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by Tim Howard
top online china wholesale websites

Chinese wholesale isn’t just restricted to Alibaba and Taobao. There are a lot more Chinese wholesale websites that cater to different segments and industries. Today we give you a list of the top online wholesale websites in China and tell you what they are good at! If you are looking for Chinese dropshipping sites, these sites provide those services as well.

Based on my years of experience dealing with wholesale websites from China, these are the best websites.

  • Alibaba
  • Dhgate
  • ChinaBrands
  • Aliexpress
  • Banggood
  • Yaaku
  • Chinavasion
  • DX
  • Made in China

Top Chinese Wholesale Websites 2021

Website Known for Buyer’s supportWholesale and Dropshipping
AliexpressAll Goods
30 Day Refund Policy
Money Back Guarantee
Free Return of Products
AlibabaAll Goods
Trade Assurance – Don’t receive
good quality goods, you get a refund.
and other goods
Full refund and Partial Refunds
(If you want to keep the goods).
DHgate Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Made-in-ChinaAll Goods
Audited suppliers
7 Day Refund
30 Day Partial Refund
180 days refund or exchange of goods
7 Day return policy
ChinabrandsAll Goods
Return and Refund within 15 days
Dropshipping Focus
ChinavasionAll Goods
Delivery Guarantees, Product Guarantees
and Refund Policy

Top Online Wholesale Websites in China
As you can see in this image, you can buy products in bulk from Aliexpress

Aliexpress is one of the most popular e-commerce companies from China. This is a platform dedicated to connecting Chinese suppliers to the world market. What makes Aliexpress awesome is its super cheap products, variety and free shipping. 

But most people aren’t aware that Aliexpress is also a wholesale platform and is in fact one of the cheapest Chinese wholesale websites. So what makes Aliexpress a worthy wholesale website from China?

  • 60 Day Return Guarantee ensures you can return the product you are not satisfied with if it’s unused, unwashed and other things 
  • Free Return Service means you can return your products within 15 days if you are unhappy with the product, with no questions asked 
  • Top brands on Aliexpress give you a sneak peek on the supplier with the best products and service, making your producing sourcing much easier 
  • Most popular items – Aliexpress is the hub for cheap and popular products and when you are doing your research on the best selling products for wholesale, then you can check out the best selling products on Aliexpress 

Is AliExpress cheaper than Wish?

Aliexpress is probably the same price as wish and they compete with each other directly in terms of price and quality.

Chinese dropshipping sites
Alibaba doesn’t always require ordering in bulk, as you can see the MOQ is sometimes just one piece

Alibaba is the most popular wholesale website in China. Alibaba has been around for over two decades and has set the standard for wholesale in China. Alibaba also has trusted wholesalers who have been around for quite a long time and now have created a platform that is super trustworthy and that benefits the buyer. Here are the best features of Alibaba

  • Verified Suppliers by Third Parties : Some of the suppliers on Alibaba are verified by Third parties like Bureau Veritas in terms of standards, product quality and certifications. This ensures that you will work only with trusted suppliers. 
  • All important data : It’s very easy to find good quality suppliers on Alibaba because of the data you have at hand. For each supplier there are ratings, response rates, minimum order quantities, on-time delivery rates, number of transactions, geographical reach and more. 
  • Gold Suppliers : The best suppliers on Alibaba offer Trade Assurance, which means you get a refund on products that aren’t of a good standard. Alibaba also performs checks on the warehouses and factories of these suppliers 

Is legit?

Alibaba is absolutely legitimate. In fact they are one of the only wholesale middlemen who offer Trade Assurances, Money Back Guarantee, Onsite Checks, Third Party Certifications and more. They are one of the most trusted wholesale websites in China. 

Is Alibaba safe?

Alibaba is safe provided you choose the right suppliers. Go for Verified suppliers who offer trade assurances and also those who have third party certifications and have good ratings on the platform. Alibaba will intervene if things go sour with the seller. 

Can I get scammed on Alibaba?

You can if you don’t do the right research and follow basic rules. Always engage and contact and pay the seller through Alibaba. Check the trade assurances that the seller offers. Check the sellers product ratings, store ratings and other information. If you do these things right, it’s impossible to get scammed on Alibaba. Also you can always get Alibaba involved in handling any disputes. 

Why is Alibaba so cheap?

Alibaba is cheap because the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers on Alibaba are the best at producing high quality products at scale. They have economies of scale and technical know how, which makes their products super cheap.

Chinese wholesale sites

You won’t believe me if I tell you DHgate has been around for more than 10 years. They have been an up and coming wholesale website in China. They are built for wholesale as most of their products can be purchased in bulk. 

Is DHgate wholesale?

DHgate is a good mix of wholesale and retail. Most of the sellers on DHgate sell the products in varying quantities. From 10+ units to 1,000+ units. But this depends on the seller, obviously. Not all sellers sell a single unit, but all sellers sell in wholesale. It’s a perfect platform to test out samples of products and pass it to your friends and colleagues without going through the hassle of placing an order and contacting the seller like Alibaba. Here are the best features of DHgate

  • DHgate is a perfect platform for cheap replicas of big brands. You get amazon alternatives 
  • They have Buyer Protection which ensures that the buyer doesn’t lose money to a bad seller 
  • They also have a curation of sellers who do Dropshipping
  • They offer good discounts to beat sellers on Aliexpress and Alibaba

Is DHgate safe to buy from?

