10 Chinese Gaming Chairs on AliExpress Designed for Comfort 2023

by Tim Howard

A gamer’s gaming chair is an extension of the body. 

A good gaming chair can seat the gamer comfortably for hours and if you have been a gamer for quite a bit, then you know, what normal chairs can do to your body. 

Chinese Gaming ChairPrice Range
Fengshui Gaming ChairCheck it out on Aliexpress
Glory Gaming ChairCheck it out on Aliexpress
X-Rocker Gaming ChairCheck it out on Amazon
Gtracing Gaming ChairCheck it out on Aliexpres
Homall Gaming ChairCheck it out on Amazon
Arozzi Gaming ChairCheck it out on Amazon

Gaming chairs come at varying price levels and the branded gaming chairs are unreasonably expensive. But, Chinese gaming chairs are a different breed. Their costs are less and the product quality is exquisite. 

Some sellers also offer FREE shipping. Today we cover the best Chinese gaming chairs on Amazon and Aliexpress.

Chinese Gaming Chairs 2022

Fengshui Gaming Chair 

The Fengshui Gaming chair from Aliexpress costs around $200 and a similar one to this would cost you easily around $300. So let’s see what features it has.

best china gaming chair
  • It’s made of PU leather that you find in race cars 
  • It comes in numerous colours such as Red&White, Black&White, Blue&White and more
  • It comes with a bolster at the back to protect your back and give it enough cushioning to rest it
  • The handrails are made of PP material that is super strong and sturdy
  • It has a super adjustable seat that can be at 130 degrees or 170 degrees, which is almost fully flat. You can take a quick nap on this gaming chair. Apart from that it can be upright at 90 degrees and 140 degrees.
  • It can bear a weight load of 350 kgs pretty easily
  • It comes with a leg extender that is below the base on the chair that can be extended or put back
  • It comes with a seat height adjuster and also a handle adjuster
  • It’s perfect for really tall people who are over 6 feet 3 inches

Glory Gaming Chair

The Glory Gaming Chair is one of the cheapest in this list. It costs around $80 and its a legit gaming chair. 

best chinese gaming chair
  • It comes with a back bolster for back protection
  • It has various colour options such as Black&Red, Blue&White and even an interesting yellow&white colour.
  • It’s made of high quality PU leather which is sweat proof and super comfortable 
  • The Glory Gaming chair also comes with a headrest that supports your neck
  • It can go about 160 degrees and about 90 degrees upright and a few more angles in between
  • The height of the back rest is about 80 cms and the length of the seat is about 48cms, so it’s good for really tall people as well

Budget Gaming Chair 

top chinese budget gaming chair

This is the cheapest Gaming chair on Aliexpress and it costs about $60. This is the most price friendly gaming chair you’ll find online. 

  • It’s made of hand stitched PU leather
  • It’s got a sitting width of 38cm and a sitting length of 48cms, so it’s perfect for big & small people
  • There’s an option to buy it with a footrest and without a foot rest
  • It comes with a bolster for the back and a headrest to support the neck 
  • It has adjustable heights and you can also tilt the chair at various angles for comfortable use. 
  • There is a 12 month warranty on defective products. 

X-Rocker Gaming Chair

pedestal chinese gaming chair

One of the most popular gaming chairs is the X-Rocker. It’s one of those high-tech gaming chairs that has the best features that you could wish for. 

  • It doesn’t have wheels, it’s a pedestal design which is stuck to a place, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior, especially for gaming
  • It’s made of pure leather 
  • It has an immersive media experience, with two speakers on the near the headrest and a subwoofer at the back that gives you the best bass quality and sounds
  • It comes with a headphone jack option on the side, which gives you a private listening experience
  • It’s compatible with XBOX, Playstation, Gameboy and home theater systems as well 
  • For consoles that require HDMI input, it doesn’t connect directly
  • The seat height is 15 inches from the floor, which might be a tad short for a lot of people
  • It doesn’t recline fully, but has a slight recline which might be a deal breaker for a few people 

GTRACING Gaming Chair 

popular gaming chair on amazon

The GTracing Gaming chair is the most popular gaming chair on Amazon with 4900+ ratings and an average rating of 4.5. So what makes this the best gaming chair?

