Buying Chinese Wallpaper for Beginners | 5 Wallpaper Manufacturers in China You Must Check Out

by Tim Howard

Did you know that China is the leading wallpaper manufacturer in the world? Yup, most designer brands source their wallpaper from China because of its high quality materials and low pricing.

I’ve been lucky enough to get in touch with some of the major wallpaper manufacturers in China and these are the top 5 I recommend checking out if you have an interior decorating business or a hardware store.

Top 5 Wallpaper Manufacturers in China

Haining Uv Decoration Material Co., Ltd

The Haining Uv Decoration Materia. is much newer compared to the others on this list. They are based out of Haining.

They have been active on Alibaba since 2015 but they are one of the most popular brands thanks to a large catalog of high-quality wallpapers and other products.

The company manufactures and supplies wallpapers, ceiling and wall panels, floor stickers, and more. You can find PVC panels, 3D wallpapers, roof tiles, and other home improvement products.

You can choose from tons of elegant and vibrant designs and don’t ever have to worry about the quality. As all products are SGS certified. 

Uv Decoration Material has been verified by TÜV Rheinland and is certified by ISO9001. Alibaba has given them 5 diamonds which is impressive since the company isn’t as old as some others on this list.

Their response quality is also top-notch as they have a 98.93% Response Rate and a Response Time of 4 hours or lower. 

Uv Decoration Material is probably the most popular wallpaper manufacturer in China right now. High-quality products and excellent service at low prices have made them successful. They are a great wallpaper manufacturer to work with. 

Yekalon Industry Inc

Yekalon Industry is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of home decor products in China. They have been working with Alibaba for 7+ years now and over the period they have been one of the most reputed home decor product manufacturers and suppliers. 

Yekalon Industry produces and supplies products like wallpapers, doors, faucets, and more. When it comes to wallpapers, you can choose walls, ceilings, floors, and more.

They have different material wallpapers as well, like bamboo, wood, PVC, etc. Check their store page to know more, you will be in awe at the number of options available. 

Alibaba has provided Yekalon Industry with a Supplier Index rating of 5 diamonds out of 5. This is the highest Supplier Index rating a brand can get on the site.

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Even after 7 years of service, Yekalon Industry has managed to maintain an impressive Response Time of fewer than 4 hours with a 100% Response Rate.

Yekalon Industry employs over 500 people who are all focused on developing, manufacturing, and supplying home decor products around the world.

The company has received all top certifications like FSC, CE, and more. You can trust Yekalon Industry to offer the highest quality wallpapers and other home decor products if you are interested.

Xingyuan Holding Co., Ltd

Xingyuan Holding is one of the newer brands on Alibaba, they have been active on the site for just 2 years now.

They are based in Xingyuan and they manufacture a variety of home decor products. They have many home decor products in their catalog including wallpapers, mats, and more. 

Xingyuan Holding deals in self-adhesive wallpaper, table cloths, mats, and more. They have many excellent designs and types of wallpapers. All of their products are developed, produced, and supplied by themselves.

The company has a Supplier Index rating of 4 diamonds, and this is remarkable since they have been on Alibaba for only 2 years now.

They have an outstanding Response Rate of 100% and a 4 hour Response Time window. The company has been certified by BSCI too.

Overall, Xingyuan Holding is an upcoming manufacturer and supplier of wallpapers, they are already popular and have conducted a lot of successful deals.

They are well rated and have a good operation. They are easily one of the best in the business in the products they deal with. So make sure to take a look at the company’s profile and page. 

Dezhou Demax Building Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

If you are looking to work with a reputed, and popular wallpaper brand in China, then Dezhou Demax Building Decoration Material is what you are looking for. As the name suggests they are based in Dezhou and have been active on Alibaba since 2013. This makes them older than Uv Decoration Material. 

Demax Building Decoration Material is one of the most sought-after wallpaper manufacturers in all of China, with millions of dollars of business being conducted worldwide.

Alibaba has awarded them with 5 diamonds for Supplier Index rating. This is thanks to several factors like high-end manufacturing facilities, good sales, and service quality. Their Response Time of 6 hours and Response Rate of 93.13% might not be as impressive as some others on this list, but impressive nonetheless.

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Demax Building Decoration Material makes some of the best wallpapers along with flooring and roofing products. All their products are certified by CE and UL. The manufacturer itself is certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, and more. This means you can trust their products to be of the highest quality.

If you are looking for wallpaper manufacturers in China, then you would be hard-pressed to find brands better than Demax Building Decoration Material. They offer amazing products at competitive prices.

They are also trusted by many customers, which has been the reason for their success. It’s hard to say no to amazing products, good prices, and outstanding service.

Jiangsu Veik Technology & Materials Co., Ltd

The oldest wallpaper manufacturer on this list is Jiangsu Veik Technology & Materials. They have been active on Alibaba for over 17 years now, which in itself is impressive, and they have been offering excellent products and services for all this while, which is even more impressive.  

Veik Technology & Materials are from Jiangsu and are verified by a leading inspection companyTÜV Rheinland. Alibaba recognizes the manufacturers’ capabilities and has given them a 4 diamond Supplier Index rating.

This is because Veik Technology & Materials is run exceptionally well. They have facilities for research, production, and supply that bring in tons of business.

The brand’s service has been top-notch and hasn’t waned off over the years. They have a 4 hour Response Time and a Response Rate of 99.03%. Veik Technology & Materials is certified with ISO9001, while all their products that include PTFE wallpapers, curtains, belts, and more are tested at the highest of standards.

Veik Technology & Materials has been at the top of their game when it comes to wallpaper manufacturing and supply, they are one of the best companies you can work with. Great products at great prices with exceptional service are the reason Veik Technology & Materials has been successful for so long. 

Buying Chinese Wallpaper for Beginners

How to choose the best wallpaper manufacturers in China on Alibaba?

Want to work with wallpaper manufacturers? Then finding the best ones is a must for your business. Alibaba is a great place to find awesome manufacturers for all kinds of products and that includes wallpapers. But you’ll need to know a few things to filter out to find the best manufacturers. You can find the best wallpaper manufacturer on Alibaba using these parameters,

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Supplier Index Rating – This is a rating system developed by Alibaba that rates brands on Alibaba using diamonds. Supplier Index ratings can vary from 0 to 5 diamonds, with 0 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. 

Supplier Index rating factors in the quality of presentation, products, transactions, and service to provide a rating for brands. So the higher the better. Make sure to check if the brand you are working with has a high supplier index rating. 

Response Time and Rate – Response Time and Response Rate determine how fast a company responds to customers. Response time is the average time it takes for the brand to respond to a customer so the lower the better. And Response Rate is the percentage of customers the brand responds to over a fixed period, so the higher the better.

Is it good to import wallpapers from China?

Yes, it is because you can get high-quality wallpapers in tons of designs, colors, and even materials. These wallpapers will aslo cost much lower than ones manufactured in western countries because China has many facilities readily available for the same. 

So yes it is safe and a good option to import wallpapers from China. But you need to make sure you find good reputed manufacturers and suppliers. The above list has some of the best if you want a head start. 

How to find Wallpapers Manufacturers in China that are good for my Market/Region?

Interested in a certain wallpaper manufacturer but don’t know if they will be good for your market/region, don’t worry. On Alibaba, you can check the brand’s profile you are interested in working with and see what markets they primarily deal in. This way you’ll know if the brand is popular and works in your region.

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