store

3F Tent Store

Waterproof Family Tent from China

When doing research on Aliexpress for tents, you might come across the NatureHike brand and the 3F UL Gear brand. They are two of the most popular Tent brands on Aliexpress and they literally have tents of all types and shapes. 

Now the question is, are they good? 

NatureHike has its own store on Aliexpress and they are a ‘Top Brand’ who have been around for 3+ years. They have a positive rating of 98.7% positive reviews. 


They have over 320,000+ followers. 

The Nature Hike store makes outdoor gear. In their portfolio you can find tents, rucksacks, inflatable mattresses, sleeping bags, mountain gear and camping essentials.

Coming to the tents, NatureHike’s tents come with a one year warranty and they are quite popular in the camping space.

A lot of the tents we review will be from this brand, if you aren’t sure about what tent to buy from Aliexpress, then you can go ahead with the NatureHike brand pretty confidently. 

Check out the store here

3F UL Gear 

3f Ul gear aliexpress tent

Aliexpress is not only about the smartwatches or the light backpacks. they have more on offer like the 3L UF Gear brand.

Although 3F UL Gear does not have a dedicated store on Aliexpress. It is one of the highly rated tent suppliers on Aliexpress.

What makes 3F UL gear unique is their tent tyes based on the number of people and the shapes as well. One of the popular 3F UL Gear tent is the tunnel tent that can fit two people and looks like a tent and lays low. 

Their tents range from $100 to $300. 

Check out the 3F UL Gear products here

#1 — LanShan 2 3F UL GEAR 2 Person Rodless Tent 

The Lanshan Camping Tent is a rodless tent that can be used across three seasons. It’s a one person ten with two layers. 

The tent is made of 15D Nylon with a waterproof index of 5000mm. The bottom of the tent is made of 20D nylon with a 8000mm waterproof index. 

LanShan 2 3F UL GEAR 2 Person Rodless Tent

It weighs about 845 grams because it’s made of a high density mesh. It comes in two versions – the single person tent and the two persons tent. 

When folded, the folding bag’s dimensions are 30 cm in length and 12 cm in width, which makes it one of the best folding tents in the market.

This tent is meant for Spring, Summer and Autumn and is not meant for camping during the winters.

Check it out here

#2 — Naturehike 3 Season Mongar Camping Tent 20D

Naturehike is one of the biggest Aliexpress tent brands. They make a range of camping tents and this specific tent is the Mongar.

aliexpress tent

The Mongar 2 is a different type of camping tent that is a 3 season tent with a unique design. 

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It has in-built compression resistance, a net that can prevent insects from coming through while letting in air. It’s waterproof, windproof and also anti-snow.

The waterproof index of the tent fly is 4000mm and the inner tent is another 4000mm.

It weighs about 2.18 kgs and that’s because it’s made of 20D Nylon with silicone coating for the teny fly, inner tent and the bottom tent.

It’s meant for Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. It has window options for better ventilation. A separate vestibule can be attached to make the tent bigger.

There’s 100cms of height inside. The whole tent can be rolled up to a size of 15cms in width and 50 cms in length.

There’s built-in gear lofts to safely place any smartphones or other valuables.

Check it out here

#3 — Naturehike Cloud Up Series Ultralight Camping Tent

The NatureHike Cloud up series is a super popular tent series on Aliexpress from NatureHike. It comes in various styles, sizes and features. I’ll cover a few features that make this tent awesome.

Like most NatureHike tents it comes with the usual features such as Compression Resistance, Insect Prevention, Waterproof, Windproof and Anti-snow.

Aliexpress tent review

There are three models in this Cloud Up series. It has 4000mm & 3000mm. It’s made of 20D Nylon material. 

The poles are made of 7001 Aluminum Alloy. There are specific air pockets available for seamless ventilation.

The Cloudup series has the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 that range from 1.5kgs to 2.5kgs. 

Check it out here

#4 — Instant Pop-up Tent 

The Instant Pop-up tent is a super affordable and very easy to set up tent. If you are looking for an Aliexpress tent that can be used for simple camping or backyard campaign.

instant pop-up tent aliexpress

It’s made of silver coated Polyester fabric. It has a mesh design for ventilation. It has a 130 cm height, 200cm length and 120cm width.

For the budget and the price, this is an amazing tent. If you are looking for the cheapest Aliexpress tent, then this is it. 

Check it out here

#5 — Naturehike Star River Camping Tent

The other Nature Hike tent that is very popular is the NatureHike Star River. The price range for this tent is from $140 to $180. 

The star river tent is meant for two people. It comes in Green, Gray and Orange.

The weight ranges from 2.1 kgs to 2.3 kgs. The tent fly, inner tent and bottom tent is made up of 20D Nylon with a silicone coating. 

camping tent aliexpress

It has 7001 aluminum poles. It has two openings in the front and back and a window pocket for ample ventilation and to reduce condensation.

The snow skirt can be purchased separately to protect from snow. It has a 110 cms height. 

The folded tent has a length of 45 cms and a height of 15cms.

Check it out here

#6 — 3F UL GEAR Lanshan 1 pro Tent Outdoor

The 3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro Tent is one of the lightest tents on Aliexpress. It weighs only 690 grams even with the 20D Nylon sheet.