  • It can easily carry a weight of about 300 pounds
  • The armrest height and the seat height can be adjusted. The chair also reclines up to 170 degrees. The armrests can also be moved left & right
  • It has removable headrest and a lumbar cushion to support the back
  • Made with strong PU leather, it’s sure to be comfortable even after hours of gaming 
  • The base is made of very strong plastic

Homall Gaming Chair

budget gaming chair amazon

This is the gaming chair for pros. It’s super sleek and it has all the hallmarks of a great gaming chair and this is our best pick of the lot. 

  • With a PU leather outer form and an inside body hugging foam, this isn’t too soft or hard, but it’s perfect to take the shape of your buddy and make you feel comfortable
  • It can support 300 pounds of weight and the wheels are tested by SGS labs who have tested the wheels up to 1000 miles
  • It has multiple working angles from 90 degrees to 180 degrees
  • It has headrest & lumbar support 
  • The white & black version looks like a stormtrooper in a chair format 

Arozzi Gaming Backchair

racing style gaming chair

Not all gaming chairs are built the same and the Arozzi gaming back chair is built for the thin & light framed gamer. 

  • It has a workin weight of 230 pounds, which means, anybody too tall or a little heavy will not be too happy with this chair
  • It has a nice reclining feature, where the chair can recline up to 180 degrees and has a rocking feature enabled as well
  • It’s pretty lightweight, which makes it portable

Vitesse Gaming Chair

cheap chinese gaming chair

The Vitesse Gaming Chair is a bucket seat chair with lumbar support, headrest and a leg extension. It comes in some interesting colours such as Purple & Metallic grey.

  • It’s made of skin-friendly PU leather that is comfortable and the foam inside is long lasting and durable
  • It can swivel 360 degrees and go from a 90 degree angle to a 150 degree angle.
  • The seat height can be adjusted and the retractable padded leg rest also is good for a quick nap and resting
  • It has a load capacity of about 300 pounds.
  • There is a one year warranty on parts

Like Regal Gaming Chair

cheap chinese gaming chair

Until now, most of the gaming chairs that we’ve covered have looked a certain way and that changes with the LIKE REGAL gaming chair.

  • This gaming chair is beautifully designed and will look great in a professional setting as well.
  • It comes in numerous colours such as teal, brown, black, off white among others
  • It has a build in headrest which is 13 cms in height and it’s made of genuine leather
  • It’s pretty wide and the base of the seat is large, it can sit really large people as well
  • The cushioning on this chair is unlike no other and it’s very comfortable
  • The arm rest is adjustable and the height and the tilt as well
  • It has a leg extender to stretch out your legs

Like Regal Massage Chair

The Like Regal Massage chair is a different gaming chair compared to the rest in the list, but it has been added to the list because of one special feature, it’s massage capabilities

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gaming chair with massager
  • It has two massage points. One is in the center back and the other is a lower back which keeps your muscles activated
  • You can also charge your devices with the USB charging option
  • It has a 90-degree to 135-degree angle and it can recline pretty well
  • It has a leg extension feature for stretching out those legs
  • The chair’s hair can be raised and the handles can be moved around
  • It comes in beautiful eye popping colours

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

When it comes to buying a gaming chair, there are many important factors that you need to consider. These include the type of chair that is best for your needs (i.e., reclining or non-reclining), the size and height of the chair, and whether or not you want an adjustable seat.

Additionally, make sure to choose a gaming chair that is comfortable and supportive. Many chairs come with features like massage pads and lumbar support, which can help reduce muscle fatigue while you’re playing games.

And if you plan on using your chair regularly for other activities too (watching movies or eating dinner in it), be sure to get one that’s easy to move around so that you don’t have any trouble getting changed/upstairs when needed.

Are Aliexpress Gaming Chairs Good?

Aliexpress Gaming Chairs are one of the best because of their low cost and high quality product. This is possible because of the low marketing costs. Gaming chairs shipped from Aliexpress can be easily installed with easy setup instructions. They come with hydraulics, lumbar support, tile adjust features and good quality PU leather that is durable. Aliexpress gaming chairs are absolutely worth the money.

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