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by Tim Howard

Lighting is one of the expensive items when decorating a house. They light up the place and can look great, but they also cost a bomb. If you go to a store near your home, you’ll see the prices are exorbitant. 

But they don’t have to be. You can get super high quality looking lighting that work great, look great and is easy on the wallet. If you visit a business that has beautiful decors like a restaurant, you’ll see beautiful lighting. These are purchased from Chinese sites like Aliexpress for a fraction of the cost.

So if you want to do up your house or establishment at a cheaper rate, then do consider replica lighting from China. Today we review a few of the replica lighting options that are available in China and see if they are worth the price. 

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Some of the coolest lighting fixtures that one finds on Aliexpress are exact replicas are modern contemporary lights from the top European brands. One of the best ways to get super affordable lighting and stylish decor is from China. One of the major issues with this is the transportation and logistics which is super expensive. The only way to solve this problem is to speak to the supplier who can put it as part of a shipping container.

Replica Lights Review

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about the quality and other details about replica lights purchased from China. Here’s a simple checklist to follow to ensure your experience is good. 

  • Not all replica lights from China are cheap. Sometimes your local retail store will have cheaper options
  • Not all sellers sell high quality stuff, so ensure to purchase replica lights only from ‘Top Branded’ sellers or sellers we’ve recommended
  • Speak to the seller about the installation process and find out if the installation process is easy or not 
  • Confirm with the seller about the type of lights that can be used. Either LEDs or incandescent bulbs 
  • Confirm the warranty of the product and find out if the seller covers the cost for damaged products on shipping 

If all these points are noted, replica lights from China are a great option!

#1 — Nordic Hanging Glass Pendant Lamp 

One of the most stylish replica lights that you’ll see is the Nordic Hanging glass from Aliexpress. It’s a beautiful hanging lamp that comes in different design patterns. 

replica lights china
  • It’s perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or living room
  • It comes in different dome styles
  • It’s made of a beautiful combination of metal and glass
  • It comes in Black, Amber and White colours
  • For a price of $50, you easily will save hundreds of dollars when you buy it from a local retail shop 

#2 — DX Pendant Lamp

The DX pendant lamp is a replica light from China that is worth its weight in gold. It’s cheap, it looks beautiful and will immediately make the decor more modern and fashionable.

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home lighting aliexpress
  • It comes in a brass or a black finish with a circular design and the provision for the bulb inside
  • It has two colour options – Warm white and Cold White 
  • It comes in various pendant styles – Circular, cylindrical and naked design without the metal. 

#3 — Vintage Replica Lights from China

These vintage looking lights from Aliexpress are a cheap lighting option for your home. It has a minimalistic iron finish that makes it a design that is suitable for all homes. 

pendant lights china
  • It uses 60W LED lights 
  • The cable length is about 100 centimetres
  • It has a 1 year guarantee
  • It comes in numerous styles – Triangular, circular, cylindrical, square and more

#4 — Rope Lights China 

One of the most popular home decor styles is the Industrial rope style bulb lights. These lights look really cool and give that grunge look to your house. These are super cheap and one of the best ways to decorate your home without having to spend too much money. 

rope lights china
  • The rope lengths range from 0.5 metre to 5 metre
  • The rope can be knotted to make it shorter
  • It can be let loose or placed near another object
  • The best aspect of these lights is you can buy them in large quantities and decorate your entire room within a good budget

#5 — Designer Minimalistic Chandelier

One of the best lighting you can buy from China, it’s chandeliers. The chandeliers in China are super cheap, very good looking and one of the best value for money products. This black minimalistic chandelier costs $30 even with 6 bulbs. 

chandelier from china
  • The chandelier is made of metal and is super sturdy 
  • Requires installation which is pretty easy to do.
  • It can be placed on the ceiling or as a side decorative piece
  • It works with the old school incandescent bulbs
  • It’s a different design which doesn’t take up much space compared to other type of chandeliers

#6 — Firefly LED Chandelier 

Another chandelier from China is the Firefly LED chandelier which is one of the most beautiful and cheapest Chandeliers online. Even the most expensive variation costs about $157. The same chandelier of a similar design will easily retail for around $500. 

chandelier lighting aliexpress
  • It comes with numerous bulb options – 27 bulbs, 54 bulbs or even 9 bulbs
  • It has two body color options – Black and Gold
  • There are two color options – Warm white and Cold White 
  • Has one of the most unique designs for a chandelier 

#7 — Tube Pendant Lights

One of the simplest replica lights from China is the tube pendant lights. Each tube costs about $12 and you can easily purchase a set of six to have a beautiful array of lights.