The waterproof index is about 5000mm. It also has a 20D Nylon breathable mesh. 

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best aliexpress tents

It’s a one person tent that has a height of 125 cms and a width of 800 cms and a length of 80cms. The storage size 35cms by 15 cms.

It comes in grey and green. It has more than 80% of 5 star ratings which tells you the quality of this product. 

Check it out here

#7 — Family Outdoor Tent 

If you are looking for a big family tent where the whole family can camp out of, then this $70 masterpiece of a tent should be your pick. If given a choice to choose from the small tents or the big tents, I would prefer the big tents.

family tent on aliexpress

Firstly for a big tent that can seat 5 people, it costs only $70. 

It comes with two private enclosures and a main area. It has a mosquito mesh that protects against mosquitoes.

It can easily accommodate 4 to 6 people and its perfect for those family camping trips or parties. 

It’s a great budget for a massive tent. 

Check it out here

#8 — 3F UL Gear Two Person Tunnel Tent 

Another classic from the 3F UL Gear brand is the two person tunnel tent. This is a premium tent that is meant for the rugged hiker and traveller.

It can be used during all the seasons without any hassles.

tunnel tent aliexpress

It has 15D coated double silicon tents. It’s made of 210T polyester. It weighs about 2.16 kgs.

When it’s folded it measures 56 cms in length and 16 cms in width. The inside is massive and spacious. It can fit bicycles, small chairs and more.

This is a tent that you’ll need when living out during camping. If you are looking for some budget options. 

Check it out here

#9 — Beach Tent

beach tent on aliexpress

One of the coolest tents you can buy from Aliexpress is the beach tent. This beach tent is to protect yourself from the sun when you are done sunbathing or want to protect from the harsh sun. It’s compact, light, anti-UV and very affordable. For $25 it’s a steal. Can double up as a kids camping tent in the backyard. 

Check it out here

#10 — Super Budget Camping Tent on Aliexpress

Most of the tents we’ve reviewed here have been quite expensive. If you are looking for the truly affordable tents, then here is one. 

This $35 tent can easily fit 3 or 4 people comfortably. The material of the inner tent is 170T Polyester and the outer tent is 190T Polyester. The poles are made of fiberglass.

Super Budget Camping Tent on Aliexpress

It comes with a mesh that protects against insects. This is the perfect budget camping tent. 

Check it out here

#11 — Camping tent on Aliexpress

One of the cheapest and awesomely designed camping tent on Aliexpress that I’ve found is the multi opening camping tent.

camping tent on aliexpress for cheap

It’s a camping tent that can fit 3 to 4 people. It has a 210D sunscreen silver cloth. It is designed in such a manner that it has openings on all four sides. Two as window openings and the other two as entrances.

It comes with an extender that gives a bit of more wiggle room at the entrances that can extend the space of the tent. 

It has a protective dome on top that doesn’t let the water fall through and also protects from the harsh sunlight.

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Check it out here

#12 — Naturehike Hexagon Tent

The Naturehike hexagon tent is a 3-4 person camping tent that’s made from high-quality 210T Polyester cloth and a durable aluminum frame. This is one of Naturehike’s latest additions to their collection and is probably one of their best.  

This camping tent is the perfect choice for families of 3-4 members and comes with a waterproof rating of PU3000. It’s designed with ample amount of ventilation and is equipped with a zip-up door, three windows and a ventilation skylight. 

All-in-all, this tent weighs hardly 5.5kg and comes with a storage duffel bag which you can use to keep the components of the tent safe when it’s not in use. In total, you will receive a hall pole. Tent poles, wind rope, strapping units, jiho and the fabric. 

Guide to Buying a Tent on AliExpress

If this is your first time buying a tent, then here are some pointers and tips to help you pick the best one of the lot. All tents are not the same and some are designed for summer whereas others are designed for the rainy season and winter.

It all boils down to the material used and whether or not it will keep you safe during a particular season. So let’s get into what you must consider when buying any tent on AliExpress.

  • Setup – First thing you need to do is make sure the tent you buy is easy to set up. Most campers like to spend less time setting up tents and as a beginner, you’re going to need something relatively easy with straightforward instructions. 
  • Size – Another key point to consider is the size of the tent. You’re going to need a tent that’s big enough for the number of people accompanying you. Tents are available from single occupancy to family sized tents that can accommodate upto 5 people. You will need to choose accordingly to make sure  your camping trip is a comfortable one.
  • Overnight camping – Another point to consider is if you’re planning on a  multiple day camping trip, you will need a tent that has insulation or heating. Ideally canvas wall tents work wonders when it comes to overnight or long term camping.
  • Ventilation – Probably one of the most important points to consider when buying a tent is the levels of ventilation it offers. Since tents are made from a fire-resistant fabric, they are suffocating to sit in for long periods of time. You will need to check whether the tent comes with a good amount of ventilation and while it has the airflow going, it should also be ideal for colder temperatures.
  • Wind Resistance – Finally, the bigger the tent, the more it’s likely to move around in the wind. You have to pick the right tent with the appropriate levels of wind resistance depending on where you’re going to set up camp. Tents generally come with belts and heavy-duty ropes that you can use to fasten the tent to the ground or to surrounding trees

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