DHgate is absolutely safe to buy from as they have Buyer Protection features such as full or partial refund and dispute resolution and DHgate mediation. 


wholesale websites china

One of the popular Chinese wholesale websites for Dropshipping is China Brands. They have gained in prominence in the past few years. They are more than just a middle man and offer end to end services like product sourcing, choosing the right supplier, shipping management and more. Here are the most interesting features of China Brands

  • There are no MOQ limits from sellers on China Brands
  • They provide useful data like profit percentages per piece for a product to give you a better idea of the most profitable products to sell 
  • They have exclusive rates for China Brands accounts 
  • They ship products worldwide with next day delivery options 
  • They offer API integration which gives direct access to 5000+ suppliers and millions of products that can be integrated directly with your tool or product 

Is Chinabrands good for dropshipping?

Chinabrands is probably the best Chinese wholesale platform that is good for dropshipping. They offer their own API for integrating directly to your site. They also have a special product for Shopify dropshipping websites. Considering these features, Chinabrand is good for dropshipping. 

How do I dropship from Chinabrands?

  • Open an account with China Brands
  • Choose the platform you want to dropship from Amazon, Lazada, Aliexpress, Alibaba and more
  • Follow their guides and set-up your store to their specifications by integrating their API with your site
  • Start selling 

Are Chinabrands free?

Chinabrands is not free and they have a fee of $7 a month. There is bulk pricing with a yearly plan costing about $71for a complete year. These membership fee offers discounted pricing on the products for wholesale.

China wholesale

Bang Good is known for their retail services, but they also offer wholesale pricing on their products. Here are the features of Banggood’s wholesale program. 

  • There is no joining fee unlike China Brands
  • There is no minimum order quantity on the orders
  • There are direct wholesale discounts directly on online orders up to 20%
  • Earn banggod points on bulk purchases which can be redeemed later for discounts

chinese fashion wholesale

If you are looking for a dedicated fashion wholesale website from China, then look no further than Yaaku. Yaaku has been the frontrunner in fashion wholesale. Yaaku considers wholesale orders to be more than $1000. So if you have anything lesser than that, then it’s retail. 

Made in China

Made in China was set up in 1998 and is actually older than Alibaba. Their suppliers cover over 27 main categories and 3600 sub categories. They are also truly international, with their website available in 11 different languages. 

  • They have verified suppliers
  • They offer a slew of services for the buyer that includes product sourcing, supplier sourcing, supplier audit report, product customization, new product alerts and more

Is Made in China legit?

Made in China is absolutely legit and they are one of the biggest competitors to Alibaba. They have similar processes for filtering out suppliers and offer a range of services for the buyer to make the buying experience comfortable. 


Chinavasion have been a top wholesale seller for more than 16 years. They are known for their electronics wholesale. Although they deal with other products as well, their main focus is on electronics.

They offer drop shipping services and have VIP options for their sellers. So if you buy goods worth over $20,000, they offer numerous services such as API, OEM service, Dedicated customer support, Priority order processing and more.

They are known for their electronics products for wholesale and dropshipping.

DX stands for DealXtreme. Also established in 2004, DX lets you buy individual products as well as in bulk. They are known for their electronics. If you see their top selling products, you’ll see they sell mostly smartwatches, TWS earbuds and other electronics products.

China Wholesale Websites – FAQs

How do I order from China wholesale?

  • Go through a list of suppliers on sites like Aliexpress, Alibaba, DHgate, China Brands, Made in China, HKTDC and other platforms
  • Choose the suppliers with the best products and do some due diligence on the supplier relating to their ratings, return policy, trade assurance guarantee, response rate, certifications and other things
  • Once satisfied with the supplier, buy samples or get the minimum order quantity from them
  • Once satisfied place an order with the supplier through the official website channel to ensure future disputes can be handled on the website itself

How do I find a good Chinese supplier?

There’s information regarding a Chinese supplier’s performance. On sites like Alibaba and other platforms you can see their store ratings, product ratings, response rate (how quickly they reply), Certifications, return and refund policies, minimum order quantities, quality of their products. Based on all of this, it’s easy to find a good Chinese supplier if you are able to filter through!

How can I buy clothes from China wholesale?

Your best bet would be is to buy from Aliexpress or Yaaku which is a dedicated fashion wholesaler from China. The process of getting clothes from China in wholesale is the same as any other products.

Now why is China important for wholesale? 

China is the largest exporter in the world, across industries and goods. China has grown into a 12 Trillion dollar economy on the back of it’s powerful exports and this means if you are looking for best wholesalers, then China should be your top priority. The benefits are 

  • Super fast and cheap shipping
  • Cheap products (Economies of scale) that have a good quality standard 
  • Fast turnaround time 
  • Great customer service because of immense competition 
  • Ability to manufacture what you want them to (Technical know how)

But you need to know what’s a good wholesaler and without further ado, here are the top online wholesale websites in China. 

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