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cheap pendant lights china
  • It comes in black & white
  • It emits white, warm white and natural white
  • It works with LED and the length of the wire is adjustable 
  • Perfect as a decoration piece

#8 — Suspended LED Lights from China

One of the most stylish replica lighting options is the suspended lights that can be placed on the wall and it’ll give you illumination. It’s a super stylish design that starts at $20.

chinese home lighting
  • It comes in two variations – Wall handing and ceiling hanging
  • It comes in three colour variations – Black body, Golden body and Silver body
  • It can be used as a decoration piece or an illumination piece
  • It can be placed on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or the ground
  • Has a unique vertical lighting that is super unique 

#9 — LED Chandelier

One of the most popular chandelier lights on Aliexpress is the Nordic Black Chandelier. 

cheap chandelier from china
  • It has options to add 2 bulbs, 4 bulbs, 6 bulbs, and 8 bulbs
  • The rods are adjustable up to 180 degrees which mean you can position it any way you want
  • At a cheap price of $76 for a 4 bulb set, this is one of the cheapest replica chandeliers out there

#10 — Old school hanging lamps 

If you are looking for vintage light designs that are cheap and of good quality, then check out this one from the HuoHui light store on Aliexpress.

lamps from china
  • It comes in different dome shaped designs 
  • Works with a 110V bulb or a 220V bulb
  • Looks good in any room with high ceilings 

#11 — Crystal Chandelier 

The most sought after type of lighting for home decor is the crystal chandelier. It’s beautiful, epic and expensive in most cases. In china, you can find replicas of Crystal chandeliers for super cheap, like this one! 

crystal chandelier china
  • The colour of the crystals come in silver or a golden finish
  • It’s perfect to show opulence without spending too much 
  • It lights up a 15 sq metre area

#12 — Mouse Table Lamp

Looking for unique table lighting? Then check out these super awesome and fun looking mice table lamps.

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designer table lamp china
  • It comes in a 3 set piece and comes in various positions
  • Can be moved easily
  • Perfect for the kids room or to add a bit of uniqueness to any room

Unique light designs like this cannot be found anywhere else online.

#13 — Creative Bicycle Lamp

creative lighting china

If you are looking for the truly eclectic or unique, you can get some amazing designs such as this Bicycle lamp.

  • The hanging lamp is shaped like a beautiful bicycle
  • There are two provisions for bulbs
  • Perfect for the kids room or a room with a unique look and design

#14 — Traditional Ceiling Light

If you are looking for a traditional ceiling light with no fancy designs, you can get it in China for super cheap as well. Take this one for example.

ceiling light china
  • It comes in different watt capacities
  • It also has options for cold white or warm white
  • Light life is more than 10,000 hours
  • It comes in numerous diameters as well

#15 — Nightlights from Home

Another important lighting for the home is a LED touch light for the cupboard. This can be placed inside cupboards or cabinets or even near stairs.

nightlights home china
  • It’s a simple touchlight that can be placed anywhere

#16 — LED Light Strips

LED Light strips are generally quite expensive, especially for the longer strips. On Aliexpress, you can find the uber cheap strip lights that are long, waterproof and app-controlled as well.

You get 30 LED’s per meter and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Its perfect for interior decoration and for sprucing up the house. With about $6, you can make a huge difference in the look of your house with just lighting.

#17 — Ikea Lights China

If you are looking for Ikea light lighting from China on Aliexpress, then here’s the best bet. Ikea is cheap, but they don’t ship to all countries and these Chinese replica lights are perfect examples of Ikea lights.

This ceiling light costs only about $15 as a starting cost. It’s quite cheap and one of the best replica lighting from China.